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Author Topic: Gale Galoneth  (Read 655 times)

Description: Queen. Purple Dusk to Opal. Played by Nicole.

Offline Gale Galoneth

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Gale Galoneth
« on: Feb 09, 19, 08:26:17 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Gale Galoneth
Age:  125  (69 AP)
Race:  Medium-Lived
Caste:  Queen
Birth Territory: Dea al Mon
Home Territory: Dea al Mon

Birthright Jewel: Cut Purple Dusk
Offering Jewel:  Uncut Opal

Play By: Cate Blanchett
Distinguishing Features:


It is a difficult thing to love many people. Most individuals love, at most, thirty people in their lives, well and truly. They go through decades of loving one person after another, on rare occasions a couple at the same time. At most five, maybe ten. Gale Galoneth loves a thousand people with the same deep passion that lovers feel. She loves them with the protectiveness that mothers feel. She loves them with the innocent affection that children feel. She loves them with the shrewdness that teachers feel. It is a difficult thing.  Those people often don’t love one another, often hate each other, and yet Gale cannot let herself be swayed by the opinions of the one over the other.  The most honest Gale ever is with anyone, is when she’s considering her love. It is a pure thing, consisting of only her feelings, rather than manipulated by those around her.

This love she has for the people around her drives Gale to seek to fulfill their needs. While politically savvy, Gale doesn’t swim in the shark infested waters of Dea al Mon politics. Rather than conforming to the game, she has broken and readjusted the rules. Reigning is no longer about who has the most power and who has the most males or best looking courtiers or richest coffers. It is about who provides the most to the land and who provides the most to their people.  She is a woman intensely aware of her place in Dea al Mon society and in the society of the elder races at large. Rather than win by manipulation she would rather win by pleasing as many people as she can.

And truly, perhaps this is Gale’s Darkness given strength. She is able to suss out with a few questions and the intuition of a Queen the things people want most, the things they need most and if she cannot provide them, she connects people with those who can. The only thing that Gale asks in return is a price of equal value and that price always is paid as part of a favor to another person. In this way, Gale is owed thousands of favors by many people around the territory, favors that it would not hurt them to pay and favors that, when paid, raise her reputation and estimation. She is known among the Dea al Mon as a woman who, aside from being a Queen, is capable of getting things done. She is inestimably capable and knowledgeable and it’s known that she grants audiences to even the most lowly of individuals.

For the most part this is Gale’s nature. There is nothing hidden or put on about it. This is how she is with the people she barely knows and with the people whom she knows intimately. She always offers a strong shoulder to lean on and some age given wisdom. There are few things that Gale hides, though. Those things most often concern her gaining fear for her daughters, her sadness over the unborn males she had to get rid of, and the worries of opening the borders and ruining Dea al Mon or earning the scorn of the kindred.

Despite having twelve children and even more grandchildren, Gale does not consider herself a highly sexual person. She enjoys the rituals of mating and courtship, but she does not seek them as one might expect from a Black Widow. This makes Gale’s choice of companions interesting in that both Jasper and Blade embodied an intense kind of passion. It’s worth noting that the passions of her partners are often exhausting to Gale, as is the politics and drama of society at large. 

  • Knowing Things About Her Daughters - Despite having twelve girls, Gale prides herself on the fact that she knows her daughters very very well. She knows that Lyric is allergic to all types of squash. She knows Saffron loves having her hair played with and pet. She knows that Zephyr prefers to be called Nightingale and that Trinity married one man despite being in love with another. Some of this knowledge is gained in the simple way anyone else would gain it, but it’s easy to forget when one has twelve daughters. Gale never wanted to have a distant relationship with any of her daughters and has endeavored to commit every aspect of their lives to memory. She prides herself on this accomplishment and is often the first one to correct someone who mistakes the details of one of her daughter’s lives for another.

  • Nature Walks - Gale makes time to go on these walks and to catalogue everything she sees.  There are trails and paths that she’s memorized every tree or plant on.  She keeps stack of journals and scrapbooks that keep track of all the changes she observes.  More than just as a Queen, Gale likes the spirit of the forest and feels more like an individual and less like a Queen when she’s walking through it. 

