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Author Topic: Blade Amdir  (Read 2252 times)

Description: Black Widow Warlord Prince. Green to Sapphire. Played by Dash

Offline Blade Amdir

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Blade Amdir
« on: Mar 01, 16, 10:09:55 PM »
    The Basics
    Character Name: Blade Amdir (Ahm-deer)
    Nicknames: Black Prince, Prince Prick, The Abomination (All Derogatory)
    Age:  76 (Born PP 118)
    Race: Dea al Mon (Medium Lived)
    Caste: Black Widow Warlord Prince
    Birth Territory: Dea al Mon, Kaeleer
    Home Territory: Dea al Mon, Kaeleer

    Birthright Jewel: Uncut Green
    Offering Jewel: Cut Sapphire

    Play By: Lee Pace (as Thranduil)
    Distinguishing Features: Blade's hair is almost white in its brightness, and he's never been known to cut it. He wears his nails long to cover his snaketooth, painting them black. He almost always bears a crown of stag horns, berries, and leaves that has been enchanted to never spoil or wither, and he uses this as his badge of office as Gale's First Escort.


    Those who meet Blade for the first time are taken aback at just how feral, he is. While his outward appearance is that of one of the highest-standing aristocrats of the Dea al Mon, those who have dealt with him after more than a few moments realize that this is just the pretty coat of a tiger in a man’s flesh. Blade does not walk, he glides with feline grace. He does not look at individuals; he stares at them with a predator’s gaze as a lion might a gazelle while on the hunt. He walks as if he is the King of the Forest, bowing his head only to his Queen.

    Blade is a predator. He finds the only form of respect that he truly appreciates is fear. He has no reservation of taking what he wants, be it women, trophies, or lives. He has grown into a creature that does not make apologies. As a father he is distant, yet terribly protective. As a lover he is fierce, passionate, and jealous. As an Escort he is terrifying to those in Gale’s presence, for any sort of disrespectful gesture towards her is likely to end in a painful end.

    He is a creature accustomed to scorn and has come to loathe most of those around him. He is seen as an aberration, an abomination (though one takes care to speak that word out of earshot), of the Dea al Mon. While there’s no denying that he is one of the Ebon Wood’s elder children (and his physical features display that quite well), he wears the feral nature that many hide openly. He is in tune with the way of the wild, of the beasts that live beside them and whom they both protect and hunt. He never sees his actions as false, or wrong. Conscience is not a concern for him. Only triumph.

    Blade nurses bitter grudges and never forgives slights. In the cases of those he could neither outright kill nor destroy through long term planning he loathes with a terrible ferocity. He is, in some ways, dangerously paranoid, as he is never certain when a betrayal will come from those he is closest to. He is intrusive into the lives of his lovers (especially Gale) and his daughters, though his son he is quite distant. It is the pulsing tides of his dual nature, both terribly aggressive and dangerous, that sharpens the nature of the Warlord Prince into something overbearing and difficult to deal with.

    Yet he is not without fears. Gale, the Queen he is bound to, he cannot help but frustrate by who and what he is. Deeply in love with her, he hates sharing her (despite the fact that she refuses to be bound to one man alone). He despises her daughters from other men, which alienates her more from him. He holds her respect but tries her patience. Yet he cannot help but be bound in such a way by both Queen Bond and the pulls of his Castes.

    Zephyr and Hope, his eldest daughters whom he loves deeply, are both affected by the Waste. Zephyr has been locked away into seclusion for study, while Hope has fled Nieste and disappeared. This has brought many fights between both Gale and Blade as he despises their treatment and wishes them freed, but will never openly question Gale’s decision as the Territory Queen. He is terrified of the Waste, and has taken on an obsessive need for cleanliness, using all manners of cleaning spells, soaps, oils, and water to bathe twice daily. He refuses to touch a person affected by the Waste, for fear of contracting the illness himself, yet he is tormented by the fact he cannot embrace his daughters.

    He is a polarizing figure in Gale’s Court. While the Territory Queen is almost universally loved and respected by herself, there are few who like Blade. Plenty fear him, but he has few supporters of his own. Quietly others in Gale’s Triangle have been urging her to have the Dual-Casted Male replaced, but those same individuals fear the fallout of what might happen should she do just that.

    Blade does not do well with rejection.

