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Author Topic: Ananke Charon  (Read 541 times)

Description: Landen. Played by Vivian.

Offline Ananke Charon

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Ananke Charon
« on: Dec 21, 17, 02:42:24 PM »
The Basics

Character Name:  Ananke Charon.
Nicknames:  Ana, Acheron / Acharon.
Age:  264 (72 Before Purge).
Race:  Long Lived (she is pretty sure she's 100% Hayllian, but with the way people in Hayll play the field, it's hard to tell sometimes).
Caste:  Landen.
Birth Territory:  Hayll, Terreille.
Home Territory:  (Lately) Askavi, Terreille.


Play By:  Jessica Alba.
Distinguishing Features:

Let's be honest. 

Ananke is an incredibly attractive woman.  It is actually quite ridiculous how attractive she is.  Many attribute the credit for her marriage to the Blood to her appearance.  At 5'7", she is considered to be above average in height, and keeps a trim, utterly feminine, figure.  For all her blessings though, Ananke prefers to dress to "fit in", which means if others are wearing formal gowns, so too is she.  If she is traveling to countryside, she looks like any other gypsy-vagrant.  (If one stands out, it becomes difficult to learn the inner secrets of any society, after all.)  It is easy to see why her peers think that her redeeming qualities are all physical, rather than mental. 

The slight wave of her hair and the dark rum of her eyes at times draw a lifted brow from the more discerning and snobby, but as Landen, tracking one's bloodline is, comparatively, less of an obsession as it is for the Blood.



Ananke is a passionate woman; fascinated by the unknown and thrilled by it, she chases after the scintillating borders that lie between the surreal and the mundane.  Finding the mundane in the surreal and the surreal in the mundane is what delights her most. 

She is excitable and easily wound up, and is an excellent friend in spite (or perhaps, because) of it: whatever it is you care about, she will care about it too.  If it is important to you, she makes an extreme effort to educate herself in it.  That is, if she likes you.  While not judgmental, Ana is easily hurt and easily offended, primarily due to her eager nature to please others, leading her to keep the majority of people at arm's length - an invisible arm's length that only she ever appears aware of.  She is happiest when the people around her are happy with her, thus even the thought that someone she likes (regardless of to what degree) is upset or angry with her will drive her up a wall trying to fix whatever imagined problem.

As such, she charms others easily, wherever she goes ‒ many would call the Landen friend, but few become close confidantes.  It is extremely simple and uncomplicated to remain surface friends with Ananke after all, and she is a personality greatly enjoyed in moderate amounts, from time to time.  In the long term, however, she has been known to retreat for years, on occasion, decades, to goodness knows where (but presumably to work on her research).  It makes her quite elusive and difficult to pin down, which typically disrupts the fragile nature of fleeting relationships. 

Temporary and transient relationships are not new to her.  The culture of her native land is one steeped in such a history, one so rich that overindulgence is a legitimate concern.  It is not, however, a concern of Ananke's.  Rather, as Chaillot would call it, her pièce de résistance, a compendium and series of treatises on Blood culture, seems to be her driving goal in life.  Not the pursuit of money or wealth, not even the lure of love or sexual pleasure, eclipses that ambition of hers.  In this aspect, she is deeply interested and invested in the workings of the Blood and Blood society across the Realm (even across Realms), but largely removed from it all, as any good scholar must be.  A part of the world, and yet apart from it, climbing the steps to her ivory tower from which she observes and pieces together the puzzle of the Blood.

As far as she is concerned, being Landen is a blessing: Ananke gets to marvel at the spectacles of the realms, the mystical powers of the Blood, and bask in their glory without ever losing her wonder of it. 

  • Blood Culture.  The Blood Culture - of any territory - and the over arching society of the Blood has been the woman's life long fascination; she by no means approves of all the ways the Blood live and how certain traditions are so blatantly sexist or hateful, but this in no way seems to detract from her love of her study and work.  One might even call it her magnum opus, the study of the Blood, and their sociology has become her eternal pursuit in life.

