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Author Topic: Ishiyo no Izayoi  (Read 853 times)

Description: Queen. Opal to Red. Played by Caryn.

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Ishiyo no Izayoi
« on: Dec 03, 16, 09:48:27 AM »
The Basics

Character Name: Ishiyo no Izayoi
Nicknames: Ishi, Dragon Mother
Age & Birthyear: 50, b. 140 AP
Race:  Short-lived
Caste:  Queen
Birth Territory: Tacea, Terreille
Home Territory: Tacea, Terreille

Birthright Jewel: cut Opal
Offering Jewel:  uncut Red

Role: Territory Queen
Faction: Tacea


Play By: Ming-Na Wen
Distinguishing Features:



Ishiyo is a strong Queen and dedicated warrior who has led her Clan well for the past 35 years. She carries herself with the tightly-leashed ferocity of a Tacean warrior Queen. Ishiyo is the reigning power of her Clan and has held that position for a long time; its weight has molded itself into all facets of her self.

She came to her position early and had to finish growing up in a hurry. It left her conscious of being young and vulnerable and anxious to live up to her Clan’s reputation. Two of those things have changed, but by now it is habitual to project strength and resolution, with the implication that she is able and willing to hammer your balls into the ground should you cross a line. Yes, even if you don’t have them.

As one who stands so deeply in the Darkness, Ishiyo practices strict self-control. She’s had the need for such emphasized since her mother died and she became an Opal Queen who technically answered to no one but the Dragon Mother- and then became the highest power in her land. A Dragon’s fire may be mighty, but needed to be directed wisely in order to be most useful. Though she failed the training to gain the caste, Ishiyo makes use of certain Black Widow techniques to contain and redirect her temper. When she is extraordinarily hard-pressed, she accepts the use of a widow web from her Court Seer to impose artificial calm until she can wear herself out with sparring or Craft work. She also relies on her Healer to offer soothing brews and calming teas as necessary.

She is an honorable woman who tends to her responsibilities, no matter how unpleasant they may be. Experience has taught her patience and a certain measure of cunning to add to her natural tenacity. She has a deep well of passion and pride, but has been taught to suppress any emotional displays that an enemy could take for a potential vulnerability or weakness. Anger, gentle sorrow and humor are fine. Tenderness, lust, grief- things of that ilk are firmly locked down. She makes for a distant and intimidating guardian figure for her people.

She is better and more comfortable with actions than words. She’s not a particularly emotionally expressive Queen with either her males or her people in general, whether publicly or in private, but she tries to find other ways and gestures to reach out to them. She’s a highly possessive Queen and she likes making sure that those things (people) which belong to her know that she values them enough to keep them close. Ishiyo feels her Bonds strongly and has faith that they do too- there’s no need to blubber on about it.

She has a highly developed sense of justice and a very black-and-white sort of morality. Things are either Right or Wrong, they either follow The Rules or they don’t. These tendencies are the reason her attempt to learn the Black Widow’s path fell through- she just doesn’t have the mental flexibility to walk the borders the Twisted Kingdom or the complexities of the human psyche.

Ishiyo is a traditionalist. She was raised on the words of philosophers past and embraces the classical voices in Tacean literature. She opposes drastic change and can be counted upon to speak as a conservative voice no matter the issue. A male’s place is in service or the home, she feels, and idle males do nothing but cause mischief. She Does Not Approve of this new trend of males moving into the feminine spheres. What they need –what they all need- is another war, whether internal or external. Wars weed out the chaff, give the Territory focus, and make a Clan strong again.

She is one of those Queens who is happy to help her Landens go about their little peasant lives in a relatively decent and peaceful fashion, but at the end of the day that fashion remains firmly under their Blood caretakers.