    • Fine Living: Be it a fine wine, an excellent dish, fine silks or jewelry upon his skin, Blade enjoys it. Some mistake him for a little bit “prissy” because he’s keenly interested in fashion -- a rollover from Ruby’s affections. When his sister was broken, he would help her discover the newest trends, styles, and fine clothes as they became available. But even without the emotional attachment, he’s one of the high born of the Dea al Mon, greatest of the Elder Races, he deserves it, damnit.

    • Killing: He is a predator. Does the lion apologize to the gazelle? He is a member of the Blood, one of the most dangerous things in Kaeleer. He is both a Warlord Prince and a Black Widow, the violent natures exemplified in his flesh. He does not apologize for being a killer. He does not feel the need to chain his impulses behind more than Protocol. And those who do not approach him in just right the matter do not live to learn the lesson.

    • Being Feared: Fear is the ultimate form of respect. It is pure and without agenda or deceit. Blade enjoys respected, but he would rather be feared than liked. Any other form of respect feels like lip-service.
    • Outsiders: The Children of the Ebon Wood have stood apart for thousands and thousands of years. The only company they needed were the Kindred that walked beside them, the spirits of the wood that were once their servants, and the ancient Dragon that was their mentor. But the Kindred have abandoned them, the spirits of the wood are as dead as the Dragons, and now the Dea al Mon are falling victim to the mysterious Waste and the insipid Brood.

      He understands why Gale has allowed the lesser Blood into the Ebon Wood, but he does not like them. Nor does he enjoy suffering their questions and their ignorance.

    • Sharing Gale: She is his. But despite that fact, he is not the only male bonded to her. He is not even the only father of her children. Her Steward has also had her, and it drives Blade bonkers to have to allow him to still be breathing and able to touch her. Blade is incredibly possessive and aggressive, to the point it’s starting to wear on Gale.

    • Disrespect: Throughout his life Blade has been seen with suspicion, fear, and contempt. It is a high crime to teach a male the Feminine Arts, higher still to be the one seeking the arts out. Had he been born with the Priestess or Healer Caste, it would be clear that he had inherited the blessings of Mother Night naturally. But because he is a Black Widow, there has always been suspicion that Blade “cheated” and allowed his sister to be sacrificed for his own ambition.

      He has been called many things throughout his life, and all of them dig beneath his skin. Now standing as the premier male in the entire Territory he brooks no open disrespect, but it still bothers him to know there are those who whisper such things behind his back.
    • The Brood of the True Born: They are a mysterious group, as none of the Courts have actually talked to the Brood. What is known of them is that they are monsters and fanatical in nature. Decades before they were considered a cult for those afflicted by the Waste with no hope. But now, as the Brood has forced the Province Court of Kassel away from their estates, it seems as if the Brood is the greatest threat to face Dea al Mon since ancient days.

      Worse, if the monsters in the Brood are what the Dea al Mon become when the Waste has affected them long enough, then his daughters are doomed to join them.

    • Exposure: If it were revealed that he had been responsible for murdering Epiphany, his reputation would suffer greatly for it. While murder is not illegal amongst the Blood, everything has a price. With his status tied to Gale, it is doubtless that there would be a price exacted upon him, and it’s doubtful she would allow him to remain as her First Escort.

    • Not Finding a Cure for Zephyr or Hope: Blade is protective of all the women in his life, but especially his daughters. He deeply dislikes that Zephyr’s being held by Gale in seclusion and study, and fears for Hope since she ran away. He hopes that something comes of opening the Territory, otherwise he feels it will all be for naught. It was difficult enough losing his father, and his sister being broken in front of him. Blade’s certain he could not handle his children’s deaths or worse, some dark transformation in the Brood.

    Craft Strengths:
    • Finishing Kills: As the apex predator within the courts of Dea al Mon, Blade is a master of extinguishing life. He has ruthlessly cut down any and every personal foe (save those also favored by his Queen) and tolerates absolutely no danger to his Queen. Though he often makes the end quick, sometimes he savors the death of a specific target like a fine wine.

    • Sensing Psychic Scents: The undercurrents of fear, anger, and lust are well known to Blade. Like a predator in the wild he acts more upon what he senses rather than what he sees and hears. Several women in the past have fallen prey to the predatory dual-caste male because he could sense their undercurrents of desire and made use of it. But mostly he uses this specific angle of craft to enjoy the fear he puts in others.

