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Title: Daedalus Pecaro
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The Basics

Character Name: Daedalus Dioscuri Pecaro
Nicknames: “Day”; “DeeDee” (childhood); Valdemar (forgotten)
Age and Birth Year:  544 (Born: 350 BP)
Race: Long-Lived (Half-Hayllian/Half-Eyrien)
Caste: Warlord Prince
Birth Territory: Hayll
Home Territory: Hayll

Birthright Jewel: cut Sapphire
Offering Jewel: uncut Gray

Role: Prince of Leiria
Faction: One Hundred Families


Play By: Lenny Kravitz
Distinguishing Features:
Daedalus was born wingless; physically he appears to be a full-blooded Hayllian.



Daedalus has been fierce since he was a child.  He remembers being bullied by Eyrien warriors at the Camp, and he remembers that he never once faded.  Given the choice of fight or flight, he will almost always choose the former.  He might lose, he might get beaten back or beaten down, something that was particularly true of his childhood, but he always got back up, and he always tried again.  It was not pride, but anger that motivated all the failed sortie of his childhood.  Daedalus eventually discovered his Sapphire Birthright, which seemed to explain his ferocity, even with his Jewel taken away, his anger and outrage continued to spur him on.  It was as though there were always a rock in his shoe, and the harassment of others only made that rock more and more pointed, until his temper can no longer be contained.  This rock has dulled with training and years of experience, but it is still there, always fraying the edges of his patience.  The proverbial stone became larger and more pointed still when he came away with his Gray.

He is used to his Darkness making people uncomfortable, and he does very little to dissuade that perception.  Daedalus always seems on the very edge of the end of his patience, even when he is not, and there is always the sense from him that violence and finality lurk just around the corner of this statement, or that conversational gambit.  He has ruled well, and some might even say wisely, but there is no shortage of fear and discomfort in the presence of this Gray Warlord Prince, and paragon of his House.  Daedalus has had a deep well of power to draw on for most of his life, and he knows it.  Not only that, he is a son of the Pecaro, and carries himself like a true aristocrat.  He has little patience for the failings and complaints of others, especially those that consider themselves his peers.  In truth, Daedalus sees so few as his equals, and it has less to do with his Darkness, than it does with whether or not a given individual is competent.  Despite the clear advantages of his Family, and the obvious grandness of being a Pecaro, Daedalus feels that he has earned all of his laurels, or at least, has worked to keep them.  He is disdainful of others who have not, do not, or will not.

Daedalus believes that he is the pinnacle of Hayllian blood, despite the secret of his true heritage, this is the face he is compelled to show by circumstance and by necessity.  He takes no issue with slavery, though he is not needlessly abusive, and with his Gray, he doesn’t have to be.  He protects his family, both nuclear and extended, and believes that the Pecaro are the premiere Family of all of the One Hundred Families, as they are among the oldest.  Even when he is at his most polite, he still comes off more than a little superior, both in status, in Caste, and in Darkness.  Since the end of the Eyrien Occupation, he has not really had to contend with anyone Darker or of more refined origins than his own, or at least that is what he tells himself.  Even when he is charming, it is from a place of power, and he can be charming when he chooses to be.  It is the charisma born of a confidence that is rooted ins his personal power, and his high station.  Anyone that does not appreciate him, is more than likely not worthy of his attention.

Secretly, Daedalus is still connected to Talos, with a loyalty that he sometimes questions.  He remembers that he is half-Eyrien, but never speaks those words, never confides in anyone, and this there is no one save Talos that truly knows him.  He knows that if this secret gets out, if anyone suspects, it turns his entire life into a house of cards that can be blown away by one strong wind.  There are times when this idea keeps him up at night, and makes him irritable, occasionally to the point of violence.  His household slaves and retainers have learned to avoid him as much as possible when such moods take him, and he in turns avoids people when this does happen.  Certainly, he avoids the banality of his day, choosing a proxy to sit in court, and letting his Steward delay, delay, delay, until he feels fit for company and discourse again.

Craft Strengths:
Craft Weaknesses:
Life Story

Mother: Helene Pecaro  :: Born 2000 BP :: trained Black Widow :: Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk
FatherIcarus Pecaro :: Born 2020 BP :: Prince :: Purple Dusk to Sapphire
Siblings: none


Daedalus was born during the early years of the Eyrien Occupation.  He was a mixed child born into a war camp, and born without wings.  He was lucky to not be discarded by his Eyrien Mother.  It is unclear to this day why his Mother and the women she worked with in the war camp took it upon themselves to keep Daedalus safe until his Birthright, perhaps because he was a Warlord Prince.  He was not disposed of as an infant, but once he was considered old enough to train and be useful, he was.  Daedalus was trained, brutally, considering his age, and it only served to underscore his Caste.  His “worthlessness” in the eyes of the winged conquerors was all but beaten into him, and the fact that he could not fly put him at a terrible disadvantage when training or sparring with his peers.  He endured this training and treatment until he received his Birthright, and came away with a Sapphire that was almost immediately taken from him.

A man came to the camps and through guile and Craft, claimed the child, called Valdemar at the time, and settled him in the countryside of Leiria with the wealthy Pecaro family, where he was told that his name was now Daedalus Dioscuri Pecaro.  It was an odd transition to make, but the couple he was given to immediately called him Daedalus or occasionally “DeeDee”, and treated him like their own son.  Just as notably, his Sapphire was returned to him, and training in both his Caste and in Craft began almost immediately, once the scars earned in the war camp were healed completely away.  It was a true fresh start, down to skin and previously broken bones.  It became easy to embrace his new life, and that is precisely what the child, now Daedalus, did.

Hardly a year went by that the same man that got him out of the camps did not visit him.  HIs name was Talos, and he always spent a bit of time with his parents, before spending time with young Daedalus.  It was a strange thing to be raised by a member of The Hundred Families during The Occupation.  He was removed from it in that he was far away from the major cities and towns that felt the control of the Eyriens keenly, but the Pecaro’s often had to entertain visiting Eyrien warriors and their entourage, and there were regular patrols of Eyriens in the area.  Daedalus remembered his treatment at their hands, but now he had his Jewel, he had his Sapphire, and so few that visited were darker in Offering than his own Birthright.  They treated the Hayllian man he thought of as his Father especially poorly, and took liberties with his Mother that were clearly unwelcome.

Daedalus took well to his education.  His early training at the hands of the Eyriens had served to put him him a little ahead of his peers on the Pecaro Estate.  He was perhaps a touch too fierce and too violent in the practice yard, but this was born of his formative years being bullied, physically and verbally, and now having the power and ability to do something about it.  The estate staff took it as a sign of both his Darkness and his Caste. There was more to it than that, though it was easy for Daedalus to say otherwise.  He did just that, encouraged by Talos himself, he remembered his past, but did not discuss it.  He did not know, at the time, that he had been compelled to embrace this new life, and would not know it for some time yet.  Daedalus spent years being raised and trained under the Occupation, and learned that the Pecaro’s were a highly celebrated member of the One Hundred Families.

They were known for their elitist perspective, and for their very successful political careers. The estate on which Daedalus was raised could have been accused of collaborating with the enemy, if they did not also quietly support the resistance.  Helene Pecaro and Icarus Pecaro were apparently obedient members of the District Court, working under  Eyrien rule, while secretly provide resources and comfort to the resistance.  There did not seem to be anything official about it, but people would show up and depart, some might be hurt and in need of aid, others might just be looking for a place to hide.  Helene wanted a free Hayll, so that the Pecaros could return to the prominence they had always enjoyed.  Icarus was a bit more fearful of the Eyriens than his wife, and he tended to be the one to deal with the visiting patrols the most, as the Eyrien warriors seemed to have little respect for Hayllian women.

It did not take long for Daedalus’ time in the war camps to become just a memory, almost a nightmare that he had woken from.  That experience had left its mark, it had made him into a vicious fighter, and his training with his new family had folded in Craft skill and technique along with the natural and trained violence of his Caste.  It should not have been a surprise what happened next.  As had happened for years, Eyriens from the District Court and their patrols passed through the Pecaro Estate, and per the usual they were welcomed as guests in their home, rather than as conquerors.  It was almost as though the Pecaro family refused to acknowledge that Hayll was occupied, as they seemed to conduct business as usual, albeit under the eyes and auspices of the Occupation forces.  One of the Eyrien warriors had always taken liberties with Daedalus’ Mother, Helene, the male was always a bit too forward, a bit too free with his hands, until finally it was clear that Helene’s demure responses to the teasing would not be enough.

Two things were heard, the tearing of fabric, as the Eyrien ripped away Helene’s formal attire, and the roar that tore from Daedalus’ throat as he leapt upon that warrior.  The confrontation occurred indoors, away from the central courtyard of the home, and unable to fly away, the Eyrien was taken completely by surprise.  The bones of one of his wings were shattered in the first blow, and then the floating ribs along his right side were collapsed.  He responded with Craft to protect himself, but even his Offering was not as dark as young Daedalus Birthright.  They were locked in a struggle of wills, and before the other Eyriens could assist, everyone felt the Tiger Eye Jewel break and shatter, before the Eyrien warrior was reduced to ash.  The patrol leader arrived then, and surprised Daedalus in turn, with the rest of the patrol assisting in restraining the young Warlord Prince.  Daedalus fought ferociously, a fact the patrol leader appreciated, even if it had resulted in the loss of one of his own men, and the injury of others.  The Pecaros were considered valuable allies, and no one wanted to freely admit that an Hayllian boy had crushed an Eyrien warrior.  No Price was rendered, instead, Daedalus was closely watched.

When his ongoing training and education led to his Offering, and he came away with a Gray Jewel, he was immediately taken to the Province Court where he was put to work.  The Ruler of the Province kept his Gray Jewel, limiting Daedalus to the use of his Offering.  Surrounded by Eyriens and collaborating Hayllians, Daedalus Dioscuri Pecaro became a member of the First Circle of Leiria.  He was watched there, and he kept his Jewels vanished and safe while he was there.  Talos visited him, even there, though on some days it seemed to him that he was in disguise, either mistaken for a war-wounded Eyrien without wings, or for a Hayllian Blood layman.  Daedalus was just pleased that his benefactor had not abandoned him.  He owed much to Talos, and he could only repay him if he was still alive.  Within a year of being posted to the Leiria Province Court, Deadalus was asked to work in the city of Draega, to ferret out resistance and resistance sympathizers.  In ten years, he was the First Escort of Leiria, under an Eyrien Queen that had become enamored with her ‘pet Hayllian’.

Daedalus saved lives.  The cells he uncovered were in danger of being put to death by the Eyriens anyway, but instead of bearing witness to massacre after massacre, the Gray Warlord Prince save who he could.  Sometime he hid them, sometimes he killed the right Eyrines, sometimes he suggested that rebels be turned into slaves for whatever amount of time the Eyrien-controlled Court deemed fair, instead of execution.  When rumors surfaced of a large resistance force hiding in the mountains of the District of Ulma, Daedalus was selected to ferret them out.  He was unexpected returned his Gray Jewel, thanks to the intervention of Talos, he believed, and instead of hunting the resistance, he helped them to remain hidden.  He sacrificed
A few lives to save hundreds more, and hated himself as he did so. His Mother, Helene, believed it served the Family and the Resistance better if he seemed to cooperate, even if it made him feel sullied.

The Purge hit after Daedalus had expended his Rut on the Queen of Leiria.  He was asleep, but the Queen had roused herself, and died in the Witchstorm.  That was, perhaps, a kindness.  When Daedalus did wake, he knew what had to be done, and called in his Gray Jewel.  Daedalus was the rallying cry in Leiria, and it was the Gray Warlord Prince that encouraged the resistance to strike in Draega and at the heart of the Province Court.  When the smoke cleared, and the losses were tallied, Daedalus was the strongest member of the Court to survive.  In the absence of a Hayllian Queen, and more powerful candidates, Daedalus became the de facto Ruler of the Province.  After spending years cleaning up the Province, reorganizing it, and with the support of the Pecaro Family and Senator, he became the official Warlord Prince of Leiria, and has remained so since shortly after the Purge.

Daedalus ruled as a member of the Pecaro Family, one of the most elitist clans in the One Hundred Families.  To this day, he is a feather in their collective caps, and with the deaths of his adopted parents in the Purge, along with the deaths or retreat of the Eyriens, there was no one left that remembered he was not always a Pecaro.  It is a secret that Daedalus kept from everyone, even those he trusted, which are already few and far between.  It has been nearly two hundred years since the Purge, and Daedalus still rules in Leiria, but he knows that the Families would never allow him to continue if they learned that a very long time ago, he was born Valdemar, not Daedalus, and that he was a half-breed.  The Pecaro would disown him, and he would lose his ability to help the man that had helped him over the years.  Talos was doing important work abroad, and Daedalus had been providing support since he’d taken over the Province.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:

Daedalus Dioscuri Pecaro was annoyed.  This was not necessarily a new state of being for him, the Gray Warlord Prince was annoyed often, no matter how he tried to curb or avoid it.  He had invested heavily in the Coliseum, or rather, in the slaves he purchased and trained to see fight there, and occasionally fight them himself.  For a time, it was one of the few places and activities that offered him any challenging sport.  The Prince of Leiria could not be seen fighting in the ring himself, he was not a slave or a criminal, and he would not risk the splash of mud that would land on the reputation of his Family if he publicly engaged in a such a thing.  Privately, however, was another story.  All that was over now, the Coliseum was gone, and with it his investment--his slaves, few as they were, now roamed free, encouraging other slaves to think about their status.

The Opus Populi were not helping the situation, and now one of their rabble-rousers had managed to gain access to his personal estate.  He did not agree with this coalition of inferiors, it was the threat of the mob, tyranny disguised as consensus and freedom.  What did these fools know about power or the great machine that was Hayll?  He could concede that the Landen had their place in the grand scheme of thing, as did the basic Blood, but it was The One Hundred Families that steered the ship of state, and always would be.  The collective of lessers did not possess the necessary intelligence or perspective to understand and rule Hayll effectively.  In fact, he wondered at the average age of the eldest of these misguided citizens.  They were going to be a problem, particularly if he were going to continue to support his benefactor.

More to the point, they were a problem on his land.  It was bold of these people to send someone to attempt to undermine his authority over his Province, including his Landen and his Slaves.  It was a very large area of land that included two districts, and the capitol city of Draega, which should have been enough for their purposes, but instead they had come to his estate.  It was as though they were calling him out, or they did not know that the Prince of Leiria called this Pecaro Estate his home.  They might be able to shine in public venues, where the worst that could be done was they would be shoved off a city corner or denied access to the Senate, but here on his land?  A great deal more could be done.  Daedalus growled, as he moved ahead of his guards, and shoved his way into the barn where the raconteur was speaking.

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