  • Travel.  For someone who adores to encounter and learn new things, travel is the best way to go about it.  Ananke adores traveling and cannot seem to stay in a place for much longer than a few years at a time, constantly hearing the call of yet another land or territory, a village she has not visited, a mountain she has not climbed.  The Landen has acquired several homes across the Realm (not lavish ones, but sufficient for her needs), but would prefer to visit places that hold yet a seed of mystery to her.

  • Historical Lore.  It baffles her how some cultures have almost no records on anything.  No records of their myths, their lore, their very history, relying instead on an oral traditional easily corrupted and changed, vulnerable to loss at the whims of time or happenstance.  Conversely, finding any written record of Blood history is the equivalent of handing Ananke the key to a room full of gold and telling her to bask in it.
  • Deadlines.  There's little she dislikes so much as a deadline.  Ananke does not work or operate on anyone's time table, excepting her own.  It exerts an undue pressure on her and the sense of obligation - especially misplaced and unjustified obligation, drives her half-crazy.

  • Naysayers.  If there is one thing she does dislike more than a deadline, it is a naysayer.  These negative, pessimistic people that go around dashing perfectly reasonable dreams and hopes for no acceptable rational get under her skin like a mite burrowing into wood.  If allowed to persist, they spread their poison and eat away at the foundations of hope, destroying the wonder of the world with their petty, small mindedness.

  • Interruptions.   When Ananke is on a roll, especially when she is talking at length about her work, she despises being interrupted.  In fact, she simply cannot tolerate it, and has been known to ignore such interruptions and keep going until she finished.  When others are speaking, she gives them her full attention, and the respect to come to the end of their thoughts; why can't they give the same consideration to her?
  • Motherhood.  She had been a mother only once in her life.  That once was more than enough; Ananke loved her only son too dearly, too deeply, and never again wants to face the possibility of having something become her whole world, holding her heart in such a fragile, unguarded corporeal form, so easily taken away from her. 

  • Witch.  With a capital W.  After so many decades and centuries of study, it is still beyond the Hayllian woman why the Blood worship Witch so.  They speak of a creature that is Dreams Made Flesh, a compounding of dreams and hopes strong enough to compel a living being into existence, and yet this being, this Witch came to the Realms and rather than helping it, healing it, destroyed it.  She could have purged the world of its corruption; instead, she killed and broke indiscriminately, uncaring of innocents lost in the wake of her senseless violence.  How does anyone claim to worship that?

  • Debt.  Ugh.  Debt.  The Landen was raised to love debt, to embrace debt - but only if she was the one being owed, the one who held the account in limbo and collected interest.  She abhors the notion of owing someone else and immediately moves, at any time, to pay back even the slightest notion of debt to others, but simultaneously tends to go above and beyond what she is called upon for in order to incur the debt of others herself.
Life Story

Mother:  Emmota Charon, Landen.  Deceased.
Father:  Petrus Charon, Landen.
Siblings:  Ezekielis Charon,  Landen.

Husband:  Seth Itineribus Amiserat, Opal to Red Warlord Prince.
Son:  Heli Amiserat Charon, Tiger Eye Prince.  Deceased.


Ananke grew up with no siblings.  What she had were loving parents and a huge extended clan of merchants, craftsmen, bankers and moneylenders that had in Hayll's weakness after the Purge made a truly ridiculous amount of marks off of broken and lessened Blood.  What she had was friends of every race, every color, recalling days when even Tacea was still a popular destination for vacations in the winter.  What she had was everything money could buy and all the teachings of a people who were still new to their wealth and conscious of the day when it might run as dry as it had once been.

What she had, Ananke would laugh while confiding, was a fairy tale life.  Heart stoppingly lovely and perhaps in her youth just as dangerous to the men around her, life was sweet and easy and good.  She received a sterling education and, by the standards of Landen, lived a life of comparative luxury.  She could have done things.  She had options aplenty, more than most Landen; Ananke could have gone into any trade, any industry, and easily made a name for herself.  And so it surprised everyone, excepting herself, that the Blood would become her passion in life.  By all means, the whip-smart and ambitious Acharon was not one of those women who panted after the Blood, no, not a Landen so in love with the romanticized mystery of those mystical people blessed with inexplicable powers, aching for the slightest chance to leap into bed with them. 

Rather, it was the allure of the mystery, the chaos of the Blood lore and the Blood reality that reeled her in.  Ananke's interest was far more pure than that.  Her fascination with the Blood began early on, almost as soon as she could grasp the (in)tangible differences between Blood and Landen - people of the blood, of their blood, and people of the land - and it was one that seemed almost cold and clinical in its academic rigor. 

How had her people lived with (aside, beside, beneath or whatever adverb was appropriate for the changing times) the Blood for nigh on millennium and learned so very little about them?  How could they not be curious about a culture and a race they, essentially, knew less about as a collective than they did the pearl divers of Tacea with whom they used to trade or the wild Shaladorians, rich with medicinal herbs that even a Landen could see the value of? 

Ananke devoted her life to the study of Blood Culture and began this endeavor to all the disapproval of her family by moving into a Blood Village of mostly broken men and women, bringing to the suddenly powerless - or far less powerful - all the invention and innovation of the Landens. 

A few decades later, she moved into a Blood City under the guise of advancing her family's trade routes, and never quite looked back.  For a while, she was even Ananke  Charon Amiserat, the lovely and eccentric butterfly that fluttered about Seth Itineribus Amiserat's arm, gratified by his willingness to indulge her curiosity, her intrigue, and the apparently whimsical nature of her inquisition on all that was Blood.  When Seth proposed, Ananke shied away, unwilling to sacrifice the work of her life to be a mere wife.  She was a Landen; even then, with less twenty years of study, she knew it was a truly terrible idea. 

Ananke, being Ananke, said yes to the Very Terrible Idea. 

The unknown was exciting and Seth swore he loved her, swore that they would be different, would be unlike all the bad ideas that came before her.  Why not?  She was wealthy and lovely and gave him every reason to be true to his word.  They even had a son, a perfect son that she loved beyond words, beyond all imagination, and perhaps gave her the best and most complete illusion of the lie that Seth offered in all the realms.  She was not certain if he loved her or loved the contacts that came with her - the wide trade network and mercantile web that had become his to exploit and leverage (or if it was some combination thereof).  Whether or not he had chosen her to be rebellious, to assert himself to his family, whether he had chosen her because he was possessive beyond measure of his Landen curiosity, she told herself she did not care.  There were other things to occupy her heart.

Ananke discovered Craft through her son's eyes, discovered wonder after wonder as he learned how to pass a ribbon through a sheet of paper, as he learned how to conjure witchfire or use his Offering to keep rain from wetting her hair.  Seth was often busy as he was drawn into games of power and influence, the careful dance of a Red Warlord Prince in a nation occupied by their enemies.  In his absence she simply traveled with her son, delighting in every new place they alighted upon. 

Eyriens might stop Seth, but a Landen woman with a lad barely old enough for his voice to change? 

They enjoyed a freedom unlike any other in Hayll.  Such summersweet days were doomed to end and what a catastrophically devastating end it was, when Witch came, when a power blew through the Realms and touched her precious, innocent son, and stole him from her arms.  Seth  had not even been there, been with them, to protect their only child, to offer comfort or peace or that final farewell as she never could.  He had the audacity to survive when their child had died.

Later, when she discovered that he had been cheating on her, had been in the bed of another woman at the very moment of Heli's senseless murder, Ananke renounced the man and fled.  Like many of the notions that she has taken to her head, she has since never looked back.  In the aftermath of the Purge, she imagined her once-husband was far too occupied with whatever it was that occupied the mind of fools, and lived mostly in spite of the male.  She has returned sparingly to Hayll over the years - for the birth of her younger brother, to celebrate his coming of age, to see her mother laid to rest in a slim wooden box.

And after over two centuries, Ananke is in some ways the premier Landen scholar on the Blood (because really, how many of them were there?), renown to those who care for such things.  If these studies have taken a darker turn, an avid interest in the wars of the Blood, in all the myriad of ways in which they try to kill one another, annihilate one another, in recent years, none are the wiser. 

None, but her.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:

Ananke did not often write letters.

There were few people left to whom she felt the obligation - indeed, the compulsion - to maintain a running investment in, but darling Mari, darling, lovely Mari was a companion to which she had poured out her heart over the centuries.  Two Landen women, married to Red Warlord Princes; they were two of a kind, two pearls born into existence by the same crusted shell.  And Mari was a terribly gratifying friend to have, one who always made her feel understood, for like her Mari was a Landen, an outsider, living in a world that was far beyond their ken, defying all notions of what was proper and natural or whatever it was their naysayers said about them. 

Unlike others, the rare handful that were relatively constant presences and characters in the ongoing story of her life, Mari was also the only one who would actually suffer from lack of correspondence (and, conversely, the only one who flourished in immediate response to the slightest note).

Dearest Mari,

It is my fault, once again, that this letter comes so late.  Did Manel enjoy the gift I sent?

Her pen paused and for a moment Acharon had to remember to breathe, to lift the tip lest the ink blot and she have to start over.  It was always difficult, to write about Mari's sons, difficult to contemplate how old her own son might be, how her own child might enjoy a gift.  Most of the time, when she remembered, doting absently on her friend's children was a favored activity and one that brought her a small joy; today would have been Heli's second century, had he lived. 

She knew of the other woman's disappointments in Manel, and yet she never dared breathe a word of her own bitterness - that Mari could be disappointed in her son, when she had lost hers so early (too early; no parent should outlive their child) chaffed.

Still, not a word, not a whisper of it, was allowed to bleed into her letter.  Even a hint could upset her friend and once upset, Ananke always felt terrible about anything she said.

I write to you from Dena Nehele, darling, and it is a strange place.  We think the Blood in our own land alien at times, but the Blood here?  They contradict everything I have ever learned of them, a statistical anomaly that defies the entire data set, corrupting my carefully constructed works. 

Here, they kill Queens.  Queens! 

Imagine that.  If there is anything anyone knows about the Blood, it is their feverish love and fealty to those who bear this magical caste.  So believe it or not, as a whole, the kidnapping, harming, and murdering of Queens is entirely a societal norm here.  I haven't the faintest idea how this has happened.  Not in all my travels have I encountered such a thing before.  I imagine your husband would turn a very interesting shade of blue if he knew about this.

The last time we had dinner together, he was fair obsessed with obtaining a Queen for Dhemlan, no?

Men seem to focus on the silliest things. 

How is Savion, by the by?  And Dulce and Lluc?  I promised to send Dulce patterns of the latest styles in Chaillot, but I got preoccupied - don't give me that look!  I know you are quirking that brow at me again; it will give you wrinkles - and was convinced to stay over long in Dena Nehele.  Is Lluc still being stubborn?  Don't let the boy run all over your heart.  He clearly needs more than a soft touch these days, if your letters are anything to go by. 

I do not believe I shall be returning to Hayll any time soon, though I do miss living among the long lived.  I never tire of how miserable it is to see friends age and wither away.  Perhaps it is time for me to visit? 

With all my love,

Petitions (if any): 
Reactivation petitions.  Tacea.

Why did this character became inactive?
Illness in the family.  Personal emotional state bleak.  So basically, health reasons?

What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
Plot with Gavin/Bowie/Kenna/whoever else is in Askavi.

What are your plans for this character?
She is duly fascinated in how fly/wings work.  Will befriend some landens, strike up a deal with a ruler or two, may be take a nap.

Number of previous Reactivations:
On Ana, 0.

Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) :
She's in Askavi getting her scholar on.  Will befriend some landens, strike up a deal with a ruler or two, may be take a nap.

Player Name:  Vivian.

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Re: Ananke Charon
« Reply #1 on: Dec 21, 17, 04:42:47 PM »
I, bearer of Jessica Alba, do hereby grant unto Vivi the ability to use an older, straight-haired version of Alba for her character.

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Re: Ananke Charon
« Reply #2 on: Dec 21, 17, 04:58:53 PM »
Email:   Discord: Dash#6159


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Re: Ananke Charon
« Reply #3 on: May 03, 18, 10:19:37 PM »
This character has been marked as Inactive

If you would like to reactivate this character they will need to be submitted through the Keep's Registry again as a petitioned character using the Reactivation Petition.  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker