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Established February 2010
by Jamie, Gina & Bowie.

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For years, the Dark Religion has persecuted the Light Jeweled with its doctrine of stigmatization. Under the messianic Queen Elisif Brenden, it has flourished, ensuring Glacia’s success in other fronts. But upon her death, a line has been drawn and forces beyond Glacia’s borders are gathering to stop its theocracy once and for all.
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Author Topic: Previous Territory Petition  (Read 11905 times)

Description: For reference purposes (by Nicole)

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Previous Territory Petition
« on: Mar 09, 18, 10:28:01 AM »
Character's Name: Aksel Winterton
Character's Caste: Black Widow Prince
Character's Jewels: Uncut Sapphire to Uncut Ebon Gray

Territory Plot:
The triple-gifted Gray Queen Elisif Brenden rose up as a messiah to her people, bringing the Dark Religion to prominence. A woman likened to Mother Night herself, none dared move against a Gray-Jeweled queen surrounded by some of the darkest, most powerful and most skilled Blood in the Territory. Glacia is deeply in the grip of the Dark Religion, with most clinging to its tenets closely. Those who do not believe are wise to pretend and go through the motions, lest they be harshly shown the error of their ways.

A key precept of the Dark Religion is that those who receive jewels lighter than Opal have been weighed by Mother Night and found wanting. They are impure and only a return to the Darkness can ever cleanse them. The Light Jeweled must be contained for their own protection, and for the protection of all Glacians. The religion also teaches that witches are closer to Mother Night, and even the lowliest witch could rule before a male of the Blood. Furthermore, a man bearing two castes is an abomination.
These religious tenets are also the law of the land.

Under Elisif’s reign, the Dark Jeweled have risen to unprecedented levels of power, from the highest institutions in the land to each individual family. Light Jeweled Blood are ordered to wear Collars of Obedience. At the same time, Smugglers -- specialists in disappearing the Light Jeweled from the frozen prison their territory has become -- have become more sophisticated, in part out of necessity as they struggle to smuggle people wearing collars.

This dynamic between the Dark and the Light has been known as the Silent Civil War. As Light Jewels begin to disappear with Elisif Brenden’s moves against them becoming ever-bolder, the silence is on the brink of being broken.

Initiatives using Light Jeweled Blood as power sources for the land, a cult within the Dark Religion known as the Progenitor Trust, reprogramming of Blood who have attempted escape and been recaptured are evolving from rumor to fact. Unrest among the Light Jeweled -- as well as unrest among the Territory’s most powerful men who tire of being told that they are less -- will rock the Star of Kaeleer.

Once the Shadow Triangle has taken hold of the Territory Court, Glacia will see several key changes. Major plot pointing coming up include:
- A concession to the Light Jeweled: The Light Jeweled resistance movement will score a blow against the Territory rulers. In response, they will be given a province to be ruled by Light Jewels. This will be framed as a chance given by Dark Religion for Light Jeweled people to prove themselves trustworthy. A Queen will be selected (by an election that is, of course, rigged) and she will be free to chose her advisors from among Blood wearing Jewels of any color she chooses.

- The Tribunal: The Shadow Triangle will convene a Tribunal to help them maintain power and ferret out unrest. Nicknamed the Seven, they will be hand-selected by the Shadow Triangle, and they will have the power to hold secret hearings and carry out sentences immediately. They will be headed by a Priestess, as a key role of priestesses in Glacia is to serve as judges. This group will also begin looking more closely at Landen and Jeweless Blood, who have been largely ignored and underestimated in Glacia.

- Relations with Nharkava: Elisif will strike at the leadership of Nharkava, and plans to send a new Territory court made up of Glacians to oversee the annexed territory. The Chimera will be brought into the inner circle of the Territory Court, and will be important to facilitating relations with Nharkava.

Roles of Castes specific to Territory:
- Queens: Dark Jeweled Queens are especially prized and offered exquisite training in protocol and the specialties of their caste. Light Jeweled Queens are also “prized” to an extent. They are collared to a sitting, dark-jeweled Queen and given training. Light Jeweled Queens who have a gift with the land will be sought, and will be key to continued experimentation of yoking them to the land to increase crop yields and mine production.

- Black Widows: The Coven will continue to be divided among the Hand, the Sight and the Chimera. The Chimera will be increasingly important as tensions between Glacia and its annexed territory of Nharkava become more pronounced. The Sight has potential to be problematic, should they collectively weave any visions that are contrary to the vision Aksel has given Elisif for Glacia.

- Priestesses: Priestesses, in addition to being spiritual leaders, will continue to be important in their role as judges for crimes against the Dark Religion and thus the Territory. Aksel, Yrian and Matias will be seeking Priestesses loyal to them to lead Tribunals that will be important in eliminating some of their Dark Jeweled enemies.
Warlord Princes, Princes, Warlords: The male castes will have continued opportunities to rise to prominence as the Shadow Triangle works to bring more of them into their fold.

- Landen/Jeweless Blood: The Landen are currently considered Mother Night’s less fortunate children who need protection. Their lack of any Jewel inoculates them from the kind of persecution common to the Light Jeweled. However, should it be revealed that some Landen (or Jewelless Blood) are involved in illegal activity, the Tribunal will deal with them harshly, and their courts could come under closer scrutiny.

Succession Plan: (old ruler to new ruler)
Elisif Brenden is a Gray-Jewelled Queen and messiah figure to many. She will not be simply disposed of. In fact, she will be given a chance to retain her rule, if she submits to the will of the men who will now serve as her closest advisors: The Shadow Triangle. Matias Saari, Yrian Winterton and Aksel Winterton are ready to rise to power. Between them, they represent the three most potent male and most potent female castes. While mastering their power, they practiced quietly and in secret. Now, they will bring their skills, wisdom and power over the whole of the Territory.

With Elisif Brenden’s most staunch protector and supporter – Otso Oskari – missing and presumed dead, the time is ripe for the Shadow Triangle to make its move.

First, Yrian Winterton, Master of the Guard to Elisif,  is owed a debt. Isyviel, the Priestess Queen who preceded Elisif, was murdered by his hand at Elisif’s order. Though bound to Elisif, Yrian is still owed a debt, and the time has come for him to collect. The price he is naming is that Elisif will bear his child. Recognizing the debt between them. Elisif agrees to have his child.

Aksel Winterton, who has prodded his brother to take this action at last, sees Elisif’s pregnancy as a great opportunity. Either she will accept the Shadow Triangle as her triangle -- both inner and outer -- and submit to their will, or Aksel will have the 40 weeks of her pregnancy to dispose of her and find a more malleable queen.

The Triangle is happy to be rid of Otso for many reasons, including that he is guilty of raping Kaija Aili, lover to both Winterton brothers. Ever since, they have been hungry for justice. They never trusted Elisif to mete out this justice to the Green Warlord Prince, bonded to her and her favorite.

Her First Escort dead, and the Master of the Guard one of the Shadow Triangle, that leaves Elisif’s Steward. He’d been on the outs with the Queen for some time, and has been away from Vaasa supervising matters in Nharkava. No one is pleased with the job he’s done. Now, the Triangle has eliminated her closest male advisors, and the bulk of Elisif’s First Circle is in their pocket, also. Kaija, Matias and Aksel are among the most influential of the First Circle. Kenna Anderson is mother to Matias’s child. Elina Saari, the Court Healer, is keeping a secret from her husband Matias and Elisif that Aksel knows -- she uses her powers for the sake of torture.

They have enough backing among the key members of the court that Elisif submits to them. To keep her rule in place, she adopts the Shadow Triangle as both the inner and outer triangle of her court. She gathers the priestesses, and tells them of her new vision for the Dark Religion: That Mother Night accepts these males as equal partners in the Darkness.

Aksel assumes the position of Steward, and moves much of the Territory’s power under his office, including having it oversee the Coven, of which he is now its most prominent member. He will offer the Coven leader position to Kaija, as a reward for her loyalty and her patience, as she waited for someone to bring Otso to justice.

Yrian will assume the role of Elisif’s Consort and Matias will become Master of the Guard. While this configuration is not necessarily the wisest choice, they are confident in their abilities to make these roles work.

Matias will be further distracted by complications of his personal life. Juggling a wife angry at his infidelity, his bonded Queen Kenna who also has a child by him and is about to marry, and trying to ensure he maintains paternity of his brood is keeping him busy. It is a source of frustration for Aksel, who wants to see Matias more committed to the Shadow Triangle and carrying out its goals.

Impact on the levels of District/Province/Territory/Realm:
Concession to the Light Jeweled: Around the same time as the succession, the Light Jewels will score a victory when they blow up the underground lair of the Progenitor Trust. Aksel, wanting to quell some of the growing unrest, will offer a concession to the Light Jewels: Their own province. It will be small, and well away from the borders, as to make Smuggling an unattractive pastime. They will be allowed to elect their own Queen, who will give them a voice as their representative  to the Territory Court. Obviously, this election will be rigged.

The new province will divide the Light Jewels, with some pleased to have a home with less Dark Jewel involvement. They will see this as a chance to prove that Light Jewels are not the liability some believe them to be. Others will see this as a new form of oppression. (But, Aksel will just be pleased to see more infighting among the light jeweled of the territory.)

Two of the leaders from the Progenitor Trust will survive, and they will become part of the Light Jeweled Province Court. The Queen will be “persuaded” to take them on as advisors. They will continue with the Progenitor Trust’s tradition of confessing and cleansing, a means of replacing rebellious and blasphemous thoughts with more appropriate ones. Roles available in this plot:
- Light Jeweled Province Queen
- Light Jeweled Queen who opposed her in the elections
- Light Jeweled Queens of the two small districts in the Province. (Essentially village Queens.)
- Progenitor Trust Black widow
- Progenitor Trust Priestess
- Other court roles

The Provinces: The Shadow Triangle will allow the existing Province Queens -- Kenna Anderson and Maarika Sydan-Haarma -- to continue their rule. However, with the father of her child and his surrogate brothers in power, Kenna would be wise to give Matias maximum access to his child. Aksel will want to continue to get to know Maarika and use Kaija, her mentor, to influence her to their side.

With the concession to the Light Jeweled Blood and giving them their own province, the lines of the existing provinces will have to be re-drawn. Maarika, who Aksel sees as the most promising of the existing Province Queens, will see Tornio expand to encompass more of the border areas. This will give her a greater charge to deal with Smugglers. Given that she is now bonded to two members of the Underground – unbeknownst to others – this will give her some dilemmas to work through.

Other Queens will also see their provinces re-drawn. Aksel will use this as a means of gaining greater control over them. To be fair to them and the districts under them, he will allow for the tithes to be adjusted. Several key mines, which are large sources of income, will remain in limbo for a bit while the Steward hashes out which Province gets what – enticing the Queens to be agreeable if they want to see the same amount of income they have enjoyed previously.

The Midnight Keepers: The Shadow Triangle will want to get close to the Rook, Patriatch and Tartars, looking among their ranks for males who might want to train into the castes they have so long protected. They are wary of the Summit, and will want to subdue them, should any think to rise up on behalf of Elisif or another Queen.

The Coven: Potential for the Coven to change, as Askel will likely install Kaija. As tensions with Nharkava increase, the Chimera will have an increasingly important role. Potential here for cross-territory plots.
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