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Title: Kore Pavus
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The Basics

Character Name: Kore Pavus
Nicknames: The Maiden
Age and Birth Year: 564 (369bp)
Race: 3/4 Long-lived
Caste: Black Widow
Birth Territory: Hayll
Home Territory: Hayll

Birthright Jewel: cut Opal
Offering Jewel: cut Red

Role: Rebel
Faction: Coliseum


Play By: Jeon So Yeon
Distinguishing Features: Kore’s father was half-Tacean and it shows in her comparatively pale skin and classically Tacean features. She bears many scars from her time in the Coliseum.


As a person, Kore is a complicated series of defenses built up to keep her safe from a world that she doesn’t particularly like, trust, or want to interact with. She’s lived a bad life; enough of the people she’s met have been unkind to her or the people she loves that she not only doesn’t offer her trust easily, she also refuses to extend the opportunity to earn her trust. If people think she’s rude, or mean, or cruel, she’s fine with that, as long as what’s hers is kept safe, the people she loves know how she really is, and she’s left alone to live her life in the manner as best suits her.

Kore is a deep thinker. Most Hayllians care about the appearance of things, but Kore cares about things as they really are. She pursues experiences not because they’re new or novel, but because she wants to have as broad an experiential base as she can before she develops an opinion on something. Despite an avowed hatred for all things academic, she craves knowledge and goes out of her way to pursue it. Part of her love of routine and steady occupation is that, in a familiar situation, one can simply let the body take the lead while one’s mind pursues whatever paths entertain it. In an unfamiliar role, she’s left to scramble through all the information she’s catalogued to develop a new framework. As one who hates inconsistency, Kore also hates being put on the spot, because then she feels beholden to the decisions she’s made even if she can later recognize that those decisions were the wrong ones.

In some ways, Kore's never quite made it out of her first hundred years, and often reacts more emotionally than really suits someone of her age, even when one accounts for her Caste. Though she is capable of using her Caste-Craft to the benefit of others, it isn't always her first resort, and so much of her Craft is self-taught that sometimes that's a good thing. She has a difficult time reading beneath the surface of others' actions in the moment, and can't really be trusted to play along with someone else's game anymore. As a slave, she often could play along, producing the required obedience to survive, but now that her life is no longer constantly under threat, she finds it much more difficult to access that level of manipulation and self-control.

Kore crafts high standards for herself and holds to them like a drowning man to a life raft. She doesn’t expect much from the people around her, but she is her own worst critic, even if she’ll defend her bad actions to others with her dying breath. That said, she doesn’t shirk consequences for her misbehaviors. If she hurts someone and gets caught, then she expects there will be retribution for it, and she’ll take her drubbings with squared shoulders and a lifted chin. She considers herself an honest person, and will go to pains to make sure other people think of her as an honest person, too, right up until the moment she lies to betray them.

With her close friends--there are, as one might expect, few who have the honor--Kore is possessed of a ready wit and a sense of humor as dry and cold as a mountain peak. She’s the kind of person who will bring gifts by when someone is in trouble, or check in on them when she thinks they might need company, provided they've proven themselves to her and earned her loyalty. Kore is a thoughtful gift-giver. What she isn’t great with is actually telling people how she feels, or accepting thanks for the good deeds she does. She’d much rather you just nodded and let her escape with her dignity intact.

Like all Black Widows, Kore has a craving for sensuality and physical contact. When she goes too long without some form of physical comfort--sex, cuddling, or tactile pleasures--she becomes even more cross, irritable, and standoffish than usual. However, she tries to keep her relationships to the one-night-stand variety, or else to people with whom she is extremely close. The former never quite sates her needs. The latter is riskier than she likes.

Craft Strengths:
Craft Weaknesses:
Life Story

Mother: Matrona Pavus, White witch, dead
Father: Iste Sato, White warlord, dead
Ex (?)-sponsor: Pisces Adelphos, Summer Sky to Purple Dusk Warlord Prince, 2294

Kore’s father was a half-Tacean who longed for acceptance into the heights of Hayllian society. He spent money frivolously, far beyond his means, but this was little more than an amusement to the Court in Draega until he accidentally knocked up a pureblooded Hayllian woman from the Pavus family. The family was much less amused then, but the woman claimed to be in love. They let it ride, on the condition that the relationship remain secret. Kore was presented to the world as her father’s byblow, but she was raised in her mother’s family until her twelfth birthday, when the Eyriens attacked. The entire Pavus family was wiped out, leaving Kore and her father the only survivors, and that only because they weren’t present. In the aftermath of the attack, the moneylenders holding her father’s debts called them due. With no other option (as he was unwilling to sell himself into slavery) Kore’s father sold her into the hands of a slaver.

She wasn’t immediately sold into the Coliseum. At first, she stayed with the family that had bought her, and in her craving for some kind of stability and security she was an incredibly well-behaved slave. For their part, her masters loved her too; Kore was well-mannered and intelligent, and sort of exotically pretty for a young girl. Her original owners intended to make use of her as a pillow slave or courtesan once she reached her majority, a plan that lasted right up until her snake tooth emerged when she was fourteen. This only increased her value to her owners, though it changed her predicted trajectory. An oracle of their own, unquestionably loyal to them over the Eyriens, might secure the family business against the winged occupiers. She’d just begun her training in the Black Widow’s Craft when the Eyriens struck against her new family for some slight. Real or imagined, it didn’t matter. The Eyriens seized Kore as property and threw her into the Coliseum.

Sixteen years old, barely trained enough to remain sane as she wandered the Twisted Kingdom, Kore was immediately pinholed as a victim. She had pride, though, pride in spades; her distinctive dignity earned her a nickname, the Maiden, quite early. She was willing to fight for her own life and survival, even as low as she’d fallen, and despite her mixed blood she had a sort of clean, untouched beauty to her. On the advice of another slave fighter, Kore worked hard at her lessons, trying to catch the attention of a financier who would fix her fights. There was a fine line to tread between good enough to support and good enough to be put into fights to the death, and Kore often stumbled to one side or the other as she struggled to survive. She learned to cheat, using the Black Widow Craft she scrounged from one Widow or another to tilt the fights she was assigned in her favor. She learned to use her body as a tool, luring trainers and competitors into offering her favor or warning her about her matches ahead of time. Eventually, she did find herself with a Hayllian aristo willing to take on her debts from the Court and protect the investment she would represent.

By then, it was a mere 100 years until the Purge. When Witch struck, Kore’s sponsor survived, but the Coliseum became a much less dangerous place in the aftermath as Elettra took over the Territory once more. Kore’s survival, unbroken, was a stroke of sheer luck; a blow to the head had left her insensate, unable to resist Witch’s wrath as it slammed into Draega. Still, Kore did not relax her vigilance; she was not yet free, and wasn’t making enough gold marks to possibly pay back her sponsor. Yet under Elettra, her tactics--her cheating--would be quickly caught out and viewed as unacceptable. Kore had never been happy with her lot in life, but as she started to lose more fights, she became even less content. The last thing she wanted was to be cut loose, her debt sold on to someone else; her current setup fit her fine. But if she wasn’t winning, then she was adding to her debts, and with the way the structure of the Coliseum was changing, she spent a lot of time not winning.

The fall of the Coliseum came not a moment too soon for Kore. She fled with the rest of the slaves, and hasn’t left the group just yet--but the freedom is eroding her carefully-constructed survival capabilities, and Kore is terrified to find out who she is without the collar.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:
The paths were all open to her now, and it was paralyzing. Kore could feel the dirt beneath her bare feet, pounded flat by the passage of other soles. She could feel the paths those souls had walked stretching out before her into oblivion, into eternity and further, further, further. Some paths lay in perfect light, and others descended into the dimness of the valleys where her sight could not penetrate. Some were barely paths at all, soft dirt like fields, and others hard as roads. And from every direction, her name, whispered into the gentle breath of the wind.

Easier paths, in their brightness and legibility, led her into darkness regardless: an obscurity, where Kore would be less than a footnote of history. The Maiden that had fought in the Coliseum would disappear, an ignominious end. Other paths, dark now, came into darkness later. Those paths would lead her to reclaim the name she'd held for a scant handful of years. Lady Pavus, Kore Pavus, more than an escaped slave but less than a pureblooded lady. What was a little uncertainty now for historical relevance later? Did Kore desire the chains of office, or did she desire the freedom to know she would go unremembered?

Neither. There was a third kind of path, night-dim at the crossroads and midnight-black at the horizon. History-maker. She could be a figure of history, the hand of something greater than herself, free to build upon her own limits and define her own self. Those paths were lonely, dark, and overgrown. The work would be hard, the labor unforgiving, and for uncertain benefit.

She hesitated.

The earth crawled up over the tops of her feet, threatening to catch her unless she chose her path now. She wrested herself free of the grasping dirt and set foot on her path.

The moment her callused heel touched soft loam, she awoke. Beneath her, the ground was hard: Stone covered with dirt and dust. Kore pushed herself up, aching and cold. In her mind, she felt something coming--and then she knew nothing but pain--and then the collar around her neck cracked and fell to the stone with a delicate tink! And a voice: Arm yourselves!

“Choose,” she whispered to herself. “Time to choose.”

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Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with a cut Opal Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with a cut Red Jewel at your Offering.

( & (


1. Yellow - Summer Sky
2. Yellow - Tiger Eye
3. White - Yellow
4. Yellow - Summer Sky
5. Purple Dusk - Green
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