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For years, the Dark Religion has persecuted the Light Jeweled with its doctrine of stigmatization. Under the messianic Queen Elisif Brenden, it has flourished, ensuring Glacia’s success in other fronts. But upon her death, a line has been drawn and forces beyond Glacia’s borders are gathering to stop its theocracy once and for all.
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Author Topic: Svala Elkshaarn  (Read 1945 times)

Description: Witch. Tiger Eye to Summer Sky. Played by Halyonix.

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Svala Elkshaarn
« on: Mar 11, 16, 10:20:44 AM »
The Basics

Character Name: Svala Elkshaarn
Age & Birthyear: 30 (born 165)
Race: short lived
Caste:  witch
Birth Territory: Glacia
Home Territory: Glacia

Birthright Jewel: uncut Tiger Eye
Offering Jewel: cut Summer Sky

Role: huntress
Faction: Smuggler


Play By: Antonija Misura
Distinguishing Features: green eyes, various healed scars on her arms and legs


Personality: Reserved but not shy, Svala is a reliable woman who prefers listening over talking. She appears to be well-adjusted, friendly, and intelligent, once she finally opens up to others, but is still, nonetheless viewed as somehow different, usually almost sad. Most people will say they can’t put a finger on it, but Svala understands. She is torn between worlds: between what is expected of her as a woman and who she truly is, and between what she knows in her heart to be right and what society deems is right. Forever betwixt and between, Svala will rarely admit this inner turmoil, instead striving to return things to the balance she sees in nature.

Those in her village will say that she is kind and dependable. As steady as the river, as sure as the sun. Svala thinks people put too much confidence in her, but she still strives not to let anyone down. The opinionated, the social elite will call her an aberration, or an oddity. Svala lets them have their misguided thoughts. She knows all too well that the mighty can fall. Svala is used to be on the outside, alone, keeping her own company and her own secrets. Should anyone truly befriend her, they will have a protector for life, for Svala sees it as her solemn duty to defend the weak.

Romance and inebriation hold no appeal to Svala. One leads to heartbreak, the other leads to terrible circumstances. Svala likes to maintain that quiet sense of balance, walking that thin line as carefully as a cat. In the company of men, she acts as one of them -- quietly masculine. In the company of women, Svala fades into the shadows. She finds little use for inane feminine chatter, not when there are people fighting for the right to exist just outside the door. 

  • 1 - Being in the forest. Svala finds her balance, her moral compass within nature. There is a time and season for all things, a spiralling balance to be maintained.
  • 2 - Music. Svala enjoys listening to the music, knowing the history behind the pieces, etc. She has very little musical talent herself but she can hold her own in a discussion about it.
  • 3 - Tea. Whenever Svala gets back from a hunting trip the first thing she does is draw a hot bath with a cup of tea. Tea seems to be her morning ritual, a way of collecting her thoughts before she faces the day.
  • 1 - Dresses. Svala prefers clothing that allows her to move quietly and fight quickly. Dresses, jewelry, things like that get in her way and make her feel incredibly awkward.
  • 2 - Alcohol. Svala avoids situations with a high chance of inebriation. If she drinks, it’s in a tavern, in public, and it’s one glass of ale.
  • 3 - Sex. Svala has yet to find a partner -- male or female -- that pleases her and avoids sexual encounters for more reasons than just physical displeasure.
  • 1 - Capture. Being the type of woman who runs with wolves, Svala fears being captured in many ways, whether it be collared or forced into marriage. While quiet and reserved on other fronts, this is the one front where Svala becomes vocal and violent.
  • 2 - Causing harm to her family by her actions. Svala already knows that she is different and tries to minimize the public eye on that. She sees herself as a protector of her family as well.
  • 3 - Forest fires. This is a twofold fear. First, Svala loves the forest so much, it pains her to see it cut down or burned. Secondly, being trapped in a forest during a fire scares her.
Craft Strengths:
  • 1 - Sight shields. This comes as part of being a hunter. The moment Svala steps into the forest, she has one of these active. Truth be told, she feels naked without one sometimes.
  • 2 - Aural shields. This is almost always cast in companion to her sight shields but Svala has naturally learned to walk quietly anyway.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • 1 - Healing spells. Svala isn’t too good at healing, though she is bothered by bloodshed and needless violence. She knows a lot about anatomy but not how to fix it.
  • 2 - Craft theory. Svala is a practical sort of woman. If it cannot be used for hunting or defense, she struggles with using it. Healing brews, defensive shielding, etc. -- no good.
Life Story

Mother: Cilla - Summer Sky witch, aged 55 (born 140)
Father: Hagen - Green Warlord, aged 55 (born 140)
Siblings: sister Erna - Rose witch, aged 22 (born 172, died 193); brother Finn - Summer Sky Warlord, aged 19 (born 176)
Uncle: Dagur - Opal Warlord, aged 51 (born 144)

History: Svala, as the oldest of the children, remembers spending her childhood learning at her father’s knee. She recalls the cadence of his voice as he told her various stories about noble Queens, the myths and histories that he was so fond of reading. Svala never quite picked up her father’s passion for reading but she learned much from him about morality and the order of things. He was the first to take her into the woods and teach her the names of the trees. Later, her mother taught her the local plants and their uses, but Svala always recalls those walks with her father the most.

