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Title: Evony Bos
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The Basics

Character Name: Evony Bos
Nicknames: Ev, Evie
Age and Birth Year: 32, born 162 ap
Race: Rihlander, Short Lived
Caste: Hearth Witch
Birth Territory:Altai District, Rihland
Home Territory: Ebon Varos, Rihland

Birthright Jewel: Uncut Rose
Offering Jewel: Cut Purple Dusk

Role: Hearth Witch
Faction: Territory Court

Play By: Zooey Deschanel
Distinguishing Features:

 Evony's eyes are so pale a blue they almost seem gray at first glance.  When not irritated, she often seems to be day-dreaming -  and when she is annoyed she'll get this pinched expression that most people would label 'cute'.  Many at first glance would think this makes her a simple creature. Not stupid, but ... simple.


  Evony lets people get away with thinking she's simple... until she chooses to change their minds.  She has been known to take people back with the blunt and plainspoken way she says things.  It's very rare that she'll take the time to dance politically.  If she thinks that speaking up will get her killed she just doesn't speak up.  She'll revisit the issue when she's fairly certain that it won't result in death - and she won't typically pull the punch once handing it out.
  Strangely, this tends to endear her to those that have to deal with her on a regular basis.  Whether it works under the new administration of Rihland, that's yet to be seen.  Evony doesn't seem to care if they like it or not - what they need, she'll provide.  And if they dislike her way of speaking about it - well, they could always fire her if they really don't like it. 
  In the case of Kalvar - she could do worse in the search for a safe place for Petra; but it's worth the risk.  Someone near him has to make him feel more like a normal person.  Why not the hearth witch with no ambition? 
  This particular habit of hers has made her useful in ways that most probably wouldn't notice.  She takes care of not just Kalvar's things in Ebon Varos, but the rest of the place as well.  When someone bleeds on a floor, it's probably Evony and her small staff that take care of it.  It's amazing what you can learn of people when cleaning their floors and walls.  Unofficially, Evony seems to almost be a spy within the walls - for Kalvar alone.  If a hint of strangeness happens within the keep's walls - she'll let him know.  None within the eyrie, save maybe Kalvar himself, know just WHY Evony likes him; and it would take some impressive coercion to get her to spill the beans.
  The only person to whom she really attempts to soften tones and verbage is her niece, Petra.  The little Queen has lost the rest of her family.  The little queen has stolen Evony's heart, and for her - well, for her, Evony would do anything.  Even summon up the courage to climb to Ebon Varos and tell Kalvar that he would hire her as the maid.
  The moment she laid eyes on him, she decided he needed a no-nonsense sort of friend.  Someone who would let him know how things are, and who wouldn't be terrified every time he dared to breathe in their direction.  Whether Kalvar thinks he needs a friend is irrelevant.  She's going to be one anyways.



Craft Weaknesses:

Life Story


Mother:   Genivee Bos - Witch - White to Tiger Eye - DEAD
Father:   Leon Grier - Warlord - White to Rose -  DEAD
SiblingsLuka Bos - Warlord Prince - Yellow to Tiger Eye - DEAD
       *Elica Viets - Healer - Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk -  ASSUMED DEAD
Niece:   Petra Viets - Queen, Child - Opal will Descend to Sapphire - 10 years old, born 184 ap

*  Sister in law, paired to Luka Bos

  Luka and Evony were born just a few minutes apart.  Luka was the first born, and he never failed to remind her whenever she got 'uppity' with him.  All their lives they could be found getting into trouble with each other, and just as often they could be found tussling whenever there wasn't someone on the outside to gang up on.  Despite the rough nature of their relationship, they were like most twins - inseparable.
  Luka met a woman when he was 20... they had a child, and the woman moved in with him.  At first, Evony hated Elica.  Turned out they were too much alike, despite the Healer being more inclined to not be moved to violence.  Once they made their peace, the family breathed a sigh of relief.  It was Petra that made them get along.
  Evony fell in love with that little girl.  Everyone did.  And they did everything they could to hide her.  When she was born, they were all terrified.  One look at her and their hearts had melted... because it was obvious very quickly that she was a child that would be stolen by the Eyriens. 
  They were all successful for years.  Elica hid Petra's scent.  They never let her wander unattended... and generally the overprotective family routine did wonders.  The few people in town who knew about Petra's caste were more than willing to help hide her.  It wasn't until 189 that they ran into problems. Those problems being the upsurge in Eyriens looking for rebels.
  Three of them descended on her while she was in the fields... and one of them caught a whiff of... something on her.  She realized with terror that she hadn't scrubbed herself clean after doing Petra's hair that morning... and some bit of it had to be lingering.  She was surrounded faster than she could really react.
  Eyriens were not kind.  Plenty of Rhilander women knew that.  But she'd never imagined it would happen to HER.  Panicked screaming was all she could pour from her lips before they managed to put up an aural shield she could not press through.  But her brother had heard her from the barn... and he came out in time to see what they were going to do to his sister.
  Conventional wisdom would have him staying back, waiting to pick up the pieces.  But like Evony, he wasn't the sort to think that clearly when family was in danger.  Without thought, he raced into the field, bellowing out his rage.  The Eyriens were not as surprised as she'd hoped they would be... but they WERE surprised when she came up off the ground and drove a small shovel into the back of the male that had been tearing her clothes to pieces. 
  They could have taken the three.  They would be wounded, but they would have had them.  Unfortunately, the three weren't the only ones who had descended into the town that day.  All too soon others had joined the fray.  Her father, mother... and her brother.  Her sweet, protective brother... they died.
  Butchered by Eyriens who had been in the wrong.  Petra had been at the neighbor's house that day... it was all that saved her.  All that saved Evony was that she'd been knocked unconscious... and left for dead.  She swore on her brother's dead body that she would protect Petra.  She swore she would keep her safe.  She saw to their funerals herself.  And then she and Petra hid on a neighboring farm, kept secret whenever the Eyriens came into town.
  A few months later, Kalvar Elbremov wiped out Ebon Varos and Ebon Rih.  She quickly packed up Petra when she heard that he was taking command of Rhiland... and with her niece in tow, she made her way to Ebon Varos.  She left Petra with the horse, tucked away in the woods with directions to make her way to a farm if she wasn't back by dawn the next day... and then she made her way to Kalvar Elbremov himself.
  Her attention was more on the room around them when she was shown to him... and she had pursed her lips in that way her brother had groaned about.  it was the look she gave whenever the house was unacceptably cluttered.
  "You need a maid.  I'm here.  I'll need a room for myself and one more, sir."
  Most would have laughed.  She was fairly certain that someone stifled a laugh at her boldness.  But those pale eyes had locked on Kalvar, chin lifting in defiance.  For whatever reason... Kalvar seemed to approve.  She was able to fetch Petra that very evening, bringing her to their new home in Ebon Varos.
  She has never looked back.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:

  "Petra.  Put that down."  She twisted about, her hands plucking the knife out of Petra's hand before setting it down on a cutting board.  Her fingers flipped Petra's hands up, making sure there were no knicks or cuts. 
  "Aunt Ev.."
  "Don't 'aunt ev' me, young woman.  You aren't supposed to touch those knives yet."  Evony's hands carefully folded the girls fingers closed, her eyes raising to lock on that small sweet face.  "Oh, sweetling... you don't need to grow up too fast."  She reached out, cupping that small face.  The tears in those eyes ripped at her... but it was important that Petra be safe. 
  Even from herself.
  Quietly, she gathered the girl in her arms, cradling her for a moment as she leaned against the counter.  Kalvar himself could come stalking into this kitchen demanding the space, and she'd tell him to bugger off for the moment.  Petra looked so much like her father it hurt.  She hadn't told anyone other than Kalvar how she'd come to be guardian of Petra... and frankly, no one else needed to know.  He understood it, she was certain.
  "Alright, sweetling.  Get that plant over there.  You have to practice."
  "But it's so boring."
  "NOW young lady.  Or there will be no dessert for you tonight."  Chuckling, Evony forced the despair away.  She could cry later, when Petra was not looking.  She could remember the look in her brother's face when he realized he was going to die.  She could remember that it was HER fault... because she couldn't keep from screaming out in terror and anger at what was happening. 
  The thought nearly had her knife skipping a beat... but she caught it in time. 
  "Aunt Ev.. what are we eating tonight?"
  "Lamb and potatoes."
  "Like dad?"
  Her throat closed off for a moment... but she forced a smile.  "Yes, sweetling.  Just like your dad's and mom's.  I taught them how to make it, you know."
  She smiled, and laughed, and exchanged stories with the sweet little girl for the rest of the night.  And when night came, claiming her sweetling's eyes and dreams... she tucked her in.  And then she made her way back to the kitchen, where shes could pour herself a good stiff drink and get mildly drunk.  TWO years... two years she'd had to pretend that everything would be fine and dandy. Two years she'd been bottling up her own misery and pain so that Petra could be raised right, free of as much pain as she could spare the girl. 
  It was worth it.  "She looks more and more like you, you big lunkhead."  She stared at the fire, tipping her drink back and swallowing it down before pouring another.  "She's got Elica's eyes though. And she doesn't have your broken nose."  She chuckled, settling onto her stool.  "She's brilliant, Luka... really brilliant.  So much better than the both of us."  Her hands finally lifted, covering her eyes.  And tonight, like every night since that day... she let the emptiness in her mind bring her new tears. 
  He didn't answer her.  He hadn't for two years.  And he wouldn't until the Darkness claimed her again.  Luka was dead.  Her twin was gone... and she'd made a promise.  Petra would be a damned fine queen, and the safest little girl to have ever lived.  She'd made sure of it.  There was a damned Black Prince to make sure of Petra's safety just down the hall.  No one would ever lay a hand on Petra against her will.  Ever.  And someday... someday Petra would find a way to help mend Rihland in ways that even Kalvar couldn't.   For Luka, and Elica... for all those she'd lost so young. 
  And maybe, just maybe Evony would be able to sleep through an entire night without tears on her face when she woke up.  Someday.

Petitions (if any):
  Using my Rose to Purple Dusk gift from Phinn, per here (

Player Name: Erica
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Using phinn's Rose to Purple Dusk gift for me.   Could I get cut/uncut status pls?

Also, 5 family rolls, if you don't mind.
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5. Yellow - Tiger Eye
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Ok.  :)  Fixed the points transaction thing.
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Weighed by Mother Night...

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Ready for Review
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Ready for Round TWO
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Per 2018 Thanksgiving Shop Adoptable Dark Ally Roll:

Weighed by Mother Night...

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