    • Black Widow Webs: Through extensive efforts the last three years with the aid of Aurora, Arcadian, and Thorn, Blade has began to finally manifest his control and power over Black Widow Webs. He is not one of the masters of the art in the Territory, but he has shown a prodigious talent for his second Caste and it is clear that power will only grow.
    Craft Weaknesses:
    • Social Craft: As Blade becomes more and more in tune with his Dual Nature his patience to put on the niceties for the sake of the lesser Dea al Mon comes to an end. Blade's focus on the Craft of his feminine Caste has lead to the atrophy of the pleasant (albeit fearsome) courtier. Now he is fully willing to display who and what he is without apologies.

    • Compulsion Spells: While they might be useful to his goals and to a more non-violent approach, Blade simply does not care. Those he cannot make to fear him, he kills. And those he cannot kill outright he plots to destroy through more subtle means.

    Life Story

    Mother: Starlight Amdir (White to Tiger Eye) Healer
    Father: Oak Amdir (Purple Dusk to Green) Warlord Prince (Deceased)
    Siblings: Ruby Amdir (Broken Tiger Eye to Summer Sky) Black Widow
    Children: Fervor Endar (Blood Opal to Sapphire) Warlord Prince
    +Zephyr Galoneth (White to Tiger Eye) Priestess
    +Hope Galoneth (Rose to Purple Dusk) Black Widow*
    Saffron Galoneth (Blood Opal to Red) Healer

    *Jewels assigned, not rolled
    +Afflicted by the Waste

    The Amdir line has been one of the most prestigious and celebrated families in Dea al Mon since the days of Lady Snow. Theirs was a line of Queens and Warlord Princes, spanning back hundreds of years. Blade’s cousin Dahlia reigned as the Provincial Queen of Esgarth when he was born, the second son of her Court healer and member of her First Circle. Born to the aristocracy of a powerful family, he did not want for anything. The signs of his Warlord Prince nature would assure him a position in a Court, and as soon as he could walk and talk he began learning the intricacies of Protocol and the dance of the Blood. His older sister, Ruby, was by now an adult and an esteemed member of the Coven, and though they lacked a distance in age their closeness was found as she took on much of the duties of motherhood while their mother served at Court.

    He learned quickly and had a thirst for the knowledge of old. He grew up fascinated with the stories of Lady Snow and Yara Vaga, had visited Bad Wildungen in his youth and often bothered his father to bring him to see the Black Castle where the Queen of all the Dea al Mon sat. Likewise his interest in Craft flourished, especially that which was the hallmark of a Warlord Prince. Ruby, his sister, teased him often as he voiced aloud his hope to be a handsome and strong Warlord Prince who served a Queen that all the land loved, like Lady Snow and her Consort, Hunter.

    When he received the Green at his Birthright it seemed that future was guaranteed. He was called to begin his tutelage in the Third Circle of Nieste under Epiphany Elbereth, Queen of Dea al Mon. Epiphany was not the beautiful Queen of his fantasies, yet nonetheless she was strong-willed and proud, a figure he could respect. He grew up learning the full duties of a Warlord Prince at Court, studying beneath her Master of the Guard, a Sapphire Jeweled Warlord who had served some fifty years in the Ebon Guard named Flint.

    For a time life was tranquil. Difficult, due to the physical regimen his mentor put upon him, but tranquil. However those near him found that Blade’s anger, while about normal for a young Warlord Prince, had grown to be more savage as he grew closer towards his Offering. At age fourteen he savaged a Prince in a friendly spar, an eruption of rage from being struck that nearly drove him to the Killing Edge for the first time. When Flint and Epiphany arrived on the scene with the Court Healer, they found a startling discovery: Blade was growing a Snaketooth!

    In Dea al Mon Dual Caste Males were extraordinarily rare. The last that had been born was two hundred years before Blade’s birth. Staunchly conservative, the Dea al Mon did not tolerate males to learn the feminine arts, though some had tried. Those that did were usually simply executed, mentor and student. Though they acknowledged that sometimes males were born with the dual gifts, such situations were always met with suspicion.
    He was brought forth before the entire Court, as such an anomaly would not stand without investigation. While the boy who had been hurt could be healed of his wounds and such acts ignored or swept under the rug due to the power of Blade’s family, the fact that Blade was developing into a Black Widow could not be so easily ignored.

    Dale Morrowind, the Queen’s Steward, had always been a rival of the Amdir family, still holding resentment to Blade’s cousin for not accepting his proposal to be her consort. When he saw opportunity to inflict pain upon the family line, he took it. It was Dale who accused Ruby, Blade’s sister, of fermenting the Black Widow Caste into the young Warlord Prince. Ruby was aghast at the suggestion, and accusations flew back and forth in open court. Yet once the lie had been given air it breathed to life, and with such a suggestion bearing a stain on both of them, they could hardly ignore it. For all that he served in her court, Epiphany feared the power of a Dual-Caste Male in her midst, and demanded that Ruby lower her barriers for the Queen to see the truth.

    Such an invasion of privacy was unimaginable, and Ruby would not suffer it based on false accusations. She refused, her parents trying to urge her to do so but she would not relent the point. Epiphany was furious to be refused, as she was unaccustomed to being refused anything, and she declared that they would both be executed. Shocked at such a brash command, Ruby flung herself to the feet of the Queen and begged for Blade’s life. She would accept whatever consequences were necessary; she’d accept such an invasion of privacy if it meant the safety of her baby brother. But having once been refused, Epiphany did not feel so lenient, and she ordered Ruby broken of both of her jewels, but declared she be found not-guilty. A “compromise” for all intended parties, as no honor would be besmirched, and Blade would continue to serve in her Court.

    It was the most harrowing moment of his young life for Blade to watch the family he was closest to broken by Flint, his own mentor. Rage formulated, bubbling and full, and it was only the restraining touch of his mother that held him in check as Ruby cried out as both her Tiger Eye and Summer Sky shattered in the hands of the Master of the Guard. She fell to her knees in tears, and it is a memory that Blade would never lose -- and always keep dear to his heart.

    While he was not offered membership of the Hourglass, he was assigned by the Leader of the Coven to be trained by Aurora Procella, an up and coming Black Widow of great talent, who had volunteered for the dangerous duty. With Aurora's guidance, Blade came to hone his skills, but never in equal measure with the training of his Warlord Prince Caste. The fury of his dual castes combined into a predatory creature, learning to harness his instincts and his anger as he grew into a man. After he received his Sapphire during his Offering, he was given a closer position to Lady Epiphany, but he never forgot nor forgave what had been done to his sister. One might question the move, but Epiphany had a knack for turning enemies into allies, a challenge she sought to win, and a Dual Casted Warlord Prince, no matter how taboo, presented an interesting challenge. He might well have been thought to hate her by the public, but instead he thanked her for her mercy, saying he understood the difficulty of her decision: After all, his sister still lived, and he’d been allowed to live despite the mystery of where his second Caste originated. From there Blade always acted, outwardly, as the most loyal of servants, and more than once graced Epiphany's bed.

    That began a long, planned process of him spinning the webs of revenge. Though he would never hold command of the full array of talents of a Black Widow in Dea al Mon of the distaff gender, he nonetheless became adept at the healing of the mind thanks to Aurora's lessons. In secret he began to work to mend together Ruby’s Chalice, torn in part by the breaking of her jewels but also the invasive and subversive use of Epiphany's Craft to find that Blade, indeed, was a natural Black Widow. At the same time, he also began a shadow campaign to weaken Epiphany’s position as the Territory Queen.

    By stint of a rut he came to begin a relationship with Brooke Endar, Epiphany’s new Court Healer. Understanding the ways of Warlord Princes, Brooke had been the target of his focus as he felt the overwhelming lust of both castes commingled in one entity. The much younger Healer, fresh off her Offering by only a few years, freely gave herself to the rutting Black Widow Warlord Prince. In her he found not only an outlet for his sexual needs (his lovers before had been few and mainly perfunctory) but also a close friend. When Brooke became pregnant with child after several months, he was present at the Birthright Ceremony of young Tempest, not shying away from his responsibility to help raise their child.

    As Flint retired, he gave way to Blade to become Epiphany’s Master of the Guard. Popularity for the aging Queen began to wane, thanks in part due to Blade’s political whispering that she was failing the Territory. As the Waste began to spread there were whispers of a growing power in the South -- a cult of sorts that called themselves the “Brood of the True Born”. Blade had quietly insinuated that Epiphany’s inaction to this growing concern had given time for crazed outsiders to band together into a believable threat. But while Blade had wanted to be rid of Epiphany for his personal reasons, he was not blind to the troubles of the Territory. Already the Kindred were withdrawing, many sealing their borders as they, too, had begun to suffer from the Waste. His salvation, and indeed, that of all of Dea al Mon, was found in Gale Galoneth.

    Gale had been older than Blade when he first met her, the new Provincial Queen of Devinos. Instantly he felt the pull of the Queen Bond to her, his heart soaring with desire. This.. this had been the Queen he had dreamed of in his youth! Here was the kind, intelligent, yet still strong-willed Queen who wanted the best for her people. He knew then that he had found Epiphany’s replacement, and set forth the actions to make it so.

    It took two years for his plan to take fruition. In the meantime he had begun a quiet affair with Gale, his friendship for Brook remaining but not holding as strong as his love for the Queen he was destined to be with. With Aurora's aid and leadership, he began to weave webs that would slowly tear Epiphany down, to weaken her, and eventually lead to her death. As he did so he began to privately show how Epiphany’s reign had weakened Dea al Mon: The Kindred had withdrawn, the Waste was growing, there were even rumors of children being born without the hallmarks of their long life.

    Just as it might seem as her base would crumble, Epiphany became deathly ill. Brook, still the Court Healer and ignorant to Blade’s machinations, tried desperately to save the Queen of Dea al Mon. Her work came too late, however, and was unable to determine what had taken her. Many thought that the strange conditions Epiphany suffered were some facet of the Waste, but were in fact all just part of Blade and Aurora's scheme to remove the Queen. Epiphany soon passed. His vengeance now complete against the Queen who broke his sister with none the wiser, Gale became the Queen of Dea al Mon and made Blade her First Escort.

    So he has stood for the last thirty years, serving as her constant shadow. Together they have had three daughters, the youngest of whom now serves as the Court Healer for the Territory, replacing Brook after her stint of service with the Red Cloaks. But it has not been an idyllic time.

    Their oldest two daughters have shown signs of the Waste, and many in Dea al Mon resent the presence of a Dual Casted Male close to the Queen’s side. There is much tension between Blade and Gale’s two other Triangle Members (Her Steward who is also a father of some of Gale’s daughters, and the Master of the Guard who is Epiphany’s son). Too much has come of late that is ill news for Blade to be content. The Province Court of Kassel is in exile thanks to the encroachment of the Brood. His father has recently passed from the Waste, causing Blade to become paranoid of it. His pride does not wish to admit that Gale’s choice of opening the borders to outsiders is the correct one, but neither would he ever gainsay her in public. Around the Court there are circulating rumors that Gale resents him, that the whispers that Blade controlled her subtly (untrue in full, as he would fiercely growl) have made her uncomfortable with his presence.

    No-one knew that he had been responsible for Epiphany’s death. And yet he cannot be certain that his secret is safe, nor his position as First Escort. With so much changing for the Dea al Mon for the first time in thousands of years, he is not sure if he can embrace that change. Nor is he certain he can survive it.

    But he’ll be damned if he’s not going to make a fight of it.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Writing Sample:
    “Lady Gale, this is unacceptable.” Dale Morrowind, former Steward of Dea al Mon, stepped forward to voice his objection to Gale’s decree that the borders that had been closed for thousands and thousands of years would now be opened. Blade felt hate surge through his veins as he stood beside his Queen, as this old Prince who had been the cause of Ruby’s breaking had the audacity to speak against the head of the entire people. It was no oversight that Dale Morrowind still lived while Epiphany was now long dead. Blade had wanted him humiliated, publicly torn apart for what he had done to Ruby. He wanted the man to suffer.

    But such long-term punishments faded from his mind as Dale’s blathering continued. “We are the First Children. We are the holders of the Seven Mirrors. We do not need the help of the very spoiled children our ancestors separated us from! I think you’re being terribly short-sighted about this, my Lady. Perhaps your judgment is clouded because of the fate of your daughters..”

    The man would have continued, but his words were cut short as Blade had crossed the room in a single second. The feline grace he carried in his limbs and the sudden ferocity of the movement shocked and awed those in the court, ending with the Black Widow Warlord Prince in very close proximity with the former steward.

    “The matter is not for debate.” Blade said the words in a quiet snarl, towering over the older Prince, who shrank for a moment. Blade supped upon the fear in Dale’s psychic scent, his blunted pride, and his terror. “Your Queen has spoken. You will obey.”

    Dale’s shrinking fear had shifted to quiet anger at Blade’s presence and rebuke. After all, old grudges only died with a death. “Your Queen, perhaps. But she’s not mine. Anyone who would countenance an abomination as her First Escort has questionable judgment.”

    Blade stood up straight slowly, his body growing into a rigid board as the entire room hushed in silence. He even went so far to smile, and when he did Dale realized how greatly he had erred.

    One moment two men, two notable members of Gale Galoneth’s Court, Queen of the Dea al Mon and all the Ebon Forest, the Holder of the Keys of the Seven Mirrors and Seated on the Black Throne of Nieste, were simply talking. And then the next, one of them had already struck the other with such fierceness bone cracked, and Dale was kneeling on the floor, his head shoved back to bare his throat -- where Blade’s teeth were but inches from, his Snaketooth pressed to the exposed jugular vein.

