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Author Topic: Gloriana Conti  (Read 2681 times)

Description: Healer, Rose to Purple Dusk. Played by Tal

Offline Gloriana Conti

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Gloriana Conti
« on: Nov 24, 11, 04:54:05 PM »
The Basics
Character Name:  Gloriana Conti
Nicknames: Glori, Lucia, Mona, Mother
Age:  April 11th, 546 BP (735 yo)
Race:  Long Lived
Caste:  Healer
Birth Territory:  Hayll
Home Territory:  Hayll

Birthright Jewel: Uncut Rose
Offering Jewel:  Uncut Purple Dusk

Play By: Alice Greczyn
Distinguishing Features:
Glori’s eyes, like all Hayllians, are gold. However her eyes are a deep burnished shade and often turn a deeper brown shade when she is intensely focused.


Gloriana is a very hesitant individual. She had never been particularly adventurous and caution overrides her every decision. Despite once having lived a criminal lifestyle and the way she lives now, Gloriana doesn’t do what she does out of a sense of adventure as much as out of a sense of necessity. When it comes to making decisions, Gloriana is often handicapped by her need to weigh the pros and cons of all outcomes. While this is the norm for people to do while considering big decisions, this kind of hesitation suffuses every aspect of Gloriana’s life, whether a big decision or a simple daily decision.
As a result of the weight of her decisions, Gloriana tends to particularly like order and routine where her decisions had been made out before and she does not need to repeat them.
While many people would consider Gloriana to be shy because they encounter her caution, she is also a very shy individual. Gloriana has never belonged except with Tonio and Aurelius.  As a result and part of the fact that she’s got a particularly low self esteem, she is not outgoing or friendly. Instead she tends to watch from corners and shadows, hardly speaks unless spoken to, and has a very difficult time charming people despite her physical beauty.
Beneath all of that, though is the heart of a very passionate witch, a passionate healer. Gloriana tends to attack problems the way a snake attacks its prey. She twines her thoughts around it and then strikes, ensuring that whatever it is she’s working on is thoroughly tamed and taken care of.  Glori takes to the things and people she likes with a kind of single minded intensity and focus. This focus is like blinders and often, despite knowing the negative consequences of some actions, Gloriana will perform them, accepting the price to pay.
There is a part of Glori that admires and even envies others their sense of adventure. She doesn’t consider her own past as any kind of adventure though others might.  To her what she did was as boring as any job anyone has ever held. She watches the arena fighters with a sense of awe, not seeing their hardships but instead believing that their lives are full of the adventure, love and excitement that hers lacks.
  • Horses - One of the treats that Aurelius would heap on his Mona was horse rides. She loves the feel of riding, the magnificence of the animals, and the thrill of ownership. Gloriana owns three horses that are housed at a local ranch.
  • Healing Craft - Unlike most witches, she didn’t get to learn the craft of her caste until later on in her life. As a result, rather than taking to it inherently and it becoming just another part of her, Gloriana sees the craft as something to be perfected. This is her calling and also the best gift anyone has ever given her. She works on her healing webs continuously and during a healing often comes close to burning herself out with her efforts.
  • Dirt- Specifically the dirt of the arena. The smells of the arena are by no means pleasant. They are blood, bile, death, sweat and body waste. Those are also the smells of her childhood, though, and Gloriana interprets them with familiarity and realism. They are what she comes from, so after 700 years she’s come full circle; the streets smelled just this way too.
  • Dreams of Tonio - Gloriana tries never to think of her childhood sweetheart and when she does those thoughts are filled with confusion, loss, pain and guilt. She often compares her love for him with her love for Aurelius. She often wonders where Tonio went after she disappeared or if he’s dead.
  • Money - Her entire life was built around finding it. Then it was built on being lavished with it. At the root of all her problems has always been money and Glori hates that fact. At the same time, she requires it for the things that make her happy, the things she loves and the fact that she can’t even think about going back to life on the streets.
  •   Blood society - Gloriana had never been part of it before Aurelius forced her into it. Even when he was alive, she often opted out of going to parties or visiting with other Blood. When she was a child she was cast out and had never fully felt comfortable around others of her kind. Surprisingly, she feels much more comfortable near Landens.
  • Discovery - Letizia De Luca holds her reins and as per their agreement, so long as Gloriana is on Letizia’s leash, she can continue living in the manner to which she has become accustomed.  But if Letizia knows the truth about Aurelius, then who else knows? And how long could it be kept a secret?
  • Being a Bad Healer - Or called a bad healer.  Gloriana’s self esteem is such that she is always concerned about someone pointing out that she is not as good as others who had a more prestigious upbringing. Her healing is one of the things she is so incredibly unsure of and as a result, often overextends herself.
  • Being responsible for the personal health of someone of status - Gloriana shies away from Blood, or anyone she deems “significant”, preferring to blend into the background, particularly when it comes to her healing.
Craft Strengths:
  • Healing - Although she doesn’t know it, Gloriana’s tonics and brews are incredibly potent. Her healing webs are very well strung and she has an instinctive understanding of what needs to be done within a healing, despite never truly believing she’s any good at any of it.
  • Passing Through Objects - Glori spent much of her youth passing through walls, furniture and any kind of obstacle that kept her from money or jewels. She’s pretty much perfected this art.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • Seduction Craft - Glori never even knew there was such a thing until Aurelius used it on her.  He never taught her and now she’s too embarrassed to ask anyone to teach her, not to mention that she really has no interest in seducing anyone.
  • Jewel Combat - Glori has no real understanding of combat between jewels at all. She was never taught and is pretty happy being the person to patch others up rather than the person being patched up.
Life Story

Mother: Miyera


Miyera had no last name. She’d never known it from the woman who was her mother and besides, whores didn’t need last names, especially those who were not skilled enough to even work in Red Moon Houses.  In the darkest corners of Draega, a whore would willingly trade her body for a head full of drugs or a night out of the rain. Miyera had only ever lived this kind of life. It didn’t matter that she was Blood, that seeping slowly through her drug addled veins was the power the Darkness had granted them.  She was too old to remember her Birthright, too old to remember her Offering. All she knew was that there had never been a jewel for her. And when her parents pushed her out of the house, she’d changed her names so many times she wasn’t sure she remembered it well enough to give it honestly.

When Prince Phillip Tanyo, a minor Prince of the Fifth Circle,  found himself in the dark part of Draega after a night of drinking and gambling with his friends, he took the opportunity to do what he’d always wanted and visit his darker lusts on a whore who did not have the rules and protection of a Red Moon House. He found that whore in Miyera.  She took him to her small apartment, shared with two others who were absent for the evening. Safframate was slipped into her drink and his and the festivities lasted longer and more lurid than either of them had anticipated.  When the Prince left the next morning he left behind a beaten, useless woman bordering on hopelessness. Even the drug could not dull the hours of agony and pain.

There was no work for Miyera that day or any day  thereafter for a long time. Food was provided by one of the roommates who lived with her and later by a visiting priestess. Both of them pretended not to notice the sick coloring of Miyera from her need for safframate, nor the bruising and blood that resulted from the hours of activity Miyera engaged in afterwards. She was barely hanging on so it was with equal parts happiness and concern when the Priestess and the roommate discovered Miyera was pregnant. They were relieved when nine months later, the baby girl was delivered safely and healthy. 

It was the Priestess who found Miyera who eventually took the little girl into her home, having pity on the infant whose mother nursed her with milk unintentionally laced with safframate and who would spend hours in dirty diapers while her mother made money by exposing herself to the worst kind of physical abuse. Sometimes, abuse that would take days or healers to recover from. Miyera had no problem ceding control of her infant daughter to Sophie Montague, the Priestess. Although little Lucia was her joy in life, Miyera often justified her daughter’s neglect for her own need for safframate. As a result, Lucia grew up trafficked back and forth between the Priestess’s home and then back to her mother’s when her presence caused problems between Sophie and her husband.