  • The Black Castle - Growing up Gale never thought she would become the Queen of the Territory and never thought she would live in the Black Castle.  Its innumerable rooms fascinate her.  The craft that keeps the fauna within it thriving is absolutely ingenious and she often takes small pleasure from commissioning another room or ordering the destruction of a wall or floor to let in more sunlight.  In this way, The Black Castle is never the same, never the original. It is always changing the same way that people change. 

  • The Kindred’s Wall of Silence - Once upon a time all of the elder races lived together. But never in Gale’s lifetime.  She knows, she knows that the cure to the Waste does not lay with the Dea al Mon and they have done so much for the Kindred.  She simply can’t understand why now, when the Dea al Mon need help they can’t get it from the Elder Races. More than just a personal hopeless desire to see them and speak with them, she can’t understand their silence. They should know that no good comes from ignoring problems.

  • The Hall of Mirrors - The only place within the Black Castle that has no connection to nature, the Hall of Mirrors is all mirrors floor to ceiling and what isn’t mirrors is black marble and witchlight.  It is a cold room full of power that simply envelops her as she walks into it.  Its secrets are more ancient that the eldest races and she can practically sense the depth of the yawning abyss beneath her when she looks into one of the mirrors.  There is an enormous amount of power in that hall and Gale feels uncomfortable within it.

  • Feeling Cornered - There are so many things that are pushing the Queen of the Dea al Mon into a corner right now. All of her daughters have contracted the Waste except for Saffron.  She doesn’t want to show more defference to her daughters than others, but they are her daughters and she’s losing all of them.  She doesn’t want to open up the borders, but things will just keep getting worse for the Dea al Mon if she doesn’t.  She doesn’t want to set Blade aside, but more and more rumors about him are hurting her ability to rule.  Those things are all pressuring Gale and pushing her into a corner. But as the Queen of the fierce Children of the Ebon Wood she cannot ignore it.  She has to deal with it from the small corner she’s been pushed into.

  • Her Daughters Dying - She gave up some babies for them.  Jasper’s daughters are the only things left she has of him. She watched her own mother perish from the Waste. This is a very real and present danger.  Their stages are different and some have even shown signs of becoming monsters, but if they die without a cure, Gale’s grandchildren will have no mothers. If they die it will be a repetition of what happened with her mother.  If they die her heart will break into so many pieces, she’s afraid she’d never recover.

  • Ruining the Dea al Mon Culture - There is a reason that the borders were closed to begin with. The Dea al Mon are fiercely protective of their forests and of their culture.  No one alive now can remember what the world outside was like and Gale is worried that it’s worse than legends. Will the people outside come in and sack the forests and the cities of the Dea al Mon? Will they spread damaging ideas and encourage the Dea al Mon to become like them? Small minded? Power driven? Money hungry? She worries she’s doing the wrong thing. She’s worried that rather than saving her people she’s dooming them.

  • For Blade - Her lover and the father of three of her daughters chooses to antagonize those around him.  He doesn’t leash his anger when it would be best to do so, he threatens and throws the weight of his Dark Jewels around.  Despite her love for him and the effort she makes to show that she’s got control over him and holds his leash, there are people in the territory who would be happy to see her First Escort dead and she cannot stand another heartbreak.

    Craft Strengths:
  • Mind Delving - Gale’s particular brand of mind delving takes the normal Queen’s gift and kicks it up a notch.  Over the years Gale has worked hard to learn to scry people’s minds for their often unconscious desires or needs.  This can be an unspoken wish within their minds or the way their thoughts coalesce into a specific theme.  Gale has become adept at seeking out the problems and then coming up with a solution without people fully understanding how the Queen is able to understand them so well.
  • Geas - A particular brand of Craft available only to the Queen of the Dea al Mon, Gale has learned a particular brand of web weaving which places a craft-driven imperative on anyone who wears that particular web. The conditions of the geas vary and while the rewards are many, the punishments are always craft powered and beyond the scope of even Gale’s ability to block.

    Craft Weaknesses:
  • Manipulation Craft - Distasteful to Gale in the extreme, she has never been able to pick up this particular brand of Craft. There are plenty of ways to get what a person wants. Forcing someone into doing what you want them to is never acceptable. She has never learned this particular craft and the few times she has “attempted” (more like forced), the efforts backfired with Craft induced ill feelings on both ends.
  • Death Spells - As a Queen Gale has always been called to healing and growing and giving life to the land.  Death spells are the polar opposite of her nature.  She is incredibly inept at forming them and utilizing them and has, to date, never had cause to put herself at risk in an attempt to make one work.

    Life Story

    Mother: Clarity Galoneth (deceased) Black Widow
    Father: Epoch Galoneth (163) Rose to Purple Dusk* Warlord

    Cypress’s Daughters:   (Rolled on Cypress's sheet)
    Serene (90) Summer Sky to Purple Dusk Healer
    Amber (87)Opal to Sapphire Queen

    Jasper’s Daughters: (Rolled on Gale's sheet)
    Lyric  (63) Purple Dusk to Green* Priestess
    Trinity (60) Rose to Purple Dusk* Healer
    Sienna  (58) Rose to Opal Healer
    Cascade (53) Tiger Eye to Summer Sky Healer Queen
    Cadence (53) Tiger Eye to Summer Sky Black Widow Queen
    Bliss (49) Rose to Opal witch

    Slate’s Daughter: (Rolled on Gale's sheet)
    Flare (42) Tiger Eye to Rose witch

    Blade’s Daughters: (Rolled on Blade's sheet)
    Hope (31) Rose to Purple Dusk Black Widow* 
    Zephyr (29) White to Tiger Eye Priestess 
    Saffron (25) Blood Opal to Red Healer

    Note: Uncolored jewels marked with a * indicate chosen jewels subject to change.

    Clarity Galoneth could see the future. Like all Black Widows she had a distinct ability to interpret tangled dreams and build tangled webs to look for omens of the future.  At the age of twenty three she looked into a tangled web and saw a vision of time passing. Hundreds of years, then thousands, ages shifting into one another like the countless waves of the sea and then from the fogged horizon, a raven carrying an Opal jewel and dropping it onto the sands of the beach.  It buried itself like a seed seeking nourishment and the land filled with trees as tall as those in the Ebon Wood. The raven went on to sink slowly into the lapping waters of the beach.

    For a long time Clarity did not understand her vision, not, at least, until she met Epoch Deepheart. It was then that her vision crystallized, as did her place in it.  Epoch, at the time, was a full twenty years her senior but the heat between them was immediate and scorching, encouraged by Clarity’s excitement for him.  They handfasted and moved in together and were able to make only one child before tragedy struck their small family.

    As a Black Widow Clarity knew it was coming. She only did not know when and so it seemed a cruel kind of joke, itself an irony, when her recovery from childbirth took so long. Days began to drag on endlessly. She lost, quickly, the desire to do anything, be anything, even to hold the child she had labored for so long to bring into the world. In those days the Waste was still something that happened to those “others”.  Still something that did not afflict the majority of the population, but Clarity knew exactly what it was that had her in its grip. And she knew, with the clarity of her name, that the raven would have to die.

    On a cool spring morning, the Black Widow waited until her husband and her child were outside the house. Gale, their darling Queen daughter was five and Epoch liked to take her out for nature walks. That day when father and daughter returned to the house, it was to find Clarity laying in her bed, forever frozen beneath the shroud of a death web she’d built for herself. Despite not understanding, at that age, the permanence of death, Gale has never forgotten the forest green of her mother’s eyes staring at the ceiling while her father dropped beside her to his knees in grief.

    Despite the death of her mother and the subsequent absence of a mother figure, Gale was a surprisingly cheerful child. She got along well with the other children in her community, even Queens whose families and breeding suggested higher ambitions than her own. To Gale there was never an ambition of ruling, as much as an ambition of taking care of people.  This instinct to care for people and provide them with what they needed was particularly enhanced by her father’s insistence that she be familiar with everyone in the neighborhood and know the people around her and that she be similarly familiar with the other types of life around her.

    As a result, it was Epoch who began to take over most of the schooling for his daughter once she received her Cut Purple Dusk at her Offering.  The exception to this was the training she received with the local court for her Caste. The children she collected around her, including her beloved Cypress, all seemed intrigued by Gale’s well informed knowledge of the world of living things around her.  Few could tell the differences between three different sprigs of leaves, and fewer still would be able to list off with quiet precision exactly what each of those plants would be useful for.

    Like most Queens among the Dea al Mon, after Gale’s Offering and the mediocre color of her jewel, she began to apprentice with the District court.  For three years she held a place in the third circle of Hazel Endowith’s court. It was, perhaps, because of her charming and unambitious nature, and the fact that she did not threaten Lady Hazel in the least, that Hazel gave Gale three villages to rule beneath her.  The younger Queen wasted no time setting up a small court with only two circles. It was a few years before Cypress, her childhood friend and crush and a Prince who was bound to her as a male is to his Queen, returned from his duty with the Ebon Guard to join her court as her Consort.

    She was thirty, and happily ruling her villages when it occurred to Gale that although she was reluctant to get married, she could easily start a new family. It took even less convincing to get Cypress to agree. Soon the couple were expecting a child and a healer informed Gale that the child she bore would be a son. She was in her fourth month when she was summoned by none other than Epiphany Elbereth, no more than twenty years her senior, yet reigning as the Queen of the Dea al Mon.  Gale went with Cypress and a small entourage of three other escorts to the Black Castle.

    It was in the Black Castle as a guest of Epiphany that Gale’s life changed and would become something completely different than she had envisioned. Epiphany revealed to Gale that she had looked into the Seven Mirrors and had seen that a man, not yet born, bearing Gale’s blood would murder her. The significance was unmistakeable as Gale sat before her, her belly gently rounded with life. The two Queens locked hands and during those quiet moments of pain and deliberation, a friendship blossomed. There was no decision made in the room that day.

    Later that night Gale was found having delivered a premature baby into the hands of the Court Healer in a corner of the castle. She was crying when the barely formed fetus was taken away from her without her ever having laid eyes upon it.  Cypress was assured that there was nothing that could be done, but that the Queen would be able to bear other children and she remained hurt but unharmed.  A few days later the devastated couple returned to their home court. 

    It wasn’t much later that Cypress wanted to have another child and despite her fear of having another boy, Gale finally acquiesced.  Upon hearing that it would be a girl, her relief was sharp. Epiphany, having heard that Gale would have a child, came now to Gale’s home to visit. It was then that the two women developed a fast friendship, for Gale’s sacrifice was not forgotten and Epiphany’s gratitude was no small thing.  It was Epiphany herself who fed Gale’s land while she carried her first daughter, Serene, and again when she carried her second, Amber.

    It was when Amber had just received her Birthright that the Queen of Eddersea died. By the time Epiphany came to the District to appoint a Queen, the whole District had, to the witch, fallen behind Gale Galoneth to lead the District. Thus Gale became a District Queen at forty years old with her father functioning as the Steward and Cypress functioning as her Consort.  For twenty years Gale ruled Eddersea. But twenty years was a long time and the rush of youthful excitement became nothing more than affection. Cypress and Gale drifted apart and eventually their relationship became that of First Escort and Queen rather than lovers.

    When the Queen of Devinos became too old to continue her work, there were many Queens vying for her position, some were older than Gale, others were Darker Jeweled. Any one of them might have become the Queen of that Province before Gale but none of them were the favored of Epiphany Elbereth. Gale was appointed to Province Queen of Devinos in short order.  While she brought with her the people of her own Court, strategy taught to her by Epoch inclined her to appointing many of her predecessor’s courtiers and this was how she met Jasper Isilien. 

    Jasper and Gale could not have been better matched.  The Warlord had served under her father in the Ebon Guard for long enough that Epoch suggested the male for Gale’s Master of the Guard. They shared a love of nature more passionate than others of their race and could often be seen arguing over the names and properties of any given plant or tree.  It was a hard thing to love a Queen, for Jasper, and while they lived together as a couple, he was, over and over again, rebuffed in his pursuit of marriage. The Queen didn’t want to marry.

    It was under Jasper’s guidance that Gale developed her Queen’s gifts to reading people, reaching an uncanny ability to understand the unspoken, sometimes unconscious, needs of the people around her. Her court, more and more, developed a reputation as the one to go to for obscure or unreachable favors and Gale began to garner allies across the territory. They were friends who had needed things that the Queen had either ‘unwittingly’ provided or had easily created opportunities for. Things were always possible, she began to believe, when people listened deeply enough and had the willingness to search them out.

    During her time with Jasper, Gale bore him three daughters before becoming pregnant again, this time with a son. She never told Jasper why she aborted their son, and then again, because the next time she was pregnant it was another son. The ache of carrying a child, even for a month and then releasing them nearly destroyed Gale and Jasper, who had only questions and no answers fell into a deep depression. Their love began to darken and their couplings were no longer the lighthearted joyous occasions they had been before.  As if gifting her for her sacrifice, the next time Gale was pregnant it was with twin girls, Cascade and Cadence. Nothing, though, not even their birth could pull Jasper out of the somberness of his mood.

    He was well into the third stage of the Waste by the time Bliss, his last daughter, was born.  Gale reluctantly relieved her lover of his duties and had him placed in the best facility there was. During a raid by the Brood the facility was overrun and the Ebon Guard was called in. Jasper, mistaken for a member of the Brood in his advanced stage, was killed by a member of the Ebon Guard. Gale was seventy-one years old.

    For seven years afterwards Gale had no lovers. She devoted her time to the prosperity of her province and her friendship with Epiphany. By then Epiphany had her son, Raven, and the two women spent much of their time together discussing politics and a fantastical future in which their children married and reproduced. Although Gale had daughters who were bearing children, it seemed Epiphany’s prophecy counted only for Gale and not her daughters which was just as well, since Gale took joy in her grandsons particularly, though she kept close watch on all of them.

    It was during a night spent in the Black Castle during a celebration and too much liquor that Gale became pregnant once again. Despite her terror of it being a son, she found, to her surprise that she was pregnant with yet another daughter.  The father, though interested in his child from a distance, didn’t want to be a part of young Flare’s life.  By the time her Black Widow caste manifested and he had had time enough to regret his decision, the option had long since passed.

    Once again, Gale swore off men only to meet Blade Amdir a few years later.  Again this was during time spent at the Black Castle.  Although she had heard of the Black Widow Warlord Prince, time and coincidence had worked together to never bring them into the same room at the same time until that fateful visit. Under the intense regard of the feline Black Widow Warlord Prince Gale tried to resist. It took only a few days before they began a quiet affair, neither blind to the difficulties of their respective situations, with Blade being Master of the Guard to Epiphany.  It was, to Gale, who had not been in love since Jasper, impossible to hold out against his claim.

    It was difficult to watch, in the next two years, as popular opinion seemed to turn against her dear friend Epiphany, even as it seemed to fall directly on her. After all, Gale had been providing for people in Devinos both on a personal and court level where Epiphany’s rule was stringent and difficult. The people looked for change and despite the unpopularity of it, Gale threw her support behind Epiphany. It wouldn’t help. The Territory Queen became ill and eventually died, unbeknownst to Gale, fulfilling the very prophecy she had warned Gale against.  Even her death came too late, though, for Gale had already aborted a male child of Blade’s early in their relationship. Their first daughter was born two days before Epiphany’s death. By her own blood upon his lips, and by the birth of their daughter, Blade bore  Gale’s blood and it was he who had killed the Queen.

    Territory support fell deftly behind Gale to take the Territory throne and she did so, naming her beloved Cypress who had never left her court as her Steward in place of her aging father. The Master of the Guard position she gave to Raven Elbereth whom she had watched grow from infancy, and the First Escort position she bestowed upon Blade Amdir whose claim to her had been publicly established by then with the birth of their first daughter.  Despite their mutual desire to have him as Consort, even Gale’s desires to marry him, she did not. Too long had she been swimming in Dea al Mon’s political waters and she knew too well how quickly popular opinion would fall away from her if people suspected that she ruled under Blade’s compulsions.

    Zephyr and then Saffron were born in relatively rapid succession, making all of Blade’s daughters born closely together.  It was possible that Gale might have born another, maybe even a boy, now that Epiphany was dead, but then her daughters began to fall, one by one to the Waste. Hope, Flare, Amber, Cascade, Cadence, Serene, Trinity, Bliss, Flare, Serene and Zephyr over the court of fifteen years contracted the Waste. Only Saffron remained to her and Gale, who had watched her own mother take her life because of the disease could not stand the loss of the precious daughters she had sacrificed so much to bring into the world.

    It was under the duress of the loss of her daughters one by one with the exception of her beloved Saffron, that Gale looked into the mirrors and decided it was time to open the borders of the Dea al Mon and invite the Priestesses of the younger races to lift the wasting spirits of the Dea al Mon.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Character in Play:

    The Gale in the mirror was younger than she was and for a moment Gale stared, wondering if she’d ever looked like that.  Had her eyes ever glowed so brightly? Had her hair ever been so thick? Even the pointed edges of her ears looked sharp and pointed like thin little knives. It’s an illusion, she told herself, but the Gale in the mirror didn’t look like an illusion.  She looked like the woman Gale might have been if the tragedies in her life hadn’t happened.  If things had been allowed to go at their own pace without the interruptions of prophecies and death. 

    “Open the borders and they will come,” Said Mirror Gale.

    “If I open the borders then they will come,”  Real Gale said, wondering all the while how real she could be.  What was stopping the beautiful, younger mirror image of her from crawling out of her frame and taking her place?

    The small difference in the way they phrased their words was not lost on either Gale.

    “They can be your salvation.” Mirror Gale said.

    “What if they’re our destruction?”

    The Queen in the mirror shrugged her shoulders.  Had her shoulders ever been that beautifully delicate? Had they ever sloped so perfectly, the skin so supple it invited touch?  Gale couldn’t stop staring wondering if this was vanity or jealousy.  “They could come in and destroy the forest, destroy the armies, destroy everything.  They could take our people and cast them across the realms.  What’s to stop the Dea al Mon from falling completely?”

    “Nothing,”  Mirror Gale answered. “What’s to stop Saffron from getting the Waste? What’s to stop Blade from killing Cypress? What’s to stop Fir running away like Hope did? What’s to stop Lyric or Trinity or Flare from killing themselves like your mother did?”

    Somewhere within her Gale realized that these were questions she asked herself so often. The mirror wasn’t giving her any new information.

    And then she did.  “Leave the borders closed and the Dea al Mon will fall to the Waste and perish. Open the borders and risk everything.  You may never live long enough to see the Waste culled from the population, but your daughters might. And their daughters, and their sons.” 

    The real Gale clenched her fists.  She wanted to strike the woman in the mirror, but in the end she didn’t.  She was shuddering, whether from the power echoing against the walls of this place or from the information she was receiving she didn’t know.  Wordlessly she began to back away from the mirror, but the image of Mirror Gale suddenly appeared in all the mirrors across the hall. She was surrounded by another world version of herself and the woman who ruled all of the Dea al Mon turned her back and walked so briskly it was almost running, out of the Hall.

    The doors opened in a shocking whir like butter melting before a hot knife.  They closed behind her with the finality of an audience given and ended.  She didn’t rule the Dea al Mon, she thought, as she walked towards the office of the Steward.  The woman in the mirror did, and she always had. 

    Player Name: Nicole, as created by Tal

    Why did this character became inactive? Circumstances made it impossible for me to participate on the site.

    What are your plans for this character after Reactivation? Rule like a boss, worry about her daughters, fawn over Blade while he does incredibly violent things.

    Number of previous Reactivations for this character: 0

    Changes Made to Application for Reactivation (if any) : None

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Re: Gale Galoneth
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Ready for review.

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Re: Gale Galoneth
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Re: Gale Galoneth
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