By the time Svala’s sister and brother were born, she was old enough to assist with most of the chores around the house, so her sense of self-reliance came from this era, since her mother was busy caring for babies. If anyone was disappointed in Svala’s Birthright Tiger Eye, she wasn’t. She found it fitting, given her growing love for the forests. What her father couldn’t teach her, he assigned one of the village woodsmen to see to. Her family saw little problem with their daughter becoming a huntress for the village. At least she would have a job that she enjoyed, a place in the world.

Svala began noticing the strife within her family when she was in her teenage years. Her parents got along mostly fine -- it was her father and her uncle that fought with increasing frequency, and a lot of times, the fighting centered around her. “Respectable witches did this. Respectable women did that.” Towards later years, Svala began hearing abnormal philosophies about the Darkness, about collars and leashes.

When she made her Offering, she prayed to the Darkness to make her a protector. She should have known better than to have hoped to land on the darker side with merely a Tiger Eye to start.

Her father did not see this as a failure. If anything, he redoubled his efforts in teaching her how to survive on her own, both in the wilds and in the world. She did not realize how rabid the Dark Religion’s influence had become in the Viratt Province until one day she came home and discovered that she was now alone.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:
Svala turned the cool, sky blue Jewel in her dexterous hands slowly. It had been cut when she had received it after her Offering, a clear sign that someone had worn it before. Who, she wondered. A man or a woman? What had they been like? Had they prayed to the Darkness to give them strength in turbulent times to come as well?

She looked up as her father walked into his study. The family had hosted a small party in celebration of her Offering but towards the end of it, her father had requested that she wait for him upstairs for just a moment. He had a gift for her, he said. And so, Svala had waited, in the quiet she preferred, contemplating this new Summer Sky path. She had initially felt a pang of disappointment -- a Summer Sky Jewel would not protect her from the heated political climate sweeping through cold Glacia. It would make her a target, since lighter Jewels were considered “inferior” and needed to be controlled.

For a moment, Svala eyed the collar sitting on her father’s desk, and she worried that his gift wouldn’t truly be a gift at all.

“It’s not for you,” her father said as he followed her gaze. Svala remained quiet. For whom then? Her mother? No, her father seemed...bothered by something, most likely the presence of his brother, Svala’s uncle, who was fond of whispering those terrible things about light Jewels. Personally, Svala thought her uncle cared more for his advancement in the intricate dance of Jeweled hierarchy than he did for his family. How could the same Blood produce such different men, she wondered as she watched her father round the desk and open a drawer.

He withdrew a flat, black box nearly a foot in length. With reverent care, he opened it, but Svala could not see over the cover. And with that same reverence, he lifted an old, old dagger from the soft folds. Svala immediately recognized it. It was a family heirloom, the knife that had named them. Long ago, one of her ancestors had fashioned this blade, with its elk’s horn handle, its pure silver metal. Eventually, her family become known as Elkshaarn in honor of this blade.

Her father calmly stared at the dagger for a long moment before saying, “This is for you.” With both hands holding the knife level, he extended it towards her. She didn’t breathe. Her heart raced. With trembling hands, she accepted the light weapon. She had expected the horn handle to offset the balance of it but it didn’t. Not that she would ever, ever wield such an ancient thing in her daily hunting. No. This was far too precious a gift to put to mundane use. She lightly caressed it with her long fingers as her father continued speaking.

“I suspect that you will acquire your own set of fighting daggers soon, if you haven’t already,” he said. Svala already had a machete-style knife that she used for hunting and butchering. “I had thought to get you a new bow but I know how fond you are of that ashwood one.” That, too, was very true. Svala always kept her bow with her, vanished of course, but she had learned to call it in, nock it, and draw with one fluid, deadly movement. She saw her bow as an extension of her arm, not as a thing apart from her.

There was a companionable silence for a moment as Svala’s green eyes took in the details of the dagger. Just before her father spoke again, she felt the mood change. She looked at her father. He smiled thinly. “Svala, there are...changes coming.” Her eyes darted to the collar, and for the second time, her breathing stopped.

But her father shook his head. “There is...that. I can’t stop the tide of society, Svala, try as I might. The Dark Religion’s influence is too strong. I will make a promise to you though.” Svala said nothing as she waited for him to continue. He rounded the desk, came to stand next to her, stroked her wheat blonde hair in that fatherly gesture of his. “For as long as I can, I will not allow that wretched collar to choke you. You are not inferior, corrupted, disgraced by the Darkness, any of those fallacies those sycophants love to say. You are my daughter.” He brushed his fingers against her Summer Sky Jewel. “And I am so very, very proud of you.”

As his words settled into her heart, she realized that she already wore a collar, and it was the only one she would ever accept: his love. Her fingers closed tightly around both Jewel and dagger. “Wear your Jewel proudly,” he said to her. “And keep that dagger keen. One day, it may save your life.”

Svala nodded, once. “I will, father,” she said. And that was all she needed to say.

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Player Name: Halyonix

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Re: Svala Elkshaarn
« Reply #1 on: Mar 11, 16, 10:21:27 AM »
requesting general roll for Jewels before completing history and story please :)
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Re: Svala Elkshaarn
« Reply #2 on: Mar 11, 16, 10:26:38 AM »
Per your request for  a General Random roll...

Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Tiger Eye birthright Jewel, and were gifted with a cut Summer Sky Jewel at your offering.



And your IM request for one family roll...

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Re: Svala Elkshaarn
« Reply #3 on: Mar 11, 16, 11:31:58 AM »
thank you! ready for review :)
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Re: Svala Elkshaarn
« Reply #4 on: Mar 11, 16, 06:37:36 PM »  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker