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Author Topic: Undine Licenius  (Read 352 times)

Description: Queen. Rose to Blood Opal. Played by tenkou.

Offline Undine Licenius

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Undine Licenius
« on: Aug 19, 19, 12:53:37 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Undine Licenius
Nicknames: Diane
Age and Birth Year: 46 (born 146 AP)
Race: Long-Lived Hayllian
Caste: Queen
Birth Territory: Hayll
Home Territory: Hayll

Birthright Jewel: Uncut Rose
Offering Jewel: Uncut Blood Opal

Faction: Hayll's 100 Families


Play By: Michelle Borth
Distinguishing Features: Slender and pretty there is an underlying sense of fragility that is hard to place upon her. Perhaps it is the demure stance she takes. Her posture always rigid as she remained towards the outer fringe of any gathering. One could lay blame on the careful aversion of her eyes; the incline of her head and use of thick lashes to veil the pale pale gold of her irises.

Her thick black hair is typically worn up though when loose offers no trace of curls- a proud marker of her pure blooded heritage. The soft golden brown of her skin is often accented with soft pastel colors leaving her looking the part of a young untried witch.

Fashionably dressed her jewelry is kept to a bare minimum and often only consists of her birthright and offering jewel. Both are set in a rose tinged gold shaped as a vine. The jewels themselves forming the central parts of the flowers while the gold fastenings fanned out to form petals and leaves.


To most she would seem aloof or painfully shy. Her voice soft and modulated to seem passive; forgettable. Undine preferred the opportunity to listen and weigh in the thoughts of those around her rather than interject her own. In private she was a different woman. Happy to muck about in servant's clothing while playing in the dirt or walking the beach with the children of the household.

Her laughter was soft and many of her jokes were sly teasing. Her mind quick and wit playful. Good natured and yet in many ways bitter for the lot that life had cast her. While most would complain she had learned early off that complaining gained her nothing and so Undine had adopted a sort of cheerful acceptance; forcing herself to push away and lock up any negative or sorrowful emotions- despite them still there and lurking.  This will occasionally turn into outbursts of tears or anger; pent up from many small things until she can contain it no longer- though she does her best to at least be in private when she does cry.

Despite her easy going outward nature Undine can be stubborn. She has learned many ways to politely say no or how to skirt the spirit of a rule while still obeying the letter. Her handicap often causes her mother to underestimate her.  She has a firm sense of justice and what is right and wrong that does not always align with the law. While she has no political clout at this time she does what she can in petitioning and writing letters to her family's patron in attempts to see some positive change put in place.

  • Quiet: she tends to be a bit of a loner though not by her own doing. She is most comfortable with quiet company either reading, walking, gardening (her attempts at it), or occasionally playing chess.
  • Ocean Walks: for all her upbringing Undine loves the beach. The chance to let her hair loose and tangle in the wind and for her bared toes to be awash in the tickling of waves and shifting of sands. Where her sight is limited these moments at the ocean are their own experiences filling up her functioning senses.
  • Craft Lessons: For all her disability and being treated like she was less for a physical malformation Undine enjoys showing that she is capible in the ways that matter; her craft. Like most aristos she has an expensive tutor, one who happens to be a cousin from poorer relations, that is most willing to delve in and see what quirks they can find in her craft.
  • Parties: The noise combined with the crush of people is often overwhelming and exhausting for her. Combine the social whirl with lacking eyesight and less than enthused escorts and you get a sullen wallflower of a queen. If asked Undine would rather be anywhere but the social gathering expected of her rank.
  • Complainers: She has no room for those who whine about things. A driven person she focuses on things that can be changed and how to get there. Whining doesn't serve a purpose and so she has little empathy for those simply whining to whine.
  • Snobs: Having been shunted to the sidelines of her family Undine spent her formative years being reared by nannies, maids, and governesses. In this she learned something few of the aristos ever would- that these people too had thoughts and feelings. She learned their concerns and thought them as valid as her own.
  • Marriage: Despite her caste and holding pristine bloodlines Undine grew up knowing she was no more than an opportunity to tie in with a strong family. Marriage has become an ideal of a shackle; chaining her to strangers and her family's ambitions while abandoning her in unfamiliar surroundings.
  • Forming a Court: the very idea of being in charge of people's lives terrifies her. She can barely control what her wardrobe choices are through the demands and strictures set up by her mother and grandmother. The idea that she would be placed to rule a province or even small town was frightening and something she does not seek out as a direct result of her feeling out of control in her own life.
  • Unfamiliar places: Without sight something as simple as the courtyard of a neighbor's home becomes a labyrinth of insurmountable difficulty. Knowing that she could easily become lost just by taking one step the wrong direction, or embarrass herself and her family will often leave her frozen in terror without her guide to assist her. 
Craft Strengths:
  • Queen's Touch: A combination of her own startling calm and steady nature that mingled with her caste has given Undine a stronger than normal skill in calming unruly males. Perhaps a survival tactic for having so many male relatives close to her age or younger.
  • Reading Psychic Scents: While she cannot see those around her Undine had learned over time how to identify those she comes into contact several times by the unique feel of their psychic being. Perhaps it is that she is less distracted by sight, or that she depends heavily upon knowing who she is facing for survival but this skill is one she has honed and depends upon.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • Passing through Spells: these spells rely heavily on sight- something she lacks.
  • Offensive Spells: Again being unable to see means that she lacks the basic ability to create a spell and send it in the correct direction unless through touch. While she understands the basics of unleashing her jeweled power it is something she would not use unless under complete duress.
Life Story

Mother: Alcippe Licenius: Priestess Yellow to Rose; b. 40 BP
Father: Caecilius Licenius: Warlord Purple Dusk to Opal; b  74 BP
Siblings: Zephyrus Licenius, Twin Brother: Prince Rose to Opal; b.146 AP
Cousin: Livius Licenius: Warlord Prince:  Purple Dusk to Green b.118 AP


Her mother and father were arranged into marriage. Of course it was not spoken of so baldly; but how otherwise would two people who so poorly suited one another have come together? Long lived they were just into the cusp of adulthood when the purge came through. Jewels and minds in tact (though Undine might contest the mentality portion) their general outlook upon the proletarian class of Hayllian's often proved that one can be a shitty person and still remain untainted from whatever witch was searching for.

In those early days after the purge the great families scrambled and worked to realign themselves with those who were still living. A fourth or fifth branch on the great family of Licenius they moved that day to a respectable third branch. Their marriage settled about them with the simple weight of duty and ambition her parents moved through the next century attending social gatherings and doing their best to improve their status among the noble families.

When Alcippe fell pregnant after 150 years of marriage did their luck promise to change at last. Their visits to the alters became more frequent as they saw to their prayers. The lineages were right and even the slightest chance of bringing a queen would elevate them to the coveted second status in the lines of the great family. The child in Alcippe's womb became a sum of ambitions and plotting rather than a living being that kicked and grew innocently beneath that scheming heart.

By a third of the way into the pregnancy it became notable that this one was different. The swelling of her mother's belly larger than normal and the struggle for the light jeweled witch was more akin to a darker jeweled member of the blood. As the pregnancy continued it was often debated to abort and try again as her mother's health continued to decline.

Nearing the 10th month Alcippe went into labor early. The healers were summoned to attend as the priestess fought to bring her child into the world. Struggling and pushing the labor was long when at last a tiny head crowned and soon pushed limp and unbreathing into the world. No tiny wails or kicks; just silence for the little female child.

Still Alcippe's labor was far from over and the healer cried that a second child was breaching. Twins; rare among the landen and unheard of among the blood. Yet there was a second child. It was the matron of the family who cleared the mucus from the small gray babe. The old woman who scooped the limp child up and forced air into her lungs before slapping at the bottoms of sensitive feet.

Ondine's tiny broken wails escaped to mingle with her brother's lusty screams. Exhausted and triumphant Alcippe reached for the female child. Uncaring of the angry scrunched face. She had brought a queen into the family and bore healthy twins.

The triumph didn't last long. Though Undine nursed fitfully she was colicky and listless. The wet nurses pitied the tiny child; so much smaller than her twin brother and yet also despised caring for her as a fitful baby. Bets were placed that the little queen would not make it to her name day.

Amazingly the child continued to grow; if not completely thrive. By the time she was several months old the suspicions started to rise on just how her birth had affected her. While her brother was an active, interactive, and inquisitive infant Undine was the opposite. Content to lay still and be cuddled she rarely sought things out or tried to track movement instead focusing on sounds.

The disappointment felt by Alcippe was pushed away. A queen was still a queen and she did not need eyesight to perform her core functions. At worst the child was at least potentially marriageable for the rare caste.

By the time she and her brother went hand in hand to make their birthright offering Undine knew her value to her family resided in the precious jewel she wrested forth. Her grasp of some basic craft indicated she would wear jewels of some sort.

Rare were twins and rarer still twins who bore the same jewels and yet when both came forward carrying a rose jewel, hers uncut and a fraction darker, it became something of note. Opposites and yet equal in blooded strength. Undine had already started showing the type of woman she would grow into. Calm, passive, and careful of her words.

Her next years were spent in the shadows of her more outgoing brother socially while privately she thrived with her various tutors learning lessons on politics, geography, botany, and economics. Another tutor; her older cousin came to teach her what craft he could. The basics were adjusted; spells that required sight attempted to find work arounds and those that could not were abandoned.

Books were hunted describing exercises for young queens and time during the fair months of spring and early summer was soon spent outdoors practicing the little gives of power. During these years she shed her 'proper' name and simply became Diane among the tutors and servants caring for her.

Her brother too was surrounded by tutors, but also boys his age learning how to move in society and forming their own social circles and alliances that would further their parent's ambitions and goals. Her teenage years of parties saw her failing to make those strides of forming a firm circle of female friends. Instead she remained to one side; content to listen to the words floating about her. Attempts to flirt with her were ignored and with her brother watching over her most would be suitors were frightened off.

By the time she was nineteen preparations were being made for her offering and debates over the merits of offering her as a virgin bride over having her safely through her virgin night were spelled out over her head. No matter what she tried to interject; any requests or preferences were spoken over. They debated the chances of her descending lower than her Rose; of the chance of breaking her- seeing her as a weak willed creature.

Their words did nothing but push her resolve to make the fullest descent she could and come away with the strongest jewel. Something to prove them wrong. She was not weak because she bit her tongue. Her virgin night was decided upon. The thought of having no control over what was done with her body; of not even having a say of who was chosen to take her through that night intact was nauseating.

Still it was arranged. The night of Undine was far from composed. The fact she had been unable to eat; nauseated to the point of  vomiting and protesting each step as she was prepared. Perhaps the Prince chosen for the duty was more experienced in handling frightened witches.

In the end it was he who made the right choice. He offered her a choice; to go through or not. It seemed like hours they discussed the risks of going on as a virgin or completing the ritual. In the end it was completed. Clinical; but done. Her webs intact even if it pushed her further from interest in sex or marriage. 

At the age of twenty it was decided that Undine and her brother would make their offerings on the same night. Despite their differences in temperament and ability they went hand in hand to the alter before the priestess took them each to the private cell where they would individually hold vigil through the night. From dusk to dawn- that was the time it took to make the offering; it never changed no matter how dark one descended.

Exhausted and wrung out from facing not only her inner demons but also her inner most weaknesses and faults Undine stumbled forth. Her blood opal wrested from the inner battle of self that introverts seemed better at than those most outgoing. It was here her brother emerged from his own vigil to note that his jewel was a step lighter.

Jealousy; the final distancing that put them at odds. Outranked by jewels and her caste her twin in that moment hardened his heart towards his sister- listing in his mind all the favoritism shown her that was due to him for being whole and active in politics.

The Blood Opal; dark for her family's line became her best value outside of caste. Suitors came; not to speak with her but her mother and the head of their family. She heard whispers from the maids about the suitors. How old one was, the overly groomed of another, or her personal favorite a paunchy fellow looking for a wife who would be 'blind' to his infidelities.

The last was enough for her to finally show her stubborn will. Refusal to wed or go along with her family's wishes without her having at least some voice. A little choice in the matter and time. It was wrong to ask her to marry so young and so she bought time; twenty six years.

For the past 17 years she has played a cat and mouse game with her Mother; dancing around suitors and plots to try and wrangle her into agreeing into a marriage of prestige. Negotiations carefully placed like those of two warring countries have bought her time until her 46th birthday before a marriage contract of her mother's choosing is selected and signed.

Her freedom's expiration looming, her brother and cousin both looking to leave her for their own positions in courts away from her, and the turmoil she feels seething within the territory has left her faintly adrift.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:

The sound of waves continually rolling into the shore, water breaking upon the sand to push upwards before being sucked back. The tang of the salt, fish, and wet sand teasing the air and weighing heavily on the back of her tongue. Moments like these were her happiest. Her braid whipped behind her; a long inky tail trailing and pulling through the wind like the rudder on a kite.

For a moment she envisioned herself that kite. Dancing on the wind; fettered only by the strings tying her to her family. Held aloft by that same tension that kept her from soaring higher. Only the tease of the surf rolling over her feet; the sand shifting beneath as the incessant water pulled away.

Something feathered over the top of her foot; tumbling and drug by that one immutable force of nature. A piece of wood? Perhaps a bit of polished rock? Or broken shell? The mental game played even as she took another step trailing along the shoreline. A well meaning maid stood just outside the reach of the water. Without looking Undine could pinpoint where that lightly echoing white jewel stood. The sense a sort of survival tactic warning her when her mother's own Rose came; thorned and towering- the sort of jeweled power that reminded her of the hedges; proud and sturdy; a force to be reckoned with.  Beautiful to the gaze but not to be underestimated in their will to dominate a garden space.

A breath huffed from her lips. The maid wouldn't say anything. Too well trained and mannered and yet her very presence meant she was desired inside. Slowly she forced a half smile to her lips; donning that placid and simply sweet mask she used for functions involving her family. Dark jeweled enough to raise attention; but disabled- a paradox in their pedigreed world. Undine knew that if she had been any other caste but queen her family would have quietly 'discarded' her. Instead they saw her a pawn on their game of houses; and for the moment that was safer.

"If you please then Corine. Though I am loathe to leave while the wind offers some cooling" She spoke simply as her slightly outstretched hand was smoothly guided to the forarm of the maid. Decades of practice had her gliding along at a seemly pace despite being lead. Subtle shifts and movements of the proffered arm telling the difference of the terrain, where the maid was preparing to turn, or even where she needed to step just slightly closer to avoid hedge or rock.

Water sogged sandals slapped at the flagstone. Their soggy squish leaving small clumps of sand and moisture behind as they moved towards the open patio where her mother waited under the shade. Already Undine had started readying herself for another carefully waged battle; a struggle to remain free and unattached from any presorted destiny. Determined to have at least that much control over her life.

Player Name: Tenkou

Why did this character became inactive?
I stopped playing and lost all creativity due to personal ooc issues

What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
Hopefully not have the medical world poop on my parade again?

What are your plans for this character?
Catch up on Hayll events and wriggle her butt into the fun.

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Re: Undine Licenius
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