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Author Topic: Cillian Devlin  (Read 1641 times)

Description: Warlord, Rose to Purple Dusk. Played by Eleanor

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Cillian Devlin
« on: Mar 25, 13, 01:17:15 PM »
The Basics

Character Name:  Cillian Devlin
Nicknames: Cilli (pronounced Silly), Bear
Age:   38  (151 PP)
Race:  Sceltian
Caste:  Warlord
Birth Territory: Scelt
Home Territory: Scelt

Birthright Jewel: cut Rose
Offering Jewel:  uncut Purple Dusk


Play By: Jason Segel
Distinguishing Features:

Cillian is big. Like, 6'7 and several hundred pounds of muscle big.



Cillian is a bit of a teddy bear. Though he is a large man who comes from a powerful family and has a measure of power, he is not by nature intimidating. This does not stop others -- especially those outside the family or who do not know him well -- from being intimidated by him. This is a shame, as he's really quite a nice man. In fact, in many ways he is very much still a boy, and acts like an adolescent wherever possible. He tells jokes -- sometimes horribly inappropriate jokes -- and loves playing innocent little tricks on people, to tweak their noses and lessen the tension that often suffuses the Court. Most times, he wears a smile on his face, and he has a natural optimism and happiness that acts like the sun on a cloudy day.

This is not to say, however, that he does not have a serious side. There is a reason strangers tend to be wary of him, for his reputation as a funloving ne'er-do-well is not well-known outside the family and its close retainers. For instance, he responds very seriously to threats against his family, and the flip side of the way he cherishes every relation, no matter how distant or convoluted the blood connection, is his fierceness in their defense. He is a fighter by profession or if not inclination, and he is a Warlord. His size alone makes him more than capable of making a difference when he steps onto a killing field, but he is also very well trained.

That he hates the way he feels afterward is for him and his close confidants to know... and those feelings never last long in the wake of his happy-go-lucky nature.

  • 1 Practical Jokes -- Cillian has the sense of humor of a child. A boy child. Who thinks bringing bugs home to mom is the best idea ever.
  • 2 Brighe -- Though he loves his whole family dearly, Brighe is without a doubt his favorite sister.
  • 3 Practicing Weapons -- though he is not overly enthused about the serious uses his weapons and combat Craft practice goes toward, he enjoys that practice. It centers his mind and, more importantly, let's him show off. That it gives people all the more reason to be frightened of him doesn't really faze him. After all, if they are intimidated, they won't cause trouble for his family.
  • 1 Tension -- Cillian is a happy-go-lucky man and prefers to see his loved ones cheerful, not depressed or angry.
  • 2 Killing -- Just because he's good at it doesn't make it something he enjoys. In fact, he deeply dislikes violence, and the aftereffects of doing it linger on him.
  • 3 People who can't take a joke -- Cillian is a fun-loving guy, fond of practical jokes and general rowdiness. People who are so serious all the time that they can't lighten up or get their panties in a knot over a bit of harmless fun irritate the deuce out of him.

  • 1 Being Broken -- he's seen, first hand, the kind of effect that being broken can have on the Blood, and he not only fears it happening to him, he has trouble being around people who are broken because it causes him discomfort... even when it's someone he loves who he should be offering support to.
  • 2 Eirne Sheane -- though he would never admit it, Eirne Sheane scares the pants off of Cillian. Their families have been embroiled in a feud for generations and Cillian has an inkling of what she is capable of. It frightens him on that level, and also because he fears what will happen if she and the rest of the Sheanes get their way.
  • 3 Killian Ruins -- after some bad experiences there as a boy, Cillian is convinced that the ruins are haunted by something dark and chaotic that does not know right from wrong and is all too willing to kill him and drink his blood. The Ruins are one thing that Cillian does not joke about, and he avoids them as much as he can, even to the point of ensuring he doesn't have to look at them through the windows or on his wanderings.
Life Story



(Grandfather) Niall Campbell, Tiger Eye to Summer Sky Warlord (90)
(Aunt) Eura Campbell, Blood Opal to Sapphire Priestess (64)
(Mother) Aoife Campbell, White to Tiger Eye witch (54)


(Father) Liam Devlin, Summer Sky to Green Warlord Prince (58)
(Brother) Aidan Devlin, Summer Sky to Green Warlord Prince (38)
(Brother) Kean Devlin, Summer Sky to Opal Prince (36)
(Brother) Finley Devlin, Yellow to Summer Sky Warlord (36)
(Sister) Brighe Devlin, White to Tiger Eye (30)
(Sister) Honora Devlin, Yellow to Rose Queen (29)
(Brother) Brogan Devlin, Green to Gray Warlord Prince (27)
(Brother) Brennan Devlin, Opal to Green Prince (26):
(Brother) Ronan Devlin, Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk Warlord (22)
(Sister) Sorcha Devlin, Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk witch (22)
(Sister) Aine Devlin, Blood witch (18)
(Sister) Siobhan Devlin, Birthright Yellow witch (17)


Cillian was born in Glencoe to a young witch who got pregnant -- quite coldly and equally deliberately -- on her Virgin Night after choosing an experienced and available consort. He attributed her behavior, at first, to her youth and insecurity, misjudging her horribly as older men are wont to do when presented with beautiful young women. Liam Devlin, young, virile, and a widower, was an aristo with close ties to powerful people. He had a reputation for loving children and influence in the Courts.

In short, he was a great catch and she fully intended to catch him.

However, not even the Blood always get their way. Aoife had to settle for a compromise. In exchange for giving up all rights to Cillian -- a boy she didn't want in the first place -- Liam arranged for her to find placement in a District Court he had influence with. But even so, he didn't remove the boy from the influence of his maternal family, and though Cillian grew up spending the majority of his time with the Devlins -- a rambunctious group he took to like a duck to water -- he spent summers and the occasional holiday at his grandfather's home, where he spent time with his aunt Eura as well.

Though Niall had retired from Court life, Eura was an influential Priestess in the Province Court. Elder than Aoife, she viewed her sister's schemes -- and, truth be told, her sister -- with contempt and had little to do with her. But she doted on Cillian when time could be made in her busy schedule.

When it couldn't be, Cillian enjoyed visiting the neighbors. He was a gregarious boy, friendly and well-spoken, from an aristo bloodline even if the truth of his parentage was kept largely secret so as not to sour anyone's reputation -- all part of the deal that kept everyone happy and free of scandal. He was welcome in many homes, including that of the Fitzreyn family. Though the intent was that he become close to their elder daughter and form an alliance, it was the younger girl, Brighe, he felt drawn to.

She was still a toddler, of course, and a hearth witch. There was nothing special about his interest in her except as a cheerful young Warlord taking delight in an endearing child five years his junior. But the Warlord became concerned when, after a few months, the sunny personality he had so enjoyed in Brighe was beginning to show cracks. Concerned, the young man reported the situation to his father.

It was the right thing to do and Liam, thankfully, took steps. Brighe was adopted into the family and Cillian felt nothing but pride in her, treating her as a favored baby sister. But though she -- and the whole family, as it grew -- were not the whole of his focus. Cillian spent most of his childhood and adolescence learning to be a warrior, for Scelt's tumultuous history indicated a need for it. More importantly, Loreniel would need him and this was how he could best serve, for his talents suited the task.

He made his Offering to the Darkness at eighteen and came away with the Purple Dusk. While not the dark Jewel he had hoped for -- so that he could better support his Queen -- it was strong enough to serve her purposes, and though he eventually accepted a position in Loreniel's Court when she came of age, he spent some time before that aiding in his father's efforts to keep peace in Cairne. This was hard on Cillian, and he channeled his emotional responses to the killing into being particularly light-hearted and acting like a boy whenever he wasn't required to act like a man. In particular, he found Brighe's presence helpful in keeping him from becoming embittered.

When Loreniel became Queen, it was simultaneously a tense and happy time, for so many things could have gone wrong and there were so many problems to fix… but it also felt right. He was serving his Queen, his friend, and surrounded by family and people he loved. They controlled the Territory… but control is a fickle thing, and the Sheanes were not vanquished. The balance of power had merely shifted, and there were still fires to put out. Still conflicts between landen and Blood. Still vicious rumors and power struggles and changes of allegiance.

It was still life in Scelt.

Show Us What You've Got

Writing Sample:

His Queen cared for him. Cillian knew that. He had known her too long to doubt it. She wouldn’t ask him to use his skills, or the reputation he had so carefully built, unles there was good reason for it, reasons that called for him, specifically to act. She was too good a Queen to not know how much he disliked this role. He much preferred the mask of the cheerful buffoon, who could always be counted on for a quick smile and inappropriately-timed tickle.

The Craft he readied himself for now wouldn’t tickle. It would hurt.

He dropped from the Winds triple-shielded. Lore trusted him and had faith in his skills, yes, but though she didn’t dare dignify this threat with the dark Jewels at her beck, she had been unwilling to risk his life unnecessarily. Beneath his Purple Dusk shield was his Birthright Rose. In the unlikely event someone – no doubt someone aligned with the trouble-making Sheanes, since no one wearing a Jewel darker than Tiger Eye had been reported at the location of the disturbance he had been assigned to quell – broke through both, they would go up against the strength of the Sapphire.

He didn’t expect this rabble to ever find out about the third shield, but it was better to be safe and overprepared than a denizen of Hell.

Using Craft to enhance his voice, Cillian overpowered the angry din and crackling flames. “Cease!” The single word reverberated satisfactorily, like a bear’s roar through the forest. “I am Cillian Devlin. If you have a legitimate grievance, take it to the Queen or your local ruler. If you’re here because you think destroying people’s livelihood is fun, I suggest you find some other way to get your kicks, before I show you my idea of entertainment.”

Cillian’s idea of a good time was using Craft to drop a slug into his sister’s hair, but these villagers didn’t know that. Their ignorance saved their lives. The rioters dispersed and Cillian used his Craft to put out the flames instead of killing his people.

Then, he went to find Brighe.

Petitions (if any): 

Why did this character became inactive? I took a long-term LOA due to frustrations with the petitioning process, and then was very busy with real-life -- I was hardly online at all for a few weeks because of my awesome new boyfriend.

What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again? My boyfriend and I have super uncomplementary schedules and we got a new schedule at work where I have lots of free time. I've taken steps to be more calm and have worked out some agreements with HBC about how I'll handle any future issues. So basically, be less ragey.

What are your plans for this character?
- Cillian has plans with Fire's character to finish this plot where Cillian and Rorie raise hell together that I'm looking forward to. Cillian is trying to get his buddy laid :D
- Jamie's character Brighe and Cillian have a lot of history and Cillian is pretty unhappy with how Lore dealt with some things, so there's that plot.
- Eirne just got killed. There's a lot going on in Scelt, and as a member of the First Circle, Cillian will have his share of responsibility in settling things down.

Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) : Age:   36  (151 PP)
^ updated from 35
&& Player Name to Eleanor (can someone fix this in the profile, too?)
Player Name: Eleanor

Offline Eleanor

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Re: Cillian Devlin
« Reply #1 on: Mar 25, 13, 03:13:14 PM »
ready for review!

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Re: Cillian Devlin
« Reply #2 on: Mar 25, 13, 11:44:00 PM »
I have completed a review and sent my notes to your player account :)
Discord: Phedre#7147
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Re: Cillian Devlin
« Reply #3 on: Mar 28, 13, 10:10:29 AM »
Ready for re-review.

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Re: Cillian Devlin
« Reply #4 on: Mar 28, 13, 06:28:25 PM »
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Re: Cillian Devlin
« Reply #5 on: Sep 02, 14, 01:42:53 PM »
This character has been marked as Inactive

If you would like to reactivate this character they will need to be submitted through the Keep's Registry again as a petitioned character using the Reactivation Petition.

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