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Hayll has been in the grip of conspiracy for years, with shadowy hands pulling the strings of a puppet Queen, and attempting to ensure Hayllian dominance well into the future. The Coliseum was destroyed, and the uprising has given a voice not only to the slaves that escaped the bloodsport, but to the frustrations of the people at large. Traditionalists, hedonists, and freedom fighters collide in an effort to shape Hayll, with internecine war a looming threat.
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Author Topic: The Tenebrosi Iarvis  (Read 4114 times)

Description: The Masks of Darkness

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The Tenebrosi Iarvis
« on: Jan 07, 14, 09:12:21 PM »
-As written by Ignoto, the Master, in year 147 Post-Purge

A universal truth is that knowledge in power. But amongst the clandestine cohort known as the Tenebrosi Iarvis (The Masks of Darkness in the Old Tongue of Hayll), to control that power is to make it secret. And once one has that power, the purpose of the Tenebrosi Iarvis is to make use of it to their fullest ability. By secret, long lost rituals that bind us to the shadow, we are the Darkness's chosen agents, bound forever by its will and by its future. Both cursed and blessed by its power, we stand in the shadows waiting for the moment to act, unknown and unseen by even our own families. We gather power and we wait.

History and Origins:

In a bygone age, before the Blood were corrupt and before the rumblings of war from Askavi, when Pruul was still a lush land where the rains fell, the Tenebrosi Iarvis were founded with blood and shadow. The Hundred Families in older days squabbled with one-another in Territory-spanning power-struggles, using their wealth to hire private armies in efforts to conquer the Territory seat for themselves. This was before the Senate, before the power of the Hundred Families was equally distributed amongst the lines of ancient scions. In those days an ambitious young Queen of the Ortona family gathered to her several more radical members of the Priestesshood, scholars, militants, and Black Widows. The only unifying factor of these individuals were their loyalty to the Ortona Queen and that none of them were members of the Hundred Families. Disenfranchised from the power-struggles of the elite, these men and women listened to the Ortona Queen’s promise of a better, more equal future.

The first Ignoto, the scholarly Priestess who had lived for four thousand years when she became the leader of this group, bound them together by ancient rituals that currently are only held by our small number. Donning masks to hide their identities and to protect their families, the first members of the Tenebrosi Iarvis struck out and destroyed rogue generals and power-hungry witches and their males. When the war was averted, the Ortona Queen thought to leverage the powerful Iarvis to her own aims, serving as a secret arm to her reign, but Ignoto, wisely sensing the power that their new group would gain by independence, rebelled against her orders. They captured the Ortona Queen and sacrificed her to bond themselves together. The use of Queen’s blood in ritual was heretical, but it had powerful effects, bonding the first of the Iarvis together and forming their unity.

Time moved on, as it always does, even for the Long Lived. The name of the Tenebrosi Iarvis shifted from something to be openly feared to a whisper in the dark -- a legend and myth told to children to frighten them at night. Some tried to hunt us, some even succeeded in finding a few, but we have endured and grown strong.

The Iarvis shifted its purpose as time marched forward. While our original task had been to safeguard Hayll from civil war and strife, we extended our reach to other Territories. Secretive agents, hidden by Widow’s Webs or more traditional disguises, entered the Courts of the short-lived, the markets of the Eyriens, the far-away islands of Tacea and Zuulaman. There we not only subtly tried to guide these peoples toward choices benefiting Hayll, but in studying different methodologies of Craft. We secured secret rites of cults in Raej, we systematically destroyed the Old Tongue in Hayll, securing it only for ourselves, for only through that could we access the latent power in our ancient, dark rituals.

But our power ebbed and our influence waned. When the war drums of Askavi sounded the Iarvis were as powerless to  dissuade the Red Queen as anyone else (though we tried). It was only through our influence that Hayll was the last to fall, but fall it did. And when the Purge struck we died as much as any other member of the Blood. Witch did not allow masks to hide us from her wrath.

In the aftermath of the Purge there are few of us left. A handful from what had once been nearly a hundred. Now we continue our work but with a more militant focus. We will assure Hayll’s dominance over Terreille, no matter what measures we must take.”

Donning the Mask:

Members of the Tenebrosi Iarvis are primarily Black Widows, or receive training in their arts. We are a secretive lot, and powerful. Our tasks often involve assassination, coercion, manipulation, and sometimes outright compulsion. But we are never the principal seats of power. To don the Mask is to live a life of service to the order primarily. We must never take up political seats or aspirations, familial connections are secondary to that of our role.

We select our member often before their Offering, sensing the power of an individual and molding them to our purpose once they start to grow into themselves. Sometimes this is done in secret, without knowledge of the parents. Other times we bribe the parents and remove their memories of those events later. Or if that is too troublesome, we kill them. By the time they have donned the mask, the new agent understands their priorities and their loyalties. We prefer orphans when possible, if they show the traits we need. It is rare we select a member of the Hundred Families -- we remember the entanglements we suffered with the Ortona Queen and do not wish to repeat them. Choosing from one of the Hundred allows an inroad to use the Iarvis for some political purpose, and as such our choices from their lines are exceedingly rare. Those that are selected are very far from taking up a ruling position within the family.

Some of us are trained in logistics, others assassination, others deception, we all have our calling and our purpose. Once we have completed that training we don our Mask for the first time, bathing in the blood of sacrifice and being brought into our Order by our ancient rites and rituals.

Once a year we all gather in the ancient temple beneath Draega. This site was built in the days before the city was constructed and it is here that we renew our pacts to one another and drink of the blood of sacrifice.

Members of the Tenebrosi Iarvis: (Incomplete List)

Ignoto -- Leader of the Tenebrosi Iarvis. (Purple Dusk to Sapphire Black Widow), Unknown Name
Indomitus -- Logistics (Green to Gray Black Widow), Lilith Cinerus
Excessus -- Executioner and Dena Nehele agent (Sapphire to Gray Prince), Draco Tenebrius
Ancepia -- Former Agent to Dhemlan, T (Broken Rose to Broken Opal Black Widow Priestess), Ione Paulo
Fidelis -- Adjunct, currently assigned to Dharo (Rose to Opal Black Widow Warlord), Quinlan Chase
Umbra -- Agent to Askavi, Terreille (Opal to Red Warlord Prince) Rufius Tibault