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Established February 2010
by Jamie, Gina & Bowie.

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Hayll has been in the grip of conspiracy for years, with shadowy hands pulling the strings of a puppet Queen, and attempting to ensure Hayllian dominance well into the future. The Coliseum was destroyed, and the uprising has given a voice not only to the slaves that escaped the bloodsport, but to the frustrations of the people at large. Traditionalists, hedonists, and freedom fighters collide in an effort to shape Hayll, with internecine war a looming threat.
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Author Topic: Coliseum  (Read 4986 times)

Description: Including betting!

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« on: May 28, 12, 10:40:21 PM »
The Coliseum
of Hayll

Out of Character

In addition to the in character fun going on in the arena, a out of character concept is being introduced: betting! Now you too can join the fun of Hayll's Coliseum, and this is how.

About the Fighters
  • Two NPC combatants (or teams) will be introduced to the board with statistics on their battles and wins, body, mental, and emotional health.
  • Included in these statistics will be a number signifying their chance at winning, such as 1.5. 1.5 signifies that they are a good guess to win. The higher the number past 1.0, the less likely they are to win, but the higher the payout.
Placing Your Bets
  • Players will have the opportunity to place a bet on one of the combatants (or teams) on a thread using the following form:
Code: [Select]
[b]Player Name:[/b]
[b]To win (which fighter):[/b]
[b]Bet placed:[/b]
[b]Commission of 10%:[/b]
[b]Total Points:[/b]
  • For each bet you placed, you will be charged a commission of 10% that goes to the board. Just a small fee to balance out the opportunity the board is giving you to earn points. So, if you bet 10 points, 1 points is commission, so your total points is 11. If you bet 100 points, your commission is 10 points, and your total is 110.
  • Your post will be edited when your points have been approved and your bet officially counted. After this point, you cannot change your bet. The total points will be deducted from the player's point bank at this time.
  • A points cap of 500 per bet will be enforced.
The Outcome
  • Using the statistics of the fighters, a winner will be randomized.
  • If your bet was placed on the loser, you lose your investment.
  • If your bet was placed on the winner, congratulations. Please look below.
  • Higher the risk, higher the payout.
  • The statistic of your fighter (such as 1.5 as used in example above) determines how much you get back. 1.5, for this example, signifies that you get that amount back, exactly. Your whole investment plus half. So, if you bet 10 points on this winner, you get 15 points back. Thus, if you bet on the underdog with a statistic of 3.0, you would get 30 points on your 10 point investment back, if he wins.
  • Remember the commission is not included in the bet.
  • All of the fights you are betting on as players happen in the Arena for our characters. Feel free to include them in threads. Perhaps they can "bet" on the fights too, IC. Did they loose all their money? Did they become filthy rich?

In Character
Different ways to be involved
  • Bookie - Takes care of all bets placed on the fights for the Financier, for whom they work under. The little wo/men in the booths that take people's well earned coin.
  • Healer - For all of those little booboos like severed arms and broken limbs that come from a fight.
  • Fighter - They come to the Area for one reason or another (see below), and it is never what they expect. If they survive their first match, and the second, they just might survive their third. But who knows about the next.

Who enters the arena:
  • In Debt - Those who have fallen severely into debt often find themselves looking to the Arena to pay of this debt or at least to hold of those who wish to do them harm. What many don't realize is that the training fee for the Coliseum will be added to that debt. Of course, they only find this out after it starts adding up.
  • Criminals - As a punishment for their crimes, people often have to serve a certain number of years in the Arena.
  • For Funsies - Sometimes, people just have a lust for blood or get bored enough and think the Arena would be fun. Hell, why not!

Types of fights:
  • Landen vs. Landen, Blood vs. Blood, Blood vs. Landen (no craft)
  • Jewel vs. Jewel (e.g. Rose vs. Rose)
  • Craft vs. Craft
  • Group (sometimes Reenactments)
  • Champion Challenge

Note: All Coliseum matches to the death were outlawed by Elettra after the Purge. Killing another fighter during a fight is illegal and will be harshly punished. It is the role of the Shield to ensure this is followed.   

The current Victor to beat. They have been a steady winner in the various events hosted annually in Draega.

The Shield is exactly as it is means. Their job is to ensure that Jewels are not broken matches, or to keep one player from killing the other. (While it is not unheard for the Shield to be 'bribed' to react 'too late' for political reasons).

The Judge holds the most power in the Colosseum. They decide the victor of the wins and who failed to keep within the rules and could be named the loser of the war.

The Financier is in charge of all monetary transactions. From the [training fee] to the victors spoils, nothing that involves a profit goes past this one's nose. Corrupt for the gold, they are also in political balance with the Judge.

All Colosseum events offer up healing, whether from a court Healer or their own Healer. This is a hardened position, perhaps a little jaded in their work to work within the Colosseum. And yet this position holds its own level of prestige as favor from the healer is not uncommon, if anything it is encouraged.

The Colosseum is not a new idea to Hayll, in fact it is one of the oldest aspects to the Hayll dating back longer than known memory which for a Hayllian is a very very long time. It started as a way to trade slaves between owners and settle rivalries or injustices between families without having to go through legal means. Obviously the mentality was "Winner Takes All", and it was an arena meant only for Men. Women were strictly forbidden from entering, and even the 'healer's tent' was kept off grounds if it was used at all.

It was during the time between the last purge and the one before that the Queens of the time enforced their will on the Arena and demanded it as a form of respectability. Desiring an income for its use and space and to even make parts of it a spectator sport. Where the doors were open for anyone to enter for a small registration fee in hopes of winning a percentage of the pot and the prestige of titles. Sometimes it was the money that brought in the hopeful, others the political gain. Others still the death of a rival as the rules had not yet embraced the idea of letting the loser of a match live.

It was in the years that saw the selfish rulership of Aleyia Tatiano that the Colosseum reverted back to much of its old ways. Seedy deals, forcing people into fights due to rivalry; even Landens and Slaves were brought forth for 'Deadly Entertainment'. Drugs, Drink and Death brought a harsh reputation to the Arena and eventually even the most respectable fighters wouldn't poke their nose into its crumbling ruins. The Colosseum no longer was run fairly and any money that was made was put back into the pockets of the winners and only a much smaller percentage found its way to the Queens Court.

The Purge brought a great deal of damage to Hayll and her court, but the wrath of Witch demolished  the residents of the Colosseum, the Queen Tyella's touch only reaching so far over Hayll to protect it. With the death of Aleyia, those of the court saw it as a way to re-establish what was proper and good in Hayll, and a easier way to bring in money or to settle matters of territory over those dead or broken while the Queen Elettra re-established herself as Territory Queen. Under her orders and with her minor financial support, she offered not just minor Circle positions to winners and supporters but also land and homes with the hope of distracting her people from all the death brought on by Witch. Her involvement lasted only a few short years, but by then the Colosseum's own reputation started to build and it was capable of maintaining its own status.

[Under Elettra,] all prestigious members of the Colusseum who have been part of its running for a minimum of 25 years maintain a 3rd Circle Status in Elettra's Court, the Judge 2nd Circle Status, and the Champion a 4th Circle Status. [After the] death of the Territory Queen it is unknown if this status will be maintained ore honored by the one who enters next into the role. However with the help of the Financier, Judge and Shield the fate of the Colosseum is not nearly so shaky as the status of Court.

**Taken from Ari's original concept.
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