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by Jamie, Gina & Bowie.

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For years, the Dark Religion has persecuted the Light Jeweled with its doctrine of stigmatization. Under the messianic Queen Elisif Brenden, it has flourished, ensuring Glacia’s success in other fronts. But upon her death, a line has been drawn and forces beyond Glacia’s borders are gathering to stop its theocracy once and for all.
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Author Topic: Previous Territory Petition  (Read 10532 times)

Description: For reference purposes (by Tal)

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Previous Territory Petition
« on: Mar 09, 18, 10:26:42 AM »
Territory Plot:
The plot of the territory revolves around ever increasing justification for cruelty and Light-Jeweled cleansing that occurs in Glacia. The territory’s fanatical religiosity and reverence for Mother Night is the foundation for all of internal-territory strife and strife that will have to do with other territories in Kaeleer,  particularly Nharkava (until such time as it is petitioned and ruled and a plot can be ironed out with that person).

To outsiders, Glacia is the epitome of culture and respectability, boasting the elegance of a 19th century Findland under the rule of Alexander I of Russia. The halls of its aristo mansions glisten with marble and the beauty of ice and snow with none of the chill.  Dark jeweled males dance attendance on their female counterparts, protecting and serving. Courts and circles are organized and the domain of province and territory queens are strictly respected by all. To everyone outside of Glacia’s borders and society, the Glacians seem untouchable, unbreakable, perfect as the pristine snow capped mountains they boast.

Beneath the show of beauty and power are the very secretive mysteries that keep Mother Night’s blessing upon the chilly territory.  In this prosperous territory where the ratio of dark jewels to light jewels are unlike anywhere in the other realms, the Glacians serve the darkness in the “Old Ways” and have been doing so for decades.  The queens have a dual level triangle formed first of the female castes within, and then the corresponding male triangle without. Females are the ones who are stronger in the Blood and it is they who participate and hold the rituals while their men serve by guarding and never interfering.  Deep in caverns in the mountains or elaborate labyrinths underground, the queens of the districts and the territory queen as well, gather where the darkness is absolute and perform bacchanalian rituals that strengthen the power of the blood in the territory. Blood. Webs. Chanting.

This is a land where the female castes are so revered that men find glass ceilings even if they wear darker jewels than their female counterparts.  There is no such thing as a male ruling a district or province in Glacia, even if there are none strong enough to hold them. The lowest caste of female would be first to rule before a male. 

This is a land where landens live separate from Blood in perfect harmony through an instilled meritocracy overseen by the Blood.  Here the landens are taught about the Blood and the Darkness the way students in a religious school are taught about God. Perfect worship breeds tranquility. These are the people who seek to educate the rebellious Nharkavan landens about the beauty, and the strength and the generosity of the Blood.  They are also the people who would climb to the top of their hierarchical ladders on the capture of rebellious landens that threaten Nharkava.

In Glacia the veneer of sophistication and accord is skin deep, for within the territory there is too much room for political games. Corruption, justified by the need to please the Darkness or a need to keep the peace, slithers in on religious values, finding fertile ground in the minds of all the territory’s denizens.

The political game sits in the lap of Isyviel, the Green to Gray Priestess Queen who holds onto her power with an iron grip. She’s ruled for years and intends to keep doing so, aided by her own protegee who has plans for the future of the territory herself.

The plot of Glacia is one of pure politics, where Craft is used to convince the masses of the justification of deposing a leader, or the deaths of hundreds. There is no law against murder among the Blood, but there is always a price to pay. Among the Glacian Blood, few are willing to pay the steep prices of death. Instead, those who aspire to power have learned the benefit of the will of the people and the Darkness, gaining strength by gaining the popularity, rather than holding onto their power through the death of others.

In these times Nharkava has sought Glacia's rule as a way to balance the landen and Blood tensions where the landens are overrunning the territory.  Glacia's landens will be the opposing force to Nharkava's landens. An attempt to wield more power by Glacia will have their Black Widows weaving illusion spells onto the landens to afford them the chance to go into Nharkava and "oust the brigands".  For Glacian landens this would work well, as they would be rewarded with land outside or within the territory.  Nharkava would initially be grateful for the imposed peace as well as the financial support. But eventually become embittered over Glacia's usurping of the territory.

Succession Plan:
Isyviel was the Priestess who oversaw Elisif Brenden’s Offering to the Darkness because the Gray jeweled Priestess Queen knew that the Black Widow Queen with a Green Birthright was the only one Dark enough to claim right to rule over herself. She took Elisif under her wing, bringing her into the first tier of the Triangle practiced inGlacia.  In this way, Isyviel could keep a close eye on the woman who could become her successor or her greatest rival.

She was absolutely right.

Elisif has been plotting to usurp Isyviel’s place as the chosen Queen of Glacia. Her plan is to quietly blackmail or bribe the coven leaders in every province until they unanimously point to Elisif as the new leader of the territory.  She must do this quietly or risk the Priestess Queen’s wrath.  And she must do this subtly and skillfully because until she claims her place as Queen, the coven leaders hold her life in the balance.

 Elisif's visions and consequent travels through the districts will begin the play. Initially Isyviel will still be in power, but the storyline will concentrate on the upheaval that Elisif's intended subversion will cause. In a country where everyone is "happy" with their lots, no one wants to break the status quo, but that is exactly what Elisif intends to force them to do. I understand that initially this territory's plot will be driven almost entirely by me and that is acceptable, as I have experience with creating and running plot for others. No one wants their characters to be helpless, I understand that too, and while Elisif will eventually wrest control from Isyviel at the conclusion of the first storyline, player characters have every chance to make the decisions whether to support or subvert their new leader.

Impact on the levels of District/Province/Territory/Realm::

There will not be much impact, as Elisif is incredibly religious in her own right. She simply thinks she’s the second coming. She doesn’t actually think she’s Witch. But she does believe in her own abilities to hold onto Glacia using the blessings of the Darkness.  Elisif believes deeply in the ruling of the Blood over the other races and has a deep respect for herself and those of Darker jewels.  At the same time, she is also slightly delusional, believing that her connection with Mother Night is more deep and profound than even those of higher jewels would be. As such, she will keep a very tight fist around the people of Glacia, but unlike totalitarian states in the real world, Glacia will thrive beneath her rule. As will Nharkava. Until such time as expansion becomes necessary.

Players are encouraged, at the beginning of play to apply Black Widows and Queens (and any combination of either or both), because play will concentrate on them to begin, however, everyone should be able to  find some part in the oncoming political games, including male and healer castes.
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