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Hayll has been in the grip of conspiracy for years, with shadowy hands pulling the strings of a puppet Queen, and attempting to ensure Hayllian dominance well into the future. The Coliseum was destroyed, and the uprising has given a voice not only to the slaves that escaped the bloodsport, but to the frustrations of the people at large. Traditionalists, hedonists, and freedom fighters collide in an effort to shape Hayll, with internecine war a looming threat.
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Author Topic: The One Hundred Families  (Read 2145 times)


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The One Hundred Families
« on: Jan 07, 14, 01:39:01 AM »
-As written by Scipio Secundus Agrippa, Scholar and Senator of Hayll

Hayll is a Territory of strong class lines. At the top of the pecking order within the Long Lived Territory is the One Hundred Families: An aristocratic set of dynasties tracing their blood back to the original founders of Hayll.

What it means to be one of the Hundred:

To be one of the Hundred Families means to be one of the best of the best. They are a socially interconnected group. They are the permanently wealthy. The permanently respected. Each member of the Hundred is guaranteed one Senator to voice their interests. (More on the Senate of Hayll is located here.) In the absence of a pure-blooded member of the family, a proxy may be selected to hold the seat until the family can produce a pure-blooded scion to hold the family seat. Those that have their positions filled by proxy are seen as weaker in standing than those who do not, a more common situation since the Purge.

Wealth of the Hundred:
Outsiders coming to Hayll hear that the Hundred are "Wealthy", but the term is inadequate to the sheer control of economics that the Hundred maintain. 90% of all land within Hayll belongs to at least one of the Hundred, where the rest belongs to the Senate and Territory Court (and thus, still the Hundred) which is leased out or rented to the public.

The Hundred control almost all of the agriculture in Hayll, though their control of the manufacturing has loosened since the Purge. What was once a dominant field of work is now starting to see the rise of Landen businessmen, providing a new merchant class that, while still secondary to the Hundred, nonetheless are not entirely in the thrall of Hayll's elite.

Lineage, Naming Convention, and Power Structure:
Lineage is everything to Hayllians. Pure-Blood matters more than jewel strength in the eyes of the political arenas of Hayll. Yet even within the pure lines there are levels of power and those who would be selected to either be the Head of the House, or Senator (Sometimes these are the same, but not always). Often the Senator is the advocate of the family, not necessarily the one calling the shots.

Only children of legitimate marriage between members of the Hundred Families traditionally were allowed to take a seat in the Senate or the Council. While the Purge has weakened this long-standing tradition, we nonetheless maintain an acknowledgment of their purer standing by their second name taking on the traditional hallmark of birth-order (Primus for first born, Secundus for second born, Teritus for third born, etc...) Broken Members of the Hundred Families cannot act as Senators. Jeweless Blood, however, suffer no persecution and are treated as equal to those with jewels in the value of lineage.

In terms of both lineage and official power over the family, the following is an accurate look of how the structure of power within one of the Hundred Families lies*:

Female Born of Legitimate Marriage with another member of the Hundred
Male Born of Legitimate Marriage with another member of the Hundred
Female Born with no Claimed Father (If Pure Hayllian)
Male Born with no Claimed Father (If Pure Hayllian)
Any Pure Hayllian child born of a marriage between one of the Hundred and non-Hundred.
Proxy Servant
Half Bred Child

* - If there is a tie, consider the age of both. Older succeeds regardless of gender except if both are over 1000 years in age. Then the Female family member is always in charge.

In this we see that while all Hayllians understand accidents happen, that the lineage of the Families endure due to legitimate marriage to one of the many bloodlines.

Names of the Hundred Families:
(This is not an exhaustive list, if you want to add one, PM Dani or phinn)

AccorsiGaetano AccorsiRose - Blood OpalPrince
AdelphosLiviana Adelphos Opal - GreenPriestess
AgrippaJulius Augustinus-AgrippaPurple Dusk - OpalPrince
AggrippinaLeviticus Pecaro-AgrippaRose - Purple DuskPrince
AquilinusPetronia Aquilinus Tiger Eye - RoseQueen
AugustusNero Augustus (Consul)Rose - OpalPrince
BantiusGratiana BantiusWhite - Yellow Queen
CandelariasFloria CandelariasWhite - Yellow Black Widow
CiceroNona CiceroTiger Eye - Summer SkyPriestess
CinerusBrutus CinerusSummer Sky - OpalPrince
CurtiusHilarius CurtiusPurple Dusk to Broken GreenPriestess
DecastaCarlos DecastaOpal - RedPrince
FurniaGaius Furnia White - Yellow Warlord Prince
GrecoValinia TargarisBlood Opal - RedBlack Widow
JuventiusNerva JuventiusSummer Sky - Blood OpalPriestess
LiceniusOctavian Licenius Purple Dusk - GreenWarlord Prince
LiviusPrisca Livius Summer Sky to Broken OpalPriestess
MessalinaPomponia MessalinaYellow - Summer SkyWitch
NaeviusPublia MartinaRose - Opal Witch
OcellaPorcia OcellaSummer Sky - Purple DuskPriestess
OdinusServilla Odinusn/aLanden
OrtanoJuliano OrtanoYellow - Tiger EyeWarlord Prince
PauloLaurentius Paulo Purple Dusk - Blood OpalWarlord
PecaroCalandra PecaroBlood Opal - SapphirePriestess
PerpennaQuintina PerpennaWhite - Tiger EyeBlack Widow
TibaultClaudius TibaultWhite - Tiger EyePrince
ValeriusJulius ValeriusSummer Sky - GreenPrince
VediusLeonius VediusYellow - Summer SkyWarlord Prince
VicentiusSabine Vincentius (Ruler)Rose to Purple DuskQueen
VolusennaPorcia VolusennaBroken Rose - Broken OpalQueen