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Author Topic: Ofelia Uljas  (Read 292 times)

Description: Priestess. Yellow to Tiger Eye. Played by Nym.

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Ofelia Uljas
« on: Mar 23, 19, 04:35:00 AM »
The Basics

Character Name: Ofelia Uljas
Nicknames: Fel
Age and Birth Year:  20 (Summer, 174 AP)
Race:  Short Lived
Caste:  Priestess
Birth Territory: Glacia, Raahe District
Home Territory: Glacia, Salo Province

Birthright Jewel: Cut Yellow
Offering Jewel:  Uncut Tiger Eye

Role: Third Circle
Faction: Salo Province Court


Play By: Anna Von Klinski
Distinguishing Features:

There isn't much that someone can do to pick Ofelia apart from her sister. They look alike in pretty much every way one might expect, so it is only because of the psychic scent that they are usually discernible. There are two things that can distinguish the Priestess from her twin though, one being that she wears glasses, and the other being that the inked mark that she has wrapped around the forearm of her dominant hand is opposite that of her sister's. Annina's is on her left, while Ofelia's dominant hand is with her right.



There are few things that bring Ofelia as much joy as reading or studying. Whether it is for the pure pleasure of snuggling into an adventure, or because she is searching for answers in the things people have learned about the world, the young Priestess needs information like a flower needs sunshine. Life would be quite boring if no one ever questioned anything, nor if they spent the whole of their existence content in the bubble that they'd been born into. No - Ofelia wants to search for answers, formulate more questions based off of those answers, and keep going around and around again until she dies happy with her face smeared with ink and a book in her lap. When it comes to fantasy, she finds it easier than living in her reality. When it comes to reality, she finds hope in the lessons she can learn.

As one might expect of a Priestess who searches far and wide for answers to the questions the Darkness cannot tell her, Ofelia has collected quite the eclectic array of beliefs. She adores being able to learn about the ways in which the Blood differ across Territory lines. The ways in which Glacia follows their traditions are vastly different from so many other places in the world, and she wants to understand why as well as trace the history of it back to find a time when the Blood followed a path that was not so divergent. Stories of Witch and the nearly forgotten time period that followed the Purge is her favorite to think about, imagining a time when the Blood had to work together to survive and build anew.

Unfortunately, questions are not always welcome when it comes to nosy light jeweled witchlings who live in Glacia and have grown up under the Dark Religion. She was told not to question, and if she did question, then to come to those who knew the answers already and would tell them to her so that she could believe as they did. That, as one might suspect, was not what Ofelia wanted to hear. She lives for being able to debate philosophies, hoping that if enough opinions can come together then some greater understanding might be had. She's a curious soul regardless though, wanting to understand even mundane things. Puzzles and riddles often garner her attention and bring her joy, and all anyone has to do is bring her to a library to brighten her day considerably.

What someone might not expect is just how vastly the Priestess differs from her more soft-spoken twin. If Annina is gentle and shy in the way she speaks and acts, then Ofelia is the more boisterous and demanding of the two, cutting in with questions and remarks whenever she thinks they should be said. She's a passionate creature as well with opinions that yearn to be heard. Growing up with a Warlord Prince as an older brother and a Black Widow as an influential figure in her life, however, has also led Ofelia to be comfortable in using sarcasm and wit in a more cutting way than most might expect from a Priestess. The more subtle manipulations of words is not something she enjoys, preferring instead to cut to the chase and get to the heart of a matter.

Despite her doubts about both the Dark Religion, and her own place as a Priestess, Ofelia is a faithful individual. She may not know the path that has been set out before her, but she knows that Mother Night has a plan for all of her children, herself included. If Sakari has trouble with people who follow their faith blindly, then Ofelia is the counter to that argument, reminding her brother and others like him that it is okay to hold onto a light in the darkness when all else seems to fail. That is what faith is for, whether it be faith in the Mother, or faith in yourself. Her own opinions may differ widely from the things she was taught growing up, condemning her if said to the wrong people, but Ofelia's faith runs in tandem with her defiant nature. Whatever path has been laid out before her, it is her path to follow. No one should be able to take that away from her.

  • Art & Tattooing: All of the excess time on Ofelia's hands has been poured into her artwork, and beautiful things have come of the effort. Her art is a deeply personal affair, taking the place that usual ritual craft and ceremonies would hold for a Priestess. They are her way of connecting to what remains of her faith, and her work with trying to figure out how to apply that to craft enhancing tattoos has become her mission in life.

  • Studying Craft: While Ofelia was often discouraged from practicing aspects of craft that her parents deemed "unfit" for such a light jeweled witch, she was able to learn about it from a theoretical perspective, and learn she did. Her desire to understand all the ways that the Blood can work Craft is as much a means to keep herself busy as it is part of how she can connect to her caste. In Ofelia's opinion, Mother Night has made each member of the Blood unique, and she feels that understanding the Blood's abilities is the best way she can show her appreciation of this.

