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by Jamie, Gina & Bowie.

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Hayll has been in the grip of conspiracy for years, with shadowy hands pulling the strings of a puppet Queen, and attempting to ensure Hayllian dominance well into the future. The Coliseum was destroyed, and the uprising has given a voice not only to the slaves that escaped the bloodsport, but to the frustrations of the people at large. Traditionalists, hedonists, and freedom fighters collide in an effort to shape Hayll, with internecine war a looming threat.
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Author Topic: Quinlan Chase  (Read 3502 times)

Description: Black Widow Warlord. Rose to Opal. Played by phinn.

Offline Quinlan Chase

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Quinlan Chase
« on: Dec 18, 15, 11:44:14 AM »
    The Basics

    Character Name: Quinlan Chase
    Nicknames: Professor Q, Quin
    Aliases: Fidelis (Tenebrosi Iarvis only), Quintillus Montanus (birth name)
    Age:  2,183 (born 1,989 BP)
    Race:  Long-lived (Hayllian)
    Caste:  Black Widow Warlord
    Birth Territory: Hayll
    Home Territory: Hayll

    Birthright Jewel: cut Rose
    Offering Jewel:  cut Opal



    Play By: Ed Norton
    Distinguishing Features:
    When outside of Hayll, Quin wears spelled webs to make his appearance conform to that of the short-lived. To most, he has short, wavy brown hair, brown eyes, the pale skin of the Dharoans, and varying levels of goatee/scruff. Beneath the webs he's more typically Hayllian-looking, with the requisite golden skin and eyes, straight hair and lack of facial hair. 

    To most people, Quinlan Chase is the guy who's got it all. Decent-looking, with enough wealth to make life less than difficult but not so much that it's ruined his personality. Friendly, affable, quick to laugh and everybody's friend. He's the guy who wins at the horse races and buys everybody a round, or loses and laughs about it while enjoying someone else's good fortune. He comes across as well-educated and intellectual, but isn't the sort to be obnoxious about it. He has a mildly self-deprecating sense of humor at times that endears him to others, and a generous streak that attracts still others. He's developed a reputation as a bit of a playboy, though by all reports he is a respectful beau. He refrains from engaging in crass discourse about the women he's "dated", and does not generally hang around when other men begin to do so. He is well-mannered and draws his blood from a respected Dharoan family whose loyalty to Queen and Territory have been well-proven over time.

    Every bit of this is an act.

    Quin is a master of illusion and guile, and he uses both heavily to keep himself in the good graces of his social circles. Beneath the façade is a man with a temper unlike anything anyone who knows him could imagine. He is a very particular man, with precise and demanding expectations for every person and thing in his life. When a person or a thing fails to comply with these expectations, violence is sure to ensue. Not always in a manner which the person in question may notice - he does know how to delay and altogether hide these reactions, but the discharge of violence will come eventually. What's more, aside from taking care to control these reactions so that they do not upset his carefully-constructed public persona, Quin has zero concern for the damage he inflicts on others. Since childhood he has experienced a severe emotional detachment from the people around him, perhaps even an inability to empathize with them or take their pain or fear or other emotions into consideration. He is extremely egocentric, and it does not bother him to frighten, hurt, or even kill others in the course of getting what he wants or what he feels he should have. He understands things like shame and guilt on an intellectual level, but he does not feel them the same way normal people do. He sees himself as possessing a grander purpose than those around him, and feels that even though normal people would be ashamed or grieved by the things he does, he is not obligated to feel such because his purpose is higher and more important. It seems to him that only HE can do precisely what he does, and so HE specifically enjoys authority that common folk do not.

    This arrogance, however, allows him to take bold risks and reap significant payoffs from them. He is a meticulous planner, nearly a perfectionist simply because of his driving need to be seen as the best by the people whose opinions matter to him. On the occasions when a plan fails or a gamble does not pay off, Quin is quick to find a reason why the blame lays with someone else rather than himself. He has a difficult time acknowledging failure or defeat on his part, especially when it was something he could have avoided. It is far easier to find somewhere else for the blame and the requisite punishment to fall.

    The deeper into his Black Widow training Quin goes, the more possessed he is by the urge to pick apart and understand the things around him. What began in his youth as a fondness for solving puzzles has grown over the years into something close to a compulsion. An unsolved riddle will vex him until he susses out the solution. Prideful as he is, he feels like there isn't much he shouldn't know, and his mastery of manipulating the memories and secrets of others has taught him that there aren't many questions he can't find the answers to, when motivated. More than just having the knowledge he wants, though, being able to break down and understand the people around him affords Quin a kind of control over those people, in his mind. To him, they become simply extensions of the sorts of webs he weaves in private, a delicate and complex composition of pieces that he masterfully places where he wishes. When bored, he enjoys tugging on this strand or that and trying to predict what it will make a person do based on his understanding of them. 

