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Title: Hanna Constantin
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The Basics

Character Name:  Hanna Constantin
Nicknames: None yet
Age and Birth Year:   30, born 163
Race: short lived 
Caste:  Healer
Birth Territory:  Dena Nehele
Home Territory:  Dena Nehele

Birthright Jewel:  Yellow, uncut
Offering Jewel:   Summer Sky, cut

Role:  Court Healer
Faction: Iasi


Play By:  Fahriye Evcen
Distinguishing Features:


Where her elder sister, Petra, fell into the role of provider and head of their family, Hanna has always been the gentler, kinder side of the eldest two sisters. Together, she and Petra raised their small army of siblings more than their parents were ever able to, and this has shaped Hanna's personality. She is aware of the harshness and unfair nature of the world but also takes great joy in the good in life. A staunch optimist despite everything their family has gone through, Hanna is the person you want by your side in a tough situation. She is meticulous and careful, with a practical yet kind approach to life. She will often put someone else before herself, but knows how to triage a situation and distribute resources where they are most needed.

From when she was a young girl, Hanna always dreamed of doing something to make things better for everyone not just her family. When the option to train into a Caste was presented to her, she did not hesitate to jump on it and intends to use her abilities as a Healer to help as many people as she can. Her work ethic and drive are no less than her eldest sister's, but where Petra is in it for her own ambitions and to take care of the family, Hanna just wants to make the world a kinder place.

Yet she is not a fool. She's seen the horrors that life can dole out, and has prepared for them. Hanna always has a back door out of every situation. She wants to believe the best in people, but she's come to expect the worst. Nowhere is this more clear than in her thoughts about Garen L'Voide, whose deal with Petra gave their family a hand out of the slums, but whose cruelty she has come to despise. She is both proud and horrified about what Petra has done and continues to do in his service, and has always held on to a tight knot of guilt. Had there been more Hanna could have done? What had driven Petra to think that she had to solve the problems of their family all alone?

That is is the past though, and despite that guilt, Hanna has thrived on the deal Petra brokered. It was only when her children were born and she looked into the eyes of first her son, then her daughter, that Hanna knew her priorities in life had been forever changed. Her siblings would have to do without her. Since leaving Bidea, Hanna's entire focus has been in caring for her children and being the best Healer and person she could be, hoping to inspire them to grow up and do the same.

Craft Weaknesses:
Life Story

Mother: Mariya Constantin (d) -- Witch -- Summer Sky to Purple Dusk
Father: Petr Constantin -- Warlord -- Summer Sky - Purple Dusk born 141 PP, Age 51.
   Petra Constantin ( -- Priestess -- Opal to Red Born 162 PP, age 30
   Valeria Constantin -- Blood Female Born 164 PP, Age 28
   Maxim Constantin ( --  Warlord Prince -- Summer Sky to Blood Opal Born 165 PP, Age 27
   Jonah Constantin --  Blood Male Born 167 PP, Age 25
   Arissa Constantin -- witch -- White to Rose Born 169 PP, Age 23
   Alexandra Constantin, -- Blood Female Born 172 PP, Age 20
   Anahit Constantin -- Blood Female Born 172 PP, Age 20
   Samvel Constantin -- Warlord -- Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk Born 174 PP, Age 18

Husband:Milja Cpajak (d)Opal - Green
Sophia Cpajak -- witch -- Born 188 PP, Age 5 -- Deceased in Dena Nehele Witchstorm of 193
Carolina Cpajak -- Priestess -- Born 189 PP, Age 4 -- Deceased in Dena Nehele Witchstorm of 193

Hanna was second born in the Constantin family, and it has defined her just as much as it defined her older sister Petra. Only a year apart, it was Petra and Hanna who took care of their brood of siblings, Petra taking on the role of enforcer and Hanna of caretaker. She was the sister who held the little ones when they cried and consoled the older ones when they began to understand how cruel life in the slums was.

A witch without any of the higher Castes and no particular skill with the hearth, Hanna dedicated herself to caring for her siblings and buying Petra as much time to study as she could. It took a lot of energy to keep track of that many children, especially with a mother who was near-constantly pregnant with more, but Hanna never developed the same bitterness that Petra did. Curled up together on their cot deep into the night for warmth, the two sisters would talk for hours, Hanna letting Petra vent and Petra telling Hanna stories from outside the four walls of their home that she almost never got to leave, though she was fairly certain most of them were made up to try and lift her spirits.

A persistent optimist, Hanna brought out the best in most of her siblings, and her little garden at the side of the house brought some much needed extra food and color into their home. She was reaching the age to have her Offering when Petra began talking about plans to use her newly acquired Red to buy them freedom from the cycle of poverty in the slums. Hanna was the only one Petra told her plans to, and while she did not like the idea of Petra being a slave, she understood the desperate need to do something and promised Petra that she would always have Hanna’s support.

Their lives changed. Petra’s deal with Garen L’Voide both saved and split the family. Suddenly they were living in a comfortable home with enough to eat and new clothes that were more than rags. The younger ones were enrolled in school and, shyly, Hanna asked if she, too, might make up for the education she had mostly been lacking, and particularly study to be a Healer. It had been a dream she had never allowed to grow, but now that they had the means, it would not let her rest.

With the help of Garen’s connections, and in exchange for working for free for him and his cadre of slaves in her time not taken by family and studies, Hanna was able to use her allowante be be trained into the Caste that had always called her name. They were hard years, but fruitful ones, the only true discontent coming from her dealings with the slaver who owned her sister and best friend’s life. She found she hated the look of the collar around Petra’s neck, but Hanna did not break her word, and never flagged in her support. When Maxim, their middle brother, left the home Petra had sold herself for, Hanna remained in touch, helping him where she could. Her time though was becoming a precious commodity.

It was in her mid-twenties that she fell in love and married Milja. They adored each other from the first and nine months after marriage they had one daughter and then another. Petra rolled her eyes and cautioned Hanna to stop there, but the warning ended up not being necessary.

Death was a truth the Constantins had lived their whole life understanding. When one winter a fever hit the city, Hanna was out of the house tending to the sick for so many hours every day that she failed to notice the early signs of that same disease in Milja. He passed away only weeks later, leaving Hanna alone with her daughters and a broken heart.

She found she could not deal with Bidea any longer, could not walk the streets where they had walked together anymore, not even for her family. After all, they were grown now and did not need her. Even Petra seemed to have outgrown Hanna, too caught up in the life of wealth and power Garen had offered her.

Hanna made inquiries and heard from Max that the Court of Iasi was looking for a Healer. Her time working for Garen was just about over, so she applied, got the contract, and a week later packed her things and her two girls up in a hired coach and headed off towards a new life.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:

The air was chilly out on the Landing Web as Hanna emerged after settling her daughters in. Petra stood nearby, a coat wrapped around her shoulders, face cool and impassive.

“Send Maxim my best.” Her older sister said, not meeting Hanna’s eyes.


“What?” Hanna winced at the snap in that voice that for her had always been gentle. Petra was hurt and was doing what she always did when hurt: turn on the world that hurt her. This was a wound Hanna could not fix, but she so wished she could have Petra’s support in this decision as her sister had always had Hanna’s.

“I’ll miss you.” She tried, even though she knew that it would not get through. Petra just looked away, cold wind blowing her long brown hair away from that sharp, elegant face that fit so well with the fine clothes and Red Jewel. She was living a life that Hanna had never fully been able to understand, and that life was eating her up. “Write to me.”

“If I have the time,” Petra said, dismissively. Hanna sighed and placed her hands on her sister’s shoulders, forcing her to look at the Healer.

“Then I will write to you, every week. And I’ll come visit as often as I can. You won’t be alone, do you understand me, Petra. I’m not leaving you, or the family, I’m just trying to make a better life for me and for my girls, away from L’Voide. You understand that, right?” She couldn’t stomach the idea of her daughters growing up thinking that the way things worked on the L’Voide estate was how the world worked. Petra’s eyes sunk down and she nodded.

“Yes, I understand. I… I love you, Hanna. I’ll miss you.”

Hanna’s eyes misted over. She had never actually said those words to her, no matter how many times Hanna had said them, and she had not expected it today of all days. For a moment, she hesitated, wondering if maybe this was all a mistake and parting from her closest sister was exactly the wrong thing to do, then, before she could falter, Petra stepped back.

“If you don’t leave now you’ll be late.”


“Just go.” She snapped, and the sister she knew was back. A small smile twisted Hanna’s lips up.

“I’ll see you soon.” She promised, stepping up into the coach, “and I love you too. Take care of yourself.”

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A general random.
Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Green Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with an uncut Red Jewel at your Offering.

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Three family rolls:
1. Opal - Green
2. White - Tiger Eye
3. Summer Sky - Opal
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Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Tiger Eye Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with a cut Purple Dusk Jewel at your Offering.

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preemptively keeping
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As per request for Yellow to Summer Sky...
Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Yellow Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with a cut Summer Sky Jewel at your Offering.

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