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Author Topic: Garen L'Voide  (Read 1114 times)

Description: Prince. White to Yellow. Played by Dash.

Offline Garen L'Voide

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Garen L'Voide
« on: Feb 20, 15, 03:00:47 AM »
The Basics

Character Name: Garen Vivicar L'Voide
Nicknames: None
Age:  39 (Born 150 AP)
Race:  Short Lived, Dena Nehelien
Caste:  Prince
Birth Territory:  Dena Nehele
Home Territory: Dena Nehele

Birthright Jewel: Cut White
Offering Jewel:  Cut Yellow

Play By: Clive Owen
Distinguishing Features: Garen's rather tall for his family, standing at 6'6". Being as vain as he is, he constantly keeps himself in top physical condition. He often uses his slaves as sparring partners (though they have to show restraint, and he does not). Garen can be trusted to wear whatever is most prolific in style, but he himself is not a trendsetter. His beard and hair show touches of silver, but his sapphire eyes are remarkably bright and have been said to snare the attention of his betters on more than one occasion.


Personality: To Aristocracy of Dena Nehele, Garen L'Voide is many things both admirable and despicable. Born to a house that was an Aristo in only name, Garen's political maneuvering and keen business insight has brought him considerable and enviable wealth. Single-handedly, Garen has made the L'Voide family name respectable in Dena Nehele. He is charming, witty, keen-minded, and perceptive. Many consider him the life of a party with his anecdotes, his black humor, and his easy manner.

But there are many whom would just as much befriend Garen as be wary of him, and for good reason. While Garen now owns several legitimate business, he is also primarily a slaver and owner of the largest Tobacco importer to the territory. Having avoided giving jobs to the poor of Dena Nehele, he exclusively uses a slave workforce based on his plantation in Hayll.

They would be right to be wary of the man. Garen is an opportunist, a racist, a narcissist, and utterly without scruples. He is envious of those above him and contemptful of those beneath him. Beneath the veneer of a charming aristocrat is a brutal and tiny man. All of Garen's good deeds are simply acts to improve his public image while he curtails loyalty through the collar or the lash from his primary workforce and his closest attendants. And these are but the most overt of his tools. Garen has been known to subvert his targets with drugs or with the use of hired agents to become desperate enough to turn to him.

But to his peers Garen remains the most delightful of company.

  • Money- Garen loves being wealthy. Not being born a Warlord, nor to a particularly well off family, Garen has managed to connive and manipulate his way into a fortune. To that point he lives an extravagant lifestyle now that he has it. He's brought his family up with him and now likes to flaunt his money. But he's also a miserly son of a bitch, and never gives out anything he doesn't expect to see a return on.
  • Slavery- Having had nearly nothing but a name when he started, Garen resented those who stood above him. But this upbringing did not engender a desire to help those below him. Garen is absolutely enthralled with the power that owning another person gives him. The control of their fate and their lives is as euphoric to him as sex.
  • Hearing Himself Talk- Frankly put, the man is a narcissist, and he believes himself one of the canniest individuals in Dena Nehele, if not all of Terreille.

  • Landens- Garen is a racist and an arrogant man. He hates everyone who's below him, be they slave or free, thinking that those born or made less fortunate than him covet everything he's worked hard to build.
  • Individuals Who Hold Darker Jewels Than Him- For much the same reason that he dislikes those beneath him, Garen covets the power of those he views unfairly hold power over him. As such, he has a strong distaste for Constantin and others of his Caste he believe were just lucky enough to inherit the power that he's had to work for.
  • A Personal Stake in Violence- A businessman and one of the least powerful members of the Blood, Garen is a bit of a coward. He'll harm his slaves if they step out of line or hire mercenaries or assassins to do his dirty work, but despite his physical condition he'd never involve himself in a fight if he can help it.

  • A Slave Revolt- Quietly paranoid, this is what Garen fears most. He's afraid his servants in Hayll or those close to him will find some way to remove their collars and rise up against him.
  • Going Back to Square One- Garen's meticulous, but one of his driving fears is that he'll lose all that he's worked so hard to attain and once more be an overlooked nobleman with nothing to offer except an empty name.
  • Being Murdered- Garen has a number of enemies that he is constantly suspicious of. This is why he is looking to secure his position with Catina as her consort. He believes with a Queen, even of just a territory looking out for him, his chances of growing to be an old man increase dramatically.

    Craft Strengths:
  • Social Craft- Garen uses this subtly to enhance his own natural charisma. Given the lack of strength of his Jewel, he doesn't rely on it. But when negotiations are close, or he knows it could swing someone to his side he's not above using this to his benefit.
  • Clothing Spells- It's how he stays at the top of fashion. No matter what, Garen's clothing is always impeccable, untouched by dust, hair, shreds, or dirt. Everything he wears looks brand new.

    Craft Weaknesses:
  • Seduction Craft- Garen, try as he might, can't quite get this to work. He's hopeful that someday he can overcome his learning hurdles to master this, as it'd help him ensnare Catina for good (or so he thinks).
  • Shielding- Coward that he is, Garen had hoped to master Shielding to provide a defense in case he were ever attacked. Thus far, however, he can't even conjure the simplest of shields for himself.

    Life Story

    Mother: Deidre L'Voide. Priestess Tiger Eye - Purple Dusk
    Father: Jervais L'Voide. Prince Yellow - Rose
    Siblings: Anessa L'Voide (Younger Sister) Widow Opal - Red
    Verok L'Voide (Younger Brother) Warlord Rose - Opal
    Children: Rhenar Sentos (Bastard Son) Prince Yellow

    Born the oldest son of a foolish drunk and a timid noblewoman, Garen grew up resenting his lot in life. Oh, what a cruel joke the Darkness had played on him: To be a nobleman but the lowest of the nobility, to be cursed with a White Jewel as his birthright jewel besides! It was as if the forces that be were telling him "Well, you could have almost been something special."

    But Garen wasn't willing to settle for just being the lowest on his particular echelon of the pyramid. He was born an Aristocrat of Dena Nehelle, and while he was not gifted with the powerful Jewels of some of the other families or Princes, he was still a Prince of the Blood, and that meant he was better than most of the world. What he'd been denied in outright power, he'd been granted in intellect. He'd excelled at school, with what meager funds Jervais could spare when he wasn't drinking his sorrows away. The Offering for his Jewel was a point of mockery, as Garen's single step descent caused his father to publicly call him a failure and state that he must have been the spawn of a particularly drunk evening. Deidre, always fearful of Jervais' wrath, remained quiet.

    Garen decided then and there that some day, he'd see his father swallow those words, preferably with a dose of his own blood.

    When Deidre gave birth to two more children, little Anessa and virile Varok, Garen refused to give up on bettering himself. Knowing that his parents could no longer help him achieve such a goal with the rival affection and need for resources, he ran away from home at the age of 16 and worked as a small-time member of the Jack's Guild. It was his time amongst the Guild that formulated Garen into the man he would become. Serving as a simple thief at first, he moved on to a blackmailer and information broker, and it was through these humble beginnings he began to form the foundation for his move for power some ten years later.

    It was during a trip to Hayll one summer when he was twenty-three that Garen had his first contact with slavery. Working for a wealthy member of the Hundred Families, Garen helped round up a number of fugitive slaves that had escaped the massive farms that helped fuel the Hayllian wealth. He was both intrigued and wooed by the concept and the sight of it. How with a simple gestures the Hayllian Prince whom had hired him commanded dozens of collared servants. Using the funds he'd gained from blackmailing a number of Aristos from home with several partners, stealing from his own father, and the monies he'd earned for the Hayllian Prince, he bought the land that would eventually become his plantation.

    For the next three years, Garen expanded the work force of the massive Tobacco Farm. While he was not wealthy in the eyes of the opulent elite of Hayll, he was nonetheless coming into his own as a wealthy individual in their circles. Using the more rough and cutthroat contacts he had amongst the Jack's Guild, he had several dozen homeless or near homeless Landens kidnapped from the slums of Dena Nehele and transported to his plantation to serve their days there. After he'd formed enough of a base, he ceased the kidnappings of his native land and instead built up his own legitimate slaving business, buying from Raej and selling the slaves who either knew too much or were too feeble to be of use to him.

    On his 30th birthday, Garen returned home to the humble abode of his parents. His siblings, both having just received their offering Jewels, were equally resentful of their life situation as Garen had been. Fabulously rich, Garen offered for his estranged siblings and mother to move in with him, while Jervais he forcefully had ejected onto the street. When Jarvan complained and threatened him, Garen had his two accompanying slaves beat his drunk father to an inch of his life. He then demolished the structure that had belonged to his father, bought the adjoining homes and built a new estate for the L'Voide name. He's not seen Jervais since that day.

    That was seven years ago. Deidre has started to recover from the abuses done to her by the drunkard lout that was his father, becoming her own woman whom is concerned at what her son has become. Furthermore, she's frightened of what Garen's doing to her other two children. Using his wide array of wealth and contacts from the Jack's Guild, Garen has acquired a number of legitimate businesses, such as shipping, tailoring, and textile factories. His sister Anessa cares for these businesses closer to home while his brother Varok sees to the plantation in Hayll. Garen keeps about thirty slaves nearby to serve as his personal bodyguards, servants, and labor. His plantation has boomed under his careful watch, becoming the number one importer for Tobacco to Dena Nehele. Yet despite the fact he has become more wealthy, powerful, and respected than ever, Garen L'Voide wants more. It's not enough that he have all of the aristocrats whom thumbed their noses at him when he was a boy seek his favor now, nor that the Hayllian Elite consider him a friend and beloved guest, no. He seeks a greater prize still.

    Such is why he's found a focus on Catina Cosma, the Queen of his native Aechia Province. It is his driving goal to woo, convince, or bribe her into making him her consort and implanting a baby in her belly so as to secure his dynasty and his place in the treacherous society that is his native home.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Writing Sample:
    Jervais was on the streets, not that such a thing was anything new. Garen recalled that for most of his life he was watching his father stumble about in a drunken stupor either unto the street or into his home. Sometimes Jervais, who seemed so large and muscular back then, would take out the frustration of being disrespected and looked down upon by the other Aristos by smacking his wife about. Sometimes he took his pleasure from her, even when she was trying to cook a meal for Garen. "I am a Prince, woman!" Jervais had roared a number of times, between some sort of physical violation, swig of whiskey, or curse word, "And I will be treated with deference in my own home!"

    Now Jervais was laying in the street again. Smelling of cheap whiskey again. But this time he was also covered in blackening bruises and specks of his own blood. The neighbors did not care. They had learned long ago what Jervais' rants were like. But today he was raging at someone willing to fight back. And today he did not seem so large, or muscular.

    "I'll kill you, you son of a.." Jervais had begun to roar, but Tymeon -- big, ebony of skin, and muscles like marble, slammed his fist into Jervais' ugly mouth and smashed out his two front teeth. His mother watched in horror, Anessa and Verok in fascination, but Garen just watched with smug satisfaction. "Son of a drunk. Son of a wasteful braggart. Son of nothing. Your son." Garen spoke aloud for everyone to hear. He always had a voice that would carry. He stepped across the dirty stones, his shoes untouched by the dirt, mud, and Jervais's filth, and he placed the heel of his boot upon the throat of the man who had given him life and taught him how to hate.

    "Just a drunken squeeze of your cock, hrm? A yellow jeweled disgrace of a Prince. A spasm of your balls on a night you raped my mother." Jervais opened his mouth to speak, but Garen pressed the heel of his boot down hard on the tender, soft flesh of the man's throat. "No. No. You've done your share of speaking. You will never talk to me, or my sister, or my brother, or my mother again. You will disappear. That is the mercy I am giving you for the fact you gave me life. That, and this." He reached into his pocket and withdrew a single gold coin, dropping it by Jervais' head. "For the only thing you've loved.

    Never come back. Never attempt to speak my name. If you so dare as associate your name to my own, I will find you. And I won't have Tymeon or Rathe here beat you like a mule. I'll have you collared and shipped to the ends of the earth. You'll die a slave. A broken, weathered, beaten man. Which is more than you deserve." Garen sneered as he drew his foot off his father's throat. "Take him to his favorite bar, gently. If he tries to resist, make sure no-one ever finds the body." Then he turned without a further word, walked back to his family with the smile of a man most blessed, and said in a cheerful tone that betrayed nothing of the venom he'd given Jervais moments before.

    "Well, let's go in and have a toast, hrm? To family."

    Petitions (if any):  Reactivation

    Why did this character became inactive?
    Because I became inactive.

    What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?

    What are your plans for this character?
    Smut. Maybe some plot.

    Number of previous Reactivations: None ever?

    Player Name: Dash

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Re: Garen L'Voide
« Reply #1 on: Feb 20, 15, 10:31:52 AM »  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker

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Re: Garen L'Voide
« Reply #2 on: Aug 09, 15, 03:36:17 PM »
This character has been marked as Inactive

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