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Title: Ioan Rosu
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The Basics

Character Name: Ioan Cyril Rosu
Nicknames: Io (friends only); Echo (Shaos code name)
Age and Birth Year: 29 (born 164 AP)
Race: Short-Lived (Dena Nehelian)
Caste: Warlord
Birth Territory: Dena Nehele
Home Territory: Dena Nehele

Birthright Jewel: uncut Summer Sky
Offering Jewel: uncut Blood Opal

Role: Guildsman
Faction: Shaos Guild


Play By: Taron Egerton
Distinguishing Features: Much of Ioan's visage is rather nondescript and unassuming, which is exactly as he prefers it. Average height for a male, typical Dena Nehelian features, he can usually be described as classically handsome but not overly memorable. His most prominent features, though, would be his very defined jawline and the dimples that present themselves when he smiles.


Personality: Ioan Rosu is a man of many masks, many names, many faces, both figuratively and literally. As any dedicated member of the Shaos guild should be, of course, but for Io it's always been more than simply just a job. It's his livelihood, one of the things that brings him true adrenaline and excitement, and he takes great care to excel in it and keep himself sharp even while not on a contract. Very few people can claim to know the true Ioan, and he goes to many lengths to keep it that way as he's a naturally distrusting sort, both for the sake of the guild and his own, personal safety. Sure, many of the things he'll offer up in conversation are true, or simply just minor adjustments to the facts, but what's what exactly is known almost exclusively to him.

Weaponized is probably too strong of a word that he'd use to describe his own nature, but that is, in essence, what he is where his abilities meshed with his personality are concerned. He possesses a very specific skill-set and it has helped shape him as a whole. He tends to take most matters pretty seriously, even if his current role requires a smile and good-natured behavior. When left to his own devices he's not the most social type, preferring to keep his own company with a good book or the newspaper. However, he's not wholly against fraternizing with fellow guild mates, so he'll generally tag along if invited to some kind of outing or social function, even if he doesn't say much while present.

The Warlord is observant, bordering on obsessively so. His parents told him that even when he was born he seemed to have a way about him that was always taking in anything and everything around him - eyes darting to and fro in a much more intent manner than any small tot should've been capable of. A child's curiosity was one thing, of course, but this trait remained long past the years of his youth and steadily into adulthood, making him incredibly adept at much of what the guild's work requires of him.

He'll pick out the most seemingly mundane details and store them away, his brain an endless vault of tidbits and random information about anyone from the beggar down the street to the aristo seated across from him at the table who won't stop whining about how much her neighbor's flower garden is so much better than her own. Naturally, this isn't always ideal as some information is truly just useless, and has ultimately led to bouts of overthinking and over-analyzing a situation, but most of the time he insists that it all does have a purpose. It makes him more chameleon-like, more adaptable to the situations he has to slide into. In reality this isn't always the case, but he's stubborn and isn't wont to admit it.

Ioan is also ambitious beyond measure and always has been. In his mind he has a legacy to uphold and live up to, and to achieve anything less than even his most loftiest of goals would be a disgraceful failure... even if that perceived failure is really only present in his own mind. Naturally, he understands his place as a Warlord in Blood society. He doesn't harbor any outlandish goals such as ruling anything, or even something more likely such as obtaining a leadership role within the Shaos guild (he prefers doing rather than delegating, anyway), but he'll be damned if he isn't the cutting edge best at what he chooses to aspire to. Furthermore, he feels a much greater degree of freedom to tend to his pursuits than if he was born a Prince or a Warlord Prince. Those castes come with far more expectations and restrictions, neither of which he really cares for in terms of anything but his own.

Morals are definitely a gray area for the man, and not unintentionally so. He was instilled with the beliefs that not everything is black and white from an early age by his sires. As guild members themselves, they made it abundantly clear to him that good and evil, right and wrong, are merely social constructs crafted by idealists and altruists. Good people can do awful things and awful people can do great things, it's all a matter of perspective and judgement. Of course, they educated him on what was socially acceptable and what types of things were highly frowned upon so he'd always take care not to land himself in hot water, but as far as his personal views and his work with the Shaos goes, there is no means that he's against resorting to in order to get something done.

Craft Strengths:
Craft Weaknesses:
Life Story

Mother: Andreea Rosu; Summer Sky - Green Black Widow; deceased
Father: Vasile Rosu; White - Tiger Eye Prince; deceased
Siblings: n/a


From the day Ioan was born, he had expectations placed upon his shoulders. Not to inherit some family business or to become a high-ranking courtier. Not to serve as a guard or to continue some aristo legacy.

But as a guildsman.

Vasile was part of the Myos, Andreea belonged to the Jacks. It was a fateful co-op contract that had brought them together all those years ago, and it was an instant spark of chemistry that kept them together long afterwards. They never married officially, but they hardly needed to, practically glued to each other's side they were when not out on their respective guild missions. It came as quite a shock when the Black Widow found herself with child, and she was effectively benched towards the later trimester of her pregnancy, but she fell right back into work soon after their Warlord son came into the world.

It was definitely a challenge in its own right to balance a family and guild work, especially when both parents were so deeply involved with their respective organizations. However, they managed to make it work between the occasional nanny and tutor when Ioan was smaller and younger. As he grew older though, their parenting methods became a bit more unorthodox. Lessons in Craft, Protocol, arithmetic and all the other usual subjects were present, of course, but scattered among those were things like lockpicking, self-defense, pickpocketing, scaling buildings. All things that would turn their son into the ideal member of the guilds someday.

Naturally, each parent had their own bias as to which Ioan should've been groomed for, but as he grew older and his lessons became more thorough, it became clear that he possessed the makings not of a Jack or a Myos, but of a Shaos. He had a natural curiosity about him (though some would've gone so far as to say outright nosy) and an uncanny ability to digest and recall information and details that many other people would overlook. There was some disappointment (albeit mostly good-natured and in jest), but his parents were overall delighted that he even showed a knack for the profession to begin with.

Coming away with the Summer Sky was a blessing, not too dark as to attract excessive attention or add additional responsibilities to his plate, but not so light to where he'd have to work that much harder to master certain aspects of his training because of a lack of reservoir depth. Naturally, after his Birthright Ceremony his training intensified in all aspects, and the youth was even occasionally brought along on some of the less-dangerous and harrowing contracts his parents took on. Mostly with his mother, as the majority of Myos contracts were definitively not suitable for a pre-teen boy to tag along for.

This was the way of things until just after Io's 14th birthday when tragedy struck. His parents had been killed in action on a contract. Someone had double-crossed them and the target knew they were coming, catching them by surprise and besting them via ambush. However, despite the unexpected nature of it, Vasile and Andreea had proven themselves entirely prepared for this day, even if they hadn't known when it would come. They had already arranged to have their funds transferred over to their son, as well as having pulled the appropriate strings to get his foot in the door with the Shaos guild.

It was a member of said guild who showed up at the door of the house that the teenage Warlord now inhabited alone one evening and did just that. Ioan was given a brief series of skills assessments before the cloaked member departed, only to return a couple days later and claim the young man as an official apprentice to the guild. The next few years of his life were consumed by little else than the grueling training set by the organization of agents, but much as his sires had surmised, he showed a natural proclivity for what the guild did and reached the rank of journeyman a couple years later. After undergoing his Offering at 18, he left the altar both with a Blood Opal jewel of rank as well as being inducted for the last leg of his testing and training, emerging on the other side of it as a fully-fledged Shaos member.

It's been a decade since that day, and Ioan has thrived within the ranks of the guild, making allies and receiving additional, varied training from other members, learning other skills and tricks from the group that he had slowly begun to consider family. Ever determined to prove himself, he essentially eats, breathes and sleeps work-related things, finding it far from any kind of a chore. There hadn't been much of a roadblock to his continued success until the ascension of Rilandra Vlas to the Territory Seat. He recalls the night vividly, skulking about in the shadows as the former Queen of Tulzbruja took on a new title, as well as apparently destroying a chunk of what the guilds even do.

The Warlord has been incredibly discontent with the new rules instated, but has kept that facet of information to himself, simply going about his business and awaiting the day the Guild Master gets his head out of Riley's ass and reverts the policies back, though the more time passes the less likely this seems. However, within the past couple months, an opportunity has presented itself in the form of a Tacean Queen - his Queen - and he has every intention of seeing just how beneficial this new alliance can be to him.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:

The guild bulletin board.

What used to be a sea of envelopes and parchment rife with potential and profit had, as of late, only been a constant source of disappointment and continued boredom for the Warlord. Generally, Ioan didn't check the board unless it was a last resort, as many of his contracts were provided to him either by the leaders of the guild itself or through the clients getting in touch with him personally. Word of mouth was a valuable thing, even for a spy.

However, the wellspring of opportunity had been drying up at an unfathomable rate, and many of his usual clientele were withdrawing, simply because certain contracts were no longer permitted. Thanks a fucking lot, Lady Vlas. That being the case, the man had been checking the bulletin board almost on the daily, hoping for something, anything of actual challenge and interest for him to pursue, but most of the time he ended up disappointed with what he snagged from it. He completed them posthaste regardless, but they hardly posed much satisfaction for him.

Today though... well, today it seemed like his luck might be turning around for the more interesting. As his eyes scanned over the board, he'd been about to turn away in his usual dismissal of it before his gaze caught the familiar scrawl of the Guild Master himself, pinned right onto a small spattering of very new and very intriguing-feeling envelopes. Reaching up a hand to touch each of them in kind, Ioan took his time contemplating which one seemed the most promising, his mind trying to analyze the possibilities of what sort of person may have sent each one.

People wandered past him while he deliberated with himself, but he was hardly in a rush and barely seemed to notice them in his thoughtful reverie. Eventually, after giving each potential contract a thorough look-over, inspecting any scents, psychic residue and even considering the weight and quality of the paper itself on each letter, Ioan let his fingers settle on the soft, gray envelope before he plucked it promptly from the board.

The Warlord glanced around a couple times before slipping the envelope into an inner pocket of his jacket, turning on his heel to head back home where he could open it in undisturbed privacy and contemplate his course of action.

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Per General random and 2 family rolls.

Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Summer Sky Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with an uncut Green Jewel at your Offering.

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1. Summer Sky - Green
2. White - Tiger Eye
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Could I reduce the Green to a Blood Opal? Love me some BO combos tbh. Please and thank you! <3
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Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Summer Sky Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with an uncut Blood Opal Jewel at your Offering.

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Ready for review (finally)! Pending Dash's approval from a want ad perspective, of course. <3
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Redeeming my purchase of Stealth Craft for my murderson, as per this post (! Writeup for the additional strength is below:

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Ioan has been blessed with Stealth Craft!

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