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Title: Ulric Lindgren
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The Basics
Character Name: Ulric Lindgren
Age and Birth Year: 39 (born 156 AP)
Race: short lived
Caste: Prince
Birth Territory: Ivalo Province, Glacia
Home Territory: Vaasa, Glacia

Birthright Jewel: uncut Sapphire
Offering Jewel: cut Ebon Gray

Role: Steward
Faction: Territory Court

Play By: RJ Rogenski
Distinguishing Features:


On the surface, if you met Ulric in passing conversation, you might say he’s rather boring. Quiet. But even with that brief interaction, you would assume that he has a calculating sort of mind (judging by the way he watches others so intently) and perhaps just a bit slow to warm up. A childhood of poor socialization, you might extrapolate, covered up by pristine manners and practiced, even speech.

If you spent a bit more time around him, you would notice that his mind leans towards the critical and that he bears a wealth of information about a plethora of subjects. If you were similarly an intellectual, you would find yourself in great, lengthy, and provoking conversations with him. But if you weren’t, you might catch a few veiled insults about your lack of intelligence, depending on the situation.

If you worked with Ulric, you would find him solidly set on goals. Not overly ambitious but definitely not quiet about what he intends to accomplish. An avid supporter of the Dark Religion. It provides structure, you know, and society needs that. You might notice a callous disregard for those possessing Lighter Jewels or a streak of nationalism bordering on fanaticism. But mostly, you’ll notice a studious man who rarely fails at his tasks and keeps things in superb order.

The things you won’t notice, unless you are able to crawl into his mind, is the rampant lack of empathy, the manipulative behaviors masked by words and power, and the morally bankrupt tactics he enjoys using to accomplish his ends. Everyone can be used for his personal gain. And everyone in Ulric’s life will be used for that gain, regardless of the cost. Oh, he maintains the appearance of a devoted husband and a present father because society deems it so, but does he enjoy it? No. 

So what does he enjoy? Power. Power in his work life, power in the bedroom, power when he walks into a restaurant expecting to be served the finest meal. Please Ulric and he rewards greatly. Seek to bring him to ruin and expect swift, sharp retribution, usually in the form of public humiliation and financial destitution. Killing someone who’s transgressed is so final and doesn’t serve to teach them a lesson.

But if he can’t get power, he’ll take a thought-provoking conversation over a decadent meal with a business associate, fake a laugh or two in the name of camaraderie, and end the night with the lie that he needs to be home in time to read a bedtime story to his little girl. Playing that little game of deception is fun enough for him.

Craft Strengths:
Craft Weaknesses:
Life Story

Mother: Elsa Lindgren, Purple Dusk to Green witch (age 66, born 129 AP)
Father: Oben Lindgren, Summer Sky to Blood Opal Warlord (age 69, born 126 AP)
Siblings: twin Eriika, Purple Dusk to Sapphire witch (born 156 AP); sister Johanna, Rose to Summer Sky witch (age 34, born 161 AP) **
Wife: Marja Nikalo, Summer Sky to Opal Black Widow (age 36, born 159 AP) **
Children: Kaarina, daughter, witch (age 6, born 189 AP)
Cousins: Riia Lindgren (, Purple Dusk to Green Queen; Hjalmar Lindgren (, Opal to Sapphire Warlord

** indicates Jewels rolled

The firstborn and the pride of the Lindgren family. That is how Ulric always saw himself.

His family, immediate and extended, had always been blessed by Mother Night. But none so much as him. Born before his twin, it seemed that Ulric was destined to rise to greatness, if nowhere else than in his own mind. As a child, he was an addicted reader, eschewing conversation in order to absorb whatever subject held his mind then. His blunt way of speaking was dismissed as childhood inexperience that would eventually smooth out. Only his twin could garner a human connection from him and it usually came from her annoying him until he gave her that attention.

But once Ulric walked away from his Birthright with an uncut Sapphire, even Eriika could not reach his humanity.

It was not an immediate change, no, but over the years -- over tutors, studies, schools, Craft, books, late nights, debates, professors, degrees, coursework -- Ulric edged further and further away from his family. He joined them for family dinners less and less. When he was studying away, he wrote less and less letters. And the few times he was forced to interact with his family, it was awkward and often ended in a fight. Since his soul held no stain, he became caustic to his younger sister, Johanna, openly demeaning her about her Jewels. All Ulric seemed to care about was learning as much as he could and then rising to a position of power through that knowledge.

Acquiring his Ebon Gray at the age of twenty-one seemed to secure that.

The next sixteen years happened both rapidly and according to plan for Ulric. He began studying with District Stewards, then Province ones, deftly making his way up the chain while making plenty of connections that he could use. Eventually, he figured out how to manipulate those above him as well as those below him to suit his course. Business-wise, he came with high recommendations. Personality-wise, he could use some work, and it wasn’t until enough people had looked at him with a bit of a side-eye that he succumbed to the societal expectations and sought out a wife. After all, if he was to play this game of humanity, he had to play all of its roles, correct? Husband and father was one of them.

And thus, at the age of thirty, Marja became his wife. Three years later, Kaarina was born.

Having satisfied his societal obligations in acquiring a mate and breeding, Ulric’s focus once again turned towards advancement. Two years after Kaarina was born, he had a very fortunate interview and was propositioned for the First Circle of the Territory Queen. Since most of his responsibilities fell to assisting the Steward of Glacia, Ulric reasoned it was only a matter of time before the position became his, though he had plenty to learn and was contented (for the moment) in such a lofty role. For the next two years, Ulric considered himself well off and eased up a little on the throttle. 

But on the night that Elisif Brenden died, Ulric found himself taking that next step.

Show Us What You've Got
Character in Play:

There were things that just could not wait.

As he steepled his fingers in front of his face, with his elbows resting on the blackwood desk that was now his, Ulric replayed the conversation with Matias from a few days ago that had propelled him to this moment, into this role.

“If the Healers are unsure about when they will be fit enough to return, we can hardly put an entire Territory on hold while we wait,” he whispered vehemently to the Master of the Guard. His tone then had been out of deep concern for the continued prosperity of Glacia. If the Ebon Gray Triangle and the males of the First Circle floundered in indecision for too long, they would surely lose the iron grip and burning steam that Elisif Brenden had worked so hard to attain. The Territory could wait for seven days to finish its required mourning but after that…

Matias Saari’s gaze upon his was cold and precise, seeming to stare through him just as much as at him. The Master of the Guard said nothing for over a minute, his posture tense as a coiled spring.

“No, we don’t want to put the entire Territory on hold, but the required mourning period should be observed. Glacia endures. As it stands, the Wintertons have voiced the same concerns that you’ve brought forward. I’ve put forth a solution to keep things moving.” Matias said.

“An interim Steward shall be appointed to keep the Court functioning. I have other tasks that need tending. And I’d like to keep the number of people in my office at any given time very, very low.”

“A very valid concern,” Ulric agreed with him. “One can hardly expect the Master of the Guard to juggle all of his responsibilities, plus the responsibilities of others for more than a few days.” Ulric paused, leaning back in his chair but somehow appearing to sharpen that critical gaze of his as he asked his next question. He was quite certain he already knew the answer to it. “And to whom has this burden of interim Steward been granted?”

The Warlord Prince managed to sound as though they were talking about the weather, rather than the coveted position of Territory Steward. He leaned forward in his seat, placing his elbows on the desk, as lowered his tone as though the two men were sharing a secret in a public place, rather than the office they sat within.

“A few names made the short-list, Prince Lindgren. There were several qualified candidates within the Circles, but only a few with the traits that I considered necessary to assume his responsibilities,” Matias said.

He let that hang in the air between them for a moment, before speaking again.

“In the end, the decision was unanimous. We believe that you possess the dedication and desire to serve that Lady Brenden would have approved of.” he said, calling in the contract and laying it on the desk between them.

“Welcome to the Triangle.” Matias said, extending his hand. Ulric took it with no hesitation.

**Matias written by Gavin

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Dearest HBC, do tell me how many ranks into the Abyss I shall descend.
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Ulric will descend THREE ranks.
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As per someone's cool Dark Jewel gift:

Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Sapphire Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with a cut Ebon Gray Jewel at your Offering.

( & (


also, have some ally rolls!

. Tiger Eye - Summer Sky
2. Yellow - Summer Sky
3. Summer Sky - Opal
4. Rose - Summer Sky
5. White - Rose
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I am ready for your...critique.
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