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Author Topic: Inara al-Geiba  (Read 823 times)

Description: Black Widow Priestess. Summer Sky to Opal. Played by tenkou.

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Inara al-Geiba
« on: Oct 21, 17, 12:05:01 AM »
The Basics

Character Name: Inara al-Geiba
Nicknames: Nara or Ari
Age and Birth Year:  22 years old (170)
Race: Short Lived (Pruulian)
Caste:  Black-widow / Priestess
Birth Territory: Pruul
Home Territory: Pruul

Birthright Jewel: Uncut Summer-sky
Offering Jewel:  Uncut Opal

Role: Novice Aubdina
Faction: The Aubdina


Play By: Deepika Padukone
Distinguishing Features: Slender, wiry, and short. Things she ticked off about herself as deficiencies. Her eyes are large; deep brown and thickly lashed. Her skin tanned from hours in the sun and her hair a rich dark brown that bordered almost too close to the black of the long-lived races. Her long hair is worn down and usually braided or covered to protect both her head and hair from the harsh desert winds.

Standing no more than five feet even she often feels like a woman in miniature even though her Father's people tend to be short; for the desert abhors excess. Her muscle are toned from years of nomadic life and she is as comfortable in the saddle as she would be on foot.

Being in the unique situation of having lived with her grandmother's tribe since she was five Inara holds two different tribe markings. At the nape of her neck is the Gieba tattoo spiraling up. After Saiph al-Kaid ordered the entire slaughter of the al-Gieba people Inara was then tattooed along her arm with the delicate scrolling water pattern that circled her wrist.


Personality: Firey, Head Strong, Dreamer; words that often come to mind when describing Inara's personality. She likes the idea of possibilities. The feel of the wind and the endless sands are promising to her; a chance for adventure rather than routine. Where many see only death Inara often sees mainly life or the potential for it.

More introspective than most she tends to let her mind wander into either deep reflection or tracing some inner tangled vision. This has lead to a sometimes quirky way of relating to others around her.

Like most young people she hates being told she is wrong and has a definite impression of how the world is- even if the older generation thinks she is wrong. Spirited and passionate about the topics that catch her attention she can also stubbornly dig her heels in and hold fast to her viewpoints.

Inara loves her Grandparents deeply. Her grandmother's training offered her the calming and peace she needed to function after the loss of her family. This doesn't mean there isn't friction in their camp when the two women butt heads about topics regarding Inara's future.

Inara is a dreamer; often seeing the world in symbols. A falcon flying may be just another predator hunting or it could be the Darkness guiding them. Hope and faith are the things she clings to despite the longing for revenge.

Where she could have been bitter and hateful over the world the training as a priestess helped her find some peace and acceptance for her losses. There is a quiet stillness within her that tempers out the inherent instability found in natural born Widows.

While she can have a temper that rages quickly to a boil it also disappears after snarling and while she can break into tears; that usually is the indicator to walk away because she is too angry and very close to losing her personal control. This is something she is working on.

She tends to seek the fringes of social gatherings and is slow to let a person into her confidence. While she hates being alone she prefers to listen rather than contribute to conversations and gossip.

Her moods don't indicate a recklessness that often accompanies a younger woman. Inara is prone to reflect before she acts, even if she can't always stop her words, and tries to see matters from as many angles as possible.

It is said none can hold to a grudge like a Black Widow. This is true to her. Mineborn and Saiph both hold a bitterness in her heart with a true rage simmering beneath the surface for Pruul's so called mother.

  • Horses: She loves them. Everything from the way they talk with their ears to the scent of their flesh or the feel of their questing mouth searching her palm for treats. She loves the freedom they represent and the intelligence they carry within.

  • The Stars: Staring at them she likes to imagine them echoes of spirits in the embrace of the darkness. Sometimes she will talk to them; pretending in a way her parents are still walking with her through the desert. In them, she sees the potential for countless opportunities and paths for her life.

  • Tribal Festivals: Who doesn't love a good love story? That is what she equates the pageantry and pomp of the Summer gathering to. So many tribes mixing and mingling with many falling in love. So what if she is a bit of a romantic?

  • Being Alone: She is a social creature. Some out of her inherent personality but more from an uneasiness of spirit that being truly alone brings. A holdover from her week-long trek through the sands while battling through visions of her family's fate.

