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For years, the Dark Religion has persecuted the Light Jeweled with its doctrine of stigmatization. Under the messianic Queen Elisif Brenden, it has flourished, ensuring Glacia’s success in other fronts. But upon her death, a line has been drawn and forces beyond Glacia’s borders are gathering to stop its theocracy once and for all.
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Author Topic: The Progenitor Trust  (Read 3088 times)


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The Progenitor Trust
« on: Feb 07, 14, 03:42:43 PM »
What It Is

Glacia’s blessing of Dark Jewels is also its curse.  While it’s true that the only direction from the bottom is up, then it follows that the only direction from the top is down.  The fear that Glacia has reached its apex in terms of Dark Jewels among its populace is one which worried not only Isyviel Valenkos, but which is reflected also in Glacia’s current Queen, Elisif Brenden.  The Progenitor Trust was Isyviel’s answer to the detachment Light Jewels had from the depths of the Abyss.  Designed to narrow the focus of certain religiously fervent members of the Blood who wore Light Jewels, the Trust promised absolution, if not for them, then for potential members of their family and perhaps some day even their own children.  Although the Progenitor Trust was the brainchild of Isyviel, it has been managed entirely by Elisif Brenden, her successor and scion.  From the ground up,  the conception and implementation had been the doing of the Gray jeweled tri-casted Queen.  The Progenitor Trust is personally overseen by the Black Widow Priestess Queen. She visits the Trust grounds once a week when she is in Vaasa, only missing weeks rarely when Territory work takes her away from the camp.  In her stead, she has placed the Priestess and Black Widow from her Inner Triangle to jointly oversee the project.

Initially begun in 182 AP, the first five people to join the Trust were personally recruited by Elisif Brenden.  She picked them out one by one, looking into the depths of their souls and seeing the kind of utter faith and belief that she saw in her own parents’ eyes.  She’d known they would be the first, the foundational members, the people who would prove the worth of the Dark Religion. 

Twenty miles outside of Vaasa, in the province of Ivalo, tents were pitched and excavations began for the underground city that Elisif envisioned dedicated to Mother Night.  The Dark Mother, the Progenitor of the Blood. Those five grew to ten and then to twenty and then to four hundred.  Five short years later there are approximately five hundred Light Jeweled and Jewelless Blood members excavating the network of tunnels that make up the Dark City. Another three hundred work within the confines of the tunnels. Under the watchful eyes of Black Widows and Priestesses picked by Elisif Brenden and Karpella Linna, the men and women who make up the Progenitor Trust descend lower and lower into the bosom of Mother Night.

Becoming a Member

Only the most devout of the Light Jeweled and Jewelless Blood are approached about joining the Trust.  This is because the Trust is not a way to create faith in people, but rather a method of bringing those faithful enough deeper into the Abyss and giving them a chance to feel the Mother’s Blessings.  Individuals are approached by Priestesses who are part of the Trust and who have gone through rigorous training to be able to selectively recruit for the Trust.

A new recruit would first be told the difficulties of taking up with the Trust. Separation from their families, seemingly endless work towards a higher cause, the sometimes stifling presence of the Dark Jewels, and the Confessions. It is only after the recruit agrees to accept these conditions and gives a Blood Oath of silence, that he is taken to the Dark City.  After two grueling weeks of mental tests, tests of faith and tests of stamina, when the recruit is at his highest religious sensitivity that he signs the Hundred Year Contract, a contract bound in Blood and Craft that pledges the recruits next one hundred years of life to the Progenitor Trust.  Once the Hundred Year Contract is signed, the recruit is fully a member of the Progenitor Trust.

Aspects of Membership

There are two aspect of being a member of the Trust, the physical and the religious.  Everything that a member does within the Dark City falls under the purview of one or the other. 

The physical part of their lives revolve around work.  Approximately five hundred members keep excavating tunnels to expand the Dark City.  The sixty miles of tunnels that have already been cleared house dorms, dining areas, communal bathing rooms, libraries, studies, altars, healing rooms and confessionals. About three hundred other members work the administration of arrivals, inventories, drafts for the design and expansion of the Dark City, reading requirements and even records of every person to enter and exit the premises. Everyone works in the Dark City, even the administration is a part of the Trust. 

Regularly, the Territory Court takes contracts for a work group of five to ten workers who are then contracted out to companies which require intensive physical labor.  The pay for the manual labor these groups perform is paid directly to the Territory Court at a deep discount of what the companies would hire out individuals elsewhere. Thus the Territory Court benefits, as do the large contractors who already contribute to Glacia's economy. Manual labor includes construction work, often the infrastructure of the territory itself, mining and field labor.

The religious aspect of the Trust involves Confession and Rejuvenation. These are two rituals intrinsic to the furthering of the actual goal of the Progenitor Trust.  Every one of the members attends Confession followed immediately by Rejuvenation once a month. These rituals are done on an individual basis and are staggered so that the Black Widows and Priestesses can get to every individual in the Dark City. The purpose of Confession and Rejuvenation is to reduce a member’s individuality and inculcate them into the collective of the Religion.

Every member of the Progenitor Trust goes through Confession.  This is a one on one ritual done with a Black Widow in which the Black Widow reaches into the mind of the member.  Initially only the first and second inner borders must be open.  As time goes on more and more inner borders must be opened to the Black Widow, but trust and connections are strong between the Black Widows and the members and by the time in later years when all inner borders must be open to the Black Widows administering Confession, the members are perfectly agreeable to it.  Entry to an individual’s inner borders is never, under any circumstance, forced. If it takes longer, then so be it, but it is always voluntary.

The purpose of Confession is to sort through an individual’s memories, thoughts, identity, and sift the things that are most strikingly contradictory to the tenets of the Dark Religion and those of the Progenitor Trust. Memories are not always simply erased. Often they are buried in a subconscious.  Sometimes they are rewritten or overwritten. Sometimes they are allowed to remain, but new memories or thoughts are instilled to dissuade those or render them useless.  Often the memories and experiences of those who do communal work outside of the Dark City are used as an illustration of the faultiness of the Light Jeweled or the failure of disbelief and subversion.

Feelings of serenity and of deep religious fervor are implanted within the member.  By the time they are through with Confession, the individual feels recharged and newly fervent and focused on the religion. This leaves them at their most receptive to the Rejuvenation ritual which comes directly afterwards.

Rejuvenation first consists of a physical cleansing. First they are taken into heat rooms, rooms where layers upon layers of heating spells are set up in order to sweat out the  toxins of the body. Often members are encouraged to have fasted for a while and in an effort to keep their bodies cool or keep themselves going, they begin to deplete their jewel strengths. No one leaves the Heated Rooms before they have depleted their jewels to the last drop. 

Once they have left the Heated Rooms, individuals are bathed.  Most often they are bathed by other members who work in the baths, sometimes they bathe themselves.

After they have bathed and been dressed, before they have been allowed to eat or drink or sleep, the member is taken to another private session, this time with a Priestess who has, in the meantime, communicated with the Black Widow about the member’s Confession and has created a sermon bound in ritualistic Craft to fill the individual with renewed jewel strength as well as steeping the individual in the strength of ideas of the Dark Religion. The member leaves feeling weakened and yet strengthened and more focused on their religion and their goal.

Member Rules

Members of the Progenitor Trust are bound by vows and contracts to follow the rules of the Dark City:

  • Members may marry within the Trust. No member may marry outside the Trust.
  • Members within the Dark City are allowed to have children. They may, by special permission, leave the Dark City to have children, but they are bound by contract to return.
  • Members are not paid with money for their work. Their work is a part of their service to the Progenitor Trust.
  • Sexual partners and marriage partners must be preapproved by the administration of Black Widows.
  • Members are allowed no contact with their families once they are inside the Dark City.
  • Members may not leave the Dark City without authorization from administration.

Punishment and Reprecussions

There are no “punishments” for the Progenitor Trust.  There are only “corrective behaviors”.  Members who break the rules of the  Trust are punished in various ways depending on the heaviness of their infraction.  Corrective behaviors range from isolation for any length of time, to loss of their jewels for any length of time, to public shaming amongst the other members of the Dark City, to public humiliation within the Dark City.  The worst infractions though, have been rumored to be corrected by a breaking of jewels, a complete mind-wipe or even banishment.