The nameless little family became Sophie’s personal project. It was because of her that Lucia even had a Birthright. The night before the ceremony,  Sophie stayed at the little apartment, nursing Miyera off the drugs and making sure that Lucia had something to wear for the ceremony over which she herself would be presiding.  She was the one who dragged Miyera and Lucia to the temple. She was the one who took Lucia inside and led her through the ceremony.  When Lucia came out with a Rose jewel, she was awed, just as her mother and the other children. It was no Dark Jewel, but it was something infinitely darker than the nothing her mother had had.

No one knew that Lucia had been secretly looking around at the crowd. She knew as well as anyone that the Birthright was the ceremony in which the Father was named.  Miyera had never given any indication that this would be the day she’d meet her father, but Lucia, as any girl would, had hopes.  When the time came to name the father, Miyera was silent. When Lucia showed off her Uncut Rose jewel, her mother smiled slightly and said nothing. This ceremony meant little to Miyera. And she wished it had meant nothing to Lucia.

Now her daughter would own a jewel, and have no money to train for a thing.  Despite the subtle change in her scent that indicated the daughter of the talentless whore was a healer, Miyera  didn’t believe anyone would want to tutor her and about that she was not wrong.
It was only the Priestess who spent time with Lucia, and even then, Miyera had decided that Lucia would no longer be imposing on the Priestess. As a result, Sophie’s visits to Lucia lessened and Lucia ended up spending more time on the streets. Miyera could never quit her addiction to the drugs and the abuse and the Priestess, feeling put off by Miyera’s attitude and encouraged by her husband’s displeasure at her association with the whore and her bastard daughter, became less and less of a figure in Lucia’s life.
Some basic Craft Lucia did learn, though, as well as some protocols, some rules governing the Blood.  This was hardly enough to protect Lucia, but it left her in some place in between the Blood who ruled and the Blood that were hardly recognized as such. She took to never wearing her jewel. It might have been stolen from her.  At the age of fourteen, Lucia met a boy, a Blood male. It seemed Tonio had also found the woman he would serve. Although no Queen, healers  too draw males for their need to be protected from themselves. Tonio was so drawn to Lucia and eventually the two became sweethearts.
It was Lucia who taught Tonio what she knew about the Blood, for the boy had only ever had his Birthright and having no jewel and no parents to speak of, was left off just as bad as he’d been before.  It was Tonio, at the time all of sixteen and still a virgin, who convinced Lucia to have her Virgin Night at the age of fifteen. She was unprotected, he reasoned, and even without knowing basic craft or owning a jewel, he could scent her.
It was either her incredible trust in him or a simple miracle that got Lucia through her Virgin Night that early, and no one wondered at it, when the two children became lovers. They were lovers and partners in crime throughout those tumultuous years between Lucia’s Birthright and Offering.  At her insistence, Tonio also made the Offering, hoping for a descent jewel.  He never received one, but Lucia came away with the Purple Dusk.
The girl still had no formal training, but she had figured out enough, playing around with her Jewels to figure out certain spells such as stealth spells and passing through objects. It was with her jewels and Tonio’s sense of ambition that their life on the streets became much more lucrative.  Tonio was the one who, on Lucia’s 20th  birthday decided that they would live together and that she could no longer live with her mother. Miyera, by then, barely had wits enough about her to contest this decision. She died not five years later.
By then Lucia and Tonio had moved to Dhemlan where they began praying on the more well off Landens, she stealing certain items and Tonio taking them to other provinces to sell.  They moved and did the same in Raej. They moved again and did the same thing in Shalador, they moved again and again, coming back to Hayll and leaving until they were both in their early hundreds and Lucia had gained enough money to be tutored in basic Craft.

Although later on it became possible to afford for also Tonio to be tutored in Basic Craft, as much as he could do of it, Tonio decided against it, insisting that they would be saving the money they were working towards and eventually would find a nice spot on one of the Zuulaman islands and live there together.  The Hayllian couple was still young and the thought of living in one place for a few thousand years appealed to them, with all the traveling that they had been doing. 

The couple had no idea that there was someone who was very much aware of their actions.  Aurelius Conti, an Opal Warlord, had first become aware of the couple when his lover, a landen woman, was burgled.  In attempting to discover what had happened to his lover’s home, he realized that the burglar was Blood, and more than that, a witch. Initially infuriated over one of the Blood’s efforts to take advantage of the less powerful landen and angry on his lover’s behalf, he began tracking the witch.

Conti visited every site that he thought might be connected to the same thieves, and if he wasn’t able to give the landens satisfaction in finding their criminals, he was satisfied that he was hot on the witch’s trail.  Through the use of a web provided by a handsomely paid Black Widow, Contifound his witch on one night of criminal activity. This time, the witch was breaking into a Blood couple’s home. She was lovely, and young. He could scent her closer now and realized immediately the color of the jewels she chose not to wear.

Rather than confronting her then and there, Conti decided to follow the witch. For months afterwards he discovered all he could about Lucia’s young life while the young witchling had no idea that she had even been found. Her activities never ceased, and neither did Tonio’s.  After a few months in Hayll they decided to move their activities to another short lived territory and Conti followed them to Pruul. This Purple Dusk witch had become the Warlord’s hobby. Tracking her, following her, imagining what he could do with her.  Her lover, though, but Conti could find no reason to execute the youth and did not want the life of a Blood male to be something he would end up paying for later.

On a night when he knew that Tonio would be in another territory selling off the wares that Lucia, who in Pruul went by the name Aziza, had stolen, Conti followed the little witch all the way back to her temporary home where, using a sight shield, he followed her into the house, opal-locked the doors and put a shield around the room. Then when she was mystified over why she couldn't move to another corner of the house, Conti revealed himself. The surprise floored Lucia. She sank down onto a chair, unprepared for the listing of all her crimes of which Conti was fully knowledgeable.

She didn’t know, never having spent any time among Blood society, what punishment there was for all of these crimes and Conti, aware of that fact, pressed his advantage. The deal he offered her was tempered by the quick realization that she was a healer, something he had never caught in her psychic scent until he was so close to her. He had had a collar of control ready for his advantage. Now he didn’t want to use it.  His demands came quickly, simply, and were delivered with the terrible fury that warlords had a claim to.  She would accompany him, change her name, leave no word for her lover, and remain with him. She would be his slave in everything but the collar.  And if she ever left him, he would find her and destroy her, and then he would find her lover, force open his inner barriers and sell him to a slaver who may or may not use him as food for his farm animals.

The threats were delivered with a deadly calm. Lucia’s decision had to be made. Even as she sat there she could feel the walls closing in on her, a strategic piece of work that Conti was able to create with his Opal shield.  What could she do, but go with him? So she did, leaving behind her name and everything and disappearing with her new “owner” for fear of an even bigger penalty if she had refused.

Tonio came back to the house two days later, having sold everything, to find that his lover was not there. They had never been friendly with anyone in the area, preferring to keep low key, and so when asked, their neighbors said quite honestly that they had neither seen nor heard from the girl. For two centuries Tonio went back and forth across the entire realm of Terreille looking for Lucia under any name she had ever used. He never found her, eventually leaving to the realm of Kaeleer.

Lucia, bound now to Conti, did not find her life so insufferable. The warlord took from her what he wanted, and then would lock her in his home in Hayll until he returned. This lasted for a few months until one evening Conti returned with a frail old lady who wore a descent jewel of Yellow. A healer. It was unseemly, in the warlord’s mind, that Mona, for that was now Lucia’s name, should never have learned the skills required of her class. And Mona, unsure what to make of this seeming kindness took to learning quickly and avidly the skills of her class set.

Eventually, Conti allowed Mona out with him. By then the two were lovers and his taking of Mona was no longer an abuse.  She had no idea, because she had so little experience, that Conti had used compulsion spells on Mona, weaving around her so many spells to keep her enthralled with him, that by the time, years later, when he began weaning her off most of the spells, Mona never considered leaving her owner and lover. She had learned her behavior too well.

Conti, for his part, had fallen in love with his little kept witch, but never dared leave her completely unspelled, even later on in his life. They began to travel together, he bought her anything she wanted, for Conti had come into a lot of money from some sizable investments in Hayll’s illegal arenas. The little brat who had been born with no money and no future to a nobody whore in Hayll was now sitting quite comfortably with her Warlord.

But Conti was much older than Mona. Where she was only five centuries old, Conti had nearly another five hundred on that. And with his long life came experience.  When the Purge came, it was Conti who shielded the both of them, expecting to survive Witch’s fury.  He died for his efforts, having lived, at least, happily with his Healer witch.

With his death the last of the compulsion spells over Mona wore off.  What could she do now when the vultures flew down and began picking over the proverbial bones of her dead Warlord. Despite the vast centuries that lay between her and her past, Mona slipped into old habits, but this time she did so with deep consideration. She was in a short lived territory. She had not been back to Hayll in some time.

Mona let ten years pass in Raej before she returned to Hayll. This time her name was Gloriana Conti. Aurelius Conti was not part of Hayll’s One Hundred families and even though the Hayllians are long lived, because of his relative anonimity, no one remembered him or whether or not he had children. Gloriana’s claim was taken at face value.

It was Letizia De Luca who was the one who finally burst Gloriana’s bubble. Somehow the older Black Widow knew about Aurelius and the fact that Gloriana was not his daughter. She threatened to expose Gloriana and for the second time in her life, Lucia found herself being blackmailed. But Letizia’s price wasn’t too high. Gloriana found herself working within the Colosseum as the dedicated healer, held on a very long leash by Letizia’s wishes.

Show Us What You've Got

Writing Sample:

"I said shut up!" Came the healer's sharp reply. She didn't raise her voice despite the agitation evident in her psychic scent.  The man who crouched over her, a manager for one of the arena fighters who had been speaking incessantly for the past few minutes finally closed his mouth in absolute astonishment.  How dare she speak that way to him! An Aristo prince, he was of higher caste and higher rank. But he didn't again.  There was a look on the witch's face, and a chill about her psychic scent that frightened him despite the color of his jewels.

"He's got more fractures here," her hands slid down the broken and groaning patient's hips. Beneath her hands she could feel him tremble. The pain in his body wouldn't abate until she was able to heal the fractured bones and the torn organs within them. The fighter beneath her hands was unconscious and she was thankful. No one should have to suffer such pain and still be awake.  She could feel the agent over her shoulder lean down with another question in his mouth.

Gloriana's eyes crossed to him with a suddenness. Her mouth frowned deeply. "He's yours? So be quiet or leave. If you want him back in the arena, let me work and don't interrupt my concentration."  She would have enough on her hands just trying to keep the broken man alive over the next couple of hours, let alone healing his body enough so that he could fight again in the Colosseum.   The agent didn't say another thing but Gloriana could feel his presence and it was bothering her, disturbing the healing web she was weaving over the man laying prone.  "Sit on the red chair in the corner. Don't move or I will have you removed from the room," she said quietly, all the malice and poison taken out of her voice as she concentrated on the fallen victim.

Finally she was able to focus, the healing webs stretched taught, set to perfectly cradle the man's cracked and fractured hips. To get this one web wrong would cost this man his ability to walk forever. His ribs came next, just the bones, set to place, held together by ephemeral Purple Dusk psychic webs.  And then his face.  With one eye lost completely, he would never be a handsome man. That was the price he would pay for the glory of the Colosseum. She didn't envy that.  For him, she pitied the pain he encountered while in the deep healing sleep of the wounded.  For herself, the long hours that stretched ahead in her attempt to give him another chance of consciousness and glory.

Petitions (if any):

Player Name: Tal


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Re: Gloriana Conti
« Reply #1 on: Nov 24, 11, 05:54:41 PM »
Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut ROSE birthright Jewel, and were gifted with an uncut  PURPLE DUSK Jewel at your offering.


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Re: Gloriana Conti
« Reply #2 on: Dec 07, 11, 02:31:33 PM »
Gloriana is ready for review

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Re: Gloriana Conti
« Reply #3 on: Dec 09, 11, 07:10:42 PM »

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Re: Gloriana Conti
« Reply #4 on: Feb 04, 15, 04:00:26 PM »
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