  • Fermented Drinks: Fermentation is often the best way to preserve mare's milk or make drinkable juices from various cacti. Like most teens, she discovered the effects it had on one's mental faculties. While the giddiness was fun the morning after and the vomiting was not so much. One night of excess during a festival where she managed to steal off with other like-minded teens; that was enough for her to write off the fermented drinks favored during celebrations.

  • Rules: She understands the importance of rules. Truly she even tries to abide but them but they chafe. Her free-spirited nature wants to fly in the face of the rules and social conventions. Youth has her pushing at the perceived bars these set foundations form around her. Inara really isn't a fan of 'you can't do that'.


  • Sandworms: They are massive and lurk in the same shoals and foraging grounds that the tribe uses for their horses, goats, and sheep. The fact they can move so silently makes them a sort of boogeyman. The fact that her father was slain by a sandworm while trying to rescue one of their precious broodmares from it's path only made her terror of them worse.

  • Being separated from her family: She will never forget the day her grandmother told her that her mother and her maternal tribe were dead. Completely wiped out by The Mother for crimes. Everyone from her maternal great-grandmother down to her crawling cousins gone for crimes committed.  Family and clan are important in Pruul and to no longer have that was traumatic even with her Grandmother taking her in. She is paranoid about losing what little family she has left.

  • Running out of water: Water is life. While the Mineborn brought rain briefly the sandworms have gotten more aggressive and pushing further into territories. Water is becoming scarcer to find and Inara knows what sort of fate awaits those who cannot find water. Dehydration is a painful and horrible way to go. No water means not only the risk of losing her life but also losing her family's as well.

    Craft Strengths:
  • Posions- detecting and curing: Many things in the desert are venomous and the simplest of mistakes can see a person stung or bit. As a natural born black widow, this skill has been honed into her as a valuable asset to assisting injured tribe members and even livestock.

  • Ceremonial & Ritual Craft- perhaps it is that she is a Black Widow first and a priestess second; but she does well with rituals; seeming to know instinctively how to help guide a person through their life events. Her favorite rituals are the jewel ceremonies and helping guide others through that personal rite of passage.

    Craft Weaknesses:
  • Heating & Cooling Craft- Perhaps it is due to her tendencies to be slightly unaware of her physical needs or simply the fear of attracting sandworms but she can never fully control or stabilize the spells. Some notable fails have resulted in exploding plates...

  • Seduction Spells- she is a romantic at heart. This means her really working on seduction as a craft based skill has been a bit ignored. Inara would rather fall in love and then lust in that order; holding to the fancy of love at first meeting. An idealized notion of her parent's own romance.

    Life Story

    Mother: Zaleh al-Gieba, witch, aged 31 years
    Father: Jahan al-Situla, Prince, aged 32 years
    Siblings: Shirin witch 5 years, Bardai warlord 8 years, Masih prince 11 years
    Grandmother: Parisa al-Situla, Yellow to Rose Priestess, 65 years (b. 122 AP)
    Grandfather: Shadan al-Situla, White to Tiger's Eye Prince, 67 years (b. 124 AP)


    Once upon a time a beautiful and alluring witch fell in love with a handsome prince. While their families belong to different tribes the two youngsters would not listen to reason. The tradition was meant to be broken; love was love. So it was agreed that if the two still loved each other by the time the Summer Festival then they would be allowed to wed and the Prince would then join with the tribe of his beloved.

    The Prince's mother, the priestess of their band, grieved at the idea of her only child leaving her and their people for another; but the sorrow he carried while separated from his beloved was too much to deny. That summer they wed and six short months later a beautiful little witch-child was born...

    It was the story she grew up on from birth until the age of ten. The stories of her mother and father's love. Watching it between them. No matter that her mother was from the Gieba tribe and her father from Situla they made it work. His nomadic nature relieved with assisting the Gieba slave and salt caravans transporting goods.

    The bargain? If their firstborn prooved a queen or priestess her grandmother would have the rearing of her.  For the first years of her life, she grew up in the great central mining camps. Running with her large family- her five aunts, three uncles, and their spouses and children her playmates.

    Then she went through her birthright ceremony. Even to this day Inara remembers the frightening plunge into her still forming inner barriers. She remembered the firm grasp of her favorite Aunt's hand as they walked back from the private area of the altar together. Could exactly pinpoint how her uncut summer-sky felt in her fist clutched close to her chest.

