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Author Topic: Belar Kajaran  (Read 1446 times)

Description: Warlord Prince, Tiger Eye to Summer Sky. Played by Eleanor.

Offline Belar Kajaran

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Belar Kajaran
« on: Feb 05, 13, 11:50:42 AM »
    The Basics

    Character Name: Belar Kajaran
    Age:  734 (545 BP)
    Race:  halfbreed Eyrien
    Caste:  Warlord Prince
    Birth Territory: Dena Nehele
    Home Territory: Askavi, T.

    Birthright Jewel: uncut Tiger Eye
    Offering Jewel: cut Summer Sky

    Play By: Tyler Hoechlin
    Distinguishing Features: Though Belar has fully functional wings, they are longer and more slender than the wings of most Eyriens, requiring him to use more Craft to keep him in the air than his brethren.



    Belar Kajaran is, above all else, a warrior. He has been trained, and trained harshly, all his life as a consummate fighter. As a half-breed, he has had to work twice as hard to gain recognition for his natural skills, against the handicaps not only of his own nature -- for though he is a Warlord Prince and an Eyrien warrior to the core, there are some things he lacks an innate talent for, such as aerial combat -- but the prejudices of his fellows, prejudices that have denied him the top-tier training and opportunities that might have otherwise been his due as the son of a dark Jeweled Master of the Guard. But because these prejudices exist, he spent much of his life with crap tasks like planning individual ambushes, fighting solo behind enemy lines, and doing paperwork.

    Since the Purge, though, his lifestyle has changed dramatically, and he is still flailing a bit and learning how to deal with it, no matter that he cannot show his doubts and weaknesses to anyone, not even his sister, for he refuses to add to her problems if he can help it. Now, instead of relying only on himself to get a task done, with only himself at risk, he is a leader of men. Now, instead of simply filing away paperwork for a Steward to deal with, he holds the financial future of his District in his hands. Now, instead of patrolling against jhinka and foreigners, he must concern himself with the threat of Eyriens attempting to poach in his forests, with his own rulers demanding more than their fair share of the tithes his people scrape up.

    For the sake of his people, Belar tries to keep his rage under control... but it is difficult. There is no Queen to channel his instincts, and every single day is a struggle to have enough food to eat, enough wool to protect against the cold, enough wood for fires and export, enough trained male bodies to fight the jhinka. Belar is a Warlord Prince at the end of his rope, and if it snaps, it will be a bloodbath, for the centuries have made him into a very dangerous man. Of late, he feels at peace only when he is alone, reveling in an ease with numbers and words that are the one element of his dual heritage he does not mind.

    • 1 Priestesses -- Belar works closely with the Priestesses of his District, and credits them with much. Were it not for his close working relationship with the Priestesses -- facilitated by his determined sister -- Belar would not have been able to accomplish nearly so much with the District, and he knows it.
    • 2 Dena Nehele -- Though it's not something he would advertise in Askavi, Belar likes Dena Nehele. When he goes there to arrange business deals or strengthen his connections, he likes the way people there give him the respect due an Eyrien warrior.
    • 3 Paperwork -- Perhaps due to his dual heritage or simply due to the 'Prince' part of his nature, Belar actually likes dealing with finances, and as frustrating as the tithes he must pay can be, particularly the ones that leave Askavi for reparations, he finds a certain clean pleasure in handling the details.
    • 1 Proving Himself -- Belar is a talented warrior, more so than most produced by the hunting camps, particularly for a man wearing only the Summer Sky. But because of his dual heritage, he is always tested more than others, always forced to demonstrate his strength and power, no matter how self-evident it should be after all the years he has faithfully and effectively served his people.
    • 2 Parlian -- Belar's Black Widow sister abandoned her people at a time when she was desperately needed; right before the Black Widows of Hayll marshaled their strange Craft and invaded Askavi. Belar believes, to this day, that had Parlian not fled to Shalador, their little brother might still be alive.
    • 3 The Keep at Ebon Askavi -- To Belar, the Keep is like a shadow across his world. Though it is not in his District, nothing good has come from there. It was the source of the Purge, and the loss of Lazar Gauk was a blow to the Eyrien war effort. Belar, raised by a Master of the Guard, heard his father's rants on the subject often, and they took.
    • 1 Replacement -- One of Belar's darkest fears is that some purebred punk with connections and power will come along and replace him, without a care for the practical details for running the District, and undo all of his hard work.
    • 2 Aging -- Physically, Belar's half-breed features don't show much except insofar as his slightly distended wings and ability to grow facial hair -- which he doesn't like that much, but it keeps him warm and it's too much of a bother to shave when he has so many other things to occupy his time and mind -- but he knows he will age much faster than his Eyrien siblings, and that inexorability frightens him deeply. You cannot fight time.
    • 3 Other Askavi Rulers -- Askavi is in chaos. The Provinces are fighting over the Districts, and the Districts are fighting over the boundaries. Stronger men -- men like the Black Jeweled half-breed who ruled the Territory for a year -- are making demands, demands that his District cannot meet if he is to feed his people. Belar is caught in the crucible, and so are his people.
    Craft Strengths:
    • 1 Sight Shielding -- Belar has a real gift for sight shielding, even intricate ones such as the one he sometimes uses in Dena Nehele to hide his wings. His talent is such that hiding in ambush is significantly easier, and it takes a much stronger Jewel than his to notice something amiss.
    • 2 Gestalt -- Belar's Craft lends itself well to the leadership role, and he is able to divide his focus in combat such that he can direct the strands of others' strength and power, shielding a multitude of men at the same time or lending them his strength as he unites them as a unit.
    Craft Weaknesses:
    • 1 Flying -- Belar requires more Craft than usual to keep himself in the air when flying, due partially to inherent flaws in the size and shape of his wings and partially because he lacks the innate skill with it many of his Eyrien brethren are born with. He's capable, and the weakness doesn't show because he takes great pains to ensure it doesn't, but in an aerial battle, for instance, his strength will drain away faster than that of his opponent and it requires greater concentration for him.
    • 2 Illusions -- Despite his talents with complex, pinpoint-accurate sight shields, Belar has a real weakness to illusions, both those he must create and those being used against him. He is much less likely than the average male in his position to fall victim to an illusion, and he has difficulty even triggering another's illusion to make an already-created piece of Craft 'turn on.'
    Life Story

    • (mother) Anca Yellow to Rose hearth witch (deceased)
      Anca was a hearth witch in Dena Nehele, living in a District near the Askavi border, when the Askavi war machine marched on her Territory. She was used by an invading Warlord Prince and quickened with child. Fomar Kajaran took her as a servant while fighting in Dena Nehele, and after she bore the babe and he proved to possess wings, discarded. She died of old age under Eyrien rule, having seen her son but once.
    • (father) Fomar Summer Sky to Blood Opal Warlord Prince (deceased)
      Fomar died in the Purge. Before that, he was the Province Queen's Master of the Guard. Never one to let an opportunity go to waste, he ruthlessly and effectively trained his son as a weapon. He was a well-respected man, despite his half-breed son.
    • (half-sister) Darmian Yellow to broken Summer Sky Priestess (2303)
      Darmain has a very forceful personality and she has a lot of influence in the Black Forest Province, despite being broken back to her Birthright in the Purge. If it wasn't for her support, it is unlikely that Belar would be able to rule.
    • (half-sister) Parlian Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk Black Widow (1888)
      Parlian was born shortly before the preparation for the Great War began. Despite -- or perhaps because of -- her father's involvement, she fled to Shalador in 364 BP.
    • (half-brother) Kaviar Birthright Rose Prince (deceased)
      Kaviar was killed in 362 BP at the age of ten when Hayllian warriors invaded Askavi.

    Askavi invaded Dena Nehele 545 years before the Purge. At that time, Fomar Kajaran, a dark Jeweled Warlord Prince, was the Master of the Guard for a young District Queen without the strength or power to deny her Territory Queen the use of her Master for the war effort. Though Fomar did not lead the force, he was high enough in rank and power to claim his choice of the spoils, and he chose a young hearth witch of the conquered Territory, a woman named Anca, for his bed while away from his home and the witches more... used to servicing his needs. He assumed she was sufficiently cowed -- and sufficiently disinterested in bearing his child -- to ensure her infertility, and didn't think to check it for himself. When she grew gravid with child, hoping to avoid his attentions for the duration of the birth -- hoping that would be long enough for him to lose interest in her entirely -- he was surprised, and angry, but her machinations succeeded. She was freed from his bed.

    She was not, however, free. He watched her all but constantly while the Territory was occupied, and when the babe was born alate, he was named Belar in the way of his father's people and taken from his mother's arms. Neither saw each other again, and Fomar returned home with more than he had planned.

