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Author Topic: Eamonn Sheane  (Read 3768 times)

Description: Prince, Green to Gray. Played by Dani

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Eamonn Sheane
« on: Jul 16, 10, 07:47:11 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Eamonn Sheane
Age: 38; Born 155 After Purge
Race: Short-lived, Scelt

Caste: Prince
Birth Territory: Scelt, Kaeleer
Home Territory: Scelt, Kaeleer

Birthright Jewel: Cut Green
Offering Jewel: Uncut Gray


Play By: Jason Behr
Distinguishing Features:

No matter how often he shaves, Eamonn feels like in mere minutes he has a five o’clock shade. Always slightly scruffy, Eamonn really had taken a liking to the look, seeing more of his father in the dark look. With dark brown eyes peaking from beneath lengths of hair that have a tendency to cover his vision, Eamonn looks as reserved as he truly is. His eyes are shadowed, but not in pain, but in the need to hide what they hold from the world, especially his Queen. He didn't know if it was the length that did it, but something drove woman at Court to declare often in public that he was 'the most delicious piece of man,' thankfully he had gotten over the furious blushing of a mere lad and would accept the compliment with a nod a lightly spoken thank you.

With the body of fighter and a height of 6’0”, Eamonn had been in training or training others for 21 years of his life, staring shortly after his Birthright Ceremony. Honed in body, Eamonn is adorned with little scars that couldn’t be quite Healed to completion. Wearing loose shirts and pants when sparring, and more of a Court garment, sleeker cut and collared, when forced to work at Court. On the few times he has wore his tailored suit and appeared to truly impress, he couldn't keep some of his Queen's women's hand off, and instead of risking his temper, he now sticks to slacks and a buttoned shirt.


Strong and silent type would be a perfect fit for Eamonn. He keeps his own counsel, but that has been out of necessity with Queen he serves as she is not a woman to book any argument. Though he will hold his ground to the Queen when needed, he has done his best to avoid not speak back to her. This comes from the fear of the whole Sheane clan wrath being pulled down on Eamonn for when she speaks back to his Queen. His chocolate brown eyes will hold the intensity of his anger if it is there, but he holds his tongue better than most would ever believe, especially when his Queen has the tendency to berate him for matters out of his hands. (Secretly, Eamonn thinks she is jealous of his power, and being able to lecture/scold/dismiss him makes her feel superior again.)

With the men he commands, Eamonn is firm in his orders, strict, but most importantly he is level-headed. He does not force one solider to push himself for the satisfaction of seeing another succumb to exhaustion, but Eamonn wants to see his men succeed and not be killed from lack of training. There are some of his men that follow Eamonn as leader more than they follow the Queen, but Eamonn has never told the Queen or the Triangle that fact and he prayed to the Darkness no one would notice. Having been trained for the majority of his life for his role as Master of the Guard and his ability to earn the trust of both his soldiers and many of the important people in the Territory of Denford has made Eamonn highly adept job.

In regards to his temper, Eamonn some days has felt blessed that he was born a Prince not a Warlord Prince, mostly likely because he would have killed someone (specifically his Queen) if he had been. Although Eamonn does not think his Queen a poor choice to rule as she has kept stability for her Province and before the coup that ousted her from the Territory. Over the years Eamonn has felt a lot of personal friction built up between him and his Queen, leading him to spend much of his time away from her until his duties as Master of the Guard are asked for.
  • Training. It gives him time to think or release pent up anger, but also stability for it has been a constant in his life for so long.
  • Being a leader. Oddly enough, Eamonn truly enjoy most of his duties as a Master of the Guard even if he never really had a choice.
  • Spending quite time with his mother. He sorely misses his father and his mother tends to help alleviate that pain.
  • Helping out. Generally a nice guy, Eamonn is happy to lend a hand. Even more so, he likes to feel useful with his Gray, not just a threat.
  • Rain. He enjoys the summer rains, standing in them and just feeling like he is part of the land instead of a force to be reckoned.
  • Being berated, especially by Eirne. He has never felt the need to serve her, so Eamonn finds a lot of his pent up anger from Eirne.
  • Foolish soldiers. It gets men killed for stupid reasons.
  • Court days. He doesn't mind getting dressed up, but he hates the endless petitioning, the always seems more like whining to him.
  • Women who want to sleep with him because of his position and/or power.
  • Those who treat landens like less than people. Eamonn may not understand them, but he does realize that he is intended to help take care of them.
  • The final destruction of the Blood. He may not have lived through the Purge, but he still worries that it could happen again.
  • Civil War within Scelt. Eamonn see the tension in his Province and worries.
  • Seeing his mother maimed or killed. He was willing to let his father slip quietly away to the Darkness and he wants his mother to die old, happy, and with grandchildren.
Craft Strengths:
  • Combat Craft (Shielding and Power Bolts). Since he was barely 10, Eamonn has been training for war. He never asked questions, his father told him it was required. So, he can both hold shields well and attack with bolts of power.
  • Advanced Combat Craft: Days after his Birthright he was taken to the Province Court and trained as a warrior. A lifetime of training and a sharp mind as given Eamonn a true edge in combat. His Shields are denser, his power bolts more effective. The Prince doesn’t have the heart of a destroyer, but pushed in a corner, he would be fearsome indeed.
  • Advanced Exploit Weakness Craft: As a Prince instead of a Warlord Prince, Eamonn can keep his mind focused on tactics in the midst of battle. Watching an opponent, before a fight or during it, he can hone his craft like a stiletto, piercing through defenses with surprising ease. If he loses control of his emotions though this ability is far from useful, his judgement clouded by anger as easily as a Warlord Prince would be.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • Healing craft. Eamonn is not even proficient enough to close a small scratch, something that both embarrasses and shames him. Luckily, he is well liked by most of the Court Healers.
  • Seduction craft. Having been taught by only family, no one thought to teach him the way use craft to seduce a woman. He just does it the old fashion way.
Life Story

  • Eidith Sheane - Mother - Yellow to Rose Jeweled Healer (deceased)
  • Kenneth Sheane - Father - Summer Sky to Green Jeweled Prince (deceased)
  • James McKensie - Great-Grandfather - Green to Red Jeweled Warlord (deceased. They credit Eamonn as a throw back to him)
  • Eirne Sheane - 2nd Cousin - Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk Jeweled Queen (deceased)
Eamonn was born of a love match, but his father happened to be going on his 60th Birthday when he did so. The whole Sheane clan thought it strange his mother would marry someone so old seeing as she was over 20 years his junior. Either way, the pregnancy was hard on Eamonn's mother, and both his parents decided it was best they not try for another child. So, Eamonn grew up the spoiled son, everything he did was beyond excellent (even the drawings that were 'turkeys' but looked like a blobs of horse dung), he was well loved.

Eamonn's childhood changed dramatically when he was seven. Oh, they expected Eamonn to come away from his Birthright with something around Summer Sky like his father, it was a shock to the whole clan when a young boy whose mother was a cousin of the Queen walked away with a birthright Green. From that day forward, the whole clan took an interest in Eamonn's life.

His parents were forced to move into the main clan house so the whole clan could supervise his upbringing. Eamonn found out quickly that he no longer did everything perfect, and in fact, all his tutors and family (except his own parents) seemed even more critical of him. Perhaps this was from the fact they planned to pin their hopes on his power, that he would be their teeth if need be. The true saving grace of his childhood was the cousins who did not see the Green Jewel, but saw the lanky boy who needed a friend. To this day, those cousins are his closest friends.

Adolescence was straight forward for Eamonn, he was trained in battle craft, trained to be the protector for 'the Queen', Eirne Sheane, the Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk Queen of Clan Sheane. Of course, Eamonn did not resent the honor he was given, his father taught him Protocol at the knee and had been a guiding hand in all his training. It was his only job to learn and be ready as he waited to hear the call of the abyss.

After his Descent, Eamonn officially ascended to the position of Master of the Guard, a youth of 19 years. It may be strange for a man with so little experience in the coveted position, but Eirne needed to use him and his Gray Jewel to enforce her rule as Territory Queen. So, instead Eamonn had the previous Master of the Guard as an advisor, learning as he went.

It was only after Loreniel Killan usurped the throne from Eirne Sheane that Eamonn really started to pay attention to the politics. He was very upset with what transpired, placing much of the blame on the Devlin and Doyle clans. They wanted a Queen they could control and sacrificed the stability of Scelt for it, or at least that is how Eamonn saw it. He never saw what Eirne does behind closed doors to disrupt his beloved country or how she and her consort paid mercenaries to attack landen villages. So, though the current Queen of Denford has been the one unbalancing Scelt more than the change of Queens, Eirne made it out all the problems of Scelt to be the fault of Loreniel Killan being a pawn. Eamonn believed the lies that Eirne and her consort set up, his Queen knowing that if he knew the truth of her actions his honor would force him to step down. For that reason, Eamonn is fed specially crafted lies and his distance from Court does not allow him to realize the extent of those lies.

Since the change in Territory Queens, Eamonn has served faithfully as the Master of the Guard of Denford and seen his father pass quietly to the Darkness. The lies fed to him that cover his vision of the truth lie firmly in place, but perhaps soon he will begin to see Eirne for who she is.

Show us What You've Got

Writing Sample:
His mother and father were refusing to let him go as they hugged him, making him blush furiously at the Priestess, who thankfully was a Sheane and understood his parent's attachment. Pulling away gently, Eamonn spoke, hoping it would keep his mother from pulling him back to her embrace.

'I have to go mom. From dusk to dawn and if I wait too much longer, it won't be dusk.' His mother smiled sadly and motioned for Eamonn to shoo. Clasping his father's hand in a firm handshake, he saw the pride and respect in his aging eyes. Determined not to tear up, Eamonn turned to the Priestess and smoothing his shirt, and followed the woman into the Altar.

The blood wine tasted harsh on his tongue and make the words feel heavy as he spoke the words intoned by the Priestess. Laying his Green on the altar, Eamonn slipped into the abyss. Waking hours later, his head foggy, Eamonn pulled himself up gingerly, viewing the altar with weariness, until he saw the uncut Gray. His heart pounding with unexpected glee, Eamonn moved quickly as he grasped the Jewel, dashing out to eager parents and a mass of Sheane clan. Holding the Gray jewel up high, his smile grew louder as the cheer went up. He would be a great value to the Clan. Embracing his mother and father, making sure not the move too quickly for his aged father, Eamonn joined the happy mass, his previous groggy state dissolved by the enthusiasm.

Petitions (if any):

Player Name: Dani

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Re: Eamonn Sheane
« Reply #1 on: Jul 16, 10, 10:20:51 PM »
... again

Lore is pissed that her mortal enemy's sheet was saved when her's was not. She'd want you to know that.

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Re: Eamonn Sheane [Prince, Green - Gray]
« Reply #2 on: Nov 29, 11, 07:53:56 PM »

Eamonn has been blessed with Advanced* Combat Craft.

Advanced is indicative of a skill that surpasses the normal capabilities of someone with that Jewel rank.

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Re: Eamonn Sheane
« Reply #3 on: Dec 30, 15, 09:48:50 AM »

Eamonn Sheane has been blessed with Advanced Exploit Weakness Craft

You may add this specialty to this character's existing Craft Strengths section.  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker

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Re: Eamonn Sheane
« Reply #4 on: Dec 30, 15, 03:56:43 PM »

Eamonn Sheane has been blessed with Advanced Exploit Weakness Craft

You may add this specialty to this character's existing Craft Strengths section.

Added the Strength. Thank you.
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