    She could feel her father's pride at being granted paternity. The excitement as she started showing signs of her natural born caste of Black Widow.  She also could remember the first time her father took her to meet with her grandmother's tribe. She remembered the colors of the festival and the quiet disappointment that she was not either of the coveted castes.

    It was her father's patience to show her the fun and wonders of traveling and how her father could be happy being away from home so long to wander the desert; even if it was boring work. She learned to ride, how to care for her horse, the various tricks for finding water, for seeking life or good places to set camp, she learned which stars would guide you in set directions, and she learned just how fully to ration water.

    Training as a Widow came too from the coven of her mother's people; their dedication to another natural-born sister willingly given. The Gieba were wealthy and their widows enjoyed teaching the young woman. She learned how to cast her webs and how to read the signs. She learned how to identify poisons and how to treat different toxins for drawing out of the bloodstream or what would counter them to allow them to pass naturally.

    As she grew older Inara became part of the more ethically challenging moments of being a Geiba black widow. It was her voice that kept the mine born prince with his foster mother instead of separating him for his safety.  Her own protestations about the impact and loss the child would feel in losing his only parent figure. While the coven would normally ignore a girl-child only just starting down her path Inara continued to debate and demand they spin webs to see what she could feel as a bad choice instinctively.

    In the end, it was the webs that decided the prince would stay with the healer; though the green jeweled witch would be watched closely. Even though it was her mentor who decided the healer needed broken to protect the boy from a woman who would murder her own child. A choice that Inara would feel latent guilt for.

    Inara looked forward to life. No matter if she had a temper at times or could fall into daydreams- it was part of who she was. Happy, cherished, and loved. Accustomed to the slaves and influx of new prisoners it simply was life.

    At least until she was 16 years old. There is where she would point to her life starting to unravel. Her father had decided to take a Spring run escorting a caravan with Inara tagging along as a fun adventure for the young woman. With adulthood looming and Inara's own sense of disquiet, the Prince was loathe to leave his eldest child behind.

    It was here that she gained forever a fear of Sandworms. Druha; her maternal grandmother's favored mare had wandered from the herd and encampment that fateful evening. Like all good horsemen, her father went to drive them back into the safety of the herd. Inadvertently he stirred up a Sandworm which had been drawn to the area for the same scrub and fodder that the livestock was enjoying.

    Nearly impossible to kill the worms the men tried to divert it and drive it back. In a moment of panic, her father lashed out with his jeweled strength in order to divert the flailing beast away from the panicked horses and himself. Instead, the worm took him up- swallowing him whole.  Just like that, he was winked out of existence.

    Despondent it was Inara who had to carry word back to her mother and watch the once vibrant witch almost forget how to live. No longer did she hear the story of her parent's romance, or the happy songs, or pride in those beautiful brown eyes. Instead, it seemed as if half of her mother died that day too.

    Her siblings would not be allowed to join her on her trips with the supply caravans. Too dangerous. Her mother tried to bar her from going but Inara couldn't stand to stay in a home that felt hollowed out and for the first time truly rebelled.

    It would be this spirit that saved her life from the day Saiph al-Kaid swept through the Geiba tribe slaughtering them. She would not be returned back to her family' camp to mourn nor would she get the opportunity to whisper prayers over their bodies and get the ceremonial counters for her family's water rights.

    A vision of sorts greeted her deep in the night. A vision that prompted the quiet departure from the caravan just days before they were all arrested. Her gelding, a deep brown beast, trained well by her father made no noise and a blanket tied to his hocks scrubbed the sand of their tracks.

    Travelling at night and hiding during the day Inara made her way towards where her paternal tribe made their trade lines. It took weeks for her sojourn. The days spent huddled over choking in dry sobs of grief as the visions of death and loss came.

    Midnight would be the time she reached her grandmother's camp. Her spells wrapped tightly about her even as she called on that distaff thread to the aging priestess. In the comfort of her grandmother's tent and arms, Inara allowed herself to grieve. Tearless sobs as she gave voice to her visions. Visions that were confirmed as fact by her grandmother.

    Most Pruulians would have rejected the woman. Returned her to her fate for crimes she had no active part in. Instead, her grandmother quickly went to work protecting her only remaining free grandchild.

    Inara's new history that of her grandniece from a half-sibling seeking asylum from her tribe that fell to plague. Her hair was worn down or her neck and head were always covered to hide her Geiba tattoo. An indomitable woman, she would not accept too much questioning of her 'grand-niece' who would soon be her apprentice. The wrist tattoo of her Grandmother's people circled her skin shortly after.

    Still numb from the loss of everything down to her tiniest sister just toddling about and learning to talk, Inara went placidly along with the plan. Frightened that someone would remember the registered daughter of her son as a black widow she began to train Inara as a Priestess as well- hoping the dual caste value would exceed any supposed crimes.

    In faith to the darkness did Inara find some solace. Those quiet moments of slipping into one's inner self then back out again. It was in this she learned to enjoy assisting with the offering ceremonies. A tangling of both her castes helping to soothe the mind of the person subtly so they could make the best offering of themselves to the darkness.

    Her grandmother barely waited six months, almost 9 months shy of her 21st birthday, to proceed with Inara's virgin night and final offering to the darkness. Changing her age too would help hide the last of the Gieba. So, along the border of Raej Inara went through those two important ceremonies.

    The virgin night while awkward, as sex is usually for the first time, showed promise of passions. That night showed her the possibilities for exploration her body held. She also learned that she rather liked sex.

    Strong with her Summer-sky jewel her offering held promise for a full descent. Perhaps it was grief or making the offering a bit too early but exhausted and worn she emerged from her offering clutching her uncut Opal. A solid descent but Inara had felt that possibility for more and she had felt it slip from her forever. Everything has a price and hers was paid.

    Word came through the trades that Saiph had disappeared into the deep desert leaving the Mineborn to govern. A whisper that rankled to the young woman who had lost so much.  Despite the anger and the pain she remained hiding. Unable to risk finding her sister or return to bury the bones of her family.

    Recently she was taken from her Grandmother's camp to the ancient training grounds of the Aubdina to complete her training in the ancient rites. A passage that has Inara scared; not for her life but for being revealed as a Geiba still alive.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Character in Play:

    "Do you remember what we have discussed" Bleary eyes turned to the priestess, grandmother, and savior. Her heart numbed from grief Inara could only nod. Exhausted, sun burned, and filthy she wanted to do nothing more than sleep for a sennight.

    "Say it!" the tone was firm as desperate hand clutched her arm jostling her to awareness. Beautiful; her grandmother had been beautiful once. The random thought came to her mind. Beautiful before scouting winds, unrelenting suns, and tge sorrows of her losses had worn her down. She was still a handsome woman with dark flashing eyes and striking features.

    " I am your grand niece Inara from your sister Isabulluah who married into a trader family based from Onn. My family's caravan perished due to an illness caught from the border lands of Raej. I managed to escape infection and fled to you" Flimsy if anyone wanted to probe the story; but a disease was a fitting description for 'The Mother'; a pox that wiped out her entire family and coven.

    "Good.. What of their remains?" The question harsh in Inara's mind. Who was putting her family to rest? Would tgeir water be collected with reverence due?  The teen curled up tighter as if to hide from the words. Lost in her pain to feel empathy for another too grieving the loss of her blood.

    "Burned.  Witchfire because their bodies and their water was posioned with the contageon.The wagons and horses picked clean by bandits by now" The story fleshed out. Just enough detail to be believable but not too much to trip up.

    " There... Rest now. I will see that you are welcomed" The grip loosened from Inara's arm. A breath escaped her as she slumped into the pile of blankets. Sleep came over her swiftly and for a time she knew peace.

    Player Name: Tenkou

    Why did this character became inactive?
    I chose to put her inactive due to not really feeling her for the current plot focus.

    What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
    I have been talking to Mu and Dragongirl about their Sabbah characters and potential connections for Inara to play with

    What are your plans for this character?
    Become a water priestess, regain sister, rule the world? Mainly to have fun and see where Inara can go with others like her. Those still seeing the effects of Saiph's decision to massacre the Geiba.

    Number of previous Reactivations:

    Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) :

    Updated history and faction to reflect where she was at when I put her inactive / where she will be picking back up

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Re: Inara al-Geiba
« Reply #1 on: Oct 21, 17, 11:35:16 AM »
Ready to go

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Re: Inara al-Geiba
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Re: Inara al-Geiba
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