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Title: Abelardo Zamora
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The Basics

Character Name: Abelardo Zamora
Age & Birthyear:261 (b. 70 BP) 
Race:  Dhemlanese (LL)
Caste:  Landen
Birth Territory: Dhemlan, Kaeleer
Home Territory:  Dhemlan, Kaeleer

Birthright Jewel: Does a brick upside your skull count?
Offering Jewel: 

Role: Gregorio's Second
Faction: Syndicate


Play By: Raymond Cruz
Distinguishing Features: As a means to appear far more intimidating, Abel has built himself to be a wide, imposing force despite his short stature.



Abelardo has never been a man with a plan.  In order to have a plan, one must have an eye for the details and the forethought to look down the road further than a few minutes at a time.  Abelardo is none of those things.  The landen man lives in the here and the right fucking now.  What can he do in this moment... what's it going to take to get him what he wants... now.  This mentality works but the lack of consideration to what his actions will lead to down the road often spells trouble for the landen when he lets himself get carried away.

Though Abelardo isn't one to think about the future, he is on a daily basis reminded of the past.  The way things were before the Purge were terrifying, harrowing times.  If the Landen can do something, anything to keep those days of corruption and fear in the past, he will do it.  No questions asked.

As a family man, Abelardo is viciously protective of his family and anyone that falls under the general umbrella of family for the landen.  Family means everything to Abelardo almost to the point of desperate actions when push comes to shove.  That's not to say that the landen is at all soft when it comes to those that are closest to him, in fact, Abelardo is the exact opposite.  All of those that the landen calls family are held to the same standards as he holds himself.

The Landen is very aware of his own faults.  Abelardo knows his fear guides him and often times, he uses those fears and feelings to steer his own motives.  Knowing and embracing his own fears means that Abelardo doesn't have many weaknesses.  In fact, the landen uses fear and intimidation in most of his dealings with other people.

Life Story

(taken from Gregorio's sheet)
Mother:Innocencia Zamora (b. 342 BP)
Father: Ricardo Zamora (b. 428 BP)
Siblings: Abelardo has fifteen other brothers and sisters as well as numerous other close family members. 


Abelardo remembers what it was like to live before the Purge.  The Blood were horrific, corrupt creatures with little to no means of herding their animalistic intentions.   But despite that ever looming fear of what the Blood could do next, the landen and his enormous family lived full, rich, hard, busy lives.  No matter what the Blood could do to them, the la Gente were never going to give them the satisfaction of not living life to the absolute fullest.  Even under the threat of unopposed Blood influence, Abelardo was always hard pressed to never find happiness.

The Landen was raised in a small but busy household.  Many brothers, many sisters, many aunts, uncles, and other relatives practically living on top of one another.  The male wouldn't have had it any other way.  More hands meant more workers, shorter, more satisfying work, and more smiling faces to share in their bounty with.  Though times may have not been the easiest with the odds stacked against them, the ideals and the working morals that his father instilled in all of them kept Abelardo moving forward.

Though the Blood came to have a connection to the land, Abelardo knew from the way that his fingers bled and toughened from working the fertile land with his brothers just as their forefathers did that the landens truly had a much deeper connection to the land.  Mostly because without the forgiveness and generosity of the soil and the land, they would surely starve to death. 

There were times when the land wasn't all that forgiving and Abelardo followed his younger brother's lead in caring for other landens.  If they weren't family, it didn't matter.  Even though Gregorio was younger, Abelardo knew a leader when he saw one and there was no question that Gregorio was meant to lead them.  Even though Abelardo has always been a proud man, the landen knows where his skillsets are best used and he is not a male built for an abundance of leadership.

His brothers and sisters all chose their own lives and to have their own families, ever expanding the Zamora line, Abelardo instead chose to follow after his brother Gregorio.  Opting to aid his brother and his newly expanding family instead of choosing one for his own.  The landen has no desire to take wives or have children of his own.  He has plenty of younger siblings, nieces, nephews, cousins, and other landen citizens that all fall under his protection.

Politics of dealing with Councils is hardly Abelardo's strong suit.  But the male is very aware that some of the harder facets of his personality lend well to the darker aspects of council leadership, including intimidating those who would dare question Gregorio.  Even if he wasn't, Abelardo would still try for the honor of his family and for his beloved brother.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:

If there was one thing that Abelardo disliked more than being stole from was being lied to.  Especially if someone had the nerve to lie to his face.  Sitting at the table with one of his younger brothers next to him, Abel stared into the wide eyes of the man across from him.  Trade was important.  Any weakness in that line from merchant to vendor to customer meant a loss of money.  Loss of money meant food not making it to someone's mouth that had earned a full belly.

As his younger brother spoke calmly, softly, Abelardo's hard gaze bore into the other man with such an intensity that the Landen wouldn't have been surprised if the man's face erupted into flame.  They didn't bring Abelardo in to do the talking.  No.  Abelardo was brought in when talking wasn't working.  Even though he was a short man, the landen was wide, solid muscle, and a face that could make infants cry and curdle milk. 

Once his younger brother was finished saying what was needed to be stated, both brothers rose from the table.  His younger brother gave him a patient, calming look.  Abelardo was far from the smartest man in the room but even he could tell that his brother's words were only doing so much.  Placing a firm hand on his younger brother's arm, Abel's voice was low as he spoke to him one on one.  "Go wait for me just outside the door.  You don't need to see this."

Abelardo waited, returning to the table but not sitting until he heard the door close behind him, his dark eyes watching the other man who was suddenly swallowing a great deal harder than he was before.  Turning to glance over his shoulder to make sure his little brother was out of the room, Abelardo moved to put his foot up on the chair next to him and removed a long knife from his boot.  "While I appreciate your politeness while my brother was in the room, what I cannot forgive is the fact that you sat here and lied to our faces."

Setting the knife on the table, Abelardo leaned over the table, his palms flat.  "You can either tell me the truth or I can remove your tongue.  Last chance."

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