  • Defiance: Living her entire life under a strict thumb not only at home, but also within her own training as a Priestess, Ofelia has had to take whatever act of rebellion she can get and relish it. Being able to defy the Dark Religion, or at least the twisted view of it that she believes Glacia has, makes her incredibly happy, but as with the rest of her siblings, Ofelia has had to learn how to do this carefully. It is in part the difficulty of being defiant without getting into too much trouble that Ofelia loves so much. After all, she finds a rare moment of glee in knowing that she can outsmart someone else, especially when it comes to going her own way when she's been told not to.

  • The Dark Religion: It is the extremist behaviors, more than anything else, that unnerve her. She's not entirely sure where her faith is meant to take her, but Ofelia knows that it cannot be back to the Dark Religion that she was raised under. The Mother that she believes in couldn't be happy that some of her children wear collars while others lord over them, even if the dark jeweled Blood think that it's 'for the best' or 'greater good' of Glacia.

  • The Word "No": Not to be unexpected, Ofelia has an extreme hatred of anyone telling her what she can and cannot do, especially when they use the word 'no' and nothing else. Second to this is the phrase, 'because I said so,' which she's heard more times than she can count. Ofelia wants to know why she is being told to not do something. She wants to debate it, understand it, make sure that she believes it too before finally relenting and passing her acceptance.

  • Most Warlord Princes: It started at home with her father being a strict, yet stoic example of what a 'good' Warlord Prince should be like, which usually meant being corralled and pushed even if she didn't agree. Ari was gentler about it, but the incessant fawning proved to chafe against Ofelia's more independent nature. It wasn't until she came to the Valdis' estate and the older Queen's court that she started to actually despise some of her brother and father's caste though, feeling that some of the court who share the passionately violent caste throw their weight around just because they can.

  • Never Being A "Proper" Priestess: Being a Priestess means so much more to Ofelia than just holding rituals or communing with the Darkness, but the doubts that have plagued her for years also make her wonder if her caste was a mistake. If she were meant to be a spiritual guide for the people, then wouldn't she have all the qualifications that she needed to do that where she lived, and would she not have a different mentality about the Dark Religion and her place in Glacia's society? These are things which haunt her whenever she is pulled back to the countless confessions that her mother made her go through, and she fears that perhaps her view of Mother Night's will is wrong.

  • Losing All Sense of Autonomy: It was less of a concern back when she was a light jeweled witch that was able to walk around with her brother as a protective shadow. Ofelia didn't fear losing all sense of herself, or control over her life back then. What Ofelia cannot agree with, however, is being collared, and her first concern about it was being a slave to someone else's whims. For now, that fear is - mostly - assuaged by her brother holding the controlling ring, but now the fear has twisted and refocused on what Sakari would do if he was truly pushed by the court he serves to use it on his sisters.

  • Always Being Annina's Shadow: The one thing that Ofelia will try to keep from her family and friends is just how terrified she is of always being, "the other Uljas girl." She doesn't want to seem ungrateful for the caste and jewel she was given, nor does she want to come across as being jealous, but the truth is that Annina will always be considered first. She is a Queen, it is to be expected, and Ofelia has had to live with that her entire life. Not only do they look alike and sit close together in the Abyss, but they have always been inseparable. A large part of this has made Ofelia happy over the past several years. Lately though, she's started to strain more at being linked so completely to her sister, as if she were just an accessory rather than her own individual.

    Craft Strengths:
  • Physical Enhancement: More likely than not, being good at physical enhancement isn't the first assumption that comes to mind when you look at Ofelia. Most might be left wondering why she's spent so much time learning about how to use this aspect of craft, while others may think it's at least a useful extent of her 'limited' power. The truth? Ofelia's always been good at figuring out how to make adjustments in craft, sensing the way that a person's jewels run through their body, and thinking of how to make the most of that. She's nothing if not efficient, intricate almost in the way she works with enhancing a person's attributes, particularly in tandem with a craft specialty they have. She's spent the last several years trying to figure out how to bless others and help to guide them in her own special way, and this is an answer that is uniquely Fel.

  • Blood Magic: Out of all the things that Ofelia could have learned about her caste, Blood Magic is not one of the aspects that her mother would approve of. There are times when Ofelia doubts she should even be using this specialty as she does, but it feels too right to ever entertain those doubts for long. Where most Priestesses will use their blood, or the blood of others, to help them commune with the Darkness and hear Mother Night, Ofelia does it to help them connect to the gifts that they were given. Blood is precious. It holds the very essence of who someone is in a single droplet, but blood looks the same no matter whose veins it comes from. The intricacies that are unique to each person are hidden within, waiting to be unlocked. Ofelia has dedicated her life to understanding how this might relate to the larger issue that Glacia deals with, and how the Blood might be able to reconnect with their faith in the wake of so much civil unrest.