    • Sex. Quin doesn't get much out of most social interaction. Sex is different because while it's technically social, there's enough of a physical aspect to override his lack of an emotional connection. There have been occasions where the darker aspects of his personality have resulted in a lover being harmed, but they have been rare. These instances were either smoothed over to Quin's satisfaction afterwards by charm or by the alteration of memories, whichever was easier at the time. For the most part, though, Quin is a skilled and considerate lover, even if it's only because he knows people talk and he enjoys the idea of that sort of reputation getting around. Leaving  a lover fully satisfied is a bit like solving a puzzle or meeting a challenge, and Quin enjoys that aspect of it at least as much as he enjoys his own physical pleasure in the act. A Hayllian at heart, he does not discriminate between the sexes as far as his general preferences, though he takes women to bed more frequently does not publically advertise that he sleeps with men. And he is never, never the bottom.
    • Hayll. More than most, Quin considers himself a patriot. In his youth he became enamored with Hayll as an icon of cultural and generational pedigree. The passion he saw everywhere around him fascinated him; while he could not experience much of the same passion himself, he was nonetheless enchanted by the idea of such a force that could grip people and drive them to create things at the very height of beauty or skill. This passion, both artistic and physical, was balanced perfectly in Quin's eyes by the order, reason, and structure of the Hayllian government. If he hadn't been handed a higher purpose, Quin could have been content to pose as a member of the Hundred Families and preside in the Senate for thousands of years. Every territory he has visited has been held up in his mind to measure against Hayll, and they have all been found lacking, in his opinion. Of course the Tenebrosi Iarvis are Hayllian. Who else would have the foresight, the heritage, the wisdom and skill to organize such a perfect and secret affair? Quin genuinely enjoys his trips back to Hayll, and will often schedule a few extra days for his trips there just so that he can spend some time enjoying his homeland before returning to duty.
    • The Widow Caste. One of Quin's proudest accomplishments is his taking on the challenge of training to be a Black Widow. He keeps this caste perpetually hidden from those outside the Iarvis, but the fact that he attained it through his own hard work and intelligence and perseverance is something he takes pride in. There was much potential for him not only to fail, but to misstep and wind up damaged or insane. He continues to train to this day, whenever possible, intent on improving any and all specialties in which he can find an expert to covertly teach him. This constant need to improve himself has enabled him has refined some of his Widow skills to points beyond the average for someone of his jewel strength.

    • Stupid. People. Quin does many difficult things all the time. By FAR, the most difficult, he feels, is tempering his reaction to stupid people. It's a difficult button to have, when one is burdened with an intellect so far above that of those around him, but Quin perseveres for the good of the cause. He has perfected the art of creating a genuine smile, the trick of adding the look of warmth to his gaze, the manufacture of a gentle and welcoming disposition. He works very hard at keeping all of these things in place despite to whom he's speaking, but it doesn’t mean he LIKES doing it. He'd LIKE nothing more sometimes than to go off on people, to expound at length upon just how short-sighted, simple, and easily manipulated they are. He'd LIKE to prove his intelligence by blowing their little minds with all the things he knows and the wit with which he can wield all that knowledge. But he can't. He has to keep it all under wraps, smile warmly and participate in conversations that feel like they make his brain bleed. He hates it.
    • Being thwarted. Nobody likes not getting their way, right? But with Quin, it's a huge deal. This, as are most things he does, is driven by an implacable ego that is convinced that he knows better than those around him. When something he is trying to do is held up or stopped completely by others, it becomes very difficult for Quin to just let it go. The fastest way to challenge his very practiced calm is to impede something he wants to do because of something mundane like paperwork, or "X has to approve this before you can do it and X is on vacation this week." Being held up by lesser has on occasion infuriated him enough that he has covertly arranged to permanently remove the lesser involved. Over paperwork.
    • Not getting to enjoy Hayll. Quin knows he's doing work that will benefit Hayll. It is, in fact, one of his core driving goals. He accepts that the work he does is worthy, and he would not be content doing something that challenges him less than his current lifestyle does. At the same time, though, he has so much love and respect and affection for his homeland, and he only ever gets to see it once a year, if that. He misses Hayll and all of the things he loves about it. To help appease this longing, he will typically make use of the weeks he's there to find a young woman of the Hundred Families to seduce. Webs and potions applied over a course of days create a lapse in their contraceptive measures, and Quin tries his best to plant a seed. When his Craft reveals to him that he has been successful, he sets up one of his agents to monitor the woman after Quin has returned to Kaeleer. The circumstances of the bargain the agent attempt to makes with the woman will vary depending on the priorities of the particular woman with whom he's dealing, but there is usually something they want badly enough to make it worth bearing a man's child to term. Quin keeps an eye to this while selecting the women, so that by the time they are approached by his agent, the agent already has some sort of leverage. The children who are born need not be acknowledged as Quin's, or as anyone else's, for that matter. Women who have no interest in raising them may give them up for adoption. Quin has no interest in dictating the course of their lives, really. He merely demands that his agent keeps up with where the children are and whom they grown up to be. It comforts him to know that, whether it will ever be officially acknowledged or not, he is still tied to Hayll by a bloodline that will continue, at least in part. And, of course, if any of these scions do eventually acquire positions of pertinence, their true lineage may be revealed to them if Quin feels it could benefit Hayll.
    • Mission Failure. Quin has been given an impossible task. No one has been able to manage travel between the realms except through Little Terreille's Dark Gate for millennia, now. If there was a feasible solution available, the odds are that SOMEONE would have found it by now. Quin doesn't mind playing the odds, though. After all, none of the people looking before were HIM. He has faith that he will find a way, and feels sort of called to this task on a level deeper than merely being assigned a job. It's part of his destiny, he feels. Still, it's uncommon for him to feel stumped over something he's sincerely applying himself to, and sometimes the sheer slowness of the process makes him wonder if he won't actually find the answer he needs.
    • Losing control. Quin knows he's not like other boys. He knows that parts of his personality are considered aberrant and that they do not fit in with most peoples' definitions of civilization. He doesn't mind this too much, because he feels he benefits from those differences most of the time. Sometimes, though, when he indulges his dark side he becomes so driven by anger and violence that it is difficult for him to rein it back in when he needs to. Some of his deceptions are quite delicate, and it wouldn't take much for them to fall if he couldn't manage to keep certain aspects of himself hidden. Still, those darker aspects of his personality have a sort of lure to them, and it's a constant battle for him to indulge them without going too far.
    • The Red Hand. Quin has had a vision of his own downfall (whether he suffers death or merely defeat is unclear) at the hand of a shadowy figure. The vision has recurred three separate times, and though it remains vague Quin gleans a trace more information with every instance. All he knows so far is that it is someone he does not see coming, someone who successfully topples him in a grievous manner, and in the vision they reach for him with a red hand. He does not know what the red hand symbolizes, unless it is a simple allegory for blood, but that interpretation feels incorrect or incomplete to him. He believes that he will one day be confronted by this enemy, and despite the vision's suggestion that he won't see it coming, he can't help but being a touch paranoid at times in hopes of protecting himself.
    Craft Strengths:
    • Breaking into inner barriers. Necessity has taught Quin over his long years how to weave his way into someone's mind with extreme subtlety. If they stand much deeper in the Abyss than he, then of course he sometimes cannot accomplish it without them knowing it. Sometimes, though, even when they are aware of his efforts he stands a better chance than most of getting past their barriers without wrecking their mind completely, permission granted or not. 
    • Memory Craft. Specifically, the reading, alteration, erasing, and replacement of someone else's memories. Once he's past a victim's inner barriers, he's adept at incapacitating them quickly so that he can then take his time in perusing and altering whatever memories he finds. His long-term disguises and identities have depended heavily on this Craft. It is, in fact, the very reason the Chase family believes there ought to be an Uncle Quin among them.
    • Advanced Shadow Building. Quinlan has been studying this Craft with a singleminded purpose for the past couple of years. While living as Nero Augustus, Quinlan has encountered all manners of situations where it would be convenient for him to make Nero appear somewhere that Quinlan didn't necessarily want to be. His practice at making believable facsimiles of both Nero and Quinlan himself have allowed him to fine-tune this skill, to the point where the Craft which fuels them is extremely subtle, likely to go unnoticed by any who don't already have a reason to doubt them.
    Craft Weaknesses:
    • Combat Craft. Unfortunate, for a man who makes as many enemies as Quin does. The caste he was born into should've allowed him to train into general combat craft with ease, but it was something Quin could never truly get a solid grasp on. He has convinced himself it is simply because he was never meant to be the grunt on the front lines of anyone's war. His place is with the admirals, making the decisions which require strategy and guile. This may contribute to how heavily Quin has always relied on wit and deception to get what he needs. He can manage defensive shields when he absolutely requires them, but they do not last nearly as long as a normal man of his jewels, and his offensive craft is weak enough to be fairly useless.
    • Masking psychic scent. Utterly and completely inconvenient. Quin cannot have his Black Widow caste on display for the world to see; it would breed distrust and doubt even if wasn't working in Dharo, of all places. While he can mask his scent, the effect is weaker than it should be for someone of his jewel strength. He typically has to commission masks from other Widows who are stronger at it than he. He gets these from fellow Iarvis Tenebrosi while in Hayll when he can, but he has to supplement between trips with a more local source. Quin does not trust well or easily, and there is more than one Black Widow who no longer walks among the living because Quin's distrust got the better of him. But as soon as he kills a supplier he must find another, so he tries to do it only when strictly necessary.
    • Scrying. While he would love to be able to spy on people from afar, he's never been able to master this particular specialization. He must rely on others if he wants to watch his chess pieces from afar, which requires a trust he is loathe to give out.

    Life Story
    Mother: Drusilla Montanus Purple Dusk - broken Opal witch*
    Father: Gaius MontanusYellow - Rose warlord*
    Brother: Vibius Montanus Tiger Eye - Purple Dusk warlord* (b. 1993 BP) (deceased)
    Brother:  Titus Montanus White - Rose warlord* (b. 1991 BP)
    Brother:  Seneca Montanus broken Yellow - broken Summer Sky warlord* (b. 1990 BP)
    Sister (Adopted): Porcia Montanus Opal to Red Queen* (b. 1976 BP)
    Children: Various unclaimed; leaving unnamed for potential future plot points.

    *Jewels for these Cs were rolled.

    Quintillus Montanus was born 1,989 years before the Purge, in Draega, Hayll. He grew up in what would be as close to a Golden Age as Hayll could claim in recent memory. Elettra Giulia had been on the throne for over a thousand years already, and between the strength of a competent Queen and the checks and balances of the Senate and Council, Hayll was stable, strong and proud.

    But even in a time when Hayll as a territory was at its strongest, there was a huge disparity between the lives of its upper echelon and the lives of its plebian citizens. Quin, as the boy was called, had parents who were not strictly bad people, but who were not quite altruistic enough to be called particularly good either. They were selfish and petty, envious of the Hundred Families and ever-searching for ways by which to earn their family some semblance of clout and renown. It was a hopeless endeavor; nothing would change the fact that they were but a merchant family, a long line of textile producers. They birthed child after child, hoping to at least produce a Queen but failing to even produce a female heir. Quintillus was their fourth son, and the point at which they abandoned their efforts. After all, though they were successful enough to support themselves, no one could afford to feed an endless table full of mouths.

    With four small boys in close succession, though, Drusilla often found herself at her wit's end. She eventually shut down and tuned out her boys, entertaining herself with a string of lovers while her husband was off at work each day. The boys were left to fend for themselves for the most part, until each evening when Drusilla served dinner for the family and pretended that all was as it should be. Gaius was an exacting man, with standards set too high for his children or his wife to hope to achieve, and his frustration with his lackluster family was not well hidden. Between two such incapable parents and three attention-hungry and rowdy older brothers, Quin never experienced a great deal of affection in his youth. While a normal child might have easily overcome this given sufficient distraction and social diversion, Quin was not quite a normal child. Something in his makeup twisted in response to the coldness of his upbringing. Despite being the youngest of his siblings, the other boys soon learned not to include Quin in their bickering and brawling. Being the smallest meant he could not stand up physically to them when they chose to pick on him, but he was always a keenly clever boy, and his brothers soon learned that no fun they had inflicting pain on Quin was worth the inevitable revenge he'd draw on them later. Vibius gave Quin a black eye once during a scrap, and was nearly killed a week later when Quin pushed him from the second story balcony of the family's home. Quin claimed it was an accident. While neither his brother nor his parents could really be sure, there was an aloofness with Quin concerning the event that was chilling. What little inclusion he'd experienced with his family up until then abruptly ceased. Quin was eight at the time.

    Years passed and as Quin grew he seemed to flourish away from the home. He took well to school. While a bit annoyingly arrogant, he was also very intelligent and quickly learned what charm was and how to use it to get what he wanted. It was important to him to perform well. Not for any foolish hopes to receive approval from his parents (he knew better than that), but simply because he felt he was so much more intelligent than those around him that it was only acceptable that he out-mark them.

    Quin was thirteen when his parents finally got the female heir they'd long wanted. Though they presented the little infant Queen as their own to people outside of the family, the babe was one Druisilla and Gaius had adopted from a mother too sick to raise the child. At least, that's the story they gave their sons. As she grew she was the one member of the family who did not seem bothered by Quin's odd penchant for quiet or his chilly moods. As such, Quin developed a fondness for the girl, who was named Porcia.

    His family would not have recognized the person Quin became at school, if they ever had chance to see him. Having learned that people were more helpful (more easily manipulated) when they liked you, Quin learned to present himself as congenial and affable. He laughed often, said kind things to people, seemed more than willing to help others if they needed it. All of it was a web of strategically made decisions, a carefully constructed veneer that made Quin seem normal and engaged enough that when he needed something, he could cash in some of that social capital. He took pleasure in fooling those around him, understanding that it was only his superior intellect which allowed him to do so with such ease.

    Quin perceived the world around him as broken and in need of repair. His schooling had been teaching him for years about the splendor and mightiness of Hayll, but on his way home from school each day he saw the filth and destitution in the slums of Draega. Was not every Hayllian entitled to that glorious legacy? Wasn't being Hayllian enough to justify a certain amount of inherent respect? Quin began intentionally spending time in the slums, watching and observing to try and figure out how people wound up living in squalor while just on the other side of the capitol, people lived in mansions and finery. It couldn't be as simple as the allocation of money, could it? He began to pick out patterns of abuse and oppression, and really, as arrogant as he was it was only a matter of time before he began to wonder if he couldn't affect certain situations himself.

    The first time he killed someone, it was really just to see if he could get away with it. A particular landlord tended to only board young female tenants, mostly single mothers who struggled to get by. He then routinely abused his position of power over them, sapping what little resources they had until they were forced to leave or forced to supplement their payments to him with other means. Quin, fifteen at the time, wanted to know what would happen if the landlord was simply removed. With no one demanding rent, the women tenants would have a significant portion of their incomes left to them to do with what they wished. Quin observed the situation for a time, sketched out a plan that he thought covered all the bases, and then carried it out. He disposed of the landlord well out into the country. Buried him deep then returned home, and waited to see if the knock on the door ever came.

    It didn't.

    He hadn't expected it would; he wasn't connected to the landlord in any appreciable way and he'd covered his tracks well. The man had been a rather despicable individual, and so while people noticed he wasn't around, no one truly seemed to miss him. Having accomplished this without being discovered was a triumph for Quin, who felt vindicated in his arrogance. Much to his dismay, however, the lot of the female tenants did not significantly improve. Most of them simply mismanaged their resources in different ways, as though afraid to allow the windfall to lift them out of the poverty to which they'd become accustomed. Frustrated but curious, he resolved to experiment further. These experiments of his sometimes resulted in the mysterious deaths of key individuals, though most of the time they merely resulted in specific consequences befalling certain people after a very particular sort of arrangement had been set up by a well-hidden hand. By the time Quin was seventeen, he'd talked his way into the beds of enough women that he began to understand how easily such a thing could be used as a stepping-stone. Over the next year and a half he became a strange mix of juggalo, assassin and petty political machinator, for no greater cause than his own amusement or sating his curiosity.

    But not everyone was fooled by Quin's sleight of hand and his twice-removed manipulations. In the shadows of Hayll an ancient organization lurked, one with the perspective and experience to see Quin for what he was. He was recruited by the Tenebrosi Iarvis in the months before his eighteenth birthday. Seduced by the mystery and power they seemed to wield and convinced that they more than anyone else stood a real chance of affecting change in Hayll, Quin swore his fealty and donned a mask, becoming the agent known among the Iarvis as Fidelis. Here at last was a set of people who were worthy of Quin's time, he thought. Here were people he could respect, even perhaps fear. The more he learned about the Iarvis, the more he wanted to learn, and he threw himself into his arduous training as vehemently as he'd thrown himself into his schoolwork when younger, and for much the same reasons. Of course he would excel at this, he thought. Of course he would be the very best, and eventually rise to the top ranks in the organization, ranks he could not even see from his position upon recruitment.

    It was in the course of pursuing his career with the Iarvis that Quin resolved to learn the Widow's Craft. The Iarvis favored Black Widows, after all, and while they did not recruit them exclusively, Quin could not bear the thought of being disadvantaged by the lack of something he could conceivably obtain for himself. By the time he received his Offering at twenty, he was a journeyman beneath a Widow to which the Iarvis had sent him. It was in this training that Quin felt like he'd truly found his calling. While he still depended on the webs, illusions, and forecasts of Widows more advanced than himself at this point, he could clearly see how being able to command those skills himself would only make him more capable than he already was. With that sort of training, he felt there was no limit to the service he could provide to the Iarvis, no limit to the ways he might change and improve Hayll itself. He began to view Hayll as a bed of children. His children, who were forced to wait until he'd come into his prime before they could receive the attention and care they were due from him.

    Quin was 29, still quite early into his Iarvis career when Ignoto, the Black Widow who'd first served as Quin's mentor, gave him some information of a personal nature which the organization had uncovered. Porcia, the young queen his family had "adopted" had not been adopted at all, but stolen outright from a family even less well-off than Quin's. The girl's mother was dead, but her father had never stopped looking for her, and in a coincidental turn of events the queen, now a woman grown, had come under Ignoto's eye. A vision had revealed to Ignoto the truth of the girl's origins, and though the crime was of no real consequence to the Iarvis, Ignoto had shared the information with Quin simply because it concerned his family and she thought it would interest him.

    ...or so she let him believe.

    If there was anything Fidelis had proven even at such an early point in his career with the Iarvis, it was that he was arrogant and that he was devoted whole-heartedly to the Iarvis doctrine. When it was revealed shortly after that the Queen used for the Iarvis Tenebrosi's shadowy binding rituals was succumbing to old age, Ignoto understood clearly what path Fidelis would take. Quin's parents had purchased Black Widow webs to keep the early and clear indication of the child's Queen caste hidden in her youth; they'd told their sons it was for the girl's safety and at the time none of the youths had real cause to doubt that. In hindsight, Quin could see now that it was only a ruse by which to help the stolen child hide in plain sight. Porcia's caste was revealed not long after her Birthright, but by then it'd been accepted socially that the child belonged to them.

    That she mysteriously disappeared from her own bedroom one day in her sixteenth year was a puzzle that was never fully solved. Drusilla and Gaius were devastated. Their three eldest sons were enraged. Quin, who rarely saw the rest of his family by then anyway, was the only Montanus scion who was not thrown into a fit of anger or despair. Of course, that was because he knew precisely where Porcia was. He had delivered her to the Iarvis to replace their dying Queen. Porcia was eventually led through her Offering under the care of the Iarvis and descended to the Red. She remains hidden away with them to this day, serving as an ever-present reminder of the loyalty and devotion of Fidelis to his Iarvis brethren.

    The next several hundred years were trying ones for Quin and for everyone around him. Still a youth by Hayllian standards, Quin was arrogant beyond measure and impatient for the role of importance for which he felt he was destined. His superiors in the Iarvis perceived this, of course, being much older and more experienced in the world than Quin. They persisted in using him in roles he found demeaning, as he hadn't yet a perspective broad enough to understand the value of true patience and subtlety. He served in various courts, attended social functions, swayed the votes of certain senators and swayed the lusts of certain other key peoples until he completed his Widow training in secret. He was being used in the same manner he'd employed himself before the Iarvis, though Quin felt himself worthy of far more substantial work. He was mildly assuaged when his caste training was complete and he was sent into other territories to assist other existing agents. His ego-driven desire for success, paired with a mind that was capable of finding... unorthodox solutions made him an excellent Adjunct, an agent sent to assist when a situation was more troublesome than usual. Though he found pleasure in the prestige and respect this position gave him, it took a very long time - centuries, in fact - before Quin finally came to understand that working with the Iarvis wasn't about seeing Hayll 'fixed' in his lifetime. It was more akin to trying to turn a very large, very cumbersome boat while simultaneously directing a fleet of similarly large and cumbersome boats to turn in sync. It took time, and the more subtly the shifts could be made, the more powerful the Iarvis could be, especially with their influence slowly strengthening in neighboring territories. After all, who could object to or contest an organization that did not exist? When he was forced to stop and look back at the centuries that had passed since his initiation, he had to concede that the butterfly effects of all of those small, innocuous changes he'd been a part of were truly staggering.

    It was Quin's slow but complete acceptance of the methodology of the Iarvis that finally freed him to truly excel. No longer feeling the need to chomp at the proverbial bit, he applied himself to making the most of current day, the current moment. He'd always had an aggressive streak, though since childhood he'd learned well how to keep it tame for unleashing in subtle, inculpable ways. Training into the Black Widow caste augmented this aggressiveness and intensified a purely Hayllian predisposition towards a large sexual appetite. Keeping his second caste masked and hidden had myriad benefits, however, and so he began to seek ways by which he could purge those aggressive and hyper sexual energies without compromising whatever public persona he wore at a given time.

    With some maturity he learned to give freedom to this side of himself in small, immediate ways instead of looking for some grandiose, masterful act. He spent decades at a time in a territory as an Adjunct, long enough to set up believable covers and entertain himself outside of the requirements of his duties. The lines between his dual lives became more and more pronounced: by day he was a friendly, even charming Everyman, one of those people who was not themselves a politician by trade but who always seemed to get himself invited to the parties and the smoking rooms. He was never a terribly important player in the games of high society (no matter which territory he lived in), but he was very often the close associate of the people who were. He used sex and seduction as often as he used charm and wit, as it rarely interfered with his cover if he let himself be painted as a bit of a playboy.

    In the shadows, he was a different creature entirely. He learned to channel his now-very-natural aggression into business ventures and social captures. Able to create his own very respectable illusory webs by now, he donned a different face to separate himself from his public persona, and began exploiting the underside of whichever city he found himself in. In Dena Nehele he worked through carefully seduced agents of his own to overtake one of Bidea's Red Moon houses, and through it "befriended" a Jack or two who were well paid to trade local information with his people. In Raej, he acquired the loyalties of some of the lesser slavers; though he did not buy slaves himself (he felt it beneath himself to force someone's obedience in such an inelegant manner) he learned much about the markets in Kemet and set up an agent to act as an investor on his behalf. In addition to his profits, his managers there forwarded him gossip about the goings-on in Raej. In Dhemlan he befriended the shippers in the Ilbeda province and set up and left behind a small lumber mill, one among the many in that province. As with most of Quin's ventures, the people who run it know little about the "family" that owns the mill, only that they are distant and generous and appreciate being sent local news from "home" periodically. Wherever he was sent, any free time that Quin had was dedicated to turning the territory into something more useful for the Iarvis and more entertaining for himself. While he did not topple any governments or revitalize any economies, he managed to leave little in-roads by which local information could be easily acquired, and was in fact regularly funneled back to an agent of his in Hayll, who compiled the information and left it in a secure location for Quin or another Iarvis to recover. Quin collected it whenever he was able; he far preferred to have first review of any information garnered, but there were many times when his covers prevented him from returning to Hayll precisely when he liked.

    Quin spent the equivalent of several short-lived lifetimes cultivating leads and ventures in various Terreillian territories before the Purge struck. Quin was not in Hayll at the time of the Purge, but had been making his way across the Pruulian deserts after conferring with the Iarvis agent in Onn. Knowing from experience that it was unwise to use his Craft on the sands, Quin had little choice but to yield and weather the storm without shielding from it. It left him unharmed, though many in his caravan had succumbed to fear, attempted to shield themselves, and wound up dead or broken by the time it passed. Quin returned to Hayll then, to assist with reestablishing the Iarvis' infrastructure in the wake of losing some key informants and agents. Once Elettra was once more on the throne and Draega seemed stable, Quin was tasked with a mission that was far more challenging than any he'd undertaken before. He was to venture through the Dark Gate and find a way to arrange discreet passage between the realms for Iarvis interests. Whether it was by making arrangements with the Priestesses who guarded the gate in Little Terrielle or by locating and resurrecting one of the other, defunct Dark Gates did not matter. He simply needed to find some way to secure unhindered passage between the Realms in order for the influence of the Iarvis to spread to its full potential.

    The task initially looked impossible, but Quin's pride was stoked by being trusted with such a difficult assignment. No one before him had managed to find a way, but none before him had been him. He swore to himself that he would reward the confidence the organization had placed in him with success, and he believed it. His first years in Kaeleer were fairly mundane; he was no more exempt from the rules of the service fair than any other immigrant. He served the requisite three years in a Province court, learning the members of that court before arranging to have himself invited to the Territory court, where he served for another three years just to form relationships there. While doing so he began to learn all he could about the Priestesses of the Dark Gate, and began slowly and patiently laying the groundwork to find an inroad with them. This was a task he undertook with an extreme amount of caution; if he mis-stepped and soured the Priestesses against him, even travelling through the gate on legitimate business himself would undoubtedly become more difficult.

    An opportunity presented itself from within the court before one did with the Conclave, however. Quin was not above the subtle application of seduction, bribery, or flat-out intimidation to get what he wanted, and between the three avenues he managed to keep a working agreement concerning the Dark Gate for many years. He maintained all appearances necessary to paint himself as a legitimate Dhoaroan businessman with concerns in both realms and the Court authorized his use of the Gate. -   He assumed the identity of the patriarch of a family called Chase, a line of textile workers who exported hand-woven rugs which were popular in some Terreillian territories. Quin picked their family because a number of the merchant members had travelled with the family's business over the years. Some of them had relocated completely and sprouted little roots in various territories with which Dharoan enterprises frequently did business. When Quin first arrived he disposed of the patriarch of the Chase line still living in Dharo (a widower named Henry), and disguised himself as Henry via illusory webs. Quin lived as Henry Chase for some time, until it got to the point where Henry ought to be slowing down because of age. While he mimed Henry's gradual decline in health over the course of a decade, Quin began implanting memories into the minds of the other family members about a brother of Henry's who lived and did business in Little Terreille, a man named Felix with a small family of his own (this branch of the family, however, existed only on paper). Quin changed disguises and appeared as Felix's son Seth a few times on "visits" to Dharo, up until it was time for Henry to die. Quin then staged Henry's death. Soon after, "Seth" moved back to Dharo to live. Quin lived as Seth for decades, until it was time to repeat the process. He had Seth move back to Little Terreille to pursue new business ventures. (Really, he could've gotten more mileage out of the Seth identity, but Quin was too vain to live behind an old man's face when he didn't have to.) This time the family member he'd invented and implanted in the minds of the family was a young businessman named Quin, because he'd grown quite tired of answering to other peoples' names. He established Quin Chase as a grandson of Seth's, and this time only used illusory webs to make himself appear young enough to have just claimed his Offering. He relocated to Dharo to be near the Chases who were already there, and has been living under that identity since. It has served as sufficient cover to get him through the gate and back once a year, so that he could attend the Iarvis rituals each year.

    But Quin had chosen Dharo for his cover for a reason. He consulted tangled webs regularly in an attempt to divine a direction in which he might find some solution for opening up passage for his Tenebrosi Iarvis brothers and sisters between the realms. One interpretation led him to believe that the key to his solution was in Dharo somewhere, though he could gain no more precise direction than that. So it was that Quin was not content to merely bide his time in Dharo, overseeing the manufacturing of rugs while he'd been tasked with solving the impossible. He spent his time there charming his way into beds and social circles, cultivating as wide a net of information as he could in his clandestine search for alternative passage between realms.

    It was during this time that Quin's path crossed with that of the Rampart Club, a secret society of clandestine operators sworn to serve Dharo's interests. That the Chase family had a representative who served as a Rampart brother was a fact unknown to anyone in the family besides the man himself. One of Henry Chase's sons, Alfred, passed away just as Quin was beginning to make a name for himself socially. His death came unexpectedly, a tragic accident that claimed not only Alfred's life, but that of his son Rory as well. It was Rory who was meant to serve in Alfred's place one day. With Rory's sudden demise and no other heir seeming readily apparent, the Ramparts began looking into the enterprising young Quin. Of course, Quin's family line ended on paper a scant two generations back. Though the arrangements Quin had made were adequate to fool the scrutiny of most, the Rampart Club was well-versed in trickery and eventually figured out that Quin had somehow invented a place for himself inside the Chase family. What's more, their prodding about that should have drawn no notice managed to somehow alert Quin, who eventually confronted one of their operatives.

    It was determined that Quin's skill at infiltration could be useful to the Rampart Club, and he was inducted soon thereafter. It was uncommon for someone to be drafted as an adult, and Quin suffered a touch more distrust than normal among the Ramparts because it'd been established that he was not, in fact, a Chase. He has performed flawlessly for the Club so far, however, and has been happily helping them to gather information for years now.

    It was through connections this organization afforded him that he was appointed as an official diplomat of Dharo, first to Little Terreille and later to other territories. It was through the Ramparts that an operative for an even less well-known organization recruited Quin. Known simply as Aegis, they had been rivals of the Rampart Club for millennia, though the records of the Ramparts show Aegis as having been dismantled some ten thousand years ago. Indeed, Aegis did suffer a debilitating setback all those years ago, but remnants of the organization survived. As they began to rebuild, they took the lessons learned by their defeat at the hands of the Ramparts and took pains to remain naught but a ghost and legend in the minds of most. Quin happened to prefer the tenets and ideals of the Aegis over the Ramparts, however, and when he was introduced to the darker order, he jumped on board.

    With only (close to) two centuries since the Purge and Quin's reassignment, his inroads into the Kaleerean territories are nowhere near as extensive as those he maintains in Terreille. He's visited several of the dark territories, but really, Little Terreille has proven to be more troublesome of late than Quin liked, and the bulk of his spare attention has been focused there. 

     Times change, and in the nearly two hundred years since the Purge, that Gate has been controlled by several different hands. The ascension of Logain Morr to the position of Steward of Little Terreille put an abrupt halt to the comparative ease with which Quin was able to use the Gate. Morr was much more darkly jeweled than Quin, and already quite wealthy himself. Quin was forced to miss a few of the yearly rituals in Hayll, until he finally managed to suss out an offer to which Morr agreed. In exchange for unencumbered passage through the Gate (not counting the standard taxes and fees, naturally) once a year, when Quin returned to Kaeleer he brought with him information about market trends and popular culture in Hayll, things that allowed Morr to allocate his Hayllian assets properly and take full advantage of many economic shifts that turned quite profitable.

    While this has allowed Quin to resume attending the yearly rituals with his brethren in Hayll, it has done little to open up unhindered passage for the rest of the Iarvis through the Gate. It is a task that still occupies Quin to this day, though his efforts have begun to turn towards less mundane avenues in hopes of finding a less orthodox solution.  He has managed his identity in Dharo over the years through illusion and guile; the short-lived around him believe it was his grandfather who was the diplomat to other territories instead of him, though the family still retains that prestige. He is, at the moment, no longer posing as the patriarch of the Chase family but as an unwed brother to the patriarch, a bachelor who spends his days teaching higher math classes at Twicken, and his nights seeing to his less forthright affairs.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Character in Play:

    Mature content! Here there be sex.
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    Petitions (if any):  Caste petition (See below)
    Caste Requesting : Trained Black Widow + natural warlord
    Reasons For Requesting these Castes:
    Quin has exactly two loyalties that have endured throughout most of his life: himself and the Tenebrosi Iarvis. Until he was recruited by the TI, Quin was entirely content in his caste and had few ambitions to be anything or anyone else. But Quin has never been one to do things halfway. Once a bar is set before him, he has to meet it, and prefers to exceed it. Once the TI secured his loyalty, Quin would not turn down any given opportunity to improve himself for the sake of being a more effective agent. For years he trained and worked as an agent of the TI as a warlord, depending upon the webs of his comrades for the illusions and deceptions he required. It quickly became clear to him, however, that being able to create his own webs, as well as being able to access the other skills available only to Black Widows, would increase his efficiency exponentially while simultaneously reducing his dependence on his comrades. Reducing his dependency on others is vitally important to Quin, both because it leaves less opportunity for the mistakes of others to cost him and because it elevates his worth in the eyes of the TI. The short of it is that Quin's pride, more than anything else, drove him to seek out training as a Black Widow. The fact that he has a highly analytical mind with a well-developed attention to detail only made him a better student, even if his ego had to be checked at multiple points along the path of his training.

    Quin has a constant need for illusory spells, and the poisons and forecasting spells available to Black Widows do not go unused either. Plot-wise, it is necessary that his own interpretation of his tangled webs lead him to choose a location in Kaeleer, because this provides the motivation to move from Little Terreille to Dharo, and the entire purpose of the C was to construct the Iarvis agent in Dharo, specifically. 

    Plans for this Character:
    ALL OF THEM. I have talked with Leann about making Quin an associate of her young Queen's. I won't know where that goes until her plans for her C develop a little more, but be assured Quin WILL HAVE PLANS for her and they will be gloriously nefarious (unless Leann is reading this in which case I'm totally just kidding and Quin is a nice guy. Really).

    In addition, Quin's BW visions will lead him to believe that there is a defunct Dark Gate in Dharo somewhere, and that if he overcomes certain obstacles, he can reactivate it. Whether this will ever actually happen or not is up to plot leads down the road, but it's something towards which Quin will be striving, and a goal that will be extremely personally important to him. On an even more personal level is the matter of the Red Hand. Though this enemy hasn't been fleshed out yet, I intend to solicit a PC character to play this role and eventually bring about the scene Quin's predicted.

    In the meantime, Quin will be a member of the Ramparts Club (secretly) and Aegis (even more secretly) all while really working for the Iarvis Tenebrosi to expand their influence and network of information.

    Other Petitions you’ve made here: Gideon's PWP petition, other reacts, DK Plot lead

    Why did this character became inactive? His plots dried up.

    What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again? Movin' his shady butt back to Hayll, where dani and I have plots for him.

    What are your plans for this character? World domination.

    No, seriously.

    Number of previous Reactivations: 0

    Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) :
    Updated ages and changed home territory to Hayll.

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    Well. This isn't going to end well.

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    Not this time, villain.

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