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Author Topic: Geir Voll  (Read 952 times)

Description: Warlord. Tiger Eye to Summer Sky. Played by Zen.

Offline Geir Voll

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Geir Voll
« on: Jan 17, 18, 09:12:31 AM »
The Basics

Character Name: Geir Leonid Voll
Nicknames: ---
Age and Birth Year: 24 (born 169 AP)
Race: Short-Lived (Glacian)
Caste: Warlord
Birth Territory: Glacia
Home Territory: Little Terreille

Birthright Jewel: uncut Tiger Eye
Offering Jewel: cut Summer Sky

Role: Third Circle / Owner
Faction: Territory Court / The Tottering Otter tavern


Play By: Alexander Ludwig
Distinguishing Features: Looks like he'll kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll. His height and overall physique are a bit distinctive, standing at 6'2" and weighing in at roughly 200 lbs. Built rather solidly, he's always been bulky and he tends to keep it up with regular exercise habits. Otherwise the blonde hair and piercing blue eyes mark him definitively as Glacian.


Personality: Geir is, simply put, a big man. Not merely in physical size and stature, but possessing a robust personality and the ability to light up a room wherever he goes. Despite looking entirely intimidating physically, the broad smiles he wears, the booming laughs almost always reverberating from his chest, and the casual hugs he's willing to extend to friends belie any notion of a threat, insofar as long as you give him no reason to threaten, at least. He possesses an almost impossibly long fuse as far as a temper goes and it generally takes quite a bit to set him off (or, in some cases, very certain instances and injustices taking place before his eyes).

A majority of the time, the Warlord is easygoing and friendly as can be. Whether he's known you for years or you're a total stranger, he won't hesitate to make you feel warm and welcome in his presence, be it through an infectious grin or any number of jokes and pranks he has up his sleeve. Additionally, you'll very rarely meet a more kind, generous soul despite the tribulations of growing up light-jeweled in the middle of Glacia with their Dark Religion. He knows what it's like to be the underdog so he tends to champion them himself when he can. Geir is the person who would literally give someone the shirt off his back if they needed it more. A subject of particular passion to him is, unsurprisingly, the treatment of light-jeweled members of the Blood, and in particular he'll tend to martyr himself for them if he sees any mistreatment; something made much easier to do publicly in LT than it was in Glacia.

That being the case, this does tend to leave him potentially easy to manipulate and take advantage of. He may have inherited his mother's solid work ethic and sense of humor, but her cunning and raw intellect were personality traits that evaded him as a child and into adulthood. Too trusting with a penchant for bordering on naive at times, he tends to outright disregard how cruel and unsavory people can be. The Warlord is always trying to find a silver lining and giving others the benefit of the doubt, ebbing into extending multiple bouts of second (and third, and fourth, and fifth...) chances, even if they've wronged him before. There are some exceptions to this, as with all things, but a person generally has to prove themselves to be exceptionally sinister and un-redeemable for him to buckle down and cut them out of his life.

The young man has several times been likened to a loyal and endearing (while also more than occasionally clumsy) Sceltie puppy who you never really asked for in the first place, but now don't possess the heart to get rid of. Quite frankly, it's not a metaphor he'd really disagree with, either.

  • Practical jokes: Geir has always had a sense of humor, ever since he was a child. His most notable partner-in-crime for such things was, surprisingly, his own mother, who he undoubtedly inherited the trait from in the first place. Even going back to when he was small and the jokes were infinitely more lame and less thought-out, he could usually be found trying to set something up and always got a kick out of the end result, even if they happened to backfire in his own face before he aged and learned more.
  • Helping people: Bleeding heart is probably an apt descriptor, honestly. Geir likes to be generally helpful when and where he can, but this tends to further into a certain protectiveness for the ailing and the downtrodden. He doesn't like seeing people get taken advantage of or hurt in any way and will usually stick his nose into things that he sometimes doesn't have any business interfering in. This is also exactly the reason for the "strays" (his small group of friends) he brought home to the extra flat that his mother had purchased. Each of them having come from some sort of negative situation and he took it upon himself to try and better their situation by offering them a place to live.
  • Cultural diversity: Without directly saying he behaves something like an enamored tourist... he kind of does just that. The immigration from Glacia to Little Terreille was an astounding breath of fresh air for Geir and, opposite of his mother, he fell in love almost immediately with the melting pot that is LT. It's diverse in both its structure and its citizens and the Warlord has never been anything short of eager and fascinated to meet as many different people as he can, as well as learn about their backgrounds or wherever they hailed from originally.

  • Oppression: Dislike isn't a strong enough word for how Geir feels about the oppression and downtrodding of other people. Even aside from personal experience on the matter, he finds the poor treatment of others to be abhorrent regardless of whether it involves Blood or Landen. Nobody deserves to be treated as if they're "lesser" in some fashion, regardless of what factor for it they may possess and whether or not its in their control to fix.
  • Drugs: The creation of them, the substances themselves, the business surrounding their distribution, the side effects of them, there is literally not a single redeeming thing about these damn things that Geir has any sort of respect for. Minus anything that a Healer might use to help a patient, he thinks they're pretty foul and unnecessary things. This outlook may or may not be additionally biased based on his own mother's involvement in the creation and selling of them, he's not a fan of that at all.
  • Too-serious people: Life is short and while there's a time and a place for being stoic and serious, the Warlord firmly believes it shouldn't be 100% of the time. People who never smile or laugh or crack a joke are just plain depressing in his mind. He understands that there are usually certain factors that make some people this way, but to him that only means that's more of a reason to relax a little and be a bit more lighthearted from time to time.

  • Disappointing his mother: Despite their inability to eye-to-eye on some things and the disagreements that seem to be cropping up more and more lately, Geir still harbors the utmost love and respect for Kelda and would be loathe to let her down. She held power and status in Glacia with the trifecta of being an aristo, dark-jeweled Black Widow and yet she gave all that up to pick up and move to LT simply to spare his life from whatever vision she had. He may not always agree with her methods or her actions, but he owes her everything and isn't ashamed to acknowledge that.
  • Glacian rule: Elisif Brenden's reach has already extended into Nharkava from the tales he's heard, so in his mind there's only so much stopping it from heading the other direction into LT at some point. Being light-jeweled, his place within the tri-casted Queen's Dark Religion is pretty much the bottom of the totem pole, so his safety would be endangered and his life miserable all over again if she managed to wrangle Little Terreille up too.
  • Death: Most people aren't keen on their life ending, but ever since being the subject of what was apparently a bloody, gruesome sort of death within one of his mother's visions, Geir finds himself exceptionally unnerved by the notion of it. Kelda never did find out what the cause was or even a way to have stopped it as far as he's been aware, so despite his cheerful demeanor there is always a small, niggling feeling in the back of his mind that perhaps the escape from his fate was temporary. Or that something could change and he might find himself in the middle of another Black Widow prophecy even despite their leave from Glacia.

Craft Strengths:
  • Whimsy Craft/Manipulate Shadows: Not necessarily the most practical or useful sect of Craft by most peoples' standards, this is something Geir picked up and excelled at from a very young age. It became a staple in his prankster repertoire once he got a handle on it, and while others may argue that it doesn't serve much purpose beyond that, the Warlord has these honed to an oddly adept and useful level. They've actually saved his life on a few occasions by providing incredibly realistic and deceptive distractions and diversions.
  • Calming Rage: Despite his origins in the frozen tundra of Glacia, the Warlord has always been a warm and effusive individual, easy-going and incredibly slow to anger. This being the case, he discovered that he had a knack for diffusing his temperament onto others and smoothing over situations or instances that might've ultimately resulted in bloodshed otherwise.

Craft Weaknesses:
  • Physical Enhancement: Honestly? He's kind of a clumsy bastard when it comes to a lot of things, about as much as you'd expect from a bull in a china shop. He's always lacked the finesse and precision that it requires to weave his Craft throughout his physical form, usually  either underestimating or overshooting it. The former resulting in an overall noneffective-ness and the latter historically managing to actually cause him some injury to himself instead of bolstering anything.
  • Deception Craft: Geir is, and always has been, a painfully truthful individual, almost to a fault. His poker face is garbage (along with other physical tells he tends to give off) and very rarely can he lie to save his life, much to the chagrin of people close to him. That being said, it came as very little surprise to anybody that he's basically unable to use Deception Craft with any modicum of success. He's tried on numerous occasions and has just never been able to pull it off without being quite transparent.

Life Story

Grandmother: Eydis Voll; White - Yellow; Witch (born 120 AP)
Grandfather: Fannar Gunnarson; Yellow - Rose; Warlord (deceased)

Mother: Kelda Voll; Blood Opal - Sapphire; Black Widow (born 149 AP)
Father: Alvar Albinsson; Rose - Opal; Warlord (born 129 AP)
Sister: Pala Voll, Purple Dusk - Green; Queen (born 171 AP)

Rohan Abbott; Purple Dusk - Green; Prince (born 172 AP)
Kendall Clarke; Tiger Eye - Summer Sky; Priestess (born 167 AP)
Kora Amarrant; Opal - Sapphire; Black Widow
Braelyn Davenport; Purple Dusk - Opal; Healer (born 169 AP)
Jackson Hastings; Yellow - Rose; Warlord Prince (born 168 AP)

**All adoptable. Jewels were rolled (but can be re-rolled); names, ages, and castes can be changed.


It was, naturally, the hope and expectation that Kelda and Alvar's firstborn son would walk away with a dark jewel, the notion having been implanted into the young Warlord that anything less would be... problematic, to say the least. Needless to say, the excitement of getting a jewel was vastly overshadowed by uncertainty and more than a modicum of fear when little Geir walked away from the altar with the Tiger Eye clutched in his small hands. Even with a full descent there wasn't a chance at anything dark enough to not warrant scrutiny under Glacia's Dark Religion.

However, even this setback didn't prevent mother and son from becoming incredibly close as he grew up. Even if she did happen to hold his light jewel against him in some manner, you would've never guessed such with the way the pair bonded and were practically attached at the hip when she wasn't off attending her own work. There was, as expected, a bit of turbulence when collars became mandated for the light-jeweled of Glacia and initially the young boy wasn't thrilled with this prospect, but he had little choice and consented. Of course, it was made easier when Kelda herself had the control ring and there was virtually no chance that it would ever be used - it was simply a formality and it was explained to him privately as such, hence softening the unusual blow to the mother-son duo.

As he grew older, his discontent with his homeland and its ways grew as well, so much to the point that he'd actually been considering fleeing Glacia entirely. However, he cared deeply for his family and didn't wish for them to lose their prestige and place in society simply because he wanted to take a rebellious and selfish way out. He'd already been enough of a disgrace as a light jewel wearer, after all. It surprised and frightened him then, when Kelda herself approached him and spoke of something she'd seen in one of her visions: his death. She couldn't travel the Winds, though, even with his assistance on any of the lighter ones, so after much heart-wrenching deliberation and very careful, dangerous planning, he'd managed to get in contact with the infamous smugglers and procure a way out for both of them via the mountains.

It was a painful decision to leave his remaining family behind and there was no shortage of sadness, shame and guilt on the matter, but at least his sister and father would still be able to live successful lives within the frigid Territory, whereas he'd simply be dead if he stayed. Further still, he felt terrible about the prospect of his powerful, dark-jeweled mother giving up literally everything to accompany him out of Glacia, but she was insistent on it and wouldn't let him go on his own.

Little Terreille was nothing like Glacia and that was exactly what the Warlord loved about it when they finally arrived to the neighboring Territory. He felt safe and free for the first time in years, a weight lifted off his shoulders even while it took the pair of them a bit of time to get their bearings. He was old enough to work, so that was exactly what he did, tirelessly and unashamedly taking up any number of odd jobs while Kelda found her own path in the realm of making and distributing substances both legal and not so much. He didn't approve of this when he found out and feared immensely for her safety (especially given the way the gangs of Goth had been outright decimated), and this fear has only seemed to increase as his mother's notoriety and business continues to boom.

However, it hasn't been all bad. He's made good friends (even bringing a handful of them back home to live there with him and Kelda) and his mother managed to secure him a position within Amerys Tiernan's court in one of the lower Circles, thus eliminating the need for him to take up quite as many random jobs. Geir still finds himself restless though, as Court life hasn't proven exceptionally interesting to him and his odd jobs will only really provide him so much of a future, whereas he still chases after and hopes for something bigger and more world-changing over the horizon.

Somehow aimless and yet not at the same time, the only question that really remains is what sort of grand purpose will he end up finding?

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:

It had been a difficult and long trek out of Glacia, but the end was near. They'd be arriving soon and Geir was ecstatic, not only to be out of the harrowing mountains but to be away from their Smuggler companion. He was incredibly grateful for the man's guidance and help navigating the path, but the Warlord was almost one-hundred percent certain that the other male and his mother had... well... slept together at least once during the journey, and quite frankly it was a little awkward. Sex wasn't a topic he was immature about or unfamiliar with, but it was his mom and he just needed to be as far away from such notions as he could be, because gross.

Escape was apparently sooner rather than later, however, when the other man informed them that the end of the descent was upcoming within the next half hour or so. Geir could tell they'd been at least somewhat close, as the climate had started to change fairly drastically, even up in the mountains as the snow had started to taper off and it felt noticeably warmer the further they pressed onward. Though he hadn't been able to ascertain just how near they actually were, so he was surprised to find out that it was so close.

Not wanting to arrive unprepared, the blond had already started to go over and triple-check their things, making sure none of the necessary paperwork or items they'd taken along had gotten lost along the way. That was the last thing he'd have wanted to be responsible for, really. Even while he rifled through their stuff, his hands were shaking and his heart was pounding a mile a minute in his chest with newfound adrenaline and excitement.

They were so close he could practically feel it. Geir had no clue what Little Terreille would hold for them, but he could feel it even down into his core that it would be phenomenal.

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Player Name: Zen

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Re: Geir Voll
« Reply #1 on: Jan 17, 18, 09:18:12 AM »
Could I please get a cut/uncut roll for Geir's jewels? Adopted from Kelda's sheet here and points shop transaction is here!

Also 5 ally rolls, please! Much obliged. <3

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Re: Geir Voll
« Reply #2 on: Jan 17, 18, 01:23:51 PM »
Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Tiger Eye Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with a cut Summer Sky Jewel at your Offering.



1. Opal - Sapphire
2. Tiger Eye - Summer Sky
3. Purple Dusk - Green
4. Purple Dusk - Opal
5. Yellow - Rose
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Re: Geir Voll
« Reply #3 on: Jan 31, 18, 03:00:35 AM »
Pending approval for Kelda mentions and from a general standpoint from our favorite phinn, he's ready for review! <3

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Re: Geir Voll
« Reply #4 on: Jan 31, 18, 09:08:47 AM »
Added to the queue!  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker

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Re: Geir Voll
« Reply #5 on: Jan 31, 18, 02:55:20 PM »  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker

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Re: Geir Voll
« Reply #6 on: Sep 10, 19, 09:29:45 PM »
This character has been marked as Inactive

For more information please see this thread: The Inactivity Policy

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