    Craft Weaknesses:
  • Emotion Manipulation: As something Ofelia resents for the way it takes away another's ability to reason or feel for themselves, she's never been quite able to wrap her head around how to manipulate emotions with craft. She despises the idea of it, preferring to persuade people with her words and actions, and attempts at using craft in this way often lead to unexpected results, either causing the opposite to happen, or only proving to make someone feel as unsettled as she does.

  • Combat Shielding: Her parents would say that a lack of ability here is fine considering she is meant to be protected thrice over; as a witch, a Priestess, and as light jeweled Blood. Despite her best attempts to keep up a shield during the times when Sakari and Kaisa have tried to teach her some measure of self defense, however, Ofelia quickly loses control of it and finds herself vulnerable. She prefers to be on the attack or on the run than to be kept in a defensive position. 

    Life Story

    Mother: Sohvi | 50 (144 AP) | Purple Dusk - Green Priestess
    Father: Vilhelm | 53 (141 AP) | Opal - Sapphire Warlord Prince

    Sakari "Ari" Uljas | 28 (166 AP) | Purple Dusk - Sapphire Warlord Prince
    Annina "Nina" Uljas | 20 (174 AP) | Birthright White Queen

    "Older Sister"
    Kaisa Boden | 24 (169 AP) | Rose - Summer Sky Black Widow


    She was born into a cold world, but settled by warm hands and adoration. For a time, the Priestess and her twin - a Queen - would always feel those loving eyes upon them, but those years of happiness and warmth faded from their home when their own birthrights were achieved. The sisters had promised to always be there for the other, no matter what they came away with, and that promise was kept fiercely as Ofelia stepped forward to greet those that stood witness with the Yellow in her hand and Annina trembling beside her, holding a White jewel.

    The years were long after that. While Sakari became the returned focus of their parents' hopes and dreams, Annina and Ofelia fell into the shadows, swept aside by their Priestess mother to learn of the ways in which they had failed the Darkness and been judged by Mother Night. Hours were spent confessing to such beliefs, hidden away in private prayer guided by their mother, but at the end of it all, Nina was able to leave where Fel was not. The young witch had to not just learn the humility and disgrace she was born to, but how to not further disappoint the religion that their parents' instilled in them.

    Ofelia found it more difficult to take than her older sister. Sakari and Kaisa, the Black Widow that their brother had befriended as a boy, were a reminder to her that not every fight had to be done with the strength of one's Jewels. She could use her words and actions too, and so Fel did, rebelling however and whenever she could, but also learning how to do so without upsetting the status quo she had been born into. There were other things to focus on too and distract her from the way that their parents changed. Art became a passion. Knowledge became her purpose. Ofelia was fourteen when she decided that she wanted to somehow merge the two together.

    Five years later, she finally found herself with a chance to make good on that oath. Her parents were gone for the day, her sister had been her confidant and conspirator for years, and Sakari was easy to talk into doing things if it meant his sisters' happiness. The three Uljas children used the things that Ofelia had been able to pull together, their craft and their blood, and worked it into ink and skin. The satisfaction was worth the anger her parents came to them with. It wasn't worth the collars that they locked around she and her sister's necks six months later.

    Ofelia dreaded the day that Annina and she would go to Salo's court to learn how to be 'proper' light jeweled witches. The only good part of it was when they'd found Kaisa again. None of the Uljas children had seen her since the day that Sakari had gone to find comfort in her after their parents had declared their intention to collar the twins. It helped Fel to know that maybe she'd given them a chance to reunite, and that the baby Kaisa carried would have a family better than the one that she had known.

    Her brother's arrival at court and the contract he signed to stay there was what helped Ofelia to finally decide to move on with her own life. She would never be the Priestess that her mother had hoped for - couldn't be with the Yellow around her neck. Ofelia could be the Priestess that she wanted to be though, whatever form that took. Looking to a male she trusted in the court, she went through with her virgin night privately, knowing well enough to secure herself before moving forward with her other plans. The rituals and ceremonies of the Blood may not have been her strong suit, but she knew enough in theory to make her descent in secret.

    It didn't matter that she came out of it the following day with the Tiger Eye clutched in her hands and tears in her eyes as she dared Sakari and Annina to say that she had made a mistake. It was hers and she had done it herself. Left with little choice but to take action, the Warlord Prince took Ofelia's Jewels, keeping them for a time as a warning to her and a display to the court he served that he could still be trusted with his light jeweled siblings. It took Ofelia weeks to be able to talk to him again, even after he gave the Jewels back. Still sore and uncertain if she did the right thing after all, Ofelia hesitates in moving forward, having settled into the third circle because of her caste and her brother's connections to the court more than her own.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Character in Play:

    She hated this thing. Looking at her sister, Ofelia saw herself mirrored in the twin's fallen shoulders and searching gaze. The Priestess seethed more than the Queen did, but that didn't help her to feel any better about glancing at Annina's neck, seeing how the thin line of a collar lay there, and felt her own fall heavily upon her throat. It didn't feel right to have it so close to the Yellow, or to have it on at all. Everything about it still felt like a betrayal. She hadn't agreed to it with any sort of acceptance or hopeful ignorance that it would make her better. She hadn't agreed to it at all!

