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For years, the Dark Religion has persecuted the Light Jeweled with its doctrine of stigmatization. Under the messianic Queen Elisif Brenden, it has flourished, ensuring Glacia’s success in other fronts. But upon her death, a line has been drawn and forces beyond Glacia’s borders are gathering to stop its theocracy once and for all.
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Author Topic: It's always darkest before dawn  (Read 201 times)

Description: Anias meets with Adelina

Offline Anias Mathisen

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It's always darkest before dawn
« on: Oct 11, 18, 05:54:50 AM »
There were a great many things on the mind of the wayward Glacian as he, and his fellow compatriot, traversed Glacia’s landscape on horseback. They set out from a Midnight Keeper outpost just outside of Kerava with much haste, and rode due south along the border towards a smaller branch of the Tulva river that cut nearly east to west. The night was still very young yet and the ride would not last for much longer. Unfortunately, Damian was in dire straits for most of the trip already. Even as the other man led the ride, Anias didn’t miss each and every nervous glance back his friend gave him. They had left the garrison so quickly that Anias didn’t have a chance to explain the full measure of his thoughts. Only a word here, a mumble there. In truth, he hadn’t even decided that he would even pursue the drastic course that had crossed his mind. However, the death of Lady Brenden had now afforded opportunities that were impossible to fathom beforehand. It should’ve been an easy decision to embark on the journey that had his heart beating feverishly, but a test of his moral compass would happen first. It would come in the way of a conversation between captor and captive.

It was finally time to meet Lady Adelina Tuomi.

Far from the beaten path and nestled in woods so thick at times the canopy could block out the sky, a rather small, unassuming, windowless wood house sat. It was normally used by the Underground as a holding home for smuggling individuals, but it currently held a treasure unlike any other. One worthy of the security that met Anias and Damian nearly half a mile out. There would be one more layer of sentries before the two men, leading their horses on foot now, would meet the two guardsman at the entrance to the abode. There would be two more guards within as well as the Lady. Due to the aural shielding of the home, through a psychic thread, both guards would be ordered to leave.

Dressed in black with kerchiefs covering part of their faces, Anias and Damian would enter. A quick look around the small residence would see that it was spruced up for the Lady’s stay. The one room place boasted a healthy store of firewood for the hearth. Several days of food were stored in what was a makeshift kitchen. Fresh linen, extra clothing, cooking pot, and small bathroom were all part of the accord. She would have access to chairs, a desk, a feathered pen, ink, and paper. Lastly, she’d have a small dining table where she most certainly ate alone at in the presence of her guards. Most of the home was lined with candles currently, but even so the shadows still continued to be prevalent.

“Evening, my lady.” Anias would start before she had a chance to speak first, and would continue to do so even if she tried to cut him off. Damian would remain silent and pick a corner of the place to stand, observe, and listen. “Firstly, I apologize for the scratch on your arm.” She would have no clue how she got to this place, but she would probably remember a painful scrape on her arm after being bumped by a passerby on a familiar commute. She might also remember the dizziness, the nausea, and then darkness. “A necessary evil, I’m afraid.” He walked forward and stood next to a chair at the dining table before finally removing the kerchief from his face. With a hand resting on the hilt of his sword, Anias took in a deep breath and finally continued.

“Secondly, I know you have questions. Ask them and I’ll answer the best I can. Within reason. All I ask is that you’re tactful about it. So..” He motioned for her to take a seat at the table. The way he froze in the position told her that his request was non-negotiable. 

Offline Adelina Tuomi

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Re: It's always darkest before dawn
« Reply #1 on: Nov 11, 18, 05:36:13 PM »
Adelina had woken up and instantly realized something was terribly wrong.  She had walking through the market, thinking of picking up a few things from home for her girls before her return to Nharkvava.  With Elsif’s death, the Territory Court would soon reshuffle and reform around a new Queen, whoever the Queens of the land would rally around.  There were a few strong candidates, primary of which was Miina Kalas of Ivalo.  Not the most senior of the Province Queens, she did hold the darkest jewels and was obviously very blessed in her own strength as well as the strength of her bloodline.  Her sister served as High Priestess of Ivalo and Adelina knew quite well that the woman had ambitions to replace her as the Head Priestess of Glacia.   It was obvious the Kalas sisters were very blessed with Mother Night and having either of them within the Territory Court would continue the great work that Elsif had begun for Glacia.

There was also Lady Anderson, Queen of Virratt who was also a possibility.  She wore the Green, but it was suspected that she had close connections with Prince Saari, one of Elsif’s Triangle males.  Adelina had no doubts that he would press his favor behind that Queen and the strength of an Ebon Gray at her back and one of Elsif’s males would go a long way into securing her ascent.

Adelina was no longer bound to remain in Nharkava, and wanted to gather her children and have them returned to Glacia immediately.  Even if the next Queen chose not to have her serving as High Priestess, there was much work to still be done in Glacia and Adelina would be most glad to be a part of continuing the work of the Darkness.  Nharkava had been a grand disappointment to her,  the locals had simply refused any attempts on her part to reach amiable working agreements.  A shame really, but in the end she knew Glacia would be victorious in showing the people of Nharkava the truth of the Dark Religion and the light of Kaeleer.

She knew that her daughters would be glad to be out of Nharkava as well, neither had done well in the humid hot heat and had in fact been constantly ill from the awful temperatures.   She had wanted to bring them back for this trip but the suddenness of Elsif’s death had left little time to gather her own things before she was whisked back to prepare for the funeral.

She had been admiring a warm winter cloak for Lytti who was soon going to be old enough to apprentice as a ward in a proper Glacian Queen’s court, and would need something new and respectable to wear for her interviews when some rudely ran into her.  Startled, she had nearly fallen into the stall and it was only the kindness of a stranger who had helped her catch her footing.   She glanced around for her assalant and checked to make sure she hadn’t been robbed when she had begun feeling oddly unsettled.   Her savior had offered to help escort her to a nearby bench so that she could sit until the dizziness ran its course and she had thanked him for his kindness. 

Then she was here, in a small cottage under guard by two men who were suspiciously quiet, not speaking directly at her if at all.   Her jewels had been removed from her, and she swore quietly at herself for being foolish enough to have not vanished them away as soon as she suspected something were wrong.  There was layers of shielding around the cottage that left her unable to leave.

She wasn’t sure exactly how long she had been here, a couple of days if the regularity of her meals was any indication.  There had been writing materials on a table left for her, but her captors had not yet said anything about what if anything they wanted her to write.  There were a couple of books and so she had decided to pass the time reading and ignoring them as much as her guards ignored her in an effort to maintain her calm.

The sudden knock at the door startled her into dropping the book from her lap.  When the guards did change, it was done with an obvious silent indicator and passage through the walls instead of any doors being opened, so when two men were let in through an open door, the blast of chilly wind made goosebumps rise up.   She rose to her feet, the first inklings of anger rising up.   Obviously one of the leaders of this sham, given the way the two guards inclined their heads to these masked men and left the cabin.  Before she could speak, the first man began speaking and the force of his tone left her unable to lash out as she had originally planned.   His remark about the scratch on her arm had her opposing hand rising up to rest against her forearm where there had been a small shallow scratch.  She hadn’t even made the connection to that mark and the reason behind her blackout but as the two things came together, she fixed him with an angry cold glare.

She sat down at his invitation, her hands folding on the table before her as her body posture reflected stiff and contained fury.  “I think your request for tact seems a bit unreasonable, since you orchestrated my poisoning and kidnapping, not to mention the theft of my jewels and have left me here with no reasoning for at least the last several days.  I’m not sure what your motives are, though I have been pondering them since my abduction.  Your guards, I must commemorate for their stoic silence, they refused to answer any of my queries to this predicament.  If ransom is your objective, I have little in the way of money or valuable possessions and no family to issue your demands to other than my minor children who are not able to make such decisions legally.  Secondly, your abduction is ill timed if you are hoping for some sort of restitution from the Territory Court as the Queen I served has recently returned to the Darkness and I have a hard time believing that her Triangle will cave into demands for my return.   I do suspect if you receive anything from them, it will be a swift and brutal death at the hands of their combined power.”

She leaned forward and fixed him with an ice-blue stare, “So what are you about sir?  You come in here and demand tact from me without even offering the slightest courtesy of giving me the name of the man who stole me.”