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by Jamie, Gina & Bowie.

* Plot Information for Glacia

For years, the Dark Religion has persecuted the Light Jeweled with its doctrine of stigmatization. Under the messianic Queen Elisif Brenden, it has flourished, ensuring Glacia’s success in other fronts. But upon her death, a line has been drawn and forces beyond Glacia’s borders are gathering to stop its theocracy once and for all.
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The Dark Religion
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Author Topic: Quick Reference: Character Creation Guide  (Read 880 times)


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Quick Reference: Character Creation Guide
« on: Dec 12, 19, 05:08:30 PM »
QUICK REFERENCE: Character Creation in Glacia

Glacia is a Territory steeped in history and intellectual pursuits.  While there are greater details to the customs, philosophies, and political leanings of the Territory in the various articles throughout the Keep, this article is meant to give a brief synopsis of things with the purpose of helping someone new to the Territory and its intricacies.

Glacia takes its naming conventions primarily from Finnish customs, although Germanic, Swedish, and Norwegian names are usually allowed. Because Glacia is not a melting pot like other Territories can be, characters should be built with this naming restriction in mind. has a great name generator, as does Behind The Name (after some settings are selected).

Glacian surnames tend to end in -son, -nen, or -la (ie: Sigurdson, Niskala, Aaltonen) like most Finnish names, although other variations are allowed. It is advised that you search the forums to see if either name desired is in use. While first names cannot overlap, surnames can. has a nice list of Finnish surnames to select from.


Glacia has a definite concentration of Dark Jewels (Opal and darker) and has thus built a great deal of their ruling society around that concentration (see The Dark Religion). In order for a character to rule anything within Glacia, their Jewel of rank must be at least an Opal.

Light Jeweled residents of Glacia are generally treated like second-class citizens, with many of them wearing thin metal collars indicating that they are under the philosophical and political protection of a Dark Jewel. They tend to live under heavy scrutiny of their actions, since it is believed that their Jewel is an outward sign of Mother Night’s displeasure. 

Landen and Jewelless Blood are not collared. They are seen as Mother Night’s spiritual children, to be shepherded and cherished.


Glacia leans towards a surplus of Queens and trained Black Widows but Priestesses tend to handle many of the judicial duties that Queens in other Territories handle. Because of a surplus of Queens, Light Jeweled Queens will often serve in a Dark Jeweled Queen’s Court to help with some of her responsibilities. The same applies with Priestesses.

Black Widows in Glacia are among some of the most feared witches in the Territory, as certain practitioners are given free reign to plunge into the minds of anyone they please, seeking signs of heresy and betrayal.

Because of the tenets of the Dark Religion, female Castes are held in vastly higher esteem than male ones and there is a penalty of death for any male bearing two Castes.


Some thirty years ago (as of 194 AP), a religious fanaticism grew within Glacia, spearheaded by Isyviel Valenkos, a Green to Gray Priestess Queen who was then ruling Glacia. Because of that, Glacia is now a Territory ruled by religion. In the last decade, it has seen a great increase in its control, with obedience collars gracing the necks of nearly all Light Jeweled, and its laws rewritten to support these below tenets:

-- Mother Night is not an abstract concept; she is a living force that shows her outward sign of favor upon the Blood by their Jewels.

-- A Purple Dusk or lighter Offering Jewel is considered a mark of spiritual impurity.

-- Landen and Jewel-less Blood are to be protected and cherished by the rest of the Blood.

-- While caves are considered sacred places to commune with the Darkness, the Kaarme Mountains is considered the holiest of these. 

-- A male possessing two Castes is to be put to death for being unholy in Mother Night's eyes.


Glacia is a Territory that prides itself on intellectual and artistic pursuits, rather than militaristic. Libraries -- grand, public, or private -- are common for both Blood and Landen families. Books are a preferred gift for milestones. Even though Glacia has plenty of holidays centered around food, music, and dancing, there is a great national penchant for philosophical debates and deeply intellectual writing.

Below is a brief timeline of recent, pivotal Glacia events:

-- 177 AP : Glacia begins “advising” Nharkava on how to rule its people with the intent to spread the tenets of the Dark Religion to other Territories.

-- 180 AP : Elisif Brenden, a Birthright Green Black Widow Priestess Queen, is taken under Isyviel’s wing as her protege.

-- 182 AP : The Progenitor’s Trust is started, a project meant to permanently instill religious fervor in selected Light Jeweled through various Black Widow Craft techniques. Over the next decade or so, the number of brainwashed Light Jeweled swells to around five hundred and they begin excavating an extensive network of tunnels and caverns near Vaasa. 

-- 187 AP : Elisif Brenden, having spent months slowly twisting her mentor’s mind (Canticle Within The Jewels), takes over Glacia after convincing its elite that Isyviel Valenkos is no longer mentally fit to rule (Requiem For A Queen / With A Bang Or A Whimper). The Dark Religion takes full hold as obedience collars begin making their way across the Territory (Her World She Made Here).

-- 191 AP : After a disastrous attempt at a coup, the entire Territory Court of Nharkava is wiped out and Glacia officially annexes Nharkava as its protectorate (Those Who Play With Fire). 

-- autumn 193 AP : Elisif Brenden dies unexpectedly in childbirth (One Ember Sparks A Fire). Kenna Anderson, a Green Queen, takes over as Territory Queen at the behest of the Ebon Gray Triangle that once surrounded Elisif (I'll Be Your Falling Star).

-- Midsummer 194 AP : mayhem erupts at the Midsummer festivals across Glacia as a small, renegade group of Light Jeweled set various fires to maypoles and businesses over their continued oppression at the hands of the Dark Religion  (The Stage Is Set For Tragic Verse).

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