    In the years before his Birthright Ceremony, Belar underwent a truly intensive training regimen. Though he was but a half-breed boy, he was Fomar's only son to date, and Fomar wanted a son too badly to reject him purely for his mother's bloodline. He did, however, intend to beat any weakness out of him, and the education he inflicted on his son was ruthless -- and effective. Fomar delayed his Birthright Ceremony until the boy was eight years old, and might have delayed it past even the night before his ninth birthday if the Priestesses hadn't interfered.

    Belar came away with the Tiger Eye, and when his sire claimed him, no one was foolish enough to gainsay a Blood Opal Jeweled Warlord Prince on the matter, despite the impropriety. If the issue of his mother's being alive had been made an issue, that was an easy thing to change... and the people of Dena Nehele were a conquered race. No one in the Court really cared what Belar did with a halfbreed brat, and no one really cared about the maternal rights being stomped on.

    Following his Birthright Ceremony, Belar was taken to the Hunting Camps for training. Here, he finally understood his father's drive to teach him everything his young body could learn, during every waking moment. For though Belar was a Warlord Prince, his Jewel was not dark and in the camps, his father's reputation could not protect him. He had to protect himself. Though his father was a man with money, power, and prestige, Belar was a half-breed. The more reputable Camps refused to take him, and so he was went to a Hunting Camp with less than vigilant trainers. In a way, this helped, for Belar did not have to compete with the best of the best of Eyrien youth. He had only to defend himself against the other dregs of Eyrien society, the least promising boys... the ones with the least to lose, the ones who, for the first time in their lives, had someone less prestigious to bully.

    He spent ten years in the camps. Nothing to the long-lived, but an eternity for a boy constantly at odds with his own fellows. But though he didn't learn in the company of Askavi's best, he did learn how to defeat a larger number of opponents. He learned strategy and tactics. He learned how to hide. And halfway through his training, some of the warriors in the camp realized that they had on their hands a boy worthy of an education, a boy who could benefit from actual training, a boy who wouldn't piss it all away by dying first thing in battle. Their efforts weren't up to par with his father's early training, but that, and his continuing the practice forms he had been taught as a young boy, built on his instincts as a Warlord Prince and turned him into an efficient fighter with an unusual -- and effective -- bag of tricks.

    He returned to his father's command after his Offering, an adult wearing the Summer Sky. Though prejudice against his heritage -- and, when he is honest with himself, he admits his youth played a part --  kept him from serving among the warriors who walked the killing fields with his father. But still, Belar proved his use to his father many times over during the wars. He could be trusted to handle the annoying paperwork that Fomar despised, freeing another warrior from being delegated the task. He could be trusted to guard their rear against jhinkas or other threats. He could be trusted to guard conquered prisoners.

    Belar chafed against being sidelined in such a way, but he was permitted to train with the warriors, and it was many years before he could defeat them in even mock combat. They were seasoned warriors, with experience that not even the best training could replicate. But he never gave up, persevering, until the Askavi invaded Hayll and he was finally able to prove himself. He was still not permitted to walk the killing fields with his father or the purebred Eyriens, but his father wasn't lying when he said his assignments were important. Belar's talents and training were put to use, lying in ambush to trap enemies, waylaying supplies, and generally wreaking havoc behind the lines. It was dangerous work, but it paid off, and he survived it.

    His little brother, back in Askavi, did not. Belar's fury was eclipsed only by that of his father when the Hayllian sneak attack came, a mere handful of years after the defection of the only Black Widow in the family to Shalador with the rest of the weaklings who had failed their people by refusing to serve their Queen. Belar blamed her, while their father blamed the Hayllian people, and though many were pulled back to Askavi, their cohort was not. The pain they rained down on Hayll was immense.

    Life continued apace. The District Queen they served was promoted to rule the entire Province, and the promotion was a balm to the loss of Kaviar. Belar continued to assist his father, gradually -- but never completely -- gaining the acceptance of the small circle of males he spent the most time around.

    Then, the Purge came. The Queen died first, shielding the eyrie, but her strongest warriors followed swiftly. Belar watched his father die, along with so, so many others. When the storm passed, he did the only thing he could think to do -- he sought out his closest blood relative, for he had no lover -- what Eyrien woman would risk catching a child with a halfbreed? -- and the Province Court was shattered. Darmian was the only one left. He found her holding the shattered piece of her Summer Sky, collapsed on the floor of the communal eyrie, and roused her.