    "You're doing it again."

    The soft voice fell like butterfly wings against her ears, drawing her attention over to where Nina had turned to look at her with concern bleeding across her face. Ofelia wished that it were easier to lie to her twin in that moment, but this one time seemed impossible. She wasn't okay. Neither of them were. Her eyes fell to where the Queen had taken her hand in her own, squeezing it to try and stop Ofelia from balling her hands into fists and cutting her nails into the tender skin of her palm, or worse, picking at the scabs that had formed from trying to scratch at the collar too many times.

    "Sorry." It was the only thing that she could think to say right then. Guilt flooded her even as Annina sent a warmer flutter of craft through her twin, and Ofelia sighed, leaning into the familiar Queen's touch that her sister provided. "Are you scared?" She hadn't wanted to ask the White jeweled Queen if coming to Lady Valdis' court scared her. In some ways, she hadn't needed to ask. The feelings coursed through one and to the other more easily than with other siblings, but they had always been inseparable. Always. Ofelia figured that it was the one reason why their parents had decided to keep them together now. She was a companion for Annina - the "other" Uljas girl.

    "You're not," came the soft inclination of Nina's words as she lifted her eyes to see Ofelia better, and the Priestess realized too late that she hadn't hidden the emotion as well as she thought she had. Having only the White to call on meant that Nina had to be insightful and crafty about understanding those around her to have a chance to encountering them in a way that other Queens did more naturally. Being as gentle-natured as she was meant that it was that much easier. Ofelia did better this time when she forced away the feeling of envy that threatened to spill from its sickening coil in the pit of her stomach.

    "Doesn't matter anyway. We're both just little snowflakes in a big ass snowstorm now."

    She didn't mean for it to come out so harsh. Watching as Annina left the carriage and began to walk toward the estate though, Ofelia was left to wonder why she found it so easy to lash out at the one person she had left to care for. Perhaps mother had been right and there was something wrong with her after all. Darkness knew how much she had tried to hide the satisfaction that had temporarily run wild and free when their parents had learned about what they'd done. The Priestess looked down at the ink that wrapped around the wrist of her dominant hand, up onto her forearm where it crested and fell in a delicate flourish. Closing her eyes, she tried to reach out, her heart seeking an answer in the impossibility of it all.

    *S'all gonna be alright.*

    Powerful and masculine, her brother's voice brushed against her mind on a Yellow thread as he charged his own mark with craft.

    *I know.*

    Somehow, someway, they would figure this out. It had been worth it in the end to know that they had forged a path entirely their own. One act of defiance that could hopefully last her a lifetime if it were to be her last. Opening her eyes and squinting at the bright sunlight glittering on snow, Ofelia took a breath and finally left one cage for another.

    Player Name: Nym

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Re: Ofelia Uljas
« Reply #1 on: Mar 23, 19, 04:35:55 AM »
Can I get strength rolls for her jewels rolled here?
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Re: Ofelia Uljas
« Reply #2 on: Mar 24, 19, 03:15:02 PM »
Hello! Please be sure to ask for a Family Roll purchase here: March Points Transactions

That said here you go!

Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with a cut Yellow Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with an uncut Tiger Eye Jewel at your Offering.


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Re: Ofelia Uljas
« Reply #3 on: Mar 28, 19, 08:33:39 PM »
Ready for review pending Kenna and Ray's approval of Salo court and Kaisa mentions!
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Re: Ofelia Uljas
« Reply #4 on: Mar 28, 19, 11:09:07 PM »
Has my stamp for the Kaisa stuff.

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Re: Ofelia Uljas
« Reply #5 on: Mar 29, 19, 08:22:23 AM »
Added to the queue, pending the requested approvals.  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker

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Re: Ofelia Uljas
« Reply #6 on: Apr 01, 19, 08:03:40 PM »
Looks good from references to Valdis family/Salo.

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Re: Ofelia Uljas
« Reply #7 on: Apr 03, 19, 08:55:38 AM »

This application has been reviewed!

Check your private messages for feedback. When you have made the requested changes please reply to this post and let us know you are ready for the next round!  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker

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Re: Ofelia Uljas
« Reply #8 on: Apr 03, 19, 11:10:45 AM »
Ready for round two!
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Re: Ofelia Uljas
« Reply #9 on: Apr 09, 19, 09:15:03 AM »  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker