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Author Topic: Esteri Makela  (Read 821 times)

Description: Priestess. Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk. Played by Petrichor.

Offline Esteri Makela

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Esteri Makela
« on: Jan 18, 17, 04:10:09 PM »
The Basics

Character Name:  Esteri Makela
Nicknames: The Lonely Prophet (how she appears, through some sort of symbolism, to Black Widows seeing visions of her).
Age:  31 (born in 160 AP)
Race:  Short Lived, Glacian.
Caste:  Priestess
Birth Territory: Glacia, Kaeleer.
Home Territory: Glacia, Kaeleer.

Birthright Jewel: Cut Tiger Eye
Offering Jewel: Uncut Purple Dusk 

Play By: Amber Heard
Distinguishing Features: Esteri is on the very low end of average height at five feet four inches. While not a fan of very high heels she usually wears shoes with some lift. Her frame is a coveted hourglass form which she keeps in shape not through the power of her jewels metabolism, but exercise. As a result of the regime required to keep the woman who loves rich foods in star-shape she is more muscular than many high society women.

Her eyes are also a very bright shade of blue which is quite eye catching even from a distance.



Esteri was marked as one of the faith's caste before her first birthday. The genius experiences a profound communion with the Darkness and that bond plays a major role in the way her mind processes information. In a world where her voice could've easily been smothered by the shame of a Birthright so light a similar descent was inevitable it gave Lady Makela the confidence to do many things and think all kinds of things others in her position couldn't dream of. Ambition and drive in spades aid her on her many quests, lost causes, and spiritual endeavours of all kinds.

Such confidence wasn't considered appealing in one the people stained by a lack of worth in Mother Night's eyes. Before she grew into her myriad of social graces Esteri often found herself the centre of punishment, ridicule, or worse because of the insistent way in which she spouted heretical values. It wasn't until the Priestess ran away from home that she learned through necessity mostly, how to share her views in a way even the Dark Religion's most loyal adherents could agree with.  In the “real world” she caught on quickly that the best way to change the world would be bit by bit and the first seeds of revolution were ones of acceptance.

Sister Makela is renown for her magnetic presence and the palpable aura of divine love she radiates through her work and in her speeches. Women of her caste are often blessed with charisma. Esteri has honed it and crafted from it a persona capable of moving through Glacia's highest echelons and darkest jewels as nearly an equal – a miracle in the judgemental society cultivated by the Dark Religion's extremism and exclusion. 

From as early on as the Priestess can remember she's had an affinity for words, numbers, and patterns big and small. In them she believes it's possible to see into the plan behind Mother Night's creation. Throughout the advancement of these interests, and their theoretical mastery, she began to turn her skills towards cryptographer and its associated arts. As an adult she's become a master of encryption and decryption in all varieties as it has been a vital part of getting the whole of her message out there. Everything she's learned has been at the urging of that ever present voice in her soul pushing her towards her destiny's duties.

A part of her sees codes in everything and while this gift allows her to do great work, she often gets lost in her own world of strange, spiritual divination of fate, fortune, redemption and more. Conversations which stray towards the deeply philosophical with the Priestess become dizzying rides of insight and confusingly linked, but undeniable bonds found in creation's works of all sizes and types.

As one of the famed spiritual leaders of her time its her job to dazzle. However the seemingly all confidant witch can often get caught up in the seeking of signs. A prophet of subtle means such as she must always be on the look out and though this vigilance has brought her success it has also made her a very superstitious woman. Esteri clings to ritual and routine to keep herself grounded though there's little that can be done for her nerves if she spots something believed to be an ill omen. Too often are her instincts right and her success rate has left her paranoid and on guard. Though exhausting it is a necessity of the double life she leads.

“Happiness is the art of allowing everything to be exactly as it is,” is the mantra that made the author/personality famous, and it's the one by which she lives her life. Though her life is a complicated and messy one, she's been blessed with the ability to reach all of Glacia with her messages and that means everything to her.

Though she has her mind probed for the very secrets she carefully has removed from her thoughts on a regular basis by a Black Widow she's managed to keep making strides towards breaking the Dark Religion's hold. What this, and her other luck and blessings have always told her, is that she is doing exactly as she is supposed to be. Whatever comes, even death, she will return to the Darkness knowing she did her part, that she planted seeds of hope and change that could help heal the land, and that's all a woman hoping to make things better can ask for out of life.

Glamourous as her life's surface seems Esteri's work as a smuggler and a voice of the Underground means that the only people who know the full truth of her are those whom work with her and share in her indiscretions. The Priestess fears that if she shares too much of her burden something will go wrong and all her work, isolation, and sleepless nights spent labouring will have been for nothing. Furthermore though she is driven by an altruistic love for the people of the Realms she is often disappointed in them as individuals. Her insight allows her to see the best and worst those around her are capable of and all too often in Glacia people cave in to the worst parts of themselves. It disappoints her and makes her a woman wary of getting close, and a witch hard to be close to as the exactiing standards she holds herself too are difficult for more average minds and personalities to uphold.

What's good about this is that she serves as a constant source of inspiration for what can be accomplished to those close to her. What's hard for those that do get close is this – Esteri burns in an enduring and blinding way and causes her to cast a shadow it's all too easy for others to find themselves stuck in. 

  • Language. Language was Esteri's first great puzzle and by consequence it is her oldest love. She takes great comfort in mastering the many arts associated with the means through which mortal beings clumsily express feelings too big for articulation.

    Words are how people share ideas, beliefs, and faith. Outside of love and craft there is no greater magic.

    This is why public speaking and personal connection with her followers/flock (they're largely one in the same) is such an important part of her work. Esteri, while skilled with a great many things, is best when language, communication, and empathy are a part of the equation and the latter two are facilitated greatly by her knack for the first.

  • Codes, Omens, Symbols, and Numbers. Esteri believes (and shares with the world this notion) that the Mother's will is hidden throughout the day to day lives of every one of her children. The key is, and has always been, understanding what to look for and how to spot the signs pointing to one's happiest path. Mother Night's teachings themselves are stories and lessons layered and woven more intricately than any spider or widow's web.  This belief has bred in Lady Makela a passion for all things mystical, secret, and complex. 

    Complex codes, secret languages, marked and known omens, shared cross cultural symbols, and the maddeningly vast world of mathematics all hold keys to the veiled mysteries of the Darknesses' will weaves through the mortal world. All woven together these disciplines provide the secret means through which her real message of light jeweled equality is spread. They're not just a passion but a part of her purpose and through their practice and study she feels closer to the Mother and when she feels closer to the Mother that's when her best work is done.

  • Solitude. Esteri's inner circle is miniscule and even tinier is the group of people with whom she can be honest about everything with. Even then, even among those with whom she shares feelings of love and family Lady Makela finds she prefers to spend her leisure time alone. Unkind as it may be Esteri has not yet met a single individual who can inspire in her the same sense of love and wonder that she receives from her connection to the Mother of all.

    Spiritual reasons set aside it's also only in her own company that she may work, talk and think at a pace which she needn't slow down for anyone else. Being exceptional and well loved is a constant tightrope walk of wowing an audience while also making them feel, wholly and trully, that you are no different from them and it's exhausting. Gifts of her caste aside the Lady Makela was born with a mind that works on a level elevated from that of most around her. Being around others is often a lonely reminder of how different she is and it is easiest to be content when there is no one to perform for.

  • The Dark Religion.  As long as Esteri has understood the mechanisms behind love she has understood its close opposite, hatred. Even before being marked by a shameful birthright at the age of eight the prodigy Priestess took offence to the notion that any of her Mother's people could be considered inherently imperfect because something like psychic power.

    While she firmly believes that there are people of better moral character than others this doesn't make any person “better” than another. All people really are is the sum of their actions and the effect they have on the people and world around them. The Dark Religion is just a way for the lazy, selfish, and lucky in jewels to be the “best,” though what they do in pursuit of that position is often stomach turning.

    Mortal beings were granted infinite potential by the Darkness – power, free will, and a world to tend and so many fall to greed instead of betterment of the Land. This disappointment fuels her loneliness as she finds it hard to connect with the sort she deals with on a day to day basis.

  • Watering Down her Message. Due to the oppressive nature of the Dark Religion's regime it is currently impossible for Esteri to let loose with the truth of her message as freely and bluntly as she would like. No matter how careful she is with the drafts of her novels she sends to her publishing house, they always come back with revisions. The vast sum of these edits are largely comprised of notes intended to soften the impact of her message.

    Understanding as she is of the need to work within the system it's a constant battle for Esteri to keep her tongue and pen in check for the good of her continued mission. There's so much more that NEEDS to be heard by the Glacian people that the current climate won't allow for. All Esteri can hope for is that in her lifetime things will change enough so that she can become a public figure for effecting real change, and the abolishing of the Dark religion, across her homeland and Nharkava.

  • Defeatism. Though guilty of saying it quite a few times herself Esteri hates the phrase “I can't,” and all other similar cries. It's one thing when its uttered after a person's limits have been tested and a goal has been proven without a doubt out of reach. In most cases however a defeatist attitude is simply a mask meant to hide cowardice, laziness, and unwillingness to change or risk the disapproval of one's peers.

    There is little in the world to Esteri quite as insidious, destructive, and selfish as a defeatist attitude in the face of adversity.

  • Being Discovered. Though fairly obvious given the intensely dangerous lifestyle Esteri's chosen to lead the fear of being discovered is a never ending and persistent worry which holds a hand in all the major choices the Priestess makes. Even choices that hold no impact over her greater purpose find themselves tainted by her paranoia.

    This fear is why she is alone. This fear is why in spite of having a great dream she allows such a small number of people to work with her.  Lady Makela is so afraid of being found out that she is cautious to an extreme in her extensive planning. There is simply no other way to survive such a risk filled existence. Trusting in the wrong moment, the wrong opportunity, or worst of all the wrong person simply isn't an option. Not only is her life on the line, but the mission is put at risk anytime she makes a choice and so she must play life like a game of chess upon which everything rides. No move goes unexamined and even in the face of her brain's processing abilities its exhausting.

    However, until the Glacian world is different and safe for ALL its inhabitants Esteri simply doesn't see any other way to live the life she's meant to lead.

  • Dying before Glacia's on the right path. Arrogance is something that goes a little bit hand in hand with being “chosen,” in any sense of the word by a divine power and as such Esteri fears that if she dies before she's done more to break the Dark Religion's chains that it'll be far too long before another voice of change rises above the crowds.
    This fear is not altogether unfounded thought since Glacia's been following the exclusionary and elitist tenets of the protocol bastardizing interpretation of the faith for centuries with almost no real or lasting resistance. The worry plaugeing her is this – how long will it be before the damage becomes and irreversible sickness of the soul about which nothing can be done? How long until Glacia's people, and those she's taken over, fall wholly to the madness of the Dark Religion? Esteri doesn't know but she hopes not to find out, she longs to see change before she goes back to the Mother.

  • Losing Herself. Esteri has been a Glacian sensation since the age of sixteen when her first book, a tale of self help and acceptance, became a nation-wide success. That kind of fame, and the scrutiny that comes with it because of her light jeweled nature, is greedy and time consuming.

    Diving completely into her public persona is an exhausting necessity that leaves her feeling like a sham. While she logically knows that her fame and the message she spreads are just as important, if not more so, than her encoded missives and work as a smuggler, Esteri can't help but to fear the consequences of the farce. How long before the act becomes a reality and strips from her the guiding star of knowledge that made her success a possibility in the first place?

    There is a wicked comfort in the ease of her public life that the Priestesses often catches herself succumbing too. Sometimes its as small as laughing at a joke made at the expense of one of the light jeweled. Othertimes it's something worse, like her fear of ruining the illusion of her image keeps her from sharing her real word from someone clearly in need.

    The tightrope walk of leading a double life is a tricky one and even the ever careful Esteri finds herself falling too far to one side or the other from time to time.
    Craft Strengths:
  • Encryption/Decryption Craft. Esteri first began writing in code as a young girl when she knew that her Dark Jewelled parents were spying on everything she did. As she grew older and her thoughts grew further and further from the Dark Religion's teachings she began lacing craft through her writings to keep her revelations and aspirations hidden.

    Then it was a game and a way for a frustrated teenager to freely communicate with like minded and equally frustrated friends. As the prophet's grown into her destiny it's become a passionate pursuit upon which the success of her mission rests. Many ancient sects of her caste developed means of hiding their research and discoveries for use during war time, or when recording information too dangerous to record without precaution. These often ignored practices fascinated the priestess and she dove into their study. Her talents, intellect, and code making and breaking mind are eerily suited to the complex work she must do to spread the regime-damning word.

    The Priestesses cypher's are not only undetectable to those who wear a descent of Opal or darker but they may only be unlocked through the execution of a complex equation to which the numbers are ever changing and evolving. If the code is “cracked” without the proper execution of the intricate 'password' the message revealed is a decoy message meant to flush out traitors or those of power who'd like to see the author of her “radical” manifestos destroyed.

  • Connecting With the Darkness. As defined in most common parlance a Prophet is, “A person chosen to speak for Mother Night and the Darkness she weaves in order to guide the Blood and all the people of the Realms.” Gifted with a powerful and persistent connection to the Darkness that has been present in Esteri for all her life, that is exactly what the Priestess is – a Prophet.

    Her bond with the force that binds, creates, destroys and encompasses all that was, is or ever will be provides her with a divinely granted sense of peace, purpose and harmony even in the most dire conditions. While some simply weather storms this ability grants her the power to move through them unharmed. She sees what the naked, unguided eye can not and by extension is able to manuever through life more easily than others.

    Furthermore when she dives to the depths of her Purple Dusk and opens herself fully to this connection her already dazzlingly quick mind works almost as if possessed. She is lost in these times completely to her thoughts, her intuition and the words of the Mother that come as if whispered to her in a dream.

    Also responsible for her heightened and keen intuition Esteri must be careful to act in harmony with what she knows to be right. When she defies her purpose and ignores the signs placed forth for her by the Darkness’s plan she finds her connection grows weaker and weaker until she makes amends and is back on track.

    Craft Weaknesses:
  • Offensive Craft. Though the Darkness is capable of terrible destruction it is still a spiritual ancestor of the Blood who walk the Realms. Because of this when it comes to any kind of offensive craft, Esteri finds herself cut off by the instinctual feeling of a parent finding themselves unable to physically strike out at a child, no matter how errant from righteousness they've strayed. Their are plenty of Blood who excel at striking one another down without much of a thought but Esteri is not one of them. She may act defensively resorting to shields and techniques of distraction should a fight arise against her or around her but when it comes to craft meant solely for ending a life she's ineffective.

    Because of this Esteri includes combative and largely defensive techniques into her regular exercises. The fact that she's so incapable of doing what needs to be done with her jewels should push truly come to shove makes her uncomfortable especially considering the heavy scrutiny, rampant jealousy, and too-often-for-her-liking death threats which come her way.

  • Ritual Craft. The light jeweled in Glacia are limited in what schooling and what futures are available to them. After the age of eight years old a person is either good enough to be among the elite, or they are not. When it came to learning about ritual magic Esteri, and other Priestesses like her, were often left out of the deeper and most important practices. The stigma of wearing an “inferior” jewel among the most pious of the Blood was crippling for many of the girls Esteri studies with.

    For her part she simple withdrew into the studies for which she needn't rely on the willing cooperation of anyone else. Her lack of attention for the subject combined with a lack of interest in sharing her private communion with a group has caused Esteri to be worse  than mediocre with this type of craft. She may join in a ritual if and only if she trusts those involved and even then she is incapable of leading and has difficulty remaining linked to the group. For anything longer than a short burst of cooperation borne from necessity Esteri is useless.

    Life Story

    Mother: Beatrice Makela; Opal to Sapphire Jewelled Priestess.
    Father: Patrik Makela; Purple Dusk to Sappphire Jewelled Warlord.
    Siblings: Lisbet Makela; Yellow to Rose Jeweled Witch.
    Affiliate: Ylva Frost (pronounced Eel-vah). Black Widow. ((jewels : Rose to PD or SS to PD, must be one of these choices)).


    Esteri Makela is one of the most powerful women alive today and yet she wears but the Purple Dusk as her jewel of rank. The source of her successes comes not from where she sits in the abyss but from what she is capable of doing when her mind is set to a task.

    To call her intellect “gifted,” would be an understatement. She is the sort of genius whose capacity for complex thought and reasoning leaves others dizzied and lost. Ideas and connections simply come to the naturally born Priestess. The leaps of insight she makes appear and feel to her as if through second sight. What she wants to know or understand has never been more than a metaphorical arm's reach away from her comprehension or recollection.

    Her life's work has been driven by her personal obsession and mastery of creation and recognition of patterns, mathematics and its associated arts (particularly those which meld spiritual understanding and numerical calculation), language, and all that can be learned about the true will of the Darkness from them.

    She was the first child an arranged marriage between aristocrats. Until the outcome of her birthright closed many doors to her everyone believed the girl would be something breathtaking. What fools did Esteri prove them all by growing up to become one of the most beloved women in all the Territory. Though she speaks of it rarely few pains in her life have matched the agony of finding that the Tiger Eye gem that felt so RIGHT to her was to become a source of never ending shame and scrutiny from the parents who'd once doted on her so.

    That fateful day she first personally experienced the ugliness hidden in mortal hearts. Before she was blessed with the Tiger Eye her intellect and familial prosperity promised a life of  filled with opportunities unlimited. Her too light jewel abruptly ripped those choices from her and left very little to work with. Esteri believes that this was the day she was truly freed because it forced her to seek a worthwhile destiny all her own. Something as unique as her.

    Young Lady Makela's refusal to act as was expected of someone marked as inferior drove the first of what would be countless wedges between the brilliant, blooming Priestess of natural caste and the lost souls of Sapphire descent who sired her.

    When her younger sister walked away from the altar with a jewel even lighter than Esteri's their parents decided to cut their losses and underwent the proper procedures with a Healer to make sure they'd bear no more children. Their best hopes for their daughters rested at prayers that they'd hover near ordinary. All they wanted was to maintain some dignity and spare themselves any more humiliating disappointments.

    Both girls were raised in the same stifling environment and yet their personal fibres resulted in exceptionally different  personalities. Esteri's will refused to be shackled to the belief that she, or anyone else, could possibly be inferior because of the gifts the Darkness saw fit to grant them while he sister believed every word the Dark Religion sold her about her worth.

    Lisbet was woven of a more pliable dreams and fell into wholehearted adherence to Glacia's faith and laws as an attempt to chase the affections of perpetually disappointed parents. She resents her sister's optimism in the face of a regime she believes to be too rooted into the Territory's culture to die, change, or get anything but worse. 

    Esteri always had the escape provided by her intellect to retreat within when the pressures of the stifling Glacian world grew to be an unbearable burden. This allowed her to remain defiant and hopeful while she lived under her parents roof. Ever frustrated by her inability to help the person closest to her, Lisbet, she picked fights with the nearest available authority figures as if by defeating them in some argument or another she might be able to prove to her little sister that it was possible to best the dark jeweled who kept them down.

    Back then she was a very naive and angry prophet confused as to how the world became so lost. Like so many geniuses during adolescence she was a wild outcast trying to find herself in a realm where she would almost always be one of the smartest, if not the smartest, person in the room. That kind of brilliance grows lonely. It's hard to walk roads no one else can. She is a weaver of new ideas and an architect of  journeys never known. She expands her world and shares it with whomever may listen so that others may act in her example – the Priestess is a role model looked up to by millions.

    Before her name was known across Glacia Esteri escaped into her academic pursuits since her school and caste's training were focused on an attitude and a path that were wrong for her. Doing this forced her to interact more regularly with her peers and it was while learning to navigate the unforgiving social waters of a teenager's life that she began to see the merit in learning to share her controversial beliefs and insights in a fashion the devout would listen to.

    This knowledge came, as so often lessons do, through much hard trial and error. Popular as she is today there was a time when the Priestess found it hard to have a conversation with someone her own age, let alone move a room to silence with the natural power of her caste's presence and the force of her words. It was on the brutal fields of adolescent training that she began learning to be loved. From the age of twelve to fourteen she underwent a slow and steady transformation from awkward duck to a coveted  friend and party guest. Of course segregated as she was from those blessed by the darkness her practice was limited largely to interactions with others who were cast out as she.

    Outside of her social experimentation very little challenged Esteri. Schools for the light jeweled were far from being capable of meeting the needs of a student like the Tiger Eye Priestess. Lessons with tutors for her caste's training proved to be nothing but frustrating as time and time again she was told her areas of interest were “pointless” to teach to someone “like her.

    Her little sister's fall under the Dark Religion's thumb caused her to experience grief none around her understood or shared. What good was she as a Priestess if she couldn't lift the spirits of the person dearest to her heart?

    She poured herself into writing. Words were one of the only things the Dark Religion's command couldn't take from her. Volumes of diaries were filled with her innermost thoughts which were cloaked and kept secret thanks to her earliest experiments with code. Her intellect and ingenuity allowed her something few of her position were lucky enough to have – a safe place to  speak their truth and embrace, respect and keep record of their struggle without care for the corrupt tenets of Glacia's religion.

    At the age of twelve (and the catalyst for her social makeover), having been praying for an answer to cure Lisbet's woes, Esteri had an epiphany. As she prayed a vision of Mother Night came to her. Without words she understood, as few so young do, that her sister's struggle was the struggle of many sisters, brothers, mothers, and fathers. realization that to save her sister, to save everyone's brothers, her words would have to take root wherever they fell.

    To redeem the lost and wounded souls of those damned not by mother night, but by bigoted peers, her words would have to change the world. Mother Night's voice promised to give her everything she'd need to pave the road to that new dawn, but only if her devotion was pure. There and then the Priestess gave herself over wholly to the ever present bond which had been her guiding compass for as long as memory served her.

    So did the Prophet Esteri Makela awaken to her purpose.

    One year passed and with each week she grew more and more restless waiting for a sign of how exactly she was to begin blazing a trail that could, Mother's Luck withstanding, topple the false house of the Dark Religion built over the  ways of the Land as written in protocol and Blood Law.  Some teenagers wish for loved, she wished for opportunity. The mind of a genius is rarely satisfied by the common alone and she was a Priestess chosen not only as a leader of spirits, but as a conduit for the active correction of an honourable faith turned sour.

    Six weeks after her fourteenth Winsol celebrations came to a close a shocking announcement rattled the people's delicate sensibilities.

    Brillamont Academy was a boarding school just outside of Vaasa; it was and remains to be an institution of learning reserved for only the best and brightest minds in Glacia. The news rocking the nation was this, the academy for the gifted wished to experiment with allowing a handful (three) of light jeweled students attend. They issued tests in major cities all across the land. Esteri knew this to be her sign.

    When the tests came to Virratt, the city of her youth, Esteri was one of the first there. This act of defiance saw her kicked from her parents home, as she'd been forbidden by them to attend. The last thing they wanted was more attention being drawn to the fact that their only children were of irredeemably light birthright. She lived off the kindness of a few school friends whose parents were sympathetic to Esteri's plight while waiting to hear if she were one of the three who'd be honoured with a place at a school catered to people on, near, or perhaps even above her level.

    Six weeks after the Territory-wide exams came to an end Esteri was chosen. Come fall she'd be starting a new life, in a new city, in a school full of students who'd want nothing kind from her. The other two lucky guinea pigs were Gostav, a Prince from the capital city, and Kennet, a Warlord from the Nharkavan border.

    It was at Brillamont that she perfected utilizing her presence and charms both as a woman and, more importantly, as a Priestess. She was a part of many organizations and worked hard at winning the affections of those around her. From day one she doggedly attacked the challenge of fitting in and where her jewels failed to impress, her dizzying intellect won many over. The Academy was nothing if it wasn't reverent of intellect.

    Away from her family's drama she was able to find a measure of peace with the horrors of the world she'd been born into. Distance gave her the clarity to see that if she were to actually be heard she would have to cultivate a flock. That's what she does wherever she goes, she finds those willing to listen and she teaches.

    Was it easy becoming a person of note in the shark infested waters of an academy filled with teenage elite? No, but there was no place better to learn how to win over a reluctant audience. There is no group of people more judgmental than young adults all thrown together and expected to get along. She never became the premiere witch at Brillamont but she did manage her way into the coveted “in” crowd. Though not all who were part of it were thrilled by her inclusion, she proved impossible to shake.

    Esteri was the only one of the three light jeweled students chosen to be so successful in the social arena but she did what she could to make the lives of her fellow “experiments,” easier and she steadfastly refused to gain rank at the expense of her fellows. The three regularly would venture into the village for coffee in an establishment their peers were too “blessed,” to patron. Their haunt and haven free from the pressures of the cut-throat academy they attended was a tavern of no name with a generic sign and an excellent stew known to be kind to the light jeweled, and therefore, of little interest to the dark jeweled other than as a place to vandalize.

    The owner was a Summer Sky to Purple Dusk Jeweled Black Widow named Ylva Frost. She quickly took interest in the trio and offered them free use of one of the Inn's private rooms for their informal clubs meetings, provided she was occasionally allowed to join them.

    Ylva became something of a moderator to the conversations of the teenagers, most frequently lead by Esteri, about the merits and flaws of the dark religion in a safe space. For the first time in all her years the Priestess was able to share her truth and beliefs with others willing to listen. These three, two fellow students and the woman who's prove to be Esteri's guide, were the first disciples of the Lonely Prophet.

    Time moved like a blur through her years of intense study. There was always a challenge for her mind to meet, a soul to guide, a problem to solve, or a function to attend. At the age of eighteen, a year and a half ahead of the curriculum, she graduated at the top of her class with honours.

    This had everything to do with the fact that while most students returned home over holidays and summer recess she stayed in town. When Brillamont closed its dorms for the hottest months she took up residence at Ylva's place.  In those long hours without friends to adventure with, or friends to guide, she focused solely on her academic interests.  Through this method, and the attendance of as many summer courses and elective courses as the schedule allowed she amassed the credits necessary to graduate eighteen months ahead of her peers.

    After graduating Esteri formally moved into the village of Sala (home to Brillamont), taking up residence in the humble, but beloved, Tavern and Inn of her good friend and long time mentor, Ylva. While a sentimentally rewarding living situation it was also Esteri's only option. She had a message to spread and it was time to get it out. She spent many long months in isolation being looked after by the Black Widow who made sure she stopped to eat, sleep, and tend to all the other pesky needs of the mortal coil.

    Often the Priestess would slip away from time and best lost to the meditative trance which she practised as a part of all extended workings of spiritual importance. Hours and hours could slip by in seconds and she'd write in an intensely focused fury until her body gave way or Ylva interrupted Esteri's reverie.

    When the manuscript was complete and polished as it could be Esteri was exhausted. Months on end passed where she spent the lion's share of her days in deep communion with the Darkness in search for the words to transcribe the messages she was given. She existed then in a world of her own making.

    It's completion was not an end to work, but only the beginning. Finding a place willing to publish a work so radically positive about all Mother Night's children was far from easy but her instincts, and Ylva's webs, helped the pair find a place willing to spread the words that had come to her so powerfully.

    Before her eighteenth year ended Esteri's first book, “Accepting the Mother's Light,” was being asked for in bookstores across Glacia. As a Priestess who took to the pen as a means of proselytizing her novel was more scripture than literature, but it was beautifully written, direct, and brazenly honest about the need for more harmony between those blessed with dark jewels, and those who were simply jeweled Blood.

    She brazenly proposed the belief that the Light Jeweled were not lesser in their abilities because of any imperfection. Every chess board needs its pawns to do what the more powerful pieces can't be risked for. Lady Makela, across more than two hundred pages, went to great lengths to move her readers to a shift in their religious paradigm which would breed a new kind of acceptance and understanding. There was more she wanted to say, more she wanted to change, but Esteri was astute enough to understand that to be heard, and allowed to continue being heard the change she needed to affect would have to come in small doses.

    Success brought with it Territory wide fame. All the complications of such an achievement came at her hard and fast with consequences excellent, awful, and sometimes just strange. In the ten years since rising to stardom she's amassed a great many followers, fans, critics (good and bad), numerous enemies and rivals all around.

    Of all in Glacia none have had their minds probed more frequently, or thoroughly than the Lady Makela. Her material, while well loved, is controversial and it makes those frightened of change very, very uncomfortable. Of course that is, and always has been, the point and Esteri's been up to quite a lot to effect that change outside of the spotlight. In fact, many of her acts, deeds, thoughts, and in fact the driving force behind all her motivations are things which if discovered would be cause for an end to her works far worse than execution alone.

    Thankfully, one of her first followers, and her fist guardian, Ylva, has always been skilled in matters of memory manipulation. While Esteri worked on that first novel she and the Black Widow also devised plans for even greater, and far more dangerous work, on the front of liberating the too long oppressed light jeweled of a Territory long gone astray. Knowing that if her word found audience,scrutiny would follow Ylva began even in those early days weaving complex tangled webs within Esteri's mind limiting what even the most powerful of her caste might divine through probing.

    This practice is continued nightly, sometimes more frequently in a day, depending on the day's work and activities. Esteri is a busy woman with important secrets to keep and a mission to follow. Mother Night gave her a mind with far more than its fair share of gifts but everything has a price and  Lady Makela's is this – in exchange for what she's been given, her life is forfeit to a cause greater than any individual happiness or personal goal.

    Nearly everything Esteri has written, starting with her second novel, has contained a deeper message within the message. Her publications serve as the distribution methods  for the true seeds of revolution in a nation poisoned by a beautiful faith corrupted to twisted ends.

    Behind the curtain she is a revolutionary. Along with Ylva and her fellow light jeweled companions from her years at Brillamont, Esteri is the head of a rare smuggling ring devoted to getting the victim's of the Dark Religion's message of hatred to safety.

    While Esteri had been fairly confident that her first novel would find an audience, she would've been a mad woman to believe that her truth, her voice, her faith would take the Glacian people's hearts and minds by storm.

    It took a year for her to fully adjust to the new life brought on by becoming a major spiritual, social, and intellectual figure almost overnight. By her second novel she was using her novels as a delivery method for full truth hidden through means of complex code, craft and cunning. By the third the realm of her writing both public and private expanded and her coded messages began including details about smuggling rings and safe houses all over the land and even then she was restless for more.

    The answer to her prayers for a more tangible way to push her cause forward came when Kennet brought news of a friend from his earliest years who'd shared with him some very interesting, valuable, and dangerous information. As it happened while the Warlord was off being trained in one of Glacia's finest academies, his less gifted cousin was spending time woo'ing women. At sixteen his romantic exploits lead him to a Black Widow who turned out to be a Dowager all too eager for a partner both in bed, and in the business. He'd become an accomplished climber.

    Kennet revealed this anecdote in passing over dinner with Esteri, Ylva, and Gostav were sharing a meal together while they discussed what was to be placed in the encoded-scripture hidden within the article she'd be publishing in an essay on the importance of embracing the importance of ritual and spiritual guidance in everyday life. He meant the news to be taken as an important note to include when she listed means of contacting trustworthy, if not always cheap or moral, means of escaping the Dark Religion's regime.

    Up until that point every piece of information they had received for their “ghost” publications about smuggling contacts came from coin and a handful of paranoid informants who had no idea what pupose the knowledge they shared would be put towads. Having a legitimate connection into a hard to penetrate world was all it took for Esteri to command they breach that world.

    Negotiations with her inner circle were heated but in the end the Priestess persevered and they, as a group, formed their own ring.

    Should this ever be discovered Ylva has, unkown to Esteri, set in place a willing sacrifice – a close friend of Esteri's willing to take the fall for the “corruption” of the beloved Priestesses printed works and direction of a criminal organization. Though that day hasn't yet come, the Black Widow who guards the Lonely Prophet's word won't let anything risk Lady Makela being prevented from doing what the Darkness has asked of her.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Writing Sample:

    “Mother, mother mother,” Esteri whispered to herself as trembling hands moved through the dim liight gathering the essentials of what she owned to start a new life. “Mother, mother, mother,” she murmured again. The thrice mumbled call had always been a nervous refrain of hers, as if calling out to the merciful arm of the Darkness in vain might grant her seeking mind divine access to the answers eluding it.

    Trite as it seemed often it worked. Of course the fourteen year old found no answer from the bond coursing through her that so frequently pushed her heart in the right direction when her tumbling mind had yet to decide on the best of two statistically similar options. When she'd made up her mind to defy  Mother and Father the Priestess hadn't predicted how violent and final their response would be.

    Somehow, in spite of how careful she'd been to cover her tracks, her parents discovered that she'd taken the Brillamont enterance exam in spite of being forbidden to do exactly that. Returning from school that day had byeen like walking into a frozen warzone. The yelling began immediately and it went on well into the night ending only with the declaration that she was to be out by morning and not return.

    Everything she'd have to her name after crossing the family home's threshold into the frigid spring night would have to fit in one suitcase, a knapsack, and in what few items her psychic cabinet could contain.

    Esteri packed in daze unable to fully connect with the magnitude of the moment upon which she'd been thrust. Thanks to the money her mother had slipped her she had enough marks to find a place to stay while figuring out what she'd do next but it would be weeks, perhaps even months, before she knew where she was going. Her whole future now depended on whether or not someone picked her. Only time would tell if the sign she'd been so sure in had only been wishful thinking all along.

    Bags filled with as much as she could carry, there was only one thing left for the newly disowned Priestess to do and that was say goodbye to Lisbet. Down the hall she moved, too tired and overwhelmed to be affected by the storm of negative emotions that hung thick in the air, remnants of a family shattering battle. The ten year old witch's door creaked as Esteri peeked within the child's domain.

    Her intention had been to wake Lisbet and give her a heartfelt goodbye but as the moment for heartfelt parting words dawned the budding prophet chose to let the girl continue to dream. Nothing but tears would come of the explanation she had for the yellow jeweled girl and that wasn't the memory she wanted for her.

    Instead she just fixed the covers over the witchling's curled up form. Under the sheets, next to Lisbet, Esteri left a large, plush white rabbit toy that she'd slept with every night since infancy. Leaving home meant that it was time to put away childish things, but that didn't mean she couldn't leave the most important of her youth's relics with someone who'd cherish it.

    Petitions (if any): 

    Why did this character became inactive? My health turned into a dumpster fire.

    Number of previous Reactivations: 4

    What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?

    I will continue to write and focus on maintaining a pace for her story that is both manageable and fair to my play partners. I have also made sure in plotting for her return to talk to individuals tied to her story and former arcs.

    What are your plans for this character? Esteri is going to be taken to Dea Al Mon, taken here meaning 'kidnapped.' Since she will be wearing a collar at the time of the taking it is going to lead to some very interesting interactions between those she lands with in Dea Al Mon and her very traditionally Glacian family who dislike the autthor out from under their thumb.

    Having spent the last three years a well cared for prisoner on Maarika's estate, Esteri's muse will have much to say about her adventures. Furthermore with three years of captivity during which she still managed to keep up her work  for the light jeweled resistance I have a lot of material to write solo's from and pull story out of.

    Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) : None.

    Player Name: Petri

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Esteri is ready for review.

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As per Winsol Dark Ally.

Weighed by Mother Night...

Your Dark Ally has risen from the Darkness twice blessed with a cut Purple Dusk Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with a cut Green Jewel at your Offering.


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