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Author Topic: Gillian Yatskaya  (Read 2263 times)

Description: Queen. Opal to Sapphire, Played by Tal.

Offline Gillian Yatskaya

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Gillian Yatskaya
« on: Oct 25, 13, 12:33:28 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Gillian Yatskaya
Age: 158 (31 Post Purge)
Race:  Mixed
Caste:  Queen
Birth Territory: Chaillot
Home Territory: Askavi, Terreille

Birthright Jewel: Cut Opal
Offering Jewel:  Uncut Sapphire

Play By: Giorgia Palmas
Distinguishing Features: None


Gillian spent the majority of her young life in Chaillot, a place that is polished with a veneer of sophistication and serenity.  Far removed from Askavi where the temperament of the distaff gender is lauded, Gillian’s temperament was molded early on in her life by Anne-Laure. Her mother instilled in her an almost instinctive understanding of the dynamics between males and females, court positions and personal relationships.  That instinctive knowledge now informs everything in Gillian’s everyday life.  As a result she seems slow to anger. In reality, it is simply that many things that would anger others having to do with the issues of the sexes, Gillian has already long since made peace with.

The overarching force that drives Gillian’s life can be described in one word: Eager.

Having been tutored by a woman who understood on a profound level what it meant to be a Queen and what her responsibilities were beyond those under the title of “Queen”, Gillian’s natural overabundance of energy translates itself to a strong determination to do what’s needed.  Despite even injury to herself, Gillian likes to sink herself into a project if it’s what the people need or the land needs. It was the dominating reason behind her long stay in Chaillot after her mother died, and yet was the same reason for her eventual departure. It was the reason behind her trek across the four corners of Askavi and her willingness to step into the unconventional role of sister Queen.

Despite not having boundless energy, Gillian certainly acts like it.  The word ‘no’ is not in her vocabulary so long as what needs doing is within the boundaries of both her duties (those she assumes, not those expected of her) and abilities.  She has a passion for projects and dislikes leaving things unfinished. 

That same eagerness, though, lends itself to a certain implacability within Gillian.  She’s got a stubborn streak that shines once she’s come to a decision and tries to be persuaded away from it. A lot of what she does and thinks is based on instinct and Gillian justifies that by saying that those instincts are the same ones that never lead her astray when she responds to the land.

  • Steep Ledges - In Chaillot everything that was built was built from the ground up.  In Askavi it’s evident that all the architecture works from the top.  There is no fear of building on steep ledges and the edges of mountains. There’s no fear of falling.
  • Eyrien Decorating - Which is to say, the starkness of their homes and the minimalism of their furniture. In Chaillot she was banging into things all the time with her wings. In Askavi she suddenly realizes how useless decorations are, especially when they are things that can get easily knocked off surfaces by wings.
  • Men. Gillian appreciates men’s protective natures, their humor and their tendency towards decisions based on rational thought rather than emotional response.
  • Being insulted - Since coming to Askavi Gillian has had to deal with a lot of racism. She hates that the worst things Eyriens think they can call her is a half-breed. No one knew Anne-Laure. No one understood the caliber of Queen her mother was. Gillian hates insults, but she especially hates being called a half-breed because that is NOT an insult to her.
  • Having to take sides. If there’s ever an altercation between two people Gillian knows, she highly resents those who make her choose a side if it’s for decision making other than that of a Queen.  Trying to make Gillian choose a side is a quick way to making her an ex-friend.
  • Physical Aggression - Gillian spent one hundred and fifty years in Chaillot. Aggression there takes many forms, political, subversive, verbal, but very very rarely physical. She doesn’t know how to act when people around her spar or when Illyrian gets angry enough to start throwing things.
  • War - Askavi is her home. It is also her spiritual home. She has never belonged anywhere as much as she belongs in Askavi. And yet the threat of war is growing every day.
  • Falling in love with someone short lived.  She saw what it did to her father to watch his wife die and have to go on without her. She knows she won’t be able to stop it if it happens and is nigh terrified of the consequences.
  • Never being accepted - If she were not considered a half-breed, Gillian would have easily been strong enough to rule Askavi. Although she never had interest or expectation to be the Queen of an entire territory, Gillian is worried that without Illyrian she will never be accepted enough to rule an Eyrien court by herself.
Craft Strengths:
  • Shields: Aural, sight, psychic, protective.
  • Item Crafting:  Gillian has a particular aptitude in crafting items of magic or enchanting existing items.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • Illusion Craft: Perhaps due to her inherent dislike of obfuscation, Gillian has no aptitude in anything that deludes the senses for anything other than protection (see “shields”).
  • Seduction Craft:  Uncomfortable teaching her daughter the tricks of it, Anne-Laure left it up to the girl’s potential lovers to help out in that regard.
Life Story

Mother:Anne-Laure Yatskaya (Tiger’s Eye to Summer Sky); Queen - Deceased
Father: Renvar Yatskaya (Cut Tigers Eye to Cut Summer Sky) Played by Gina

Gillian was born into a world where the Blood’s strength had been dramatically culled by the time she was born.  In those early years after the Purge, any person born with the Blood, let alone those that were jeweled and those that were of higher castes were treasured, just as Gillian was.  Around the toddler were Blooded men and women, some of whom were left wearing their birthright jewels, others completely shattered.  She never knew a world where the Blood held so much more power, where the darker jeweled abused those beneath them and ignored the land.  Perhans it was because she’d never been born into that world that Gillian grew into the woman she eventually became.

From the beginning Gillian understood what it was to be long lived as her father was and as, eventually, would be her legacy.  But even as a child she could not fully grasp what it meant for the Consort to outlive his Queen, and more, what it meant for the husband to outlive his wife.  Though as a child she grasped the idea that her mother would die and that she would go on to live a much longer life, indeed, most of her life without her mother, the reality of it never hit Gillian because she was kept so sheltered from death.

What Gillian was not sheltered from were the stares and whispers. No one, of course, dared to be open about it. Her father was an Eyrien Warlord Prince, her mother a Queen.  Despite having wings, the child came from a very auspicious family.  But even a child who was not as keen as Gillian herself would have felt the cold shoulder, the disapproving stares. When the time came to tutor the child, it was Anne-Laure herself who took on the job, noting her daughter’s aptitude and realizing, after an uncomfortable encounter with a professional tutor, that because of her wings and coloring that took so much after her father, Gillian would always be discriminated against in this land.

For Gillian, being tutored as a Queen by her own mother was a delight. The two shared the same temperament as Gillian was growing up, if not looks.  It was Anne-Laure who even chose Gillian’s first lover for her Virgin Night and it was Anne-Laure who told her that there would be no need to learn the secrets of seduction craft, for she believed her daughter would choose someone who could seduce her himself.  Everything else, including a healthy dose of Hearth craft and healing craft were taught to Gillian who learned at her mother’s right arm what a Queen owed her territory.

At the same time, her mother taught her something else.  Anne-Laure knew very well that though he stayed with her, Renvar’s heart went out to Askavi. And so, although she couldn’t teach her daughter how to fly, she taught her to listen and to pay attention to males. She taught her to understand what they needed in the way only a Queen could, to the males of her first circle and in so doing, taught Gillian how to understand her own father better.  It became clear to Gillian, although she had no circle of her own, that her father longed to return to Askavi, and every time she flexed her wings, she felt a longing that she attributed to the same thing, that nameless need for a country she had never even seen.

Gillian’s mother took ill and Gillian stepped in to fill her shoes and do the duties her mother held as Queen of the province afforded her.  It was during this time that Gillian finally blossomed and came into her role as a Queen. Although the people around her did not belong to her, with the backing of Anne-Laure, she was able to rule and get her feet wet as the center of politics within a court. Now Gillian began to understand what her mother had been teaching her about the intricate dance of Queens and Males, the overreaching and the loyalties.  Being served both in court and out of it. 

Anne-Laure’s passing was easily foreseen by Black Widows and healers alike but it was no less of a wound. For a period of three years afterwards there was political vying for Vienne, but Gillian won out through sheer experience. After all, who had the kind of experience that she did and the length of it.  Who would be able to provide for the land of Vienne for as long as she could? The only stipulation was that she would need to accept any light jeweled Queen that would apply to her First Circle and that her reign would be up for renewal annually.

Gillian was Queen of Vienne for nearly a hundred years. For one hundred years she saw Queens come and go, and over time the hatered of her heritage grew as did the resentment and fear of her Dark Jewel. But the Sapphire Queen had gotten used to her sedentary life, even if it was lacking in intimate attachment. She quite prefered it that way, having heard of the Eyrien’s infamous dislike of half-breeds and foreigners and having convinced herself that the petty politics of a small district in Chaillot housed its own importance.

*It’s entirely possible that the two winged Yatskayas would never have returned to Askavi if her mother’s warning didn’t ring in Gillian’s ears every day.  On her sickbed, Anne-Laure had extracted a promise from her daughter, to return her father to Askavi, his home. Whether she would stay with him or not would be Gillian’s decision, but even after death, Anne-Laure, who had loved her husband, sought to take care of him. She didn’t know when to bring it up, and perhaps that was what left Gillian in Chaillot for as long as it did.  Renvar, unable to stand his own grief, took to drinking.
It took Gillian a long time to realize that her father’s drinking had gone from unhealthy grieving to something even more debilitating. But her extracted promises from him to return with her to Askavi were obviously nothing more than simple promises and as time went on, meant less and less. The mutual lies and the ignoring of her father’s condition may have kept on if not for her slowly and reluctantly forming romantic ties to a Red Jeweled Warlord Prince of the short lived variety.

Because of his naval career Julius Lafayette had never been able to serve Gillian which at once was both painful and relief to her. When his contract with the Navy came to an end, Gillian, against her better judgment, offered Julius a position in her court.  He decided, instead, to continue his career with the Navy.  His decision to do so deeply wounded Gillian who finally had to look at the life of contradictions she had been living.  She would live, and had lived, longer than anyone in her court, and yet she continued to live among the short lived.  She looked different and had Darker Jewels than nearly anyone she knew and yet she never used the deep Dark of her jewels. She had convinced herself to live in humility rather than to live in strength.

Julius left, sailing away once again. It was morning and at that moment Anne-Laure’s voice was strongest in her head making Gillian promise to bring her father back to Askavi. The Sapphire Queen finally decided to heed her mother’s words. She returned to her Residence, called in her Steward and broke her contract.

Then, her voice loud, Gillian began to call all the servants of the household into the room while she walked around it calling out commands she’d never again remember because her attention had been so focused on the man who was waking up slowly in the chair.  With heat in her voice, his daughter raged at Renvar, inciting him to an anger he hadn’t been capable of for as long as his wife laid in her grave.  Well worded insults and veiled threats about never seeing his daughter again because she was ashamed, finally brought Renvar out of the depression he’d been in.

She’d threatened to leave for Askavi Terreille without her father, but after the full day, when he met her later on and one of her trunks had already been packed, he understood that his daughter was serious, and that she’d grown into a woman and the Queen she’d promised to be, and after much discussion between them, they decided to go together.

At their return to Askavi, Renvar and his daughter stayed at the eyrie of distant cousins of his. These cousins had already begun attempting to garner support from other Eyriens to mount an offensive against the ruler of Askavi but were unable to gather a large enough force and were unwilling to throw their support behind Gillian and Renvar yet.  Renvar went to the Territory Court and met the Warlord Prince who held the Black there and promptly became Master of the Guard with the intention of bringing his daughter to the court once it was deemed safe. Instead Endevar was blackmailed into leaving his place in the court. Askavi became desolate and practically hopeless.

Gillian took it upon herself to travel the territory and find a Queen who would rule Askavi.  It had become painfully obvious in her short time in the Territory that the Eyriens would not accept a half-breed for a Queen. The Sapphire Queen decided she didn’t care.  She simply could see a land as torn and wounded as Askavi was. If it took another person to heal it she would find that person.  But what she found was Illyrian Kriat who accepted the task of ruling Askavi only beside Gillian.  The two women formed one court with two hearts to save their land.

Show Us What You've Got

Writing Sample:
“You didn’t believe her?”  Gillian’s voice was cold, colder than the Rose Jeweled Warlord had ever heard it. He hadn’t quite believed she could be that cold, that dignified and frightening. Looking at her golden eyes now he had to wonder why he had never believed it. She looked to be set in stone, the transformation from an awkward charming Queen with sparks of wisdom to cold and careful was so complete and so unexpected he would have been hard pressed to point out the moment it had happened.

He spread his hands, fingers splayed.  “Well, she’s just a child,”  He explained wondering why something that was so rational and made so much sense to him had the interim Queen look like she was about to explode. “They’re imaginative, Lady, but…” 

Gillian looked at Lucien, the Blood Opal Jeweled Warlord Prince who was her mother’s Steward and was the only person in court who had thrown his full support behind Gillian when she stepped in to fill her ailing mother’s shoes.  He interpreted the interim Queen’s glance and took a step forward, the sudden subtle threat of his movement towards the guard of the First Circle wasn’t lost on anyone in the room.

The men and women of this court weren’t hers, they were her mother’s.  Her mother who everyone still hoped would make a full recovery. But Anne-Laure and Gillian still talked late into the night, peppering court discussions with the kinds that tied mother and daughter together. Gillian knew what Anne-Laure did.  And Anne knew she wouldn’t be rising from her sickbed.  The past few weeks had taken their toll on the Sapphire Jeweled Queen in her attempts to hold the court together while hiding her grief from everyone close to her including her own father.  Perhaps the weight of court wouldn’t be so heavy on her if she could have spoken to anyone but Anne-Laure about her mother’s secret.

Marcel, the Rose Jeweled Warlord, closed his mouth abruptly and remained silent while Gillian leveled golden eyes that had quickly become so frightening on him. He didn’t know, none of them knew but Lucien that the reason she’d silently begged his assistance was not for her own benefit, but for Marcel’s.  With the Steward just one step closer, her inner control was strengthened. 

Her words were sharp and cutting. She leaned forward and administered what was both a warning and a scolding.  “It’s not your place to judge whether warning of planned violence against a priestess is fanciful imagination. It’s your place to bring the concern to me.”  She should have said, the Queen but she couldn’t distance herself still further from the people that should have shown her loyalty.  Besides, now, or a month from now, she would be their Queen if they allowed it and she longed for their loyalty without hope of it.

But now, because she still didn’t have the loyalty of most of the First Circle, a priestess had been broken back to her birthright and the Witch that had been responsible for the action had disappeared without a trace.

Revamp Notes(if any) 
 - Switched out paragraph one of her personality.
- Changed two Likes
- Changed two Dislikes
- Changed two Fears
History adjustments as follows:
- Was Queen of Vienne for almost a century
- Met Julius Lafayette
- Only came to Askavi four years ago.
- Added in character developments.

Player Name: Tal

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Re: Gillian Yatskaya
« Reply #1 on: Oct 25, 13, 12:34:23 PM »
Ready for Review!  Revamp approved by HBC.

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Re: Gillian Yatskaya
« Reply #2 on: Dec 30, 13, 01:15:18 AM »
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Re: Gillian Yatskaya
« Reply #3 on: Dec 30, 13, 01:17:43 AM »

Gillian Yatskaya has been blessed with Queen's Touch.

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Re: Gillian Yatskaya
« Reply #4 on: Dec 01, 15, 05:19:21 PM »
This character has been marked as Inactive

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