    “If we were not in this sacred hall I would rip out your stomach, and feed you the things you would call guts. I would tear you apart and wear your skin as a new summer coat. But because she is YOUR QUEEN, I will not spread your blood across the floor of her Court.” He pressed the tip of his Snaketooth just a bit harder beneath his long nails, just the slightest touch would puncture the skin and fill this male with the venom that Mother Night had gifted him. “Instead I’ll let your body burn from the inside out.”

    “Prince Blade.” Gale’s voice came crystal clear and as calm as a spring brook from the Black Throne. “Attend.”

    He withdrew, his rage restrained by her leash, and in the next blink of an eye he was back at her side, which was where he would always, always belong. “Another day, though, Prince.” Blade said from his place, lifting his head up and moving his gaze. Dale Morrowind was, for now, no longer worth his time.

    But someday soon, he would kill that man, and Gale would not be there to stop him.

    Petitions (if any): 
    Caste Requesting : Black Widow Warlord Prince
    Reasons For Requesting these Castes: On Blood Rites it’s almost a universal fact that those who have multiple castes are seen as more powerful or better because of it. I wanted to try something different, and make a character where the additional caste is seen as a liability and a problem, rather than a benefit. In Blade’s caste his second Caste, as a Black Widow, has brought him little but grief in his life. It has caused the breaking of his sister, brought him derision, scorn, and fear, and has ruined many of his personal relationships. The angry combination of Black Widow and Warlord Prince make him a terrifying member of the Court. But despite his power and his ability, he’s also a liability for Gale due to his possessiveness, jealousy, and razor-sharp temper.

    Blade has to be a Black Widow because if he had been given any of the other Castes (Priest or Healer) then his dubious nature of being a natural second Caste would never have come into question. The drama with Ruby, his hatred for Epiphany and Dale, and his difficulties in learning his Caste’s training, would not have been so deeply ingrained in the character as they are highlighted here. Even if Priest were not banned from the Territory Restrictions (no Dual Caste Males can be Priests in Dea al Mon), both it and the Healer Caste would have been an emotional balancer for the volatile personality of a Warlord Prince. Which changes the character completely.

    Plans for this Character: Blade will be the First Escort to the Territory Court of Dea al Mon, bound to his Queen Gale (whom he put into power by secretly murdering her predecessor 30 years ago). He will act as the divisive part of the Dea al Mon scene at first that most characters entering the area from without and within will begin to see. He is xenophobic, arrogant, and deadly, and thus will give a sharp contrast to the warmth and hope that Gale provides.

    He is also the father of three of Gale’s daughters, including her Court Healer. Atop all of these interpersonal interactions, he will be part of the Dea al Mon metaplot to fight the Brood, to heal the Waste, and save the day.

    ….Maybe. Muahahahaha.

    Petitions (if any):  Reactivation

    Why did this character became inactive?
    Because I became inactive.

    What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
    I can't promise it won't be ever again, but I have a high interest in writing him because of evil plots.

    What are your plans for this character?
    Provide friction with the rest of Gale's Triangle, and the Court, parade Arcadian around like a prized dog, learn more Black Widow Craft, fuck bitches, have rampages, have an epic fight with Hope and the Brood.

    Number of previous Reactivations: One for Blade

    Player Name: Dash

    Offline Dash

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    Re: Blade Amdir
    « Reply #1 on: Mar 01, 16, 10:20:17 PM »
    Ready for Reactivation
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    Re: Blade Amdir
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    Re: Blade Amdir
    « Reply #3 on: Dec 02, 17, 02:03:59 PM »
    Hello. I would like to use my 2017 Thanksgiving Shop Dark Ally (Adoptable) for Blade.

    I would also like to apply his new Craft specialty!

    Thank you.
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    Re: Blade Amdir
    « Reply #4 on: Dec 02, 17, 02:17:57 PM »
    Your Dark Ally was Weighed by Mother Night...

    ...and rose from the Darkness twice blessed with a cut Blood Opal Birthright Jewel, and  an uncut Sapphire Jewel at their Offering.


    Congratulations!  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker

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    Re: Blade Amdir
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    Blade Amdir has been blessed with Black Widow Webs

    You may add this specialty to this character's existing Craft Strengths section, with an accompanying Craft Weakness for balance.  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker