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The Basics

Character Name: Kaderian Yrisia
Age and Birth Year:  1202, (BP 1008)
Race:  Eyrien, Long Lived
Caste:  Healer
Birth Territory: Askavi, Terreille
Home Territory: Askavi, Terreille

Birthright Jewel: Cut White
Offering Jewel:  Uncut Tiger's Eye

Role: Rogue Camp Healer
Faction: The Blood Seekers


Play By: Lesley Ann-Brandt
Distinguishing Features:
  She takes care with her appearance.  It might surprise people to learn that the Rogue Camps would have a healer who takes care to look decent whenever possible - one that plays nicely with the villages and civilians necessary to obtain supplies and other necessities.  But there she is.  All Eyrien grace and ferocity contained within a slightly smaller than average form.  Though... if anyone were to call her average, she'd be tempted to try to gut them.
  Kaderian has a temper when pushed too far, and there are plenty who have seen it.


  She is no Priestess.  Never had that been more clear to her family than when she packed up her things and chose to join the Blood Seekers.  They told her she was being foolish.  They told her that this would put her at odds with her own kin... and she simply continued to pack her things in silence and take wing anyways.  Healing is not always painless, not in body or in mind.
  She is no Priestess, nor Queen... but if she was, she would rule and advise FAR better than those nitwits that currently make their attempts at doing so.  Pitiful half measures.  Pitiful, and stupid, and ... demeaning.  Fixing Askavi's problems will not happen by paying reparations or starving their land. 
  She is no ancient... there are plenty in her homeland older than her.  And yet so many of them are so willing to bend to Illyrian Kriat's ... mewling offers of peace.  She is not.  Healing Askavi and her people will require a harder, more firm approach.  Sometimes a healer has to cut the dead flesh away to save the body.
  She is Eyrien.  They are a people born in war, they live in war, they die in war.  To pretend to be otherwise is to lie.
  And she hates liars.
  Loyalty and Ferocity are the marks of a true Eyrien.  She would give her life to save Drakkar's, or any of the other Blood Seeker's.  She's wished on more than one occasion that she had been born male so as to pick up arms and fight on the fields for what she believes.  But the Darkness blessed her with a different weapon.  She is the blade against Death.  She is the one who patches up the warriors of her heart and sends them back onto the fields to bleed for Askavi's soul.
  She fights as fiercely against Death as her males do against their enemies. 
  And so long as they need her, she has purpose.  Where they go, she goes.  If they fall, she falls.  There is no greater joy in her life... and no greater frustration than to see them having to play nice with the weak queens of Gravesend.  Their weakness betrays her lost siblings, and she would see them dead if she could.

Craft Strengths:
Life Story

Mother: Rheanian Yrisia - Summer Sky to Opal Priestess - (BP 1306) (adoptable)
Father:  Valinar Vrykson - Yellow to Rose  - Warlord Prince (BP 1808) (adoptable)
  Brother:Kunedar Yrisia- Warlord - (BP 1)
  Brother: Lokar Yrisia - Opal to Sapphire - Prince (BP 1164) (adoptable)
  SisterSirian Yrisia - Yellow to Rose - Healer Queen (BP 980)

  Brekkar Vrykson ( - Summer Sky to Opal - Warlord Prince - (BP 1310)

Hunting MalesThese jewels are not rolled
  Adalar Jarvi -   White to Rose - Warlord
  Rayanar Lahti -  Rose to Summer Sky - Warlord
  Ulamar Nieminen - Rose to Opal - Warlord Prince
  Fedevar Takala - Tiger Eye to Broken Purple Dusk - Warlord
  Gunthar Vanhanen - Tiger Eye to Rose - Warlord


  Rheanian Yrisia was a Priestess whose dedication to the Darkness and her people could not be challenged.  She fell in love with a Warlord Prince whose Ruts focused on her above all others for years... and despite the differences between them, she married and stayed faithful.  When her son Lokar was born, she thought she could be no happier.  Her home felt empty without him when he left for the camps, but he brought her honor and joy as he grew and used his princely gifts to help direct the more volatile amongst the camps in battle.

 After Lokar came Kaderian, followed by Sirian, and then at last Kunedar.  All of her children, fierce.  All of them beautiful.  All of them the lights of her heart.
  Kaderian showed her Healing Caste by the age of the three, and despite her obvious care for her family... she had the fierce Eyrien temper to match whenever someone did something that she thought quite stupid.  She learned how to shape bones and mend flesh, how to cure disease and poison (handy skill, as many Hayllians loved to fight with such dishonorable methods).

  Kaderian moved from Camp to Camp as a healer, always seeking the places where the greatest wounds, the most healing, could be accomplished.  It was a driving need to perfect her Craft, to be of use, to FIGHT in the only way a female was allowed to fight for Askavi. 

 She hadn't outgrown her blunt temper in the face of stupidity by the time that her little sister was born, however.  So upon the news of the coming birth she moved back into her mother's eyrie to assist in the pregnancy and the delivery.  She chose to not leave afterwards, because Sirian showed her caste quite early.  A little healer queen.  She could have left the Queen, but she loved her little sister anyways with all her heart.  The first sight of those golden eyes entranced her.

  They were inseparable.  As Sirian learned the roles of her castes, and the duties that came with them, Kaderian strove to be her sister and her mentor in the healer's art.  She looked after her sister whenever she gave her Gift to the land, and her heart surged in pride at how fiercely her sister would fight to bring life to Askavi and its people.  They shared the same lust for life, the same pride and fury of their people.  For 900 years they would serve the same camps, sleep in the same eyries, and even sometimes lay with the same males. 

  Then the news came that their mother was pregnant again.  It had been ages since their mother had been pregnant, and Sirian was excited to greet the new little one they were to have.  In agreement, both she and Kaderian returned home.  AS before, Kaderian assisted her mother in the Eyrie with her needs... and this time she had her precious sister, twin of her heart, to help her.  To the joy of the family, little Kunedar was born a healthy and wailing babe.

  He was perfect.  His little wings, his precious face, his tiny toes... he claimed the hearts of his big sisters immediately.  Whenever his mother needed rest, they were there to care for him.  Whenever he could not sleep and Rheanian needed a break, they would take turns singing and cooing.  Kaderian even took him for small flights... where he would giggle, gurgle, laugh... and make her heart sing.

  Then came that day when Dreams Made Flesh tore Askavi apart.  She remembers it as clearly now as the day it happened.  Sirian was changing Kunedar's clothing for him, cooing over him on his little changing table.  Rheanian was out in the garden plucking the feathers from their dinner for the evening.  Valinar was seeing to the construction of Kunedar's new bed... and the pain descended on them all.

  She thought she was going mad.  The world upended, the screams sounded... and then it was done.  When she came to, she heard...nothing.  Not a sound, at first.  But then she heard her mother's gasping groans... and she rolled to her feet to see to her.  Her mother was Broken, the shards of her Opal tumbling through her fingers.  Terrified, she turned her attention to her sister...

  And her world broke apart.  Her screams rent the air.  Her sister was dead, the fragments of her jewels having tumbled to the floor... her body limp... and her brother crushed beneath her sister's body.  In less than an hour, she'd lost her precious sister, her baby brother... and she screamed.  It was a scream that would plague her nightmares for the rest of her life.  She screamed herself hoarse, until she couldn't speak for days.

  It didn't matter that her jewels were in one piece.  It didn't matter to her that most of her family had survived... it mattered that beautiful Sirian and Kunedar had died... and for what?  For some capricious whim?  Her broken parents held her, kept her sane.  She didn't leave the Eyrie again for years.

  But she listened. She watched.  She watched as her precious homeland was torn apart in the chaos.  She watched as Askavi bled its coffers and land dry in an effort to make reparations.  Reparations.. to the weak and opportunistic races of the realms that had seized the opportunity to start slaughtering her people.
  She heard the excuses.  Oh she heard them... but she knew them for what they were.  Cowards trying to lick their wounds rather than fight on as Eyriens were supposed to do.  Finally, she could stand it no longer.  She began to quietly pack her things.  Her life had lost purpose with the loss of Sirian and Kunedar.  But when she heard of the Rogue Camps, where one of their greatest warriors was rallying the people to protect Askavi... she obeyed the call.

  Her parents were furious.  They demanded that she remain, that she not dishonor her family by joining with those so obviously aligned against the Queen.  She didn't bother responding.  It broke her heart to leave her parents... but Lokar agreed with them.  They would still have one child they could be proud of.  She simply turned, embracing the both of them despite their warnings, despite their obvious anger... and then she took wing.  She didn't speak to them again.

  Sirian and Kunedar had died, and with them so had her purpose in life.  Drakkar Estaroth and the Blood Seekers had rekindled her passions for life, and she had not even seen them yet.  Askavi needed protecting... it needed to Heal after what Witch had done. 
  She needed to be part of that.  For Sirian, for Kunedar... for herself.

~Recent History~
Kaderian spent most of the latter half of 192 and the first half of 193 hunting down and fetching Tavar Andros, also known as Fin al-Sabbah.  She brought him back to Askavi where he underwent a trial for his desertion and murder charges, and then kept Drakkar from death (yet again) after he fought his own son. 

Now Kaderian has to figure out where she belongs as her world has changed vastly in just one year.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:
  The wind stroked along her face, her wings, her hair.  It was the grandest lover she'd had in years... and that said something.  With a twist and a plunge, she rode the currents of Sanirian's Run yet again.  The males would not approve.  She knew that, and did it anyways.  Here, where the twists and turns could crash an Eyrien against unyielding walls, she felt strong and free.

  She'd made this Run three times.  Each time, it had been after someone slipped from her grasp and was embraced by Death.

  Today, it was for a different reason.  Today was the day marking the anniversary of her sister and brother's death.  Today was when the sight of their eyes haunted her... when the echo of her sister's jewels striking the ground played in her ears...  When the echo of her own screams raced in her veins.

  Today was not a day for someone to challenge her right to seek peace. 

  But today, there was someone to challenge it.  When she landed, sweat-laden and relieved only to turn and find Drakkar Estaroth bearing down on her... her chin lifted. Someone must have ratted her out... and they would likely expect her to be concerned.  He was a terrifying male... but she was never afraid of him.  Drakkar Estaroth was many things.  He had raped in the Wars.  He had pillaged, burned, and murdered.

  But she was not afraid of him. Not today.  Not ever.   She was Eyrien, and she would not fear her brother in arms... even if he didn't see it that way.  Especially not today, of all days.  HE knew that.  He knew what today was for her.  He'd seen it before.  Today, every year on this day, she came the closest she ever came since the Purge to breaking.  Every year. 

  "Female... "
  "You do not tell me where I fly, Prince."

  She felt his hand encircle her arm.  It was so much bigger than her.  HE was so much bigger than her.  Not for the first time, she found her body stirring at the primal savagery Drakkar embodied. She felt him pull her forward, his snarl in her face... and she simply stared at him with anger and stubbornness plain on her face.  He knew her pain,he had seen it before.  She had seen his.  She'd heard the tales of so many who had survived that day.  She was not unique.  Neither was he.

  "Females don't fight."
  "I am not fighting."
  "They don't train to fight!"
  "I am not training to fight.  I am training to fly."

  She could taste the frustration coming off him.  For years now they had been together.  He fighting the enemies of Askavi, she patching him and others up for serving their people.  But she knew her own temper was getting her into trouble.  He was Drakkar Estaroth... and she?  She was a female.  One he had befriended, respected, bedded numerous times... but still a female.

  "Drakkar... I NEED this.  I can't... I can't not fly today."  He had to understand, even if he didn't know.  Today, so many of them had to mourn again for those they'd lost ninety two years before.  TODAY, of all days, he could surely look away.  She needed the danger of the Run.  She needed the feeling of the wind trying to throw her into the wall.  She needed to fight the urge to lose the flight and rejoin her little sister, her brother, in the Dark. 

  She needed to remind herself that she was not a coward.  That she did not just lay down and die.  That she needed to honor them with her life.

  Surely he would see that.  He must.  But even as she kept her chin up, staring him down... she knew he very well might not.  Not that he wouldn't understand... but that he might not allow it anyways.  Females didn't fight.  They didn't train to fight.  And the Runs... the runs were meant for the males.

  "Sanirian was female, Prince.  This is HER run.  Surely I can make this flight.  Surely there is a place for females to have to fly the runs, Prince.  The Jhinka grow in number, and our enemies are ever at our gates.  How long before someone has to warn others, my prince?  Can you swear it would not have to be me?"

  Her hand reached out, curling lightly over his chest.  "Please, Drakkar."
  He stayed so quiet, studying her face.  If she were anyone else at any other time, she might actually be afraid.  But she was not anyone else, and this was not any other time.  "... this once, and then never again."
  "I can't promise that... but I promise to bring you with me next time."

  That familiar grinding in his jaw came to light.  He was pulling her closer, molding her smaller frame against his own.  "You require an escort... I will escort you."

  There were worse ways than angry sex to put a cap on such a miserable day.

Why did this character became inactive?
Life happens.  My partners and I didn't get to Kaderian in time.

What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
Kaderian is a beloved mental child - and I fully intend to have her start her Black Widow training as soon as possible (totally bought that in the ship this thanksgiving)

What are your plans for this character?
As mentioned above - I am going to have her train into black widowhood, explore her complicated relationships with Queens and with Drakkar, and possibly have her leave Askavi if things go a certain way. We shall see.  Mwahahahaha

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