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by Jamie, Gina & Bowie.

* Plot Information for Glacia

For years, the Dark Religion has persecuted the Light Jeweled with its doctrine of stigmatization. Under the messianic Queen Elisif Brenden, it has flourished, ensuring Glacia’s success in other fronts. But upon her death, a line has been drawn and forces beyond Glacia’s borders are gathering to stop its theocracy once and for all.
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Author Topic: Venla Anderson  (Read 240 times)

Description: Healer. Purple Dusk to Sapphire. Played by Nicole.

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Venla Anderson
« on: Feb 09, 19, 11:53:57 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Venla Anderson
Age and Birth Year: 37 (Born 157 AP)
Race:  Short-lived
Caste:  Healer
Birth Territory: Glacia
Home Territory: Glacia

Birthright Jewel: cut Purple Dusk
Offering Jewel:  uncut Sapphire



Play By: Alice Eve
Distinguishing Features:



Venla Anderson doesn't know when to quit. Her Healer's gift allows her to sense the pain and illness in others. However, she is unable to modulate that sense, and will be compelled to give more than she is able. This trait has defined her for much of her life. That she wears a Sapphire doesn't help matters -- this greater depth of power tends to amplify this problem rather than doing what she'd once hoped and giving her a greater sense of control over it.

She takes on the stress and emotional pain of her sister, Kenna Anderson, and other family members. She will cause herself harm trying to placate and please them, no matter how impossible a task this proves to be time and time again.

She sees the pain in her homeland of Glacia, the shift in what is happening to the Light Jeweled people, and feels she must do whatever she can to mend this wrong, even though it is at great peril to herself -- and sometimes to those she loves. She is embarrassed that she has what she sees at a weakness: Not knowing when to stop giving, even when what she's giving is neither desired or required. While a darker Jewel is frequently associated with greater strength, she sometimes feels that having a greater capacity to give has made it that much harder to resist or control the giving.

She's not a saint, either. She grew up under the painful influence of her mother, and she knows how to manipulate as she needs to in order to survive. She is not very good at seeing her own unhealthy patterns, and has a habit of escaping the abusive situations with her family and replicating them elsewhere: Becoming too close to addicts. Falling in love with people who are not emotionally available to her, or who push her around in the same ways her family has.

At the same time, this "deficiency" in her also makes her a talented and compassionate person, and determined to fight not only for the people she loves, but also those who need someone to fight for them.

In personal relationships, all of this makes her come off as a bit of a people-pleaser, much preferring to let people think something she wants was her idea rather than escalating to a direct confrontation if she can avoid one. She's used to taking on the role of the peace-maker and trying to avert conflict when she can, mending and avoiding small hurts in hopes of preventing larger ones.

She tends to be warm, wanting people to feel welcome and comfortable, even when they are not -- perhaps even especially when they are not. When she has finally swallowed too much, she's likely to spit it all back out in one fiery outburst. (Her failure to modulate extending even into this area of who she is.)

At the bedside, she is efficient and confident with a reassuring demeanor. She knows what she's doing and what needs to be done -- and her inclination is to simply do it and not accept help, with the caveat of pulling back if her escort insists. She's fortunate, however, that this has never been tested when a person's life was actually on the line. She's not certain in that case she would pull back, but also believes that is likely typical of her caste.

  • Getting away with smuggling. She turned to the Underground as a perverse means of settling some karmic score. Her family was profiting from the Dark Religion, and doing questionable things. So, she turns some of that power back to help Light Jewels who want out of Glacia. She's able to spoof psychic scents on the papers she uses simply by leaving paper in Kenna's rooms. They soak up her scent, and when the scent degrades enough, Venla uses them in her Stringer business.

  • Her cell. Time flies. It seems like it wasn't that long ago that she was the new kid. Now, she's leading her own group of smugglers. She trained some of them. She picked each of them to join her in this venture. They are, in some ways, her family. They are, also in some ways, as dysfunctional as her actual family.

  • Taking care of families. Venla has chosen to act as a physician in the local villages, and to have her own private practice helping Aristos and poor families alike. She finds the work rewarding. It also gives her a reason to know many people and have her nose in their business, without raising suspicion. Helping to birth children, tending to several generations of a family, seeing families come together to take care of their ailing loved ones lets her experience what she never had growing up.

  • Disappointing her family. She cannot help herself. She goes back to her family over and over again for approval she will never get. Even when she recognizes that these are not people whose approval should matter to her, when when she sees all their faults clearly, she still wants to be accepted by her family. She does not serve officially in Kenna's court, but is often present as an advisor, and is a fixture in the court. This is by her choice, a choice that isn't popular with her family but a boundary she feels is necessary between herself, her sister, and the rest of their family.

  • Needing an escort. She's that kind of Healer. She will give too much, and risk hurting herself. She's embarrassed by this, and tries to downplay it. She despises being viewed as some silly-headed witch who doesn't know when to quit, however accurate a depiction that may be. She hates that she needs an escort to make sure she doesn't harm herself, but she goes along with it.

  • Being Kenna's keeper. She doesn't like that she is the conscience for her adopted younger sister, but she cannot seem to stop doing it. She is reeled into Kenna's drama time and time again, and wonders if her racing to Kenna's rescue doesn't in some ways enable the Queen's vices. Just when she's ready to give up, Kenna does something truly lovely or loving. Just when she's ready to remove herself from the situation, Kenna is crying or earnestly asking her for help, and Venla realizes she cannot turn away from family.

  • Kenna getting more power than she can handle. Their mother has been using Kenna as her most valuable chess piece their whole lives. With Matias's political ascent, and his presence back in her sister's life, Venla worries what would happen if Kenna rose any further than Province Queen. Already her power is in corrupt hands.

  • The Hand. This particular coven of Black Widows serves as Glacia's own mind police. They're deft at delving into people's minds, suspicious if they're not able to. Even before she had something to hide from them, she started working on her barriers, paranoid about the idea of anyone getting into her head.

  • Ingria Anderson. Ingria Anderson has no problem cutting lose even a child who isn't useful to her. Venla's oldest brother wears Light Jewels, and for that crime, Ingria divorced her then-husband and is cold to Petyr. Venla is a disappointment to Ingria in many ways, having failed to find a useful marriage or prestigious court contract. Venla has never spoken to her mother of it, or to anyone, but Ingria has already once attempted to use her Healer daughter to deflect inconvenient male attentions from herself or Kenna, throwing Venla in his path instead.

    Craft Strengths:
  • Healing tonics. She's very close to someone who is an addict, so more than once she's had to help patch Kenna up. Honing this Craft became a necessity to protect her sister. Having medicines to leave with her patients, or to send with her clients, also makes this a useful and important skill for her to have.
  • Outer barrier shielding. She's spent a lot of time shoring up her outer barriers so they cannot be penetrated without her knowing, so her head is a harder lock to pick than many.

    Craft Weaknesses:
  • Sensing pain. This part of her Healer caste is over-developed. She sometimes is more acutely aware and more acutely affected by someone's pain than even they are. Her pain barometer is off. This causes her to overtax her Jewels, and for this reason, she's one of those Healers who really does need an escort.
  • Jewel management. She's overtaxed her Jewels so many times, she is no good at monitoring that power use. She tends to use too much power for smaller tasks, sometimes rendering her Jewels less useful than they potentially could be.

    Life Story

    Mother:  Ingria Anderson. 71. Rose to Opal Black Widow (Note: Name changed because original name was claimed by a character.)
    Father: Jimson Anderson. Prince. Opal to Red Warlord [Deceased as of 176 AP @ age of 67.]
    Siblings:  1.) Petyr Gundar  Yellow to Rose Warlord. 50. (child from Ingria's first marriage).
    2.) Isak Anderson Summer Sky to Green Prince. 45.
    3.) Sofia Anderson Summer Sky to Green Black Widow. 40.
    4.) Kenna Anderson.  Summer Sky to Green Queen. 31.

    Mariella Anderson, Purple Dusk Birthright Healer Queen. 11. Daughter to Kenna and Matias Saari.

    Nephews/Niece (Children of Petyr):
    Aako Gundar. Tiger Eye - Summer Sky Warlord Prince. 21.
    Meier Gundar. Rose - Summer Sky Warlord. 21. (Twin to Aako.)
    Priska Gundar. 17. Yellow birthright Healer.

    Half-Brother's father (Ingria's first husband): Luukas Gundar. Prince. 75. Rose to Opal.


    Venla Anderson was the third child to a woman who, she later concluded, did not want children so much as she wanted chess pieces made flesh. Glacia existed to be her playing field, and Ingria Anderson made a masterful, if cruel player.

    "You should have been my most powerful child," she once said to Venla. "You succeed in being my most powerfully disappointing."

    Ingria didn't say the words until Venla was 21, but the sentiment had been often expressed throughout the Healer's life up to that point. She never learned to stop seeking approval. Indeed, she would study hard, seek appointments with impressive healers, work with celebrated witches of the Hourglass coven, do everything she could think of to please her mother, but Ingria was far more interested in the child she chose: Kenna Anderson, a Green Jeweled Queen, she adopted.

    Venla doted on her little sister, and soon found herself Kenna's keeper within weeks of the Queenling joining the family. Partly out of a sincere desire to make Kenna feel fully a part of the family, and partly in an effort to please Ingria.

    Venla's efforts to steer Kenna away from trouble were criticized by Ingria for not being effective, for being none of her business, or chalked up to jealousy from the Healer. Venla had the darker birthright, but not the charm. Not the beauty. Not the humor or charisma. While Ingria could rarely be bothered to list these virtues for Kenna, she made it clear to Venla which daughter meant something to the family -- the family, of course, being Ingria herself.

    When she was 18, she was helping a family in a village near their home, and she nearly broke her Jewel. One of the children was sick, though not deathly ill. Yet, Venla found herself compelled, giving more and more of her power to mending the child. Had the child's father not physically pulled her away from the sick bed, she would have broken. It was then she started to understand that her Healer's ability to feel the pain and ailments in others was curiously off. She was hyper-aware, and not always able to put that pain in perspective: A superficial wound would feel like a potential killing blow to her. From then on, she was required to have an escort. This weakness in her, making her like the stereotype of a Healer (too addled to help anyone without breaking herself), continues to be a source of embarrassment to her.

    For all her cruelty, Ingria made sure that Venla had the best training money could buy. When it came time for her Virgin Night, Venla had suggested they approach a Patriarch. She'd come to appreciate these men of the Midnight Keepers. Ingria had her own ideas for someone trusted who could perform that particular ritual: Luukas Gundar, the man she divorced when their son received a birthright too light to ever garner a dark Offering Jewel. Venla had no particular affection for the man, but she went along to please her mother.

    Luukas did not break her Jewel, nor did he seem as invested in her safety as she would expect. She learned later that when he was finished with the ritual, he sought out Ingria's bed, and the whole thing may have been a gambit to allow her one more fling with her former lover under the nose of her husband. It also instilled in Luukas an unhealthy fixation with the half-sister of his son. He attempted several times to court Venla, but she rebuffed his increasingly aggressive advances.

    When Kenna became a ruling Queen, she took Venla on as her Court Healer. Venla was happy for her sister -- and especially wanted Kenna to have something of her own. An accomplishment that did not belong to their mother, or to Matias Saari, the bonded Warlord Prince who had been pissing in a circle around Kenna since they were 14 years old. By then, Kenna was deep in the throes of addiction. Venla did what she could to help. She was successfully weening Kenna off the drugs that helped her cope with the pressures of ruling but also injured her body and psyche. Ingria demanded she stop, telling her Kenna was too weak for the withdrawal Venla forced on her.

    In the end, Kenna accused her of trying to "change" her. Of being too jealous and foolish to understand Kenna's predicament or place in Glacia. That all of this was out of her envy that Kenna was the child Ingria chose, not the one she merely tolerated. Around the same time, Luukas was accepted into one of the circles, and it was clear Ingria planned to allow him to pressure Venla, enjoying the sport and taking him as an occasional lover for himself.

    Venla broke her contract with Kenna, and left the court. Her sister did not speak to her for many months, and she suspects Kenna still harbors bad feelings about her choice. She cannot serve Kenna in this fashion any longer, and promises she will never take a position in any court ruled by her sister.

    Instead, she's made her name as a trusted doctor to many families -- both Aristos in Glacia, and in several smaller, more modest villages. She did a stint at a ski resort, patching up their instructors and adventurous tourists who overtaxed their bodies. She's helped many babies to be born, and cared for those children, and realized what Jewel they wore mattered to her little.

    She was gifted with a Dark Jewel as her birthright. She never had to fear Glacia's Dark Religion. She knows there are worries she's never had to consider. Still, she is sympathetic to their plight. She was on a vacation and taking a climbing lesson from a Purple Dusk Warlord named Jonas Paaras when she learned of the Underground. One of his family members sought him out, interrupting their lesson. Venla was keenly aware of the older man's fear and anxiety. They were both trying to cover it, and so she let the lesson go. She shielded herself and followed them, finding that there was someone injured. She realized quickly they had good reason not to give her many details. She healed the injured witch, and then left without asking any questions.

    Later, she contacted Paaras and asked him how she could be of more help. Over time, she gained trust in the Underground. She worked with Paaras and a Red Warlord Prince, Severin Raine. He helped her gain trust, understanding that could be difficult when one has a Dark Jewel among the Underground.

    She currently runs her own cell. She serves as a stringer, arranging trips and also counterfeiting paperwork: A fairly easy task for her when she can leave blank parchment among the many stacks on Kenna's desk where they soak up her Dark psychic scent. She then allows the scent to degrade so it is not specifically identifiable -- and it's the perfect material for faking letters of passage.

    It also allows her to get back in small, thus far harmless way at Kenna, who still often expects Venla to help her find her way out of trouble. Her team is rounded out with a climber, dowager and one of her frequent escorts -- who serves in a close circle of Kenna's court in Virratt.

    She appreciates that she's doing a good thing for those Light Jeweled Blood she can help, but she is not a revolutionary. A war against Elisif Brenden is not a winnable war, and she sees no sense in fighting. However, she is beginning to suspect that perhaps her associates feel differently. It became a moot point when Elisif died in childbirth and her sister rose to take her place.

    She keeps in close touch with her brother Petyr and his children, whose collars are connected to Ingria, and quietly wonders if the time will come that she will have to get them out of Glacia -- even if it means tearing their family apart.

    With the new order in Glacia including her sister -- and thus, also their mother -- Venla now has to walk a very careful line that will force her to choose between loyalty to her family and what she believes to be right.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Character in Play:
    Warning: Collar use in cruel, sadistic, manner. Non-consent sexual violence implied.

    Waves of laughter rose from the stylish salon near the front of the manor house, silvery feminine peals rising above rumbling bass chuckles. Crystal clinked on crystal, the tingly sound varying based on how much bubbly golden wine still sloshed within. Drunken guffaws mixed with howls of pain, whimpers and pleas for mercy.

    The Warlord they had on his knees, doubled over and begging them to stop. He’d been left in a corner, weeping and forgotten. In the first couple hours of the party, he’d been good sport for the Aristos who organized this soiree under the guise of better understanding the collars. They would share the bits of Craft and spells they’d perfected with each other, demonstrate which exquisite new spell they’d uncovered to unlock some nuance of how the collar might be used.

    These Blood deserved it, she was reassured when her sister shared the invitation, and beseeched her to come. They needed a Healer on hand to assist them, “just in case” something went wrong. Unable to bear the idea of someone helpless and in pain, Venla agreed to go. She hadn’t dressed up for the occasion, nor would she. Everyone else was wearing fancy dresses, gem-studded bangles stacked on wrists, pressed shirts and jackets, strutting around to impress each other. Venla wore tight denim trousers tucked into knee-high brown boots, a loose sweater that hung off one shoulder, and her opal around her neck. She hung back, terrified and fascinated as she monitored the two Light Jeweled men and the witch they were torturing, feeling how the pain would radiate and disappear, at once paralyzing their bodies then vanishing.

    The other male was a Warlord Prince -- they’d brought a Warlord Prince to play with for sport? A thrill, she supposed, to feel that chill of him rising to the Killing Edge only to have him diminish under their power. Now, they were trying to provoke him to have his way with the witch, who was already promising she wouldn’t deny him.

    She wouldn’t dare. They’d inflict unbearable pain on her if she was honest about what she wanted, which had to be the death of everyone in that room, or just safety far away from all of them.

    The Warlord Prince was wearing a Ring of Obedience instead of just a collar, and someone had been playing with its ability to give pleasure that aroused, but -- from what she overheard -- could not sate him. He lunged at the witch, and she squealed, running around several of the guests, shoving by them to put something, someone, anything between her and the predator that they’d turned on her. She tripped over a glass-topped table and upended it, a crystal vase on top of it crashing to the floor, bleeding water and petals everywhere. The shards sliced open the witch’s hand and calf, and now there was Blood in the air. The predator’s nostrils flared, and the others just backed away, ignoring the pleas of the witch on the floor, now murmuring no and please over and over.

    Venla sprung up from her chair in the corner, wrapping herself and the witch in Sapphire shields.

    “That’s enough,” she said, Craft enhancing her voice, cutting through the room. Before any of her Dark Jeweled peers could argue with her, the Warlord Prince turned on her, and was ready to lunge -- but the woman who wore his control ring shocked him into submission.

    Venla carefully walked around him, as much as she wanted to touch him, to give him some measure of healing for his pain, she knew better than to stroke an aroused, wounded predator. She helped the witch to her feet.

    “I got you,” she said softly, the other woman a little taller and thinner than Venla, clinging to her and cringing at once, like this might be another trap.

    “That vase was an heirloom and I demand I be compensated for it,” said the Opal Aristo bitch who hosted this party.

    You’re lucky it was a vase and not your neck, you stupid Aristo bitch.

    “If you don’t want your things broken, then I suggest you don’t invite Warlord Princes over to be played with for sport,” Venla snapped, glancing around for Kenna. She seemed oblivious to the little drama playing out -- she was on the far side of the large drawing room, head thrown back, blond hair tumbling down her bare back. Flawlessly, impossibly beautiful and impossibly blind to what was happening under her freshly-powdered nose.

    “Who do you think--”

    “I think I’m sister to the Province Queen, and I think I’m about to help this woman who is bleeding and injured from these games. You can send your bill to the Virratt Steward. I’ll let him know to expect your correspondence.”

    She brushed past the woman, clutching the Tiger Eye witch against her hip and out of the room so she could tend to her wounds in peace.

    Petitions (if any): 

    Why did this character became inactive? Circumstances made it impossible to be available for the site. These circumstances have improved somewhat, so I anticipate being able to write.

    What are your plans for this character after Reactivation? I've been plotting with petri and Bowie. As sister to the new Glacian territory Queen who has ties to the underground, she's got stuff to do.

    Number of previous Reactivations for this character: 0

    Changes Made to Application for Reactivation (if any) : Added a sentence to reflect Kenna's new status.

    Wanted Ad Fulfillment (if any):  Not a wanted ad, per se, but sister to Petri's Kenna Anderson

    Player Name: Nicole

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Re: Venla Anderson
« Reply #1 on: Feb 09, 19, 11:54:36 PM »
Ready for review!

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Re: Venla Anderson
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