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Canon: © Anne Bishop
Board's Plot: Blood Rites
Points Scheme: Mother Night
Ratio System: Blood Rites

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Established February 2010
by Jamie, Gina & Bowie.

* Plot Information for Glacia

For years, the Dark Religion has persecuted the Light Jeweled with its doctrine of stigmatization. Under the messianic Queen Elisif Brenden, it has flourished, ensuring Glacia’s success in other fronts. But upon her death, a line has been drawn and forces beyond Glacia’s borders are gathering to stop its theocracy once and for all.
Culture of Glacia
The Dark Religion
Smuggling in Glacia
Priestess & Law
Black Widows

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  1. Hide Your Feathers
  2. Can't be blamed, he started it
  3. Spring is Blooming Inside Us
  4. The Stage Is Set For Tragic Verse
  5. Like drawn to like
  6. Read That Writing On The Wall
  7. You've Got Spirit Kid
  8. To: My Dearest Love
  9. Maybe We Have Been Here Once Before
  10. a part of your life it can't take away
  11. An Escape Arist's Reverie
  12. Disquiet Memory
  13. The Boy With A Cinderblock Garden
  14. Small Ripples and Dangerous Rapids
  15. From Peaceful Darkness With a Smile
  16. Let Me Go Where No One Can Follow
  17. The Rook and The Widow
  18. Ice Upon the Summit
  19. Baiting the Trap
  20. here comes the feeling, but not the words
  21. To Find The Truth I Don't Want Found
  22. Lean in
  23. The Law is Me, And it is to be Obeyed
  24. Hermitage Interrupted
  25. Taking Care
  26. Hope, waiting for you in the dark
  27. Touch and Riposte
  28. Small District, big day
  29. Little Birds in Big Cages
  30. Pray It Comes Undone
  31. You will continue the good works we have begun
  32. The Abyss Is All Around Us
  33. Over And Over The Light Hits The Dusk
  34. A Midsummer Day's Dream
  35. Pearl of the Stars
  36. Echoes Of Time Unfold
  37. Many Travels, Many Fortunes
  38. Planting for the Future
  39. Goodnight Fair Lady
  40. Teach Me Wrong
  41. The Gift of the Heart
  42. A Sister's Worry
  43. the running free
  44. It's A Long Way Back From Here
  45. Some Gifts are more difficult to accept
  46. All My Plans Are Undone
  47. A Change Is Coming Through These Doors Now Closed
  48. They Make Hate Look So Easy
  49. Most Affectionately, Your Secret Brother
  50. nice to meat you
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