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Established February 2010
by Jamie, Gina & Bowie.

* Plot Information for Hayll

Hayll has been in the grip of conspiracy for years, with shadowy hands pulling the strings of a puppet Queen, and attempting to ensure Hayllian dominance well into the future. The Coliseum was destroyed, and the uprising has given a voice not only to the slaves that escaped the bloodsport, but to the frustrations of the people at large. Traditionalists, hedonists, and freedom fighters collide in an effort to shape Hayll, with internecine war a looming threat.
Culture of Hayll
The 100 Families
The Coliseum
The Senate
The Tenebrosi Iarvis

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Author Topic: Culture of Hayll  (Read 6262 times)

Description: Culture, Geography, Statistics

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Culture of Hayll
« on: Feb 09, 14, 01:59:41 PM »
Statistics, Climate, Geography, and Culture

Capital City: Draega

Population: 5.2 Million, combined of Blood & landen
Population Breakdown: 91% native to Territory, 8% imported slaves/artisans
Caste Breakdown: 78% Landen to 22% Blood / Due to the Purge, there is especially a shortage of unbroken Queens over the age of 207 (and with Dark Birthrights over the age of 195).

Major Exports: Wine, wheat, seafood, fabric, clothing, olive oil, fruit, sexual and political literature, pornographic memory crystals.
Major Imports:  Slaves, assassins, artisans, precious metals, gems, iron, coal, lumber.

Climate: The northern Province of Leiria has a humid, subtropical climate with the entire east coast of the Territory having very hot, dry summers and wet, mild winters. The beaches of Hayll are heavily populated and filled with summer houses of the wealthy. As you move to the middle of the Territory to the Province Agrippa Euracini, things get significantly wetter and much much hotter. The mountains bordering the west of this Province trap all of the rain that would otherwise go to Pruul, causing the rainfall to be more than significant here. However, once you get into the mountains, the hot desert of Pruul follows the wind here. The southern Province of Faro is wine country. Warm nearly all year round, the Province gets average to small amounts of rainfall and thus the many vineyards and farms are maintained by hand.


  • Leira (Districts: Ulma & Capua)
  • Agrippa Euracini (Districts: Tyrus & Magcunium & Lentia)
  • Faro (Districts: Cirta & Mutina)


The Court and Senate
Hayll is ruled by two distinct yet intertwined arms of government; the Senate and the Territory Court. The Senate is comprised of members of the Hundred Families, a representative from each family, as well as the Leaders of the Factions, the District Queens, and Province Queens. The Territory Queen traditionally has to be approved by the Senate, but afterward her standing is seen as equal to the Senate as a whole. The Queen’s First Circle is referred to as the Council and is always drawn from the Senate, as is her Triangle. However the Queen’s other circles are selected by her, and at times they are closer to her than the Council.

The Full write up of the Senate and the powers between the two branches of government can be found here:

The Territory Court’s members can be found here:

Sexual Relations
Hayll has a very open view about sex. Social circles are full of talk of who has slept with who. Relationships are often polyamorous, or just uncaring of sex outside of the relationship. Orgies are common. Marriage is strictly an economical arrangement, and focused purely upon the lineage of the parents. Marriages in Hayll often have inclusive lovers or accepted arrangements of sleeping around.

Hayll has made quite a lot of money in trade with using sex as a form of commerce. Pornographic materials, be they memory crystals of professional models having sex, or literature or plays that publicize sex on stage, all generate a great deal of revenue for the Territory. Both from within and as an export.

The Hundred Families
Hayll is a Territory of strong class lines. At the top of the pecking order within the Long Lived Territory is the One Hundred Families: An aristocratic set of dynasties tracing their blood back to the original founders of Hayll.

As an integral part of the culture and setting of Hayll, this article should be referred to for the Hundred Families.

Landen make up the bulk of the population of Hayll and shouldn’t be discounted for their lack of Craft. Comprising most of the laborers, artisans, craftsmen, and management, the Landen make up the economic backbone of Hayll. While they have traditionally been oppressed by the Hundred Families and the Blood in the past, since the Purge the power-dynamics have shifted somewhat. While there is no doubt that the Hundred and the Blood still hold more power than the Landen, the Landen are treated with both respect and appreciation throughout the Territory. The recognition of the rights and abilities of the Landen has been a core reason why Hayll was able to recover from both the Eyrien Occupation and the Purge.

Recently a Landen was named as a Senator for the first time in the written history of Hayll. This is seen by most of the population as a trend towards a deeper cooperative and equal standing for the Landen in Hayll. 

Hayll is seen as a cultural center of most of Terreille. It is the place where much philosophy is written by many of its most educated Senators. Public debates are carried in the Forums, where Senators welcome the public to speak to them about their decisions and the political climate. Theater is a lucrative and prolific industry in Hayll, and playwrights are made and broken in the competitive market of the public arena. Fashion is seen as originating mostly in Hayll, and fashion designers are invited from across the realm (and indeed from Kaeleer as well) into Hayll to make their mark.

The Colosseum

The Colosseum is seen as a huge cultural centerpiece to Hayll. Fortunes are made and lost there, and it’s the center of spectacle for the entire Territory. When outsiders think of Hayll they often think of the Colosseum first and the rest of the Territory second. Huge events are held in the ancient structure, from gladiatorial prize-fighting, to mock naval games, to huge battles that involve many forms of wildlife trained to fight.

While killing was ruled illegal in the Colosseum during Elettra's reign after the Purge, nonetheless it is hardly a safe endeavor to be a gladiator. The Shield prevents accidental killing, but has been known to "make mistakes" at times (and quite a lot of money is made this way). Most individuals fighting in the Colosseum are slaves owned by the Colosseum's primary investors, but there are quite a number of freemen who fight to earn riches or pay off debts.

Temples, Priestesses, and Worship
While not as deeply steeped in religion as neighboring Pruul or Glacia through the Dark Gate, religion and the upkeep of it is very popular in Hayll. Not so much of the spiritual, for Hayllians are often too focused on the body and the temporal to care about any rewards outside of the imminent, but they are heavily vested into the ritual of religion. Everything that is important is overseen by a Priestess and in the Temple. Birthdays, Pregnancies, Baptisms, Weddings, Divorces. All of these are affairs that Hayllians put much stock into the Priestesshood, and not just attention, but money.

Everything in Hayll’s temples is done in grandiose ritual. It is more spectacle than efficiency, more lavish dramatization than accurate connection to the Darkness. Yet the whole purpose of the Temple is not merely an extension of culture, but also a place of solace. Confession to Priestesses are seen as not only a sacred right but needed to relieve the burden of thousands upon thousands of years. By doing so, Hayllians can free themselves of accumulated guilt and live as freely as they desire. And in so doing, they also give the Priestesseshood a great amount of temporal power in the knowledge of those secrets.

Class Divisions/Blood Society
Hayll is sharply divided by class lines. The Blood remain above the Landen, but both are above the mix-blooded, outsiders, and slaves. Amongst the Blood the Hundred Families stand at the top of the totem pole, whereas the rest of pure-blood, native Hayllians are next in order of respect. Native, full-blooded Hayllian Landens are next, and all others are seen derisively after that.

In Hayll class means everything. It means more than jewels or castes. Age is more of a marker of importance than standing in the abyss, amongst those of equal blood-strength and class level.

The short-lived are seen with contempt in Hayll, and thus immigrants do not stay long. Eyriens are not welcome in Hayll.

Hayll holds many political alliances, but mostly in the form of trade agreements and non-aggression pacts than anything else. This has been changing recently with Queen Vicentius’s ascendance. One thing to note is that Eyriens are not welcome in Hayll, and that even half-bred Eyriens born during the occupation are treated with a great deal of racism, ranging from blunt discrimination to overt violence.

Given the recent mutilation of the Askavi Delegation, it’s painfully clear Hayll’s anti-Eyrien stance. They simply remember the occupation too bitterly to forgive.

For the common blooded, Hayllian names are mostly like other Territories (the first and last name). For the Hundred Families, they typically have three to 4 names, carrying a middle name that has the place of birth, and often the second last name so both parents’ names live on with their children.

Hayllian names tends towards Latin, Italian, or Greek influences.

Hayllians are long lived, and thus carry the golden skin, golden eyes, and straight black hair of all other members of the Long-Lived Races. Mixed blood “mutt” Hayllians often have black scruff if they are males, or some curl to their hair if females.