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Author Topic: Kharisande Lehmda  (Read 1663 times)

Description: Landen. Played by Erica.

Offline Kharisande Lehmda

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Kharisande Lehmda
« on: Dec 19, 16, 11:23:36 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Kharisande Lehmda
Nicknames: Sande (Sahn-dee)
Age and Birth Year: 33 (b. 161 AP)
Race: Dhemlanese (Long-Lived)
Caste: Landen
Birth Territory: Dhemlan
Home Territory: Nharkava

Birthright Jewel: N/A
Offering Jewel: N/A

Role: Former Slave
Faction: Padmalaya


Play By: Charisma Carpenter
Distinguishing Features: Golden-Brown eyes


Personality:Kharisande is a seemingly quiet, reserved sort.  She tends to hold her tongue in public, though her Masters are well aware after a short while that beneath that quiet reserve is someone with a temper, and wit.  Kharisande is well aware that she is not the most learned of individuals, but she does her best to learn in subjects that will make her more useful and less likely to be abandoned into dangerous situations.

One Master actually seemed to enjoy riling her up, watching as she fought to maintain her composure as would be most wise.    Kharisande tends to keep quiet until she is alone with her Masters, at which point she may or may not decide to give them her opinions and observations.  It ultimately depends on how vicious her masters are at the time.

The more vicious the master, the more she tries to undermine them without being caught.  The kinder they are, the more likely she is to attempt to protect them.

Due to fourteen years of being 'trained up' as it were, she is a graceful woman who shows care and deliberation in nearly every movement she makes.   That same care shows whenever she is touching anyone else, as Kharisande is not a fan of casual touch anymore.  She is most happy when she's seen as pretty decoration and given no 'serious' consideration from the Bloods she's forced to be around that she doesn't regularly have to deal with.  This has given her the knack of keeping a relatively good stoic face.  She keeps her expression in a pleasant but neutral expression whenever in public to the best of her ability in order to avoid embarrassments or possible danger.

  • Studying herbs for healing - When not 'working', Sande has found ways to wheedle books and charts from her masters so as to patch up the household servants and other girls in similar positions.  She first started learning this skill in year 2 of her service, when an older woman at her first master's house was helping her find something to occupy her mind.
  • Cooking -  She has always enjoyed cooking, and first began learning from her mother.  As each year lengthens, she tends to pick up tips and tricks from the various cooks in each of the households that she finds herself within.
  • Gardening - A natural extension to her study of herbs, she began to help with household gardens.  At first the plants she learned to grow were for cooking meals, and therefore harmless enough.  But as time went on she began to learn how other plants grew, and how some were medicinal and some...not.  This bend in her learning brought the wife of one of her masters to have her sold off... just in case.
  • Politics - Politics is a particular hatred.  Politics tends to lead to upset Masters.  Upset masters tend to result in painful weeks or months... and so whenever politics becomes a regular matter of discussion she reminds herself to start stocking up on bandages and healing poultices.  Just in case.
  • Elitism - She gets an up close and personal look at some of the Blood on a regular basis.  Where other Landen might see the Blood as some distant force of powerful people, she has decided there isn't much difference between the Blood and the Landen, save for the Blood's magic.  As such, their elitism rankles... though she does her best to hide her annoyance.
  • Liars - Her life is not her own, and hasn't been for fourteen years.  She has done her best to enjoy what moments she can, and does her best to not let herself become bitter and hateful.  So when she finds someone lying to her, it cuts deeply.  Broken promises are never forgotten.
  • Returning to Dhemlan - While she years for her home with every bone in her body, she can't stand the thought of what might happen if she returns.  Her mother and father would inevitably find out about what had happened... and they would stir up a fury amongst the other Landen.  After seeing what the Blood can do when riled, she has no wish to be the cause of such bloodshed amongst her own family and friends.  Better to let them think her dead.
  • Dying at the hands of a Blood - When Mhora died for daring to fight back against her Master, Sande was able to watch what happens when a Blood decides to make an example of someone.  Fourteen years later she still has nightmares about what happened to Mhora.. and the screams always echo.
  • Having Offspring -  She is terrified of having children, especially with a Blood.  She's become intimately aware of how cut-throat the Blood are, and the idea of her child or children having to deal with that makes her veins run cold.
  • Herbs and Bandaging - She has shown a knack for recognizing what a problem is and choosing the appropriate dosage and application of herbal remedy.  Her bandaging skills came from helping her mother weave tapestries and learning exactly how tightly wrapped a bandage must be to be effective.
  • Hunting and Fishing - Sande has never been talented when it comes to fishing and hunting.  She is in fact quite awkward with hooks or bows.  After an incident involving a hook catching on her father's arm, she was told to never fish again.
Life Story

Mother:  Eldora Lehmda     Age: 83 Born 111 AP
Father:   Cordero Gregario Age: 103 Born 91 AP
Siblings: None

Kharisande was an ordinary girl with unusual misfortune.  She'd caught the eye of a Blood who had no hopes of rising.  His brother was Jewelled and better than he could ever be... and so while he spent many weeks just trying to convince her he wasn't just trying to get into her pants, she was doing her best to ignore him.  Alas, it didn't work.  He was charming, in his own way.  He saw her as a person, not just some talent-less peasant to be ignored or treated like mud.  She taught him how to sing, and to weave.  He showed her small magic and helped fix things up around the house that she would have otherwise had to pay too much for.

There was a festival that was going to occur in the next few weeks, and her mother was working on a few finishing touches on her tapestry.  She requested that Kharisande go to fetch a few things for her from the market.  That was when the misfortune truly struck, for Sande was taken to meet some of the more 'underground' demands in Dhemlan to pay off her boyfriend's debts... never to be heard from by her family again.  Initially she was told that once the debts were paid, she would be free to go.  However, she continued to be resold.  And every time, the new Master would say that the debt must be restarted.  That the costs of living have gone up.  That healers for the wounds she sustains during 'activities' are expensive...

She has seen terrible things, and survived them.  She has witnessed barbaric and brutal acts performed on both Blood and Landen... and in the process has managed to find a way to make herself ... part of the background.  She cultivated an air of being friendly and a welcome source of relief and relaxation... but hardly a threat.  She had worked for years to cultivate the appearance of a Landen who could never be a threat.  She was just... a mere servant.

And because of this, when she found herself witnessing the brutal murder of a light jeweled Blood, her boyfriend who had gotten her into the mess no less, for no reason other than his attempt to address the unfair fees added to her 'debts'... she was sold to another Blood that they knew would soon be crossing the border into another house.  Due to the nature of the slavery in her homeland, she wasn't collared.  There were no outward signs of her status, and so across the border she could not cause any trouble.  She found out later she was sold as a 'servant', not as a slave.   

She had hopes that eventually she could find someone capable of dealing with the Master that would likely murder her to keep his secret if he thought she'd a realistic chance at it.  Someone who could bring justice for Alejandro Marin's death.  Fool that he was... she truly believed he may have loved her in his own way and that love had brought him ruin.  That kindness in his heart had brought him a terrible end... and she wanted to see the Master burn for it.  Yet as time moved forward, her hope for justice flickered and began to die.  In a new land, she was unlikely to find any Blood willing to extend effort for someone like Alejandro.  Or her.

She settled in at the new property.  She was the bed-mate and confidante to a Blood, yet again.  He was kinder than most.  She even started working as a regular servant, making meals and keeping the place clean.  Eventually, it no longer felt quite like Master and Slave... she almost believed they were going to be friends.  She learned that in Nharkava, slavery was... frowned upon.  That her new Master had even considered setting her free if he thought she could have done well on her own.

And then came the news.  Devesh was returning home in order to ensure that the estate remained in the family.  This shouldn't have affected anything in so far as she was concerned but she knew better than to hope for better results.  Devesh was a dark jeweller Blood.  He would likely be problematic in some fashion and she could only hope he would be like most here in Nharkava and ignore her.  Hope..  But be willing to inwardly to brace for another transfer.

And yet she was not transferred.  Instead, the Priest-Prince Devesh Acharya was incensed that slavery had been brought to his estate.  He demanded that Vishal, the former Steward of the home who had been her owner, was brought before him to face justice.  He demanded a trial, and freed Kharisande immediately... sort of.  She was no longer a slave, but she was not allowed to leave until after Vishal had been dealt with.

The trial was a bit of an endurance test for her, as she was not used to having so many Blood all angry in the same place.  That had never ended well for her.  But she answered questions with dignity, even when they got embarrassing in the details.  And when she realized that the possible sentence for Vishal was Death or Breaking, she spoke up out of turn.

It scared the life out of her, but she did it.  These people did not understand that Vishal had been teaching her to be independent again.  These people did not understand that he was the kindest Master she'd had in her sixteen years of captivity.  He didn't deserve such a fate.

Prince Acharya decided, on behalf of her request for leniency, to impose a vastly different sentence. Vishal was to marry Kharisande, and to serve as her servant for the same number of years that he had owned her.  He was also to surrender his Jewels unto Prince Acharya's keeping, and to work in the mines. 

Kharisande was instructed to make sure that Vishal actually served her, rather than to let him live in comfort whenever he came home from the mines.  So she requested that he not be allowed to use Craft when home, as he should have to truly live as a Landen if he was to be her Servant within her home.   

And she chose to remain on the estate - because as strange as she found Prince Acharya to be... she found him to be a male of honor.  Vishal's work in the mines paid for the keep for the both of them, and the newfound freedom she had on her hands went to use in her cooking for the household because she CHOSE to... and in her trying to learn more of the sort of healing that a Landen could perform.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:

The water was a soothing thing.  Just listening to it pour in a never-ending stream helped soothe the nerves.  This was her third visit in Nharkava... and her 'host' was kind enough to give her a cage with pretty gilded bars.   It had a small fountain, and even a small window.  That was better than most of the places she had spent the last 14 years of her life.  Her fingers reached out, barely touching the water as it flowed so freely. 

Always moving, always .. free.  Even in the confines of its fountain, the water could be itself.  She never heard him enter.  That wasn't an unusual thing.  She jumped, a little, as solid hands set themselves on the back of her neck, curling around it and pulling backwards so that she would fall back into a chest.

She didn't look up.  She almost never did.  Not in these situations.  No, in these situations she let things happen as they would while her mind thought of beautiful scenery and pleasant fantasies.  She didn't have to feel fear or terror as her clothes were torn away and she was put in positions too painful to think about.

As always, the mere thought of it made anger spark and flicker... and quickly die.  Anger and temper during these events would likely only get her killed... and if there was one way she didn't want to die, it was the way she'd seen Mhora go.  She didn't want blood pouring out of her ears... or to be left like trash to be cleaned away on a floor while other women stared at her. 

So she took deep breaths... and for another day... she survived.  When she was able to refocus on herself, she did.  There was blood.  As usual.  But nothing too serious.  Her 'host' was asleep, his arm flung across his eyes.  She'd found he slept like that whenever he was pleased with himself.

If only him getting htat way didn't necessitate bandages.  Quietly she rose from the bed, moving slowly and with care to the chair by the fire where she could pull out the bandages soaking in ointment and apply them to some of the worst scratches.  He wasn't the worst host she'd ever had... she hoped that she didn't have to deal with worse at all... though she knew eventually this one would want a new flavor and trade her out to someone else.

They always did.  Now... in the dark, while he slept... she could put her face in her hands.  She could breathe, and let the adrenaline work its way out.  She could shake and silently cry.. and she could dream.  Maybe, just maybe... someday... she might get out of this.

Petitions (if any): 

Player Name: Erica

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Re: Kharisande Lehmda
« Reply #1 on: Dec 21, 16, 09:14:29 PM »
Alright.  I think she's ready.  Administrators, what say you!

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Re: Kharisande Lehmda
« Reply #2 on: Dec 21, 16, 10:20:06 PM »

This application has been reviewed!

Check your private messages for feedback. When you have made the requested changes please reply to this post and let us know you are ready for the next round!  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker

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Re: Kharisande Lehmda
« Reply #3 on: Dec 21, 16, 11:24:35 PM »
There we go.  :)  Problems fixed.

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Re: Kharisande Lehmda
« Reply #4 on: Dec 21, 16, 11:30:17 PM »  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker

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Re: Kharisande Lehmda
« Reply #5 on: Nov 07, 19, 02:19:40 PM »
This character has been marked as Inactive

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