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Author Topic: Isis Moswen [Priestess, SS - Green]  (Read 1447 times)


Offline Isis Moswen

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Isis Moswen [Priestess, SS - Green]
« on: Jul 14, 10, 10:27:39 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Isis Moswen
Nicknames: Sisi, Ice
Age:  25
Race: Scelt

Caste: Priestess
Birth Territory:  Scelt
Home Territory:  Scelt

Birthright Jewel: Summer Sky
Offering Jewel: Green


Play By: Katherine McPhee
Distinguishing Features:
Isis has a few scars on her back shoulder from the fire Alex was in, which makes her rather self conscious.


There are two sides to Isis, one side that is shown around family, the other around friends and the Court. When she's around her family, she's very quiet, calm. She tends to keep to herself, enjoying the quiet loving feeling that she gets when she's around her parents.

In Court, Isis is different. She is fierce and loyal, willing to stand up and defend her beliefs as well as her Queen. With Lore, she's not afraid to tell her she's being an idiot, or to try and talk her out of doing something she'll regret later.

The side both family and friends see is her compassionate and caring side. She owns one cat which she pampers like a child and is always willing to look after other animals if she ever finds one injured. She helps and takes care of her friends as well, lending them things they may need, helping out around the house and would lay down her life in order to save them if she had to. She can also be very bristly if something irritates or angers her.

Although not much of a fighter, she'll try her best to defend herself it the case ever arises, somewhat dependent on her consort to protect her if needed. She's independent but he seems to be her one weakness, aside from fire.

Reading; After the death of her friend, she turned to reading, her books an escape from the every day.
Thunder storms; The sounds of the storms calms her, soothes her after a long day
Needle point; A small hobby she picked up from her mother, it allows some of her creativity to find an outlet. She usually gives her pieces away.

Spiders; Can't explain it, but Isis does not like spiders. Probably due to a childhood experience where she was scared to hell by them.
Moontimes; Well, what female doesn't? She hates not being able to do much more than basic Craft, and even then it pains her
Witchfire; Dislikes using it because it reminds her too much of actual fire

Fires; Isis fears fires due to losing her close childhood friend Alex in a fire and not being able to help him.
Inclosed spaces; Playing a game of hide and seek with Lore, Isis found herself locked in a closet, unable to get out, stemming her fear of inclosed spaces.
Civil war; Fears watching her beloved home territory torn into two and being helpless to do anything about it.

Craft Strengths:
Craft Weaknesses:

Life Story

    Mother: Nailah Moswen, purple dusk priestess
    Father:Odion Tau, opal warlord

    Born and raised in Scelt, Isis was born into the aristo world of the Blood. Her grandmother served in Lore's grandmother's court. Isis and Lore got into plenty of mischief as children, but it was all in harmless fun. Her parents gave her anything and everything that she wished, but she never asked for more than what she needed.

    Growing up, Isis enjoyed traveling to the landen towns, where she made friends with several of the landen children, one in particular. Alex and Isis became quick friends, spending whatever time together they could. The day of her Birth Right ceremony, when Isis walked away with a Summer Sky, she was thrilled and couldn't wait to show the jewel off to Alex. As she made her way down the path, the scent of something burning filled her nose, causing her to speed up a little more. Before she knew it, she found herself standing in front of Alex's house, watching flames destroy it. Hearing Alex's voice from within, Isis nearly ran into the building, but one of the landens caught her. She pleaded to rescue him, wanted so badly to save him but she couldn't for the life of her shield him because she'd just come into her powers. The memory of that day, a day that was to be a happy day cause her nightmares even as a grown adult.

    After the tragic loss of her friend, Isis became solitary, prefering to read or practise her craft rather than spend time with others her age. She would go out after persuasion by her parents, but still prefered to stay alone. Once she made her offering to the Darkness, she began to socialize more, still opting to study to become a priestess on her own. She only shared her bed with one male during that time, and that was only to see her through her Virgin Night. Love never seemed to be in her favor, and she was fine with just reading about it in the novels she read.

    That was until she met a Warlord Prince by the name of Aed. While attending a social function of Lore's court, Isis found herself standing in a corner, wondering as to why she actually came. Then he appeared, asking her to dance. At first she politely refused, but eventually gave in. The first dance they shared sent her tail spinning, falling head over heels in love with Aed. Once the night was over, she gathered up all her courage and asked him if he would share her bed that night. They've been together ever since.

    Show us What You've Got

    Writing Sample:
    The flames licked across the building, engulfing everything it touched. Moving quickly, Isis tried to enter the building flames leaping out and burning her seven year old shoulder. Letting out a cry of pain, she soon felt strong hands wrap around her waist and pulled her out. She screamed and thrashed against the hands, wanting to save the screaming boy inside. She wasn't even thinking about using her new jewel to help her all she wanted was to save her friend. "Let me go!" She cried out, the only thing filling her ears was the painful cries of Alex inside the building. Tears and smoke stung her eyes, the smoke stung her lungs as she inhaled. Finally the screaming stopped, Isis slumped against whoever was holding her. The hands let her go and she sunk to her knees, scared and crying. A heart shattering scream filled her ears and she realized it was her own.

    Screaming filled the night as Isis bolted upright in bed. Her heart pounded against her chest, her breathing erratic and hard. Pressing a hand against her chest, Isis fought to regain control. She hated those nightmares, they haunted her almost every night. Hearing a soft purr, she looked over to spot her cat Boo stretching out beside her. "Sorry to wake you up Boo." She sighed, finally managing to even out her heart beat. Closing her eyes briefly, she was glad that Aed hadn't spent the night. The last thing she needed was her Warlord Prince to go into over protective panic mode and try to kill what it was that she was screaming over. "Yeah, he can't save my from my dreams." She said softly, reaching out to pet the black fur of her feline friend.

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    Re: Isis Moswen
    « Reply #1 on: Jul 14, 10, 10:30:51 PM »
    ... again

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    Re: Isis Moswen [Priestess, SS - Green]
    « Reply #2 on: Aug 15, 11, 10:26:27 AM »
    Isis has been Retired

    Per the writer's request this character has been Retired.

    For more information please see this thread: The Inactivity Policy

    If you would like to reactivate this character they will need to be submitted through the Keep's Registry again as a petitioned character using the Reactivation Petition.

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