    Together, they rallied the remains of the people they knew best, in the village they had spent most of their lives. Together, they claimed the communal eyrie and turned it into a safe haven -- and none too soon. Mere hours after the Purge, the jhinka came to the village, taking ruthless advantage of the weakness that struck the Eyriens, the loss of thousands upon thousands of trained, strong warriors.

    Even in the best of times, the village consisted largely of women and children, people who relied on the outlying camps to keep their land safe. These were not the best of times, and Belar's presence was all that saved his people. A trained warrior, used to operating on his own, he ordered his sister to gather the females together in the communal eyrie, and with a force of only half-trained,  boys -- boys used to fighting without Jewels, boys with only basic Craft, boys all below the age of eight, boys who had just watched their mothers and sisters and friends die in front of them -- fought off the jhinka. Not a single female died at jhinka hands.

    Slowly, starting with that village, Belar gathered those who remained. His father's reputation stood him in good stead, for he had been trained for centuries by a well-known and well-respected Master of the Guard. He was a half-breed, but he was a trained, unbroken warrior who had seen combat and who had protected his people. The women of that first village trusted him, their boys adored him -- they were too young to place 'but he is a halfbreed!' above 'he led us into battle and we won -- and as they grew, so did his influence. His father's methods stood him in good stead, as did his sister's unwavering support and over the course of the decade, he assumed control of the surrounding area.

    He ventured into Dena Nehele for trade agreements, taking ruthless advantage of his half-breed status and the centuries he had spent handling the paperwork of a Master of the Guard, and pinched every mark to keep his people fed. He worked twice has hard as any other male in the forests, felling trees like that was what he had been trained to do, and pouring as much money as he possibly could into the hunting camps, for he knew that it was the upcoming generation that supported him -- and he would need their support, for the jackals never cease circling the borders of his forests.

    The years have turned him into a paranoid man, constantly on alert for others trespassing on his Territory, wearied by the demands of the Province and Territory rulers -- his own and those of the nearby Territories, who demand reparations. He has no female other than a single, overworked Priestess broken back to her Birthright to keep him on an even keel, and the pressures of his position are unbearable. But thanks to his efforts, his District is one of the most prosperous in Askavi.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Writing Sample:

    His father was dead. His Queen was dead. He could still feel the wave of power that had rippled through Askavi reverberating through his skull, but it was over. The layers upon layers of dark shields that had gone up over the eyrie had failed in their ultimate purpose, but he remained unbroken.

    Another man, a weaker man, a more poorly trained man, might have feel to his knees and mourned, but Belar was a warrior. He had been trained to deal with loss, and he had spent his share of time in war. His unusual position has a half-breed unworthy of fighting with the main force paid off now, as his experience in working alone paid off, for though he didn't know what had caused this, he knew what he had to do.

    He had already lost one brother to invaders, and a sister to her own disloyalty. Now, his father was dead as well. Was Darmian?

    Belar raced from the Queen's eyrie, abandoning the corpses because this was no time to worry about finery rights. With a leap, he caught the Rose Wind and pushed himself as hard as he could to his home village, the village where even now his half-sister, his sister in all ways that mattered, resided as the village Priestess. She had to be alright -- otherwise, he had nothing left in the world that was his.

    He found her collapsed on the floor of the altar, the shattered fragments of a Summer Sky Jewel -- a Jewel so like his own he couldn't suppress a swallow -- scattered around her hand. But she wasn't bleeding, and he could see her chest rise and fall. She was alive, and she would be okay. She had to be okay, because he couldn't accept the possibility of anything else. He reached out and grasped her shoulder as gently as he could, shaking her.

    The gold of her eyes was the best thing he had seen in decades.

    Petitions (if any): 

    Why did this character became inactive? I took a long-term LOA due to frustrations with the petitioning process, and then was very busy with real-life -- I was hardly online at all for a few weeks because of my awesome new boyfriend.

    What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again? My boyfriend and I have super uncomplementary schedules and we got a new schedule at work where I have lots of free time.

    What are your plans for this character? I've spoken with Tal about what's going on in Askavi T. Belar is intended to represent a District ruler and the lower-end point of view of what's going on in Askavi T as well as to have ties to Dena Nehele due to the trade needs and his connections there. This allows me to plot with him there as well and to take part in some of the fun guild drama.

    Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) : None.

    Player Name: Eleanor

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    Re: Belar Kajaran
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    Re: Belar Kajaran
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