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Author Topic: Divine Application  (Read 92 times)

Description: tag: Persephone

Offline Daedalus Pecaro

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Divine Application
« on: Aug 29, 19, 10:24:52 AM »
Daedalus Dioscuri Pecaro was annoyed.  This was not necessarily a new state of being for him, the Gray Warlord Prince was annoyed often, no matter how he tried to curb or avoid it.  He had invested heavily in the Coliseum, or rather, in the slaves he purchased and trained to see fight there, and occasionally fight them himself.  For a time, it was one of the few places and activities that offered him any challenging sport.  The Prince of Leiria could not be seen fighting in the ring himself, he was not a slave or a criminal, and he would not risk the splash of mud that would land on the reputation of his Family if he publicly engaged in a such a thing.  Privately, however, was another story.  All that was over now, the Coliseum was gone, and with it his investment--his slaves, few as they were, now roamed free, encouraging other slaves to think about their status.

The Opus Populi were not helping the situation, and now one of their rabble-rousers had managed to gain access to his personal estate.  He did not agree with this coalition of inferiors, it was the threat of the mob, tyranny disguised as consensus and freedom.  What did these fools know about power or the great machine that was Hayll?  He could concede that the Landen had their place in the grand scheme of thing, as did the basic Blood, but it was The One Hundred Families that steered the ship of state, and always would be.  The collective of lessers did not possess the necessary intelligence or perspective to understand and rule Hayll effectively.  In fact, he wondered at the average age of the eldest of these misguided citizens.  They were going to be a problem, particularly if he were going to continue to support his benefactor.

More to the point, they were a problem on his land.  It was bold of these people to send someone to attempt to undermine his authority over his Province, including his Landen and his Slaves.  It was a very large area of land that included two districts, and the capitol city of Draega, which should have been enough for their purposes, but instead they had come to his estate.  It was as though they were calling him out, or they did not know that the Prince of Leiria called this Pecaro Estate his home.  They might be able to shine in public venues, where the worst that could be done was they would be shoved off a city corner or denied access to the Senate, but here on his land?  A great deal more could be done.  Daedalus growled, as he moved ahead of his guards, and shoved his way into the barn where the raconteur was speaking.

Daedalus saw the small group of slaves and indentured servants, the latter being men and women of higher quality that had sold his estate their time for a specific amount of coin.  He could not say just way, but their presence there was particularly bothersome.  They were paid, in a fashion, after all.  That lot noticed him first, and scurried away.  His presence filled the barn, and the slaves took notice of the Prince, and lowered their eyes, some cried out and dropped to their knees in deference.  He was about to speak, when one of his household staff ran into the bran and straight to him.  "My Prince, a Priestess has come to Court.  She states that she was expected."  He growled, and was about to harshly respond, when he remembered.  Then he had a notion, "She is.  Bring the Lady Priestess here.  I am curious about her opinion in these matters."  The rabble-rouse fell silent, and Daedalus pinned them all with his gaze.  "No one is to leave just yet."

Offline Persephone Carrington

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Re: Divine Application
« Reply #1 on: Aug 29, 19, 08:51:19 PM »
There had been a time when no one had dared summon Persephone anywhere.  But Hayll had changed and so had she.  While Persephone was still very much her father's daughter, the Priestess was very aware that her people needed her to be flexible. Which was exactly why when Prince Pecaro summoned her, the Priestess bit her tongue and went where she was asked.

However, the Priestess did not anticipate that once she arrived where the Warlord Prince had summoned her that she would be forced to wait.  As if he'd forgotten of their appointment.  Truth be told, Persephone almost didn't believe what the Warlord Prince's servant told her.  Pecaro wanted her to join him in the barn.  A barn.  Persephone looked down and her pretty, elegant shoes and sighed deeply. 

Persephone followed the servant to the barn, her strong eyebrow rising as an expression that demanded explanation slid into place across her features.  The barn stunk of fear and anxiety that was rolling off of the slaves within.  The Priestess was very aware that the rich reds and oranges of her dress and jewelry were a staunch elevation from the dress of those around her.  Not that Persephone wasn't used to outdressing those around her.  None of them would actually look at her as the Priestess crossed the dirt floor to stand within arms reach of the Warlord Prince.

Hayllians were selfish and decadent.  But even the most self centered Hayllians Persephone still treated their slaves and servants as children of Darkness.  While Persephone was not one to find herself in the company of slaves, she was aware that there were those in Hayll who did.

Folding her arms with all the grace and dignity that had been trained into her, Persephone studied the face of the Warlord Prince in front of her.  "Prince Pecaro. This is an unconventional meeting place.  How may I assist you today?"