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Author Topic: Finley Devlin  (Read 1228 times)

Description: Warlord. Yellow to Summer Sky. Played by Jamie.

Offline Finley Devlin

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Finley Devlin
« on: Dec 26, 15, 12:29:28 PM »
The Basics

Character Name:  Finley Devlin
Nicknames:  Fin
Age: 42 (B. 151 AP)
Race:  Short Lived
Caste:  Warlord
Birth Territory:  Little Terreille
Home Territory:  Scelt

Birthright Jewel: Yellow
Offering Jewel:  Summer Sky
(Jewels rolled per Finley's NPC Adoption Sheet)


Play By: Ben Affleck
Distinguishing Features:


Finley is the quiet brother and often appears to be withdrawn from the rambunctious clan. Even so he would be the first in line to lay down his life for any of his siblings, and especially his Queen. Loyalty has been bred into him from the moment he was adopted into the Devlin clan and embraced by the crowded, enthusiastic and loving family. Loyalty is the very backbone and core to his existence and survival within the Devlin family, the Scelt Court, and within the turbulent Territory. While he finds satisfaction in the love of his family there is something that has also driven Finley to embrace a lonely and more somber existence that has begun to worry those closest to him.

Though Finley would never be described as simple minded he is not as smart, cunning or clever as his siblings. Where Brogan is a tactician when it comes to fighting and Rorie is a strategician, Finley always has been better suited for the role of foot soldier. He leaves the critical thinking to those who showed a greater aptitude and places his trust in them to direct orders to him that will use the strengths he possesses in combat. Finley has been properly trained but has never sought to further educate himself on various matters, especially with tactics and strategy. Beyond his rather average existence he is a trained warrior with all the instincts that entails.

Though he appears as solemn and sober to those outside of the family, the inner circle of the Devlin clan, and the extended family within the Court of Scelt, have frequently seen another side of Finley. It is a side that conservatively brings the life of the Warlord to the forefront and makes him the favorite brother to his younger sister Aine. He is aware of his vulnerable side but loathes to share it with anyone outside of his closest circle of family and friends. The Warlord sees vulnerability as the greatest weakness that he cannot afford to have exploited, and is careful to protect that particular flank of his personality.

  • Simplicity; There are so many elements of Finley's life that are overcomplicated that he takes extreme pleasure in the simple things. Finley enjoys anything that is straight forward in its existence or presentation, or even just helps to simplify life and it's trials.
  • Killan Estates; As a child Finley dreamt of a home in the country, with rolling hills, dense forests, livestock, and the ability to wander it all without being intruded upon. When he was first introduced to Killan Estates he saw those dreams become reality and it is something that he will never take for granted.
  • Family; Though Finley is quiet and often withdrawn there is little he loves more in the Realm than his family and the sense of belonging he feels among the Devlins, or the extension to the Doyles, Killans and Loreniel's Court. For most Blood Family is something that is cemented in stone and taken for granted, but for Finley his family is close knit, and each child of Liam Devlin's understands that they were wanted and there was nothing accidental about their acceptance into the Devlin clan.
  • Blind Optimism; Finley is a man who believes in common sense and relying on one's self rather than for divine intervention. In a similar vein of thought he has is keenly disappointed in those people who are blindly optimistic, without fair judgment or reasoning. He does not find them infectious or inspiring; instead he founds them obnoxious and intoxicating, wishing that they would embrace reality rather than some trumped up dream world.
  • Loreniel's Treatment of Brogan; Most of the Devlin siblings refuse to take a side when it comes to the troubles between Loreniel and Brogan, but Finley has always respected his younger brother. Brogan has made his interests clear to Loreniel, who skirts around the topic, and Finley believes that the Queen should simply explain herself to Brogan once and for all in an attempt to free the Warlord Prince from the trauma that the slivers of hope cause him.
  • Judgment of his Nature; Finley is a quiet and thoughtful individual who often speaks more slowly than his siblings and takes longer to make an educated decision. It is often that those who are unfamiliar with Finley take his reactions as a sign that he is either stupid, slow or uneducated and it makes further interactions with those individuals extraordinarily difficult and trying.
  • Unrest in Scelt; The difficulties in Scelt have plagued Loreniel since her early days of ruling. They were never quite as difficult for her grand-mother and the Killan dynasty, who had always managed to maintain control of the Territory with little fighting (though controlling peace between Clans was simply impossible in Scelt). The unrest has caused trouble of Loreniel, the Court, but it has begun scarring and destroying members of his family and extended family, and has come too close to home for Finley to merely accept as "Scelts being Scelts".
  • Aine; Though both Aine and Finley were adopted they were meant to be raised as siblings, and nothing else. Finley has commonly felt uncomfortable around his sister which has been a strange realization for the Warlord who is only ever at his most comfortable among his family. As Aine has grown up Finley has become more confused over the strange reaction he has around his sister and the trouble it is causing him internally. Perhaps the greatest fear is of someone identifying what Finley refuses to acknowledge.
  • Reliance; Finley fears that he might have to be relied up by the Court in lieu of a sibling or in place of one. He views himself as just an element of Court, a pawn on a chess board, to be moved around by the tactically inclined minds of his brothers, or Rorie, or even Loreniel. The fear he has is that some day he could be called upon to provide that tactica input if his brothers or the others are unavailable, or Darkness forbid, dead. Finley knows that in such a situation the best outcome would be disappointing Loreniel and the worst could be the death of all that he loves.
Craft Strengths:
  • Combat Shielding; Finley is a Scelt trained Warlord. Fighting is what he was born to do as a pawn on a chessboard. He has done everything expected of him and participated in all the trianing provided to him, including all the combat training. As would be expected he showed a particular strength in combat shielding, following the path that the Darkness so carefully had laid out for him.
  • Battle Offense; The other side of the coin, to Fin's strength in shielding, is also his strength in Battle Offensive craft. The man was trained to wield them simultaneously and in protection of himself, a group of men, or the Queen that he has sworn to protect. To Finley they represent simple, straightforward Craft and that is why he believes he was gifted with them as his strengths.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • Stealth Craft; Finley is convinced that Stealth Craft is something far to complicated for him to ever master. And when he was given lessons in the craft he proved himself correct. Though his instructors insisted it was an extension of combat craft, which he excelled at, it was never anything that Finley could master.
  • Empathy Craft; Emotions are something that should be managed on a personal level and without the influence or aid of Craft, Finley believes, and he feels that empathy craft, no matter how good the intentions, will only ever cause trouble if used. He has sworn off the craft aside from basic lessons in charisma, which he failed at miserably.
Life Story

Biological Family:
Mother: Seanna Fontane, Purple Dusk to Green witch (B. 130 AP) - deceased
Father: Eloi Demange, Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk Warlord (B. 127 AP) - deceased
(Parent’s Jewels per his Family sheet, lowered the PD-Sapphire to TE-PD)

Adopted Family:
(Father) Liam Devlin, Summer Sky to Green Warlord Prince (B. 129 AP)
(Brother) Aidan Devlin, Summer Sky to Green Warlord Prince (B. 149 AP) - Deceased
(Brother) Kean Devlin, Summer Sky to Opal Prince (B. 151 AP)
(Brother) Cillian Devlin, Rose to Purple Dusk Warlord (B. 151 AP)
(Sister) Brighe Devlin, White to Tiger Eye (B. 157 AP)
(Sister) Honora Devlin, Yellow to Rose Queen (B. 158 AP)
(Brother) Brogan Devlin, Green to Gray Warlord Prince (B. 160 AP)
(Brother) Brennan Devlin, Opal to Green Prince (B. 162 AP):
(Brother) Ronan Devlin, Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk Warlord (B. 165 AP)
(Sister) Sorcha Devlin, Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk witch (B. 165 AP)
(Sister) Aine Devlin, Blood witch (B. 169 AP)
(Sister) Siobhan Devlin, Birthright Yellow witch (B. 170 AP)

Finley’s biological mother, Seanna Fontane, is a distant memory for the Warlord. What he can remember is a peacefully sweet woman who was simple in her desire, likes and life. Finley remembers nothing of his father, other than a that he was a large man who always smelled like tabac. Those few memories were all that Finley has to remember his the happiness of his early childhood. Certainly the element of happiness went missing upon the death of his parents and was not returned to Finley’s life until he found himself amidst a group of embracing and overwhelming siblings, as a member of the Devlin clan. After the questionable death of his parents he was given to the care of a guardian, a cousin on his father’s side, who began embezzling the small inheritance that had been left to Finley by his parents. When the money ran out the care given to Finley began to dwindle and he was often left neglected.

When Finley was just seven years old Liam Devlin, while abroad, came across Finley and his guardian. Later Liam explained to Finley that word had come to him through his connections about the boy’s situation and though it was not dire, Liam had been roused to check on Finley himself. Liam had been in Little Terreille checking after his ex-wife and ensuring that she was removed from Scelt. After a bribe was placed with his cousin the guardianship of the Warlord was passed to Liam Devlin and he officially adopted the boy. Finley was brought into the middle of a family, as an older brother in an already growing family. It took Finley until he was nearly eleven and more children had been brought into the family before he was fully comfortable amidst the ranks of the siblings.

Liam was always adept at understanding what strengths and weaknesses each of his children possess and in finding them a vocation to follow that would make them happy and provide continued support to the Killan dynasty. It was easily apparent to Liam that Finley was at his very core the perfect Warlord and in proper Sceltic fashion he began training Finley himself to become a Sceltic warrior. Despite not being of direct Sceltic descent Finley embraced everything about being a Sceltic warrior from the kilts with the Devlin tartan, to wielding a sword, bow and arrow, and dagger with deadly efficiency. Fin’s brothers, along with Liam, often forced Fin to work harder and achieve more, and in the art of physical warfare he outpaced even Brogan. His brothers, and father, understood that Fin’s lighter Jewels would put him at a disadvantage against those who were darker, and so they provided him with the extra motivation needed to work harder to prove himself and learn to rely on his strength, brawn, brain and honed skills in addition to his Jewels; it provided him with something to fall back on in a fight and gave him an edge over most potential opponents.

Despite not being a native to Scelt as Finley aged he came to realize that no other Territory could be his home. Like his siblings Fin’s identity was interwoven with the other members of the Devlin clan, but also with the Killan dynasty, and the Doyle clan. His first loyalty was undoubtedly to the Killans, second loyalty was to his family, and then his Territory. Within Scelt Finley had found his home. He loved the countryside, with the tall mountains and deep valleys that created some of the most breathtaking lakes and vistas he could ever claim to have seen.

Finley had transferred his love of Scelt and his loyalty to the Killans into service for the Sceltic Court when Loreniel established her own at the Killan Estates following her twentieth birthday. Finley is a steadfast supporter of Loreniel and had taken the role of second in command of the guards, second to Rorie Doyle the Master of the Guard, and a close friend of Finley’s from his childhood. Serving Loreniel and her Court has been difficult for the families as she’s struggled to maintain a loose grip on peace within the Territory; and as members of her Court dwindle in size and raw power. Finley has never questioned his Queen but supports her even knowing he could be the next to be sacrificed on the altar of peace for Scelt.

Show Us What You've Got

Writing Sample:
The impact caught Finley unaware and he staggered backwards a few steps uncertainly as fought to catch his breath. Despite holding up a hand, a universal sign among Scelt’s guards to pause a sparring, he was struck again and the blow knocked him cleanly to the floor.

Finley should have known better than to spar with his brother when he had been riled into such a temper. He knew better but he couldn’t allow any of the lower guards to become fodder for the Warlord Prince’s temper, not after what happened last time he had chosen to take out such anger in the sparring ring without fairly preparing his opponents.

”Cease!” Finley called after he’d caught his breath.

The boot of Brogan’s foot was inches away from Finley’s face and seemed to hover there for a few moments. Finley stared at the sole of Brogan’s well made boots, likely purchased in Tuathal the last time he’d made a trip to the capital city of Scelt, and counted out the seconds while his brother seemed to regain his temper. At last Brogan lowered his foot to the ground but did not extend a helping hand to Finley, which was unusual for the Warlord Prince. Nevertheless Finley stood without his help.

He studied his brother for a few moments more as Brogan paced the length of the practice ring, each step pronouncing his agitation. Brogan had been barely tolerable since Loreniel had captured Eamonn Sheane. “How about we go hunting?” Finley suggested after a moment. Hunting was an activity that would take Brogan, and Finley, away from the Court for at least several days and would serve a dual purpose of putting food on the table for the Keep. At first it looked like Brogan would argue and Finley was prepared to state his case but his brother relented, wordlessly nodding his head in agreement, and Finley hoped that he would be able to tame Brogan enough to be presented back at Court in a few days.

Petitions (if any): 
Why did this character became inactive?
Finley was originally created to have an arc with Aine, bu after two failed attempts to get her adopted I lost the muse to play Finley.

What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
This time I'm not tying his success or failure in with another character. Instead I'm tying him into bigger plots and plans around the Court of Scelt. This should allow me greater movement with the character and less focused plottage.

What are your plans for this character?
The Court of Scelt is changing drastically; with two of the three members of the Queen's Triangle having moved out to other Courts there are suddenly positions open within the Triangle. Finley has served as the second to the Master of the Guard for much of his career and is to be considered for the role. In addition there are other plots coming into the Court that will influence Finley and provide additional plots for him to engage in.

Number of previous Reactivations: 0

Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) : Updated his age.

Player Name: Jamie

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Re: Finley Devlin
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