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Author Topic: Sabine Aurelius Vincentius of the Claudii  (Read 2003 times)

Description: Queen, Rose to Purple Dusk. Played by Phedre

Offline Sabine Vincentius

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Sabine Aurelius Vincentius of the Claudii
« on: Oct 06, 17, 05:58:02 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Sabine Aurelius Vincentius of the Claudii
Age: 206 (23) Born 13 BP
Race: Long lived
Caste: Queen 
Birth Territory: Hayll, Terreille
Home Territory: Hayll, Terreille

Birthright Jewel: cut Rose
Offering Jewel:  cut Purple Dusk

Role: Queen of Hayll
Faction: Territory Court


Play By: Natalie Gal / Natasha Galkina
Distinguishing Features:
Sabine is particularly pale by Hayllian standards and her hair is a dark brown like her mother's was instead of shiny black. It is possible there is some mixed blood somewhere back in her bloodline, but it's hard to know being that she is the last of her family line still alive. The Claudii were a respectable people but the records of their family's lineage have not been kept as well as those of the Hundred Families. 

Sabine has taken to wearing both her Birthright and Offering Jewel together to offer her extra strength, particularly on days that require a great deal of public gatherings. Her Rose Jewel is set in a large ring that she wears on her index finger. This of course eats through her body's reserves faster. As such, she is extremely thin. In public, she is generally seen wearing a great deal of other jewelry as well and dresses extremely well. Her makeup and hair always seem to be perfectly in place. When she does not need to go out, Sabine is more likely to spend the day in a pair of silk pajamas alone in her room or in the music room at her piano.


Sabine wears many faces, masks that she changes out depending on what would be the appropriate choice for that particular social situation. She is unerringly polite in public, always smiling and forever has the appropriate words to say even at times when it seems words would be difficult or awkward. Her Protocol is pristine, almost to the point of being mechanic, and she can and will exact any appropriate curtsy and title based on Jewel, caste, and family social standing on a moment's notice. She is a young, seemingly inexperienced child attempting to navigate a political sea of vicious predators and yet somehow, she seems to emerge from each evenings event unscathed and smiling.

The man behind her smooth escape is named Aurelius Vincentius. With him Sabine wears yet another mask, this one seemingly closer to her natural features than perhaps any of the others except when she is completely alone. The girl he knows is gentle and kind, even loving in so much as Sabine is capable and willing of experiencing and expressing that kind of emotion. He has groomed her, molded her, steered her into becoming exactly the Queen he wanted her to become, and she has willingly accepted his guidance all along the way. In exchange, he showers her with gifts, things that she feels she needs and deserves, all manner of objects that glitter and sparkle under the bright lights of the ballrooms he takes her to night after night. She has the finest wardrobe, she has the most beautiful horses, she has diamonds to wear at her throat and the lobes of her ears. All she has to do is follow what he tells her to. It is a simple enough arrangement and one that she is extremely comfortable in maintaining and continuing.

When she is alone, well, even then Sabine wears a sort of mask, not ever being able to dissemble completely. But alone she can be the most herself and the most at ease, alone she can spend long hours wandering her elegant bedroom in her perfectly tailored silk pajamas thinking thoughts that are entirely hers. More often than not, she ends up before her mirror, watching her reflection as she tries on various pieces of jewelry. Inevitably though, the hours begin to wear away at her, her thoughts having no where to go but to circle their own tails, and she will demand to see Aurelius. When he can come quickly, she is easily soothed, the mere knowledge that he will keep her safe from the demon she glimpsed in the mirror enough. But on the very rare occasion he is gone, she will at times fly into a rage until he can be brought before her, often destroying anything with a reflective surface in her bedroom. As soon as he arrives she quiets again and he holds her and soothes her.

The first time it occurred, a servant tried to explain to him how her room was destroyed in a violent rage of Sabine's. Aurelius has only ever seen the gentle side of her and cannot  believe that type of behavior is possible from a girl he has known and raised nearly her entire life who has never even been known to raise her voice. The servant was immediately fired for speaking slander against her. Aurelius made sure it was known throughout Draega that the servant had lashed out against his gentle ward without provocation and was not hired by any of the other Hundred Families.

Sabine never verbally threatened the rest of the staff in the Vincentius household. She didn't have to. The cold looks she has given them in Aurelius' absence is more than enough to remind them that she is the one who holds the power, not them. They learned from that incident to not try to reason with him and to never speak out against Sabine, instead taking the blame on themselves for the destruction she has wrought in the few scattered incidents that have occurred over the decades. The punishment is much less severe than for attempting to make Aurelius believe something he absolutely refuses to.

Beyond Aurelius, there are perhaps three others whom Sabine can honestly stand to be around and enjoys their company. They are her tutor, Tyella Chiaro, a male belonging to Tyella by the name of Terzo, and a Black Widow friend of Aurelius' named Valya. Her mother was a Black Widow and there is something oddly calmly about being in Valya's presence. These three form the only people Sabine actually trusts beyond Aurelius. The masks she wears with each of them are slightly different and not as close to her true face as what her Guardian sees, but is still not the plastered smile and perfectly poised girl that all of Hayll has come to know.

She has no friends her own age, no peers whom she confides in or reaches out to in times of need. This is in part Aurelius' preference and in part her own. She really has no desire to connect with others of her peer group and only attends peer functions that are necessary while never forging any personal relationships with the girls or young men. While others her age are courting, Sabine has little interest in doing so, relying on Aurelius to stand as a shield between her and the young men who would potentially desire to get to know her. She is kept far enough away to be unreachable, yet always in the public eye. It is a constant dance on the edge of a blade and one that exhausts her at times.   

  • 1 Aurelius. Aurelius is the constant star that Sabine sets all of her ability to navigate her life by. He has been there since the Purge, stepping in to care for her and guard her when she was lost and so terribly alone. He has sheltered her, shielded her, trained her, and given her a path to walk: his path. He dedication to him is beyond question and her dependance on him borders on the obsessive. Even as a woman of 200 years of age, Sabine lives with Aurelius and spends everyday with him, looking to him for guidance in all things. She happily accepts his direction and has done everything he has asked of her. He sees all of her needs are met: basics such as her need for shelter, food, and clothing, to extravagant like her need for horses and fine jewelry, but much more important, he meets her need for constant focus and praise, steering her exactly where he needs her and telling how wonderful she is for going there. They create a tight, impenetrable world around each other, the perfect exemplification of a puppet and her puppet master.
  • 2 Sparklies. The very first piece of jewelry Aurelius ever bought her was a sapphire bracelet for her 14th birthday. She had never owned such an amazing piece of jewelry. She threw her arms around him in thanks, one of the first times she had shown real emotion of any kind since the death of her parents in the Purge several months before. She stared at it for days, catching it in the light and tugging on his sleeve to show him how sparkly it was. He saw how happy it made her and began purchasing more sparklies for her over the years. Each one brought forth that same huge reaction of joy. She would do whatever he wanted or needed of her as long as at the end, there was a sparkly in it for her. Her collection is now immense and filled with all kinds of sapphires, emeralds, diamonds, and other fine gems, likely one of the more impressive collections in Draega. 
  • 3 Time alone. It is rare that Sabine really gets time alone. While her preference is to spend her time with Aurelius, there is definitely something to be said for the unusual day where no one needs or expects anything of her and she can simply spend time on her own in her room looking through her collection of jewelry, rearranging whatever current flowers she has there, or spending some uninterrupted time with her beloved piano. Sometimes she is simply over tired from all of her engagements and wants to take a nap. As long as the time alone does not extend overly long, it is a very treasured time indeed.
  • 1 People. People, in general, bore Sabine a great deal. She knows that they are important to Aurelius' plans for her and so she does what is needful to maintain positive relationships with them, something that is an ever complicated process in Hayll's slippery political landscape. But behind her smile and laugh and kind words, she is quietly wishing a brutal death for them and every member of their family for the no more egregious offense than boring her senseless. 
  • 2 Being interrupted. Sabine does not like to be interrupted, whether it is while she is speaking or while she is in the middle of doing something. What she is saying is important. People should stop and listen to her. When she is in the middle of something, it is rude to expect her to stop in order to focus on whatever it is you want. She has much too highly trained manners to express this displeasure out loud, but it grates on her. As with all things, Aurelius and a few select others are exempt from this necessity of rules in the way she expects to be treated by others.
  • 3 Change. Maintaining everything the way Sabine does can be extremely exhausting. She depends on the strength of both of her Jewels anytime she has a large social engagement and needs everything to go as she expected it to. When things change, it is extremely difficult for her to adjust to quickly. She depends on Aurelius to talk her through any changes that happen and reassure her that everything is really going to be okay. She holds his hand and listens to his voice as he talks her through it. Without him, change makes her feel almost panicky inside.   
  • 1 Being taken away from Aurelius. Sabine is a grown women and has not technically needed a Guardian for quite some time now. That reality means nothing to her. She has built her world around Aurelius. Aurelius is the way she gets all of her needs met. Aurelius makes sure she is taken care of. Aurelius schedules all of the meetings and events and places that she needs to be and tells her who everyone is and who she needs to smile at, who she needs to flirt with, whose wife just had a baby. He is with her always, or as close to always as is physically possible. It's irrational, but she fears that somehow, she will be taken away from him. She couldn't really manage without him.
  • 2 That she will be discovered to be as shallow as she really is. This isn't so much a fear because it would be emotionally crushing or heartbreaking to the young Queen, but rather because it would be extremely inconvenient. So many things in Hayll's political mine field are based on appearance. She has one that she is attempting to convey and if it were to be uncovered that the reason she does the things she does is because Aurelius has promised to buy her a new emerald bracelet and not because she gives a damn about the people of Hayll, well, that would certainly not work well for his plans. Anything that is bad for Aurelius is bad for Sabine.
  • 3 That she will somehow become mentally impaired. Sabine is terrified of losing control of her mental faculties. If she is not in control, she cannot keep her layers of masks carefully in place exactly where they need to be. She does not imbibe alcohol but those around her have no idea that she is not drinking exactly as much as they are. She mirrors their behavior as they become increasingly intoxicated, but never allows herself to become even the slightest bit altered. She cannot afford to lose her wits. She also carefully scans her food and drink for poisons and other potential mind altering substances, all with a smile on her face as if nothing at all is occurring.   
Craft Strengths:
  • 1 Manipulation Craft. Sabine has been learning these skills from her Guardian since he began training her in earnest just after her 50th birthday and has grown quite proficient with them. While she still does not have his natural grace, she can use her body and voice to charm a crowd and weave subtle Craft into a momentary exchange that makes a person remember something specific she said or feel more persuaded to her point of view.
  • 2 Extremely fine control of vanishing objects. Achieved through drills that Aurelius would make her do for hours and hours at a time and maintained by constant use for 150 years ever after, Sabine has achieved extremely  fine control of vanishing objects. Specifically, she can vanish liquid from a glass she is holding without anyone around her being aware she is doing it. She brings the glass to her lips and once the liquid touches her mouth, she can vanish it. This is extremely useful in convincing everyone around her that she is in fact imbibing whatever they have given without ever drinking a single sip of it.   
Craft Weaknesses:
  • 1 Delving Craft. Sabine has never spent much time connected to the earth. She can stand in the right place at the right time and do what is needful, going through the motions, but the land will never flourish under her hand or her Craft more than the absolute basic amount. She enjoys being outside for short periods of time, but she does not even feel the call to a garden the way most Queens do. She prefers cut flowers to planted ones and loves to have her room filled with them, but would be at a loss for what to do if someone took her outside to garden the grounds. 
  • 2Aural Shielding. Despite Aurelius' extensive attempts to teach her and her strenuous efforts to learn in order to please him, Sabine has never been able to master aural shielding. This is something that is close to crippling in the constant battles that exist in Hayll's political arena. She is completely dependent on Aurelius or, on the occasions that Tye and Terzo go out with them, Terzo, for the ability to aural shield an area and be able to speak freely. Without them, she must constantly be aware that anything and everything she says may be overheard by others.
Life Story

Mother: Augusta Claudius White to Rose Black Widow (deceased)
Father: Faustus Claudius Purple Dusk to Sapphire Warlord Prince (deceased)
Guardian: Aurelius Vincentius Summer Sky to Green Prince     
Siblings: none


Born Sabine Claudius to a Black Widow mother and a Warlord Prince father, it was not long before it became clear to the elated parents that their new daughter was in fact a little Queen. Sabine was an extremely happy child. While her family did not have much in the way of wealth, they did still carry an old name that held some small amount of respect in Hayll's ever political society and were not shunned or shut out entirely. They had many friends and the knowledge that their daughter was a Queen raised their standing in society. They did not get caught up in that though, feeling that there would be plenty of time for Sabine to deal with the ins and out of Hayll's shark infested waters when she grew older. While they maintained their connections and their friendships, they kept her separate for the most part, raising her in the country side in a small ocean front town away from the high society crush of Draega.

As a Sapphire Jeweled Warlord Prince, Sabine's father had been forced to sign a Second Circle contract with the Territory Court. His work kept him away from home quite often, which was difficult on the small family. When he returned, there was often a haunted look in his eye, but he refused to talk to Augusta about what his service to Aleyia entailed. Sabine's only memories of her parents fighting were when her father would first come home from Court. Her mother would push to talk about it. And her father were steadfastly refuse.

Augusta and Sabine being alone so often were essentially inseparable. Even when Augusta was doing the Hourglass's work, she kept her young daughter close by. Sabine would watch her mother work, fascinated by the Craft and skill that was involved in everything her mother did. Augusta often said that even if Sabine did not show signs of being a natural Black Widow at puberty, she would train her to be one. 

Her Birthright Ceremony was a small affair as her parents believed that it should remain about the child herself. Too many members of Hayllian society used their children as bargaining chips to jockey themselves into a better position and that was something they would not do. Her Rose Jewel matched her mother's descent Jewel and Augusta set about teaching Sabine how to use its power immediately. It bonded mother and daughter even closer together.

Sabine and Augusta were alone at the house on the ocean when the Purge came. Augusta had been seeing visions in her webs for weeks with the same message: Something was coming and they would need to ride the waves of the storm. She had told Sabine the message even though neither really knew what it meant. Living on the ocean as they did they understood it better than most, watching the way the driftwood simply floated harmlessly in the waves but those who fought against the ocean's strength were pulled under and drowned.

Sabine took her mother's words to heart. When the Purge hit, they were standing on the shore collecting shells for Sabine's collection. The sound was deafening. Sabine wrapped her arms around her mother and rode the waves, just like Augusta had told her to. But at the last moment, Augusta panicked and threw up a Rose shield around both of them. Sabine screamed but it was too late. The Witchstorm burned out her mother's Jewels and her mind, leaving nothing but a husk where the beautiful woman Sabine had relied on her entire life had been. When it passed she lay her mother down on the beach and tried for hours to revive her. But it was useless. Augusta Claudius was gone, returned to the Darkness in a desperate moment of not trusting her own prophecy.

Sabine waited for her father to come for her, but he never did. He never knew Augusta's warning and had died like so many others. In his place, Aurelius Vincentius came to retrieve her and her mother, having sworn a long time ago to care for them if anything ever happened to Faustus. The thirteen year old girl he found standing in the ocean when he arrived was not the same who had existed before the Purge. She looked at him with dead eyes and understood her father was dead as well.

He showed her a letter, written in her father's hand, thanking him for the agreement they had made that if anything ever happened to him, he could trust Aurelius to care for his wife and daughter. Aurelius offered her time to gather her things, but she just shook her head and looked back at the ocean. When the sun began to set, he led her to his carriage and they left the small house by the sea. She never went back.

That night Aurelius bought Sabine the first thing he ever would: a pair of pink silk pajamas and small ballet style slippers to match. He tucked her into his own enormous bed and went to sleep on the couch. Over the next few weeks while Hayll tried to settle from the shock of the Purge, Aurelius set to work transforming his former bedroom into Sabine's room. He purchased her an entire new wardrobe. He found her the best tutors his money could buy, and his financial resources were immense. Sabine's life was transformed utterly, bearing no resemblance at all to the peaceful existence she had formerly known with her mother at the sea.
It was on her fourteenth birthday, her first after the Purge, when Aurelius first gifted her with a piece of jewelry. It was also the first time she showed real emotion and genuine affection toward him, having remained essentially distant and numb since the death of her parents. It was a breakthrough in their relationship. She began growing closer to him after that point, trusting him and relying on him. He noticed what a huge response she had to his present and gifts of expensive jewelry became common place when she had done something that he felt deserved to be recognized.

The early years passed in a blur. For each achievement, there was more praise, another gift, and a further need to push herself to be even better. Sabine's perfectionist tendencies came out early on in her studies. She never needed anyone to be harsh or demanding of her, she was always plenty enough demanding of herself. And each new skill learned, each new piece of Craft or dance or music, added to her vast ability to move through Draega's quickly rebuilding society. Aurelius was there, always there, guiding her, protecting her, caring for her when there was no one else. He was the only family she had left.

One of the only things Sabine found she truly took pleasure in was playing the piano. She practiced privately for years before she ever agreed to perform a public recital. It took a great deal of coaxing on Aurelius' part to convince her she was ready for the challenge. She played beautifully. He was so proud of her and she as drawn to that praise. It meant everything was going well. She had done what she was supposed to, what she needed to. The next day, a new piano was delivered to the house. The piano they already had was of very high quality, but this one was the most expensive instrument Aurelius could have possibly procured for her. It was the single most expensive gift he had ever given her. She did nothing else but play it for days after that. It is still considered the finest piano in all of Draega.

Sabine continued to grow more dependent on Aurelius. Their world, while encompassing all of Draega, really centered around just the two of them. Just after her 50th birthday, he began to teach her a whole new set of skills. He had watched the way she learned and absorbed information and it was easy to present new knowledge to her in a way that she would want to dedicate herself as fiercely to its absorption as she had everything else. He knew she needed to be shown in order to really understand, having heard her say, "Show me," in her quiet voice to every tutor she ever had. These skills were delicate and had specific purposes, ones that he did not immediately explain to her. It didn't matter. She didn't need to know. All she needed was the knowledge that Aurelius wanted her to do something for him and that he would be pleased if she did.

No other tutors were involved in this stage of her education. Aurelius alone taught her how to observe everything that was happening around her. He taught her how to listen to what was being said and what was not being said. He taught her much more exact and perfect Protocol than she had ever learned from her teachers thus far. He taught her about Hayllian politics in extensive detail, not just the current structure but how it had become that way and why it was maintained. She learned every name of every Senator, their husbands or wives, their children, their lovers, and which Red Moon house whores they preferred. She learned who drank, who had a problem with gambling, who loved the fighting in the Coliseum. And perhaps the most important, she learned how to memorize it all and bring home every detail to him.

She never once questioned why he would want to know these things or why it was important for her to know them. It mattered to Aurelius and therefore it mattered. Every single event was an opportunity to practice her skills. It was draining on her. She never complained, she just found ways to compensate, like wearing both her Birthright and Offering Jewels at the same time to draw from if she needed to.

Aurelius spent nearly a hundred years honing Sabine's skills before finally turning her education over to the needs of her learning how to be a Queen. He contracted the brilliant Queen Tyella Chiaro to be Sabine's tutor. Having been broken in the Purge, she was no longer able to rule, but her gifts and knowledge as a Queen were still ever present.

Sabine and Tyella's mentoring followed an interesting path. So different from Aurelius in his focus and clear mindedness, Tyella would simply impart things that she felt Sabine needed to know as they happened to come to her mind. Most of the time their lessons simply consisted of the two Queens spending time together. During the times that were particularly difficult for Tyella, Sabine often seemed more like the teacher, gently leading her toward something solid and firm, even if it was just her presence. Sabine supported every piece of theatre Tyella ever wrote, even if Tyella was so extremely shy about it. She and Aurelius would attend the theatre together and rave about the piece very publicly after.

The one thing Tyella couldn't teach Sabine to do was connect to the earth. Sabine's own instinct for that was lacking and Tyella's Craft being broken meant that she was unable to show her and offer her the method of learning she needed. But she did teach her a great deal about ruling and about interacting with those in her Court. Simply because Tyella did not rule did not mean that she did not still have those who served her, those like Terzo, who Sabine came to know and even trust over the long years of her training under Tyella.

It had not come as a surprise to Aurelius when Sabine was chosen to study under Elettra. Sabine wanted it only because Aurelius wanted it. What Aurelius wanted had over the years become the driving force in her life. Being around Elettra was not like being around Tyella and Sabine found she missed her former mentor a great deal. Sabine did not know Elettra, she did not trust Elettra, and while neither of these things ever showed for even a moment outwardly, she was only ever the most polite and attentive student, the strain on Sabine was immense. When Elettra died, less than a year into their studies, Sabine neither missed nor mourned her, although of course publicly she did absolutely everything that was necessary, needful, and appropriate.

She now stands poised on the brink of ruling all of Hayll, the very place that Aurelius has spent nearly 200 careful years preparing for. All of his plans are finally coming into sight. All Sabine has to do is claim the Territory Seat with him at her side.           

Show Us What You've Got

Writing Sample:
Sabine watched as her hands flowed over the ivory keys. Witchfire burned in the braziers that hung from the ceiling of the music room, casting soft shadows as she moved. The light caught in dazzling sparks as it was reflected off the Rose Jewel set in the large ring on her index finger or the diamonds in the multiple bracelets that graced her slender wrists. Each bracelet had been a gift from Aurelius.

If asked, Sabine could name the exact reason each one had been given to her. No one ever seemed to ask however. They admired the jewels certainly, but they all knew that the jewels in Sabine's extensive collection were from Aurelius Vincentius, Sabine's Guardian and her only remaining family. They didn't seem to care for the reason. They should. She did.     

She was tired, so tired, but far too wound up for her body to calm down and allow her the sleep she needed. She had come to the music room, as was her habit, seeking a way to release the tension that coursed through her body. She needed to settle the rushing of her thoughts. She went through what she had learned that night just as Aurelius had taught her, examining the evening for any bit of information that she could use. Her fingers found the keys she wanted as she went through the piece again.   

It was often like this when she came home from these events. So many people wanted something of her. So many faces to sort through, to remember. So many pieces to put together and make click into the larger whole that was Hayll's upper society. She began playing faster, beginning to lose the flow of the music. His hand came down to rest on her shoulder, heavy and warm and possessive. So much time did they spend in each others company that Sabine was simply always aware of his presence. It was when he wasn't near her that drew alarm. 

"Maestro," she said, by way of acknowledgment and greeting. She closed her eyes for a moment and focused on his touch. Immediately her playing slowed and she again found the proper tempo for the piece. It was a melancholy piece, filled with quiet longing. It was extremely difficult to play and for that reason, it was one of her favorites. Unbidden, she slid to the side on the bench and he joined her. She switched seamlessly to a lighter piece of music, one that would be easier for them to play together. Sabine had long since surpassed Aurelius' skill at the piano, but she loved when they played together.

As the music came forth, she began to speak. "He's sleeping with the Black Widow. His wife is pretending she doesn't know, but that canary yellow diamond ring she was wearing speaks to the contrary. It's worth more than the rest of her jewelry combined. He'll side with them. I do not imagine the Widow is sleeping with him for reasons of lust or admiration." She didn't clarify who she was speaking of. Her words flowed as if they were in the middle of a conversation. With Sabine and Aurelius, they were. They always were. They simply paused long enough to allow other pieces of life that were necessary to occur to happen before they turned their attention and focus back on each other.             

Petitions (if any):  Reactivation

Why did this character became inactive?
When life swallowed me whole and I left the site for a while, all of my characters became inactive.

What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
I have plotted with Phinn, Gavin, and Reid to ensure that Sabine not only has plots for the current events in Hayll, but for future plots as well. Regardless of whether she continues to rule Hayll or not as things play out, she has characters she can write with and people she can seek out for aid.

What are your plans for this character?
Sabine has a bound male in Jupiter, something she is not used to having to navigate. Their relationship is volatile and unpredictable at the best of times. Neither Gavin nor I have had a chance to write out this dynamic and really want to do so. She is growing weary of constantly having to defend decisions she did not make, and will seek our Nero (Quin) to discuss that at some point. That's likely not going to go great for her. With the revolution coming, both Jupiter and Sabine are going to have to make some decisions about how to handle it. Her one anchor is and has always been Aurelius, and she will continue to do whatever she needs to in order to protect him.

Number of previous Reactivations: 0 for this character

Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) : Updated age, added role and faction

Player Name: Phedre

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Re: Sabine Aurelius Vincentius of the Claudii
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Sabine is ready for reactivation review, pretty please!

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Re: Sabine Aurelius Vincentius of the Claudii
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