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Author Topic: Hinata no Kagen  (Read 1100 times)

Description: Queen. Rose to Summer Sky. Played by Zen.

Offline Hinata no Kagen

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Hinata no Kagen
« on: Oct 21, 19, 02:10:55 AM »
The Basics
Character Name: Hinata no Kagen
Nicknames: Unifier of Tacea (don't actually call her this to her face, she'll sigh), otherwise nothing noteworthy.
Age: 71 (b. 123 AP)
Race: Short-Lived (Tacean)
Caste: Queen
Birth Territory: Tacea
Home Territory: Tacea

Birthright Jewel: cut Rose
Offering Jewel: cut Summer Sky

Role: Former Dowager Dragon
Faction: Kagen Clan


Play By: Deanie Ip
Distinguishing Features: For being seventy years old she's incredibly spry. She managed to emerge from the war with no crippling injuries that would've later hindered her today and she has always kept herself in good physical shape, but still some tend to be thrown off when they see the aged Queen keeping up with people much younger than her. Also in terms of facial features she has aged very well despite the stresses of war and ruling for so long, looking at least half a decade younger than she actually is.



Hinata no Kagen could best be described as a velvet-clad iron fist. She is generous and thoughtful, but not soft; firm and steadfast, but not harsh. Her entire life has been something of a balancing act between what was expected of her and who she desired to be, who she truly was at her core. In the end this resulted in a Queen who has more than a fair bit in common with the tempered steel of her most beloved sword.

She is sharp-minded (more than occasionally sharp-tongued as well, as her more level-headed males often like to remind her) and strives for the same perfection as was demanded of her all her life, both from herself and those she engages with and loves. Though she would never request anything from a person that she hasn't done or isn't willing to do herself.

As a Queen, the land calls to her innately as would be expected, but its voice is and always has been trumped by the volume at which the people call to her. The desire to rule and to guide has always been one of her strongest and most displayed qualities. It is her privilege, honor and pleasure to serve the people she's overseen in her many years as much as they, in turn, had faithfully served her. Even today in the years of her retirement that would see most other people basking in luxury and relaxation, she finds herself unable to merely do just that. She's gotten her share of hobbies and traveling in, naturally, but she makes herself outspokenly available to the people even still, always willing to offer her advice or assistance to anybody who requests it of her. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge, and Hinata would find herself terribly remiss if she didn't opt to share it until her last breath.

Despite her enforced upbringing, Hinata never allowed it to turn her entirely cold or somber and in fact ended up somewhat in the opposite direction. Many people would call her default temperament a bit sunny, truth be told. She prefers smiling to frowning, enjoys a good joke (when it's appropriate) and overall has always just adored living life to the full extent in which it was meant to be tackled. While she does take things seriously, she is merely careful to not let it consume her entirely, usually preferring to approach matters with just enough levity to put those around her at ease unless a situation requires otherwise (sometimes awkwardly so as it leaves them unsure how to act in the presence of such a prominent figure in Tacea's history).

While trained in the martial arts just as intensely and held to the same expectations as her contemporaries, she found that it was possible to win just as many battles with words and negotiation rather than with the clash of blades and brute force. Ultimately she found that she tended to prefer this approach before resorting to the violence that a warrior Queen of her people is known for. Thus she became something of a political, strategic marvel both in court and on a field of battle at even a young age.

However, one would be foolish to mistake such poise and tact for weakness. When pushed past the breaking point many have seen hell unleashed by the full force of Hinata and her followers upon anyone who dares to bear ill upon her and her own. The wolf that is Clan Kagen shows no mercy when provoked and they always defend those that are theirs, even the Queen who unified Tacea and brought peace for decades is no exception to this.

  • Her Family. As much as Hinata values the Kagen Clan as a whole, her immediate family is her most treasured above all else. She hadn't expected to enjoy being a mother (later a grandmother) and had initially only bore her first two children out of familial obligation, but she found that the task of raising her brood and guiding them through life came as naturally to her as ruling. Between her husband, remaining children, and grandchildren you won't find a more proud and doting individual. She will constantly gush and rave about them to anyone who will put up with it (which is most people whether they like it or not, as few would dare to tell Hinata no Kagen to shut up).
  • Progression. Despite (or perhaps in spite of) her strict and traditional upbringing, Hinata is actually a fairly modern-minded and cosmopolitan individual. Tradition has a time and a place in which its acceptable and should remain intact, but she firmly believes it is not 'always' or 'with all things.' The world is ever-changing and even the noble islands of Tacea need to adapt and look towards the future, for if they cannot make themselves open to some changes then they risk stagnancy and stunting their further developments to remain as successful as they have been since the warring period ended.
  • Festivals and Ceremonies. The Queen has always loved Tacea's numerous celebrations, ever since she was a girl. When younger she was merely enraptured by all the people, the colors, the music... but as she grew older and learned to understand what each festival represented her love for them only deepened. The celebrating of life and unity, all of Tacea's people putting their differences aside for even a day is a beautiful thing and a large motivator for the type of Queen she ended up becoming. Hinata has never missed a single one regardless of any outside circumstances and she can always be easily found during an event, even today in her older years.

  • Pressuring Others. Hinata grew up as the object of much pressure from both her parents and other members of the clan. They expected perfection, which she gave. They expected her to rule and to sire children for her legacy, which she did. They expected her to be the victorious face of the Kagen during the war and she accomplished that feat as well. This lifestyle has caused a resentment for goading and she will never force the people in her life into doing anything that they don't wish to. She does have hopes and expectations, of course, but instead of relentless arm-twisting she offers them patience, guidance and counsel - with the occasional bout of tough love should they require it.
  • Crime. Not only is it simply dishonorable, it is the factor that splintered and chilled what was previously a warm relationship between Hinata and her sister, as well as what causes her distaste for most of that side of the family today. It serves no purpose and throughout the entirety of her rule she made movements to quash as much as she was able. When Aimi decided to form an empire for it, that certainly made things more difficult and it was one of the few things she allowed to go somewhat unchecked if only because it was her sister. Though she'll readily admit to regretting it and for allowing the Kagen name to be so prominent within Tacea's criminal underworld.
  • The Mainland Territories. Abhorrent and distasteful, no ifs ands or buts about it. They're barbaric and incredibly uncultured compared to Tacea from what she's heard of them. She's never been, but she's always held absolutely no interest in traveling there and highly questions why her own niece decided she needed to. Dena Nehele allowed Queens and Healers to be murdered, Pruul and Raej are hubs for slavery, Chaillot locks up their Darkness-blessed, dark-jeweled Blood, and please do not even get her started on what she's heard of Hayll or Askavi, just... eugh. No thank you.

  • For Toyani. Hinata's youngest niece has almost always been a source of concern and she finds much of her meditation spent wondering where the Red-jeweled Queen went astray or if there was something she could've done to prevent the behaviors she exhibits. Where did I go wrong? is something she asks herself often. Toyani's ambition and borderline sense of entitlement is a dangerous thing both for herself and those around her, if left unchecked it could be catastrophic for the young Queen as well as the future of Clan Kagen and Tacea. This is but one of the many reasons that Hinata doesn't endorse her niece as successor and heiress.
  • Opening the Borders. Call it xenophobia if you must, but they've been closed off to the mainland for decades and have been perfectly fine that way. She sees absolutely no need to open their lands to the outsiders and allow them to come filtering in like rodents. Hinata is convinced and fearful that were such a thing to transpire, the uncivilized Blood of elsewhere would only bring taint and chaos unto the islands which is absolutely unacceptable. She's all in support of change for her people, but the... traditions and cultures (if you can call them that) of the mainland are not things she would have Taceans finding influence from.
  • Spiders. A childhood fear that the warrior Queen has never quite been able to overcome, stemming from a time she was bitten and almost not gotten to a Healer in time. The arachnid had been poisonous and it made her violently ill at an alarming rate. While she does not openly display this fear, they do make her skin crawl and she will move to leave a room as swiftly, though still subtly, as possible should she see one near her. That, or on several occasions there has been a private, psychic thread requesting someone remove the thing from her sight as soon as possible. Those closest to her find some humor and irony in this, however, given that her oldest childhood friend/former Steward is a Black Widow.

Craft Strengths:
  • Mediation Craft. Victory in battle isn't always determined by who wields the biggest stick. Words are just as valuable as blades and this is a belief that has made Hinata so successful. She took an interest in this early on in life, rapidly discovering that she had a knack for easing even some of the highest tensions within a room almost effortlessly between this Craft and her natural demeanor. It's different from outright manipulation in that she isn't forcing anyone to feel, or not feel, a certain way, but instead soothing those around her to a state of more calm and open-mindedness towards negotiating and hearing the other parties out.
  • Queen's Touch. Hinata's Bonds with her men and women have always been naturally, unusually strong when they happen and in turn it has made this ability a powerful tool in her arsenal. She has an affinity for people on both a personal and a Craft-based level and her knack for drawing even her most volatile Bonded away from the Killing Edge with but a grazing touch is practically legend. Over the years she's been able to train herself to expend less jewel power to use this skill and is even able to successfully soothe and heal those who don't belong to her.

Craft Weaknesses:
  • Land Sense. While she gives her Gift generously to the earth as often as she is able, that is about as far as her connection with it has ever been able to really go, at least Craft-wise. She possesses no innate ability to navigate the land or survey it magically for future use like other Queens, and instead has to inspect and analyze the terrain around her by hand and eye alone. Which, while she has become adept at it manually, does still prove to be the slower and more prone to error method.
  • Emotion Manipulation. Hinata suscribes to the belief that it is better to be respected out of love than out of fear, and only genuinely so. She would never force someone to feel a certain way about her or anything else if she isn't able to convince them of her own accord, without Craft. It's inappropriate and unreliable, thus she's never approved of this sect of training and would only cooperate with the most basic of lessons in it. She has never used it beyond the days of her youth and it's made her unable to do so now, even if she desired to.

Life Story
Mother: Sachiko no Kagen; Purple Dusk - Opal; Queen (deceased)
Father: Daisuke no Kagen; Blood Opal - Sapphire; Warlord Prince (deceased)
Sister: Aimi no Kagen; Summer Sky - Green; Black Widow (b. 124 AP)

Husband: Yasahiro no Kagen; Summer Sky - Opal; Prince (WIP app, no age listed yet but will add when it's there)
Shin no Kagen; Opal - Red; Warlord (b. 141 AP)** - died in Ishiyo no Izayoi's court massacre
Ryoko no Kagen; Purple Dusk - Green; Healer (b. 144 AP)**+
Eri no Kagen; Blood Female (b. 147 AP)** - died of poison ingestion
Jirou no Kagen; Blood Male (b. 153 AP)+
Katsu no Kagen; White - Tiger Eye; Prince (b. 160 AP; twin to Kazuko)*+
Kazuko no Kagen; Tiger Eye - Summer Sky; Priestess (b. 160 AP; twin to Katsu)*+
**Different father than the 3 youngest.

Shiro no Kagen; Summer Sky - Blood Opal; Warlord Prince (b. 145 AP)
Mayu no Kagen; White - Rose; Priestess (b. 153 AP)
Hideto no Kagen; Rose - Opal; Priest Warlord Prince (b. 160 AP)
Akira no Kagen; Rose - Blood Opal; Warlord (b. 160 AP)
Toyani no Kagen; Sapphire - Red; Queen (b. 170 AP)

Isamu no Kagen; Tiger Eye - Summer Sky; Warlord Prince (b. 162 AP; from Shin)
Emiko no Kagen; Tiger Eye - Purple Dusk; Priestess (b. 165 AP; from Shin) - died in Ishiyo no Izayoi's court massacre
Mei no Kagen; Summer Sky - Opal; Black Widow (b. 167 AP; from Shin)*+
Yumi no Kagen; White - Rose; Queen (b. 173 AP; from Eri)
**Hinata has many other grandkids of varying ages, occupations, etc. from her surviving children. I'm not going to list them all here, but if you'd like to make one let me know! Note: Yumi is the only Queen of the litter, otherwise castes vary as normal.

* denotes rolled jewels
+ denotes adoptable


Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.

The Queen that is Hinata no Kagen? A careful mix of all three.

Being firstborn (and Queen, no less) daughter to the Kagen Clan Queen and her Consort came with no shortage of trials, tribulations and responsibilities - all of which Hinata fulfilled and succeeded in without so much as a single complaint throughout her life. For to go through her rigorous lessons in all things Tacean, Craft and caste-related without regality and poise would've been dishonorable. Even walking away with the Rose birthright when people had expected her to come out with something dark like her predecessors was not a deterrent and it was with incredible dignity that she made the best of what power she was given. Instead she strove to excellence and to become the best candidate for successor as clan Queen, both of her own accord and to appease the relentless, looming expectations of her sires.

Ultimately, this day came much sooner than she or anyone else expected. Shortly after her 17th birthday, her mother's court was attacked in a planned assault by one of the other clans (dangers of wartime, after all) and while they were successful in fending off the aggressors it was not without its victims. Sachiko was wounded in such a manner that would leave her physically crippled and unable to continue ruling to her full potential. Too vulnerable and considered a liability to herself, her court and the clan if they desired to win the war, Sachiko decreed that her daughter Hinata would begin her reign as Queen of the Kagen posthaste.

Hinata had been acclimated enough to being forced to grow up much too fast at this point that the sudden and shocking appointment appeared to barely faze her. She stepped up into the role graciously, intent to continue making her parents and the entirety of the clan proud. The first year was the most turbulent as an adjustment period, but she was afforded significant additional protection in the form of her mother's old courtiers as she still only bore her birthright and hadn't undergone her Virgin Night as well as gathering her own Bonded and members to further make the new court hers.

Both Virgin Night and Offering Ceremony were done in rapid succession almost immediately after Hinata turned 18. Despite the Priestess' reservations that she should've waited, in was her sense of duty (and more than a little familial/clan pressure) that won out. It was a time of war and she needed to diminish any source of vulnerability in order to be the most successful. She's always suspected that it was undergoing this too early which caused her to walk away with only a single descent to the Summer Sky, but there is no tangible proof that is the case and the important factor was that she was whole and able to proceed ruling at her absolute fullest potential.

And rule she did, proving readily that she was indeed the best choice for the role and every bit the clan Queen her own mother was, if not moreso. Her youth had its challenges both in terms of managing her court and navigating as the leading face of the Kagen war machine against the Izayoi, Shingetsu and Ariake. However, her advisers and rest of the clan were helpful and wise, offering their counsel where she needed it and stepping back when she did not.

Experience and knowledge came the longer she ruled and the older she got, as to be expected, but it was her instincts and natural proclivity for the people and for strategy that earned many of the victories the Kagen claim today. She led her people in front-line skirmishes, worked with generals to plan larger battles, boosted the morale of her clan on the occasions things seemed to not be in their favor and showed a political acumen that gained her many unexpected alliances throughout the span of the war. To many she earned her place as a heroine among Tacea's historical records, but to Hinata? She was simply doing her duty as Queen to her people.

Duty to her own family was not forgotten, of course, with both her parents insisting she needed heirs to continue the family line as soon as possible. Her first son, Shin, was born just before she turned 19 with the rest of her brood following in the many years after that. Juggling rulership with motherhood was not an easy task, but she had many reliable allies and court members who helped her achieve that balance of responsibilities. On more than one occasion she'd be seen at war-planning sessions or court meetings with a toddler or two perched in her lap, silently daring anyone to argue or forbid it.

In 159 AP all of the diligence, bloodshed and constantly renewed efforts finally paid off for the Queen. The war finally ended and saw the Kagen as its victors, Hinata having led them in one, last battle of both blades and words that forced the other 3 clans to concede defeat, their resources far too diminished and their lands and people too ravaged to keep pressing on. Instead an accord was made, treaty written up and negotiations proceeded during the couple year gap before she ascended the Territory Seat and became Tacea's newest Dragon Mother in 161 AP.

With the transitional cycle of Dragon Mothers back in place for the first time since before the Purge, Hinata and her court spent the next 24 years of her rule rebuilding Tacea from its war-torn state and bringing the clans to an even stronger unification than had been present before the Warring Dragons period. She proved to be as considerate and innovative as she had during when she simply ruled over the Kagen. While other Territories might have oppressed and dominated over those who were on the losing side of a war, that was simply not the Tacean way and she was keen on bringing everyone together, making them stronger instead of allowing them to fall apart divided.

Provinces were rebuilt and re-established in terms of rulership and borderlines. Aid, education and support were given. Goods and wealth were distributed when and where it was needed. Survivors who had partaken in the war and those who had fallen were honored. Both land and people alike were rejuvenated and brought back to full strength in a manner that only a truly dedicated Queen could lay claim to. Hinata had instituted policies to encourage childbirth instead of shirk it so the population began its incline once more, along with the economy thanks to the absolutely magical work of her Steward and those she collaborated with.

In short? It was truly a golden age anew for the islands of Tacea and no doubt a tenure of rule that would see the woman going down as a legend. The perfect foundation for the next Dragon Mother to continue building upon. For Yuki no Natsuhana to step up and provide further growth for their shared people.

The transition had gone fluidly and all the wheels were in motion when Hinata was asked by Yuki to remain within her court as the Dowager Dragon for the next four years after the younger Queen had officially been given the throne. It was an unusual request, but one that Hinata agreed to warmly, though she freed her Triangle and her Daggers from their responsibilities if they did not wish to remain with her. They had served her well and deserved their hard-earned retirement. Some stayed by her side regardless of the unofficial capacity in which she remained at court while others took the offer and pursued their own agenda, though even today Hinata keeps in touch with every, last remaining member of her court so near and dear to her they still remain.

The four years as Dowager Dragon were a breeze compared to the prior decades as ruler, but Hinata wouldn't deny that she was incredibly welcoming of 190 AP when it rolled around, finally seeing the Unifier of Tacea enter her own retirement. This didn't stop Hinata from still avidly providing counsel and advice from anyone, ruler or commoner alike, who sought it from her. A Queen's duty is never truly over, even when one has stepped down and away from their seat of rule. The change of hands came about once more, albeit incredibly abruptly and many years too soon, when Yuki found herself on a mission to the mainland and it was Ishiyo no Izayoi who was the heir apparent for her clan in the cycle of the Dragon Mother.

Hinata has learned that even retirement doesn't necessarily go undisturbed and the past few years presented the Queen with its own set of challenges. Between the passing of the torch for the Kagen clan (which found her youngest niece retreating to Dena Nehele after refusing the offer to rule and causing a minor scandal in attacking a Priestess) to her beautiful granddaughter, Yumi, and the erupting of the volcanoes that decimated the islands of the Tang and Hanwa tribes, the older woman has certainly not been bored in her supposed time off.

Even more recently she's found herself in correspondence with the Warlord Prince Seung Corro regarding his own journey to the mainland. The long-lived man's letters regarding his endeavors elsewhere were more than a little surprising, but nevertheless she obliges them. Presently the Queen finds herself juggling that, offering assistance to her ruling granddaughter when she needs it, and pursuing her own interests (which includes spending her extra time with her remaining children and plethora of grandchildren).

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:

Hinata stared at the altar for a time - how long exactly she was unsure, but it hardly mattered - before striding towards the building and then into it with a confidence befitting her youth and station. The Kagen family Priestess looked up from her work when Hinata entered and offered the young Queen a bright smile in greeting, simply assuming the new ruler of their clan was there for communion or prayer. The older woman had started to turn back towards what she'd been doing after the Queen offered her a small, but warm, smile in return.

Shortly after, the former froze when the latter's voice cut through the holy silence and stillness of the air within the temple, certainly and decision edged her tone even while her nerves loomed inwardly. "I'm here to perform my Offering to the Darkness."

"You... what? My Lady, you cannot, that's not... No, you mustn't," the Priestess gaped in between words, her face a picture of abject bewilderment.

A dark eyebrow arched and Hinata took a step closer, arms folding across her chest. "With all due respect, I have to disagree. I'm of age and my Virgin Night is behind me as of recently, there is no reason for you to deny my request."

It was quite the contrary, the Queen knew. She was but eighteen while most performed their Offerings at twenty and the dangers of forcing one's descent without that internal pull from Mother Night had been known to be catastrophic. She could end up with no descent or, worse still, broken of her very birthright Rose and potential damage to her chalice. The Priestess, of course, had begun to reiterate those same facts (albeit with a bit of a stammer at this point) before Hinata silenced the older female with a rare, frigid gaze.

"I am aware of the consequences should it go awry, I know the risks but I assure you, Lady, that it cannot wait." Her family required this of her, depended on her to undertake this task so she could rule the Kagen without fear of vulnerability and weakness. She had yet to falter at anything they asked of her and this would not be the barrier she was unable to cross - whether she liked it or not.

The staredown between the Priestess who ruled the altar and the Queen who ruled the clan went on for several, painfully long minutes and Hinata almost thought she was going to be denied and asked to leave. It was the older woman who broke her gaze first, defeat slowly finding its way onto her features as she stood from where she was kneeling and began to gather the necessary tools for the ceremony.

"As you wish, Lady Kagen. Please, be welcome in this sanctuary of Mother Night and follow me, if you would."

Petitions (if any): 

Why did this character became inactive? Life and other nonsense.

What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again? Write her!

What are your plans for this character? Well, from the look of things she might ACTUALLY BE ABLE TO RETIRE? (Jk jokes on her, she has way more overseeing of things to do.)

Number of previous Reactivations: Raevian a couple times, Alandro a couple times, Liana, etc. None for Hinata prior to this.

Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any): Age updated to reflect the current year. Role and faction also updated to reflect Tacea's current political climate.

Player Name: Zen

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Re: Hinata no Kagen
« Reply #1 on: Oct 21, 19, 02:13:02 AM »
Ready for reactivation review, please and thank you!

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Re: Hinata no Kagen
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Re: Hinata no Kagen
« Reply #3 on: Mar 06, 20, 01:03:48 AM »
This character has been marked as Inactive

For more information please see this thread: The Inactivity Policy

If you would like to reactivate this character they will need to be submitted through the Keep's Registry again as a petitioned character using the Reactivation Petition.
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