  • The Kindling Festival- Ishiyo feels it important to honor the past as they move into the future. The festival is a solemn, awe-inspiring occasion that helps her feel closer to her departed female relatives.
  • Rain- As a Queen, Ishiyo is deeply conscious of the fact that rain is life to the land. And that agriculture is the heart of Izayoi wealth. Lack of rain means death for both.
  • Watching the stars- Ishiyo finds comfort in their constancy. Even when they appear to change with the seasons, they always come back again next year.
  • the Shingetsu- The Shingetsu Queen is a long-rival and a personal pain in Ishiyo’s ass. She’s also highly suspicious of the Clan’s sudden rise of prestige and wealth among the Four, and longs to prove unethical dealings.
  • Disrespect- Respect for oneself, one another and one’s superiors is the cornerstone of a civilized society. Without it, all is chaos. This is especially true for the passionate and temperamental Blood- Protocol itself exists for that reason. Ishiyo may ruin her enemies, but she will never disrespect the worthy ones.
  • Flower arranging- It may be an art form, but Ishiyo regards it as one of the more useless ones. And she really dislikes the idea of plucking a healthy flower from the ground to die before its time for human enjoyment.
  • Losing the Izayoi- Being Clan Queen for the Izayoi has been a central part of her identity for a long time. But now she has all of Tacea to think about and can no longer define herself by her family. She cannot show them undue favor, but fears not being there for them anymore, or that she will dishonor herself and the daughter whose charge they now are by trying to be anyway.
  • Fully trained Geisha- As an institution and a tradition of Tacea, Ishiyo approves of them. On a personal level, they scare her. She knows they are in theory under the Dragon Mother’s control, but at the same time they are a large body of martial, educated males with no consistent and real female hand to control them. This fear is somewhat lessened now that she nominally holds their leashes as Dragon Mother of Tacea, but it remains a real one. Ishiyo believes in the real loyalties and blood ties that the geisha houses deliberately weaken as a necessity of their work.
  • Losing her heirs- Ishiyo is well aware of how fortunate she is to have three daughters, a Queen among them, when so many women labor endlessly to get one. She fears offending Mother Night or her ancestors in such a way as to have the bounty taken away to teach her a lesson.
Craft Strengths:
  • Queen’s Touch- Ishiyo is not as visibly demonstrative with her males as some Queens are. Instead, she has honed her ability to soothe them in a way that both provides them balance and suits her own nature. Ishiyo can achieve with a look or a glancing touch of her hand that another Queen may need half an hour of concentration and a full-body embrace for. She can also lend balance in this way to males not her own, though of course their own bonded Queen would be more effective.
  • Manipulating shadows- Ishiyo received thorough training in her Clan’s special strengths, including the Izayoi ability to cast multiple shadows of her weapon. Over time, she has extended the basic principles involved into a generally heightened control of Craft involving shadows.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • Seduction Craft- She’s the highest-ranked woman in Tacea. She doesn’t need to lure lovers; they compete for the honor of her attention. Also, she does have a long-time Consort.
  • Whimsy Craft- Ishiyo is not whimsical. Period. (Also, the Red serves well if one wants to build a solid shield or break something on an opponent- but it’s decidedly overpowered to entertain and amuse one’s friends.)
Life Story

Mother: Koharu no Izayoi, Purple Dusk- Opal Black Widow Queen, d.
Father: Taro no Izayoi, Green-Red Warlord Prince, d.

Masaru no Miyagi, Rose-Purple Dusk Prince , 58.
Taiki no Izayoi, Purple Dusk-Sapphire Warlord (Sword of the Queen for the Izayoi Clan),56.
Katashi no Ebisawa, Tiger Eye-Summer Sky Warlord Prince,54.
Souma no Izayoi, Yellow-Summer Sky Warlord Prince (geisha),52.

Sister-in-law: Aina no Miyagi, Rose - Summer Sky (female MotG of Izayoi Clan)*, 55.

Aunt: Etsuko no Izayoi, White-Rose Black Widow, 79.

Cousins: Michi no Izayoi, Summer Sky - Opal Black Widow* (Court Seer/High Seer), 44.

Arata no Oshiro, White-Rose Warlord Prince (father of her oldest sons),61.
Isamu no Izayoi, Rose - Purple Dusk Warlord Prince*, (Consort- father of four youngest),52.
Hitomi no Kita, Blood Opal-Green Healer, (Court Healer for the Izayoi Clan),48.

Kazuo no Himura, Yellow-Rose Warlord Prince,32.
Jirou no Saito, Summer Sky-Blood Opal Prince, 30.

Atsuko no Izayoi, Summer Sky - Opal Black Widow Queen of the Izayoi Clan*, 28.
Takuma no Izayoi, Tiger Eye-Purple Dusk Warlord Prince, 26.
Izumi no Izayoi, Purple Dusk - Opal Witch*, (Steward-in-training for the Izayoi Clan) , 24.
Etsuko no Izayoi, White-Tiger Eye Priestess, 22.

*Rolled, all others chosen


Ishiyo was born the only daughter of the former Clan Queen in the last years of the Warring Dragons. Koharu raised her heir fast and hard, molding her into what the Izayoi needed her to be with discipline and grim urgency. That drive was finally explained when the elder Queen was killed in one of the post-peace skirmishes, her Consort soon following in shame for having failed to protect his Queen. Ishiyo was just fifteen.

Her Aunt –her mother’s Court Seer- held the Court for her until she came of age. Ishiyo strove to be the perfect successor to her mother, even attempting the Black Widow’s arts. It was a miserable failure. In the aftermath, she yielded to her eldest brother’s soft-spoken advice and began to be her own sort of Izayoi Queen.

Her Offering of Red didn’t make that easy. Though Dark Jewels were fairly abundant in Tacea, it had been a long time since one of her Clan’s Queens had run that Dark. With a single exception, her brothers stayed close to emphasize the bonds that would keep the young Queen in check throughout her life. Masaru’s and Katashi’s wives came to serve in the Izayoi Court instead of they joining the ladies’ as would be traditional. Taiki, her Darkest and only brother she held an actual Queen’s Bond to, never married. He claimed that it would only be a distraction from serving Ishiyo as Mother Night had clearly put him on this earth to do. Special effort was made to sign contracts with males that were sufficiently Dark enough to withstand the full force of a Red Queen, or that she felt a Queen’s Bond to (and Ishiyo refused to consider any male who’d quit Geisha training beyond the beginning stages unless she held his leash in spirit as well as legally- she would not compete for their loyalty with another, even the Dragon Mother). Ishiyo regretted that these measures were necessary, but never failed to make good use of these safeguards when required. So too did she build strong bonds with her female relatives and ladies of her First Circle- some things another female simply understood best, and on the whole she found them more restful to manage than bouts of stubborn male temper.

She took a lover (a Warlord Prince, of course, as befit a ruling Queen) soon after her Offering, anxious to get to work on bearing an heir since her own mother had died so long. Ishiyo might hope for her own longevity, but it was hard to have faith in it when she’d had visible proof that anything could happen. She passed him on to another’s service after he twice failed to sire a daughter and married the male who did so on the first try. The birth of her first daughter made Ishiro then focus her attention on rebuilding the Clan from its wartime losses. Her heir deserved to inherit a strong Clan and Ishiyo was determined to leave the Clan better off than she’d found it.

Ishiyo did so well that she began to have hopes of snagging some of the border villages in the next realignment. Izayoi might be small, but they had the Queens for it, including her youngest daughter. Then the Sleeping Dragon refused to wake and her preparations had to be delayed.

The intervening years gave rise to a number of minor but persistent issues: worm-out fields, overpopulation among her Landen, pockets of trouble from the young and directionless, and increasing Blood-Landen tensions. It was nothing any other part of Tacea wasn’t dealing with, and nothing Ishiyo regarded as a real threat, but it didn’t lift any stress from her shoulders. She began searching more urgently for a solution to the problems, or a distraction.

The rise of the Ascendant Dragon was promising, but failed to actually accomplish anything beyond opening the Territory to foreign influences while mired in a health crisis and territorial issues of its own. Then the Mother stepped down to chase myths and Ishiyo was chosen to ascend the Territory throne, to her simultaneous terror and delight. It is a heavy charge upon her shoulders, but now she can get business done and bring Tacea back to the honor and splendor of its glorious past.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:

Ishiyo made certain her expression was calm as she watched Atsuko accompany the Priestess to the Altar. It would not do for the Queen of the Izayoi to show anxiety about her daughter’s Birthright Ceremony. It was a disservice to both her heir and herself. Atsuko bore the distinctive scent of a Queen and no casted witch ever failed entirely to receive a Jewel. Anything else could be worked around with a strong enough Court. The dragons slumbered once more and Ishiyo’s own Red would hopefully be around to add to the Clan’s strength for a good long while.

“She will be fine.” Her Consort had always been more emotional than she. He had no problem with visible demonstrations of affection. In response to his Queen’s silent distress, he drew her into an embrace, her back to his front, and rested his chin lightly on her shoulder. She permitted the embrace, reluctantly amused as he gently nuzzled her cheek. For all that she was the one Izayoi-born, he often bore marked resemblance to the cat that stood for them all. “She will do you proud and bring us honor no matter which Jewel she bears.”

“I have no doubt of that.” And she didn’t. “Call it a mother’s right-“ Ishiyo paused, thinking, then shook her head minutely. “A mother’s misplaced sorrow and dismay that her child is growing up.” It hadn’t hit her as hard at her sons’ ceremonies, but perhaps because she had less emotional involvement in their upbringing. A daughter’s education was her charge; sons belonged to their father and only required her special interest if they shamed the family or were ready to hand off to a suitable wife.

A son’s future held a finite number of choices, but a daughter could accomplish almost anything she chose to do. She bore her mother’s hopes alongside her own dreams and would fulfill both if she were lucky and good. Ishiyo wondered what her own mother had been thinking when she’d emerged with the Opal- proud to see such strength or anxious as to whether she’d live up to the promise?

A flash of movement caught her eyes and the Queen stirred, seeking out her now-smiling daughter emerging at the Priestess’ side. And the question of what Jewel she now wore faded in the rush of pride that here was another Izayoi Queen standing healthy and confident, ready to take her place in a long and honorable line to carry them down a new generation.

Petitions (if any): 

Why did this character became inactive? Tacea died.

What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again? Lead Tacea myself.

What are your plans for this character? Ishiyo will have much to do as Queen of Tacea to settle into being Dragon Mother, to reintegrate the Territory with the rest of Terreille, and to solve the Territory’s various internal problems.

Number of previous Reactivations: none

Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) : Removed a paragraph from her personality that referenced her feelings about Yuki as Dragon Mother, as it no longer applies. Edited her first two fears, which have likewise changed a bit now that she is the Dragon Mother. Added a history paragraph to reflect her ascension and the Territory's reopening.

Player Name: Caryn

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Re: Ishiyo no Izayoi
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Re: Ishiyo no Izayoi
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