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by Jamie, Gina & Bowie.

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For years, the Dark Religion has persecuted the Light Jeweled with its doctrine of stigmatization. Under the messianic Queen Elisif Brenden, it has flourished, ensuring Glacia’s success in other fronts. But upon her death, a line has been drawn and forces beyond Glacia’s borders are gathering to stop its theocracy once and for all.
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Author Topic: Matias Saari  (Read 1437 times)

Description: Sapphire to Ebon Gray Healer Warlord Prince. Played by Gavin

Offline Matias Saari

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Matias Saari
« on: Feb 04, 17, 01:23:41 AM »
The Basics
Character Name: Matias Saari
Nicknames: Mat
Age & Birthyear: 40 (Born 155 AP)
Race: Glacian (Short-Lived)
Caste: Healer Warlord Prince (Healer is Natural)
Birth Territory: Glacia
Home Territory: Glacia

Birthright Jewel: cut Sapphire
Offering Jewel: cut Ebon Gray

Role: Master of the Guard
Faction: Territory Court


Play By: Andrew Stetson
Distinguishing Features:



His parents would tell you that Matias came a long way from how he’d been as a child. When he was very little, Matias was a terror, a real Warlord Prince in the making.  Most kids want everything their way, that was hardly different in Matias. He was the first born, the oldest child. He didn’t want to share, not his toys, not his parents’ attention, nothing. And he learned quickly that hitting and biting would cow the other children away from whatever it was he had claimed. Whatever Matias marked as his territory was subject to the rages of a Warlord Prince.  His parents would say that that really changed as he grew up. He no longer throws rocks and stomps his feet when he wants something or can’t get his way.  But in a very real way, this is far from the truth. Matias is a Warlord Prince. He was one when he was young and he is one now.

The territoriality and possessiveness, the sense of entitlement that all Warlord Princes have is still very much alive in Matias. It makes sense, in a way, that his parents don’t understand that it has simply been tempered. Matias is their only experience with a Warlord Prince and neither Katrina nor Aulis had listened when young Adelaide explained that he was a Healer as well. Perhaps they think that what is actually a part of his innate nature, was simply a child behaving badly. They certainly wouldn’t be the first to think so, nor the last.  Mat himself distinctly despises the short temperedness of his caste.  Although he would never admit to the more negative impulses, the selfishness, the aggressive sexuality, the possessiveness, he nontheless exhibits them and they are at the source of the Warlord Prince’s rage.

Woe to the person who decides to take what Matias recognizes as his or even cross the Ebon Gray. Like all other Warlord Princes, despite his serious need to keep control, Matias explodes first and regrets later.  Perhaps even more than the average Warlord Prince, Matias rises quickly to the killing edge and the reason for that is difficult to understand and requires explanation of his second caste.

Matias is a Healer. It is natural and inherent in the same way that he is a Warlord Prince. This means that Matias must heal. He has an overpowering urge, when someone is feeling under the weather, to assist them. He delights in creating healing brews and would dote on a female during her moontime in a way which only a Warlord Prince who is a healer can do.  And yet, because he is in Glacia this is impossible for him. Because he lives in Glacia and has spent much of his life hiding his second caste, he cannot simply assist a person. If he’s in a meeting with someone who has a horribly painful and itchy rash, he knows it and despite knowing it and feeling it empathetically, he cannot do anything about it. He cannot even mention it.  This is like living your whole life never being able to use your right arm in public.  You must pretend it doesn’t exist. If the arm pains you, if you want to clap, if someone is drowning and you need both hands to pull them up, you must pretend it doesn’t exist. 

This is the pain of being a secret healer. Matias must pretend at every turn that he does not feel other people’s pains, doesn’t know that they’re aching and it makes him even more short tempered.  It makes him frustrated. It burns his belly. His is not a priestess’s craft which allows communion with the darkness. His isn’t a widow’s craft which can be done in privacy. The nature of healing is its requirement of other people and that is exactly the danger and exactly why it cannot be overcome.  Because of this, Glacia has warped Matias. His agitation is constant and he is always much closer to the killing edge, much quicker to lose his temper than the average Warlord Prince and that is a dangerous thing indeed.

Still there are other ways that Matias’s healer caste comes through. After all, it was only when his healer caste began to manifest that the boy began to exhibit what would be a staple of his personality, his soft heart.  Despite his quick temper and the danger he exhibits, Matias is incredibly soft hearted. He is a man that feels as sorry for a bird with a broken wing as he does for someone having died. Despite his belief in Glacia’s Dark Religion and that he is more deserving than others because he stands deeper in the abyss than others, he sees all life as precious and will never consciously attempt to kill or maim. There are other ways of punishment and besides, people should just be given a second chance.

Matias has a knight in shining armor complex that makes him want to save anyone he can. He is particularly attracted to those he sees as being weak or frail, lending his strength, be it physical, mental or financial.  He doesn’t do it for the prestige, but rather because he is strong and because it is in his nature to be helpful. He learned when he was going through the changes of youth that being kind is oftentimes more pleasing than being cruel and maintains that to this day.  He is careful, though, not to be kind to the unworthy but the problem is that he sees a lot of people as being worthy. To Matias there is something redeeming about everyone and he enjoys being the one to bring those things to light.

He is often found to be joking, smiling and laughing.  Despite his secrets, Matias has an overall joyful outlook on life, even more so these days since he’s fathered two children. Matias is the person who will find you when you’re down and tell you that even though everything is terrible right now, it will get better just because it has to. And while he does this for others his expectation is that no one will do this for him except for those people he calls closest to him. The twins, his wife, Kenna and Adelaide. Those are the people he trusts and the people he would rely on.

People who have only seen the joyful side of Matias can hardly believe it when they unwittingly throw the switch that has him rising to the killing edge.  Because of the torrent of the drastic pulls of his two castes, there is very little spectrum in Matias' "rise" to the killing edge. It's more of an immediate jump.

He enjoys contests although he doesn’t really join them to win.  Of course, like anyone, he likes to win, but he enjoys competition and will often partake of them even when they are unofficial. Matias is one of the few people in the world that can’t really resist a bet or a dare and he’s been caught doing some stupid and strange things because of that.

He’s romantic, something that is evidenced in the fact he’s only ever voluntarily been with two women and doesn’t intend to change that.  And he enjoys the ridiculously over the top romantic things like splashing around in puddles while holding his children, building snow men on a really bright early morning before Court or counting the stars in the sky.

Being a Father - It’s novelle and sometimes Matias can’t believe he’s only been a father for three years. He adores his children in a way only other parents can understand. Both Mariella and Mikael have smiles that fill him with pure joy. He wants to make the world better for them. He wants to be a family for them. He wishes daily that there was a way he could have both at the same time instead of one or the other. The good he does for his children directly contrasts the bad he did when he was a child himself. If there’s ever a time that Matias is relieved of the burden of his secrets, it’s when he’s on the floor playing around with one child or the other.

Healing - Because he is unable to practice it openly and freely, Healing is one of the things Matias aggressively likes. He is always asking Elina and Kenna whether they are feeling well and always looking for an opportunity to bring them healing brews or heal them of things even as minor as paper cuts. He’s made an edict for both women, even Elina who is a healer herself, that if either of his children is sick he must be called on immediately and no other. Even the Winterton twins know that Matias is insistent on doing whatever healing it is possible for him to do.

Money - There are a lot of things that Matias has to worry about. But he’s never ever had to worry about money and that’s one of the best things in his life. The ease of travel, accommodations, presents, clothes and all the luxuries he’s got makes his life that much easier.  He can’t imagine what being an Ebon Gray would be like were he poor and how much more difficult everything would be. He appreciates, more than the average rich person, every penny that leaves his pockets and how it’s spent and doesn’t take any of it for granted.


Children of the Light Orphanages - Kenna told him about them when they were young. Matias developed a distaste for these light jeweled houses and the strict priestesses within. Because the organization is so widespread throughout Glacia, Matias has more than once come across light jeweled individuals who came from that background and who seemed, while quite docile, more hateful because of it.

Liquor - Matias honestly can’t understand why people do it. He tried to get drunk on a number of occasions despite the appalling taste of liquor and nothing happens. While he sees the effect of alcohol on people of lighter jewels, it would take a lot to get him drunk and it all seems so useless to Matias. If you’re sad, go out and kill something. If you’re happy, dance or clap your hands. Smoking relieves anxiety. Yelling is how you fight. Drinking really is superfluous.

Escort Duties - There are many duties for an Ebon Gray male of the Territory Court’s First Circle. Some of them are escort duties and Matias cannot conceive of anything more boring than doing escort duties. It’s literally picking someone up, being nice to them no matter how boring they are or how much you dislike them, and then waiting around until they finish what they need to. Matias is more of a talker and the long silences that can sometimes result from these awkward necessities annoy him. Furthermore, when one wears the Ebon Gray it almost doesn’t matter that he’s married. Women always seem to be making passes at Mat.


Being Denied Paternity - When he really has time to think of it, Matias has to wonder why Kenna would ever grant him paternity. He left her. She’s a Queen, she’s well off, she has friends in high places. She doesn’t exactly need a father for her child and Matias has not done anything specific to ingratiate himself to Kenna.  On the other hand there’s Mikael. If Elina finds out about everything Matias is keeping from him, his beautiful emotionally strong wife might just decide neither she nor their child needs him. This fear keeps him up at night.

Male Triangle being Discovered - There are three people in the world who know about the male triangle and all those people are part of it and all those people wear the Ebon Gray.  But a secret is a secret only when one person knows it. Despite it endangering all their lives, Matias has to worry that one  day their secret will be uncovered and someone will find out and give the news to the Territory Queen. He knows what the punishment will be for practicing the sacred rites reserved for women. The thought of being torn from the people he loves and worse having those people lose him is practically unimaginable.

Mikael’s Healer Caste Being Discovered - While Matias wears the Ebon Gray, he knows what is done for males who have a female caste. He would never allow any harm to come to his son and he knows that one day that might put him at odds with even the territory Queen. If it comes to that... it might even put him at odds with the twins.

Craft Strengths:

Liquid Spells - Most often this manifests as a tonic or a brew used for healing, however, because Matias spent most of his life unable to practice hands on kind of craft, he has become exceptional at creating spells in liquid form for people to drink later on.  Practically any spell that can be woven, can be created with ingredients or caste on simple juice and administered orally. Matias’s brews and tonics, being invigorated by the Ebon Gray are especially powerful.

Protection Spells - Tying into his need to be a knight in shining armor and being a Warlord Prince, Mat picked up on protection spells really well. Whether it’s locking spells over a house or triggered spells in an item of clothing should anything happen to the person wearing it, Mat is aces.

Craft Weaknesses:

Death Spells - Matias has a soft heart. He finds it easy to love, easy to care and a very important thing as well. So when discussions of Death Spells came up during lessons, Matias kind of tuned them out. As a result, while he is incredibly dangerous as a Warlord Prince, he simply cannot consciously and maliciously plan out a death. It is against his nature.

Physical Enhancement - Another thing Matias is poorly incapable of is augmenting himself in any way. Whether it’s to hear better, feel textures with more clarity or run faster, what he’s got is what he can work with and if he wants to enhance himself at all, Matias has to work out which is what he ends up doing.

Life Story


Mother: Katrina Alios - Purple Dusk to Green - Priestess Deceased
Father: Aulis, Rose to Opal Warlord Prince, Age 61 (b. 134 AP)


Brother:Teuvo Saari, Purple Dusk to Green Warlord, Age 36 (b. 159 AP)
Sister: Josefina Saari White to Tiger Eye Priestess, Age 34, b. 161 AP)
Sister: Simone Saari, Rose to Purple Dusk Healer, Age 32 ( b. 163 AP)

Elina Saari -  - Rose to Opal - Healer, Age 31 (b. 161. deceased)

Mariella- 14 Birthright Purple Dusk Healer Queen, (b. 181 AP) (By Kenna Anderson)
Mikael-13, Birthright Summer Sky Healer Prince (b. 182) (By Elina Saari)


Katrina Alios brought her perfect organization into everything she did.  Her schedule was air-tight even as a child. Everything was scheduled for Katrina. She had a daily schedule which she followed with airtight precision and one for her life. She would have her wedding at the age of 18, then her Virgin Night and then her Offering. When a girl comes from Glacia’s aristo families with the brightest of connections and had a good chance of descending into the Dark end of the abyss, she could get practically anything she wants, which is what Katrina did.

She and Aulis Saari were married when she was eighteen and their wedding night was her Virgin Night which Aulis saw her through successfully. Although there was no love lost between the two, after all, it was a marriage made in political heaven, the pair got along well with Katrina, between her Craft lessons and other engagements, managing her husband’s budding architecture business.  Neither wanted children, particularly as Katrina hadn’t yet had her Offering and everyone suspected that having a child before the Offering might somehow injure Katrina’s chances of descending correctly.

At 20 Katrina went through her Offering ceremony, coming away with a Green Jewel. The success meant a possible position at an established shrine or altar.  Katrina, instead, opted to continue working with her husband, only presiding over personal family affairs.  Their first child Matias was born quickly thereafter.  It had been on Katrina’s schedule, you see. There would be four children altogether. A boy, a girl, a boy and another girl.  By the time Matias was two, his brother was born, a distinct disappointment for Katrina who had wanted the births and genders organized according to her preference.

Still, Matias was a treasure, as was his little brother.  Katrina’s schedule could be on hold for a little while as she took care of the children.  It was difficult, sometimes, to take care of the kids and the job because as Matias grew, the little Warlord Prince began to exhibit signs of being a violent, aggressive little boy.  He bit, threw stones and shouted at anyone according to simple whimsy.  And because there was no discernible pattern for his behavior, it was difficult to curb. Thus, Matias, as a boy was always punishing other kids for simply being around.  And while this was true of Matias’s sisters Josefina and Simone, it was particularly true of Tuevo who had to carry the brunt of his older brother’s abuse.

When he walked away from his Birthright Ceremony with a Sapphire Jewel, Matias’ behavior became worse.  Having grown up in Glacian society and being an astute, if ill behaved child, Matias realized that having achieved such a Dark Birthright was an advantage that could be used to keep him out of trouble even when he did distinctly horrible things.

Feeling that Craft lessons outside the house with a group of other children would do him better, Katrina discontinued her general Craft sessions with her oldest child and sent him out to learn with a tutor who had organized a kind of school for basic Craft. This proved to be advantageous to Katrina who still had the other three children to raise as well as managing her husband’s thriving architecture business. The tutor was happy with it as well as he was being allowed the advantage of tutoring one of the most promising children in the territory.

Mornings were reserved for General Craft lessons and protocol, while afternoons were reserved for specific Caste Craft. While the tutor himself gave sessions for Warlord Princes, other castes were sent out to learn with members of their own caste. For a while Matias became a big fish in a small pond.  None of the other students were as dark jeweled as he was and the astute little boy realized it, pushing his limits with everyone from his own parents to the tutors. The childish annoyances and bullying turned even into pranks. He would catch snakes on the outings and sneak them into the other children’s desks. Pine cones and rocks left passed through into someone else’s shoe would be triggered with zapping spells. When the kids would play tag invisible shields would spring up suddenly, causing them to slam into air.

But while all this was happening, something else was happening too, in the 12 year old boy.  While the violence in him never abated, it began to be coupled with pain and regret over injuries, particularly those he caused. No one noticed because even at twelve, Matias was so good at being a bully that he could act like it rather than just be it, unconsciously worried of being seen as lesser for not living up to the aggression of his caste and the depth of his jewels.

When an outing took the assembled group of children to the woods one day Matias fell back behind the group.  This was not unexpected and because it seemed to the tutor Warlord Prince that his distance kept the other kids more comfortable, no one encouraged Matias to catch up.  Before long he couldn’t see the group anymore, following only the remnants of their psychic scents. It wasn’t long before he heard a snap and then the keening whimpers of a familiar voice.  He followed the whimpering and sobbing, coming upon Larsi Sofgn, a nine year old warlord.  While, from a distance, Matias couldn’t see it, he could somehow sense, somehow knew that Larsi had broken his arm. Advancing, he could see Larsi cradling his arm but when the boy looked up at Matias, it was evident he was more frightened of the Birthright Sapphire Warlord Prince than he was of the pain.

While Matias stood at the edge of the clearing unsure what he could possibly do, an older girl from their group brushed past him and went towards the fallen boy. Adelaide had been watching the exchange and, finally having decided Matias wasn’t going to do anything, decided to help herself.  She was a journeymaid by then and setting bones was something she had long since learned to do. There was something, though, that had escaped everyone’s notice about Adelaide and that was that the girl was incredibly intuitive.  She was the only one who noticed the boy’s empathy or had any idea what precipitated it.  Perhaps it was youthful naivite that had her inviting Matias to come closer, claiming she needed his “jewel strength” to help her do the healing.  In fact, she wanted to test her instinct. When Matias helped set her set the boy’s bone, the older Adelaide knew that her instinct was right.

It was Adelaide, who understood the danger of the secret she now shared, that approached Katrina and Aulis and told them that she suspected Matias’ overpowering Warlord Prince scent hid a burgeoning Healer scent as well. Of course with Adelaide being so young and Matias not having manifested fully the psychic scent of a healer, the parents scoffed. As a result, it was Adelaide, out of a sense of duty, that decided to assist Matias in learning the Healer’s Craft. Their friendship, of necessity, stayed quite a secret and as Matias finally fully manifested the Healer’s scent, it was Adelaide who came up with the idea of weaving constant spells around him to “explain” the healer’s scent that clung to him so stubbornly.

Even after Adelaide finished her protocol lessons with the Warlord Prince tutor, she continued her friendship with Matias, instructing him in everything she learned both as a journeymaid and as a fully fledged Healer when she became old enough and finished her training, gaining her descent of Sapphire.

Adelaide was 23 and Matias was all of 18 when he met the Queen he would walk through fire for. Adelaide was still giving Matias lessons.  Although creating brews and tonics helped advance Matias through his craft, this was hardly enough as a large part of healing must be done on living specimens. Adelaide came up with the idea of assisting the landens in a nearby village during emergencies.  Because of the good landen/Blood relations of Glacia, this was an especially productive arrangement. Still, even with the arrangement, Matias’s education was severely stalled.  On one occasion, when Matias was meeting Adelaide for their secret sessions, the Healer brought along her adopted sister, Kenna Anderson.

This was the day that Mat met his Queen. It was also the day Mat fell in love.  Of course, for an eighteen year old to be in love with a thirteen year old is unacceptable and Matias used his friendship with Adelaide to see more of his Queen until they simply became a trio of secret friends. This lasted for a few years.  Mat went through his Offering, coming away with the Ebon Gray and he and Adelaide had a public friendship that provided the cover he needed for what he couldn’t hide on his own.

At twenty, Adelaide was twenty-four and her younger sister was fifteen. Matias could no longer go unencumbered, studying protocol and the duties of a Warlord Prince.  Now he was required to serve as part of the second circle to Julian Dahl.  This was his first official court position and he appreciated it, as it kept him close to the Queen of his heart despite the contract to serve another.  Julian Dahl put his Dark Jewels to use immediately, training him and educating him in the ritual of the Virgin Night, as well as the duties and of someone who would expect to fulfill the Consort position one day. These lessons were understandably intimate and though he kept the secret of their intimacy and explicitness from Kenna out of a romantic notion of keeping her from getting hurt, he found in these lessons a certain outlet for his sexuality. After all, no one could expect a virgin Queen to go near so dark a male in a rut.  And very soon after the lessons were over, began the necessity of performing the Virgin Night duties to the Darker Jeweled women of the Virratt province, the details of which were also kept from Kenna.

It seemed that Kenna was happy with this decision as well. Although it was no secret to either Kenna or Matias that the man had more than innocent subservient feelings to his Queen and no secret that she had the same for him, but Mat, very conscious of the age difference between them never made an inappropriate move. In fact, it was Kenna who made the first move towards Matias and changed their relationship from just the emotional towards the physical. 

Because of her age and because she had not yet had her Virgin Night, the relationship could only go so far. It seemed obvious to both Matias and Kenna that once she was ready they would be together as lovers and Matias had long since claimed the right to bring Kenna through her Virgin Night.  Even Adelaide could not help but see the connection between the two and despite their desire for secrecy, two lovers can’t always keep quiet about the things that go on in their hearts.  To Matias, Kenna was everything he needed. Not just the Queen who held his life in her hands, she was delicate and passionate, a butterfly he had caught. Their isolation from those around them, him because of his second caste and her because of her illness, only brought them both closer together.

So it was that by the time Kenna arrived at her Virgin Night, Matias had been serving Lady Dahl for years and no one stood in either of their ways when Matias stepped up to fulfill the sacred duty. The two remained lovers throughout the next few years.  Lady Dahl was deposed thanks to Kenna Anderson who was given the province of Virratt to rule and Matias became her Consort. Everything the young Healer Warlord Prince wanted was his. Relations with his families improved, and though he still had to hide his caste (made more difficult in the last few years because of his duty to Queen and Court), Adelaide let him do any of the work on Kenna that needed to be done.  The two women were his secret keepers and he was their backbone.

He was picking out rings. And then Olivia Anderson began her manipulations of the man she never intended to be her son-in-law. “There are rumors that you manipulate the Queen,” she said.  “No one takes the Queen of Virratt seriously,” she said.  “It looks bad for Kenna that you are here when you should be at the Territory Court,” she said.  “Can’t you see what you’re doing to the woman you claim to love?” “What will your ruts one day do to her, she’s already so fragile.”  And it seemed to be true.  There were times when Kenna’s eyes were glassy and she seemed more rosy and frail than ever. He couldn’t ignore that she seemed to drink more healing brews than was actually necessary. And the Healer Warlord Prince began to doubt himself.  He began to withdraw emotionally from the woman he loved, watching her and reasoning that if she was this bad with him, wouldn’t she be better off without? For all of that, though, Matias couldn’t bring himself to pull completely away although he did stop treating Kenna as a healer should, leaving the job to her sister. Both the lovers were in a vulnerable place so when Kenna, at her mother’s behest, began pushing Matias to leave her court and serve at the Territory court, Matias understood that perhaps she too thought she was better off without having to manage the Ebon Gray as well.

Their relationship effectively ended.

Matias went to Vaasa at 28, his heart broken without anyone to actually blame for what went wrong.

He was not friendless, though. In Vaasa there were two Ebon Grays already serving the Territory Court. Matias had known Yrian and Aksel Winterton since his Offering in the same year as theirs. Whatever had happened to Mother Night that year, she had birthed three Ebon Greys and now something had brought them all together. Knowing each other made assimilation into life in Vaasa much easier for Matias who really needed friends.  He had not only left his life behind in Virratt, but had also left his lover and his best friend. Here he did not know who to trust and therefore could no longer perform any healing. It became more and more important to effectively hide the healer’s scent beneath that of the Warlord Prince and he began studying Craft to learn any spells that might assist with such a thing.

For the most part it seemed to be working and it had the added advantage of keeping him distracted from his pain. Unfortunately there was one person discerning enough to note that there was something strange about Matias’s psychic scent and that was Yrian. It was Yrian who watched Matias closely enough to note that there was a distinct Healer quality about him.  And perhaps even to note the agony that took its toll on the healer who had to pretend to be something other than he was. It was a mark of their friendship that Yrian came to Matias with what he suspected rather than anyone else.  And it was a mark of their friendship that Matias didn’t immediately expect an attack.

The two men talked but Yrian didn’t have to do much convincing. Matias joined the Secret Triangle quickly.  He simply couldn’t say no to being what he was, even if it was only for one night every month. There was no one to heal, and he spent his days in hiding. While Yrian talked about making Glacia safe for dual cated males, Matias was sold at the very beginning.  His friend would keep his secret, and in return, he would join the Triangle. It was worth it for everyone involved.  And as the secret rituals began, Matias began to realize how closely connected to the Darkness his jewels made him and how much he appreciated those few times when they could glory in their private castes.

Throughout it all, Isyviel, knowing that Matias was bonded to Kenna, had the man acting as a go between of the two courts. This was especially difficult for Matias who often asked to speak with the Steward and relay his messages to the steward rather than the Queen herself. It helped nothing that every time he saw Kenna he wanted to take her to bed. They were no longer together. He began an active search for someone to replace the woman he was in love with and alighted on Elina Torsti. Despite her being blacklisted by all of Glacia, there was something about the delicate healer that attracted Matias. Here was a woman who was a healer. If he couldn’t practice the Craft, at least he could be around it, in its scent.  But there was more. Elina seemed to be everything that Kenna wasn’t.  She was sound and strong where Kenna was soft and pliant. She was isolated, where Kenna was a celebrated Queen.

The physical and mental attraction to the healer, along with his rational reasoning had Matias laying a very careful seduction and courtship of Elina. There was never any mention of Kenna Anderson and his affair with her. Any talk of the woman who was his Queen was spoken of only as that and had Elina ever mentioned his position as Kenna’s Consort, Matias implied that the position was of political advantage and held no emotional quotient for the Ebon Gray Warlord Prince.  The woman who had become his lover, the second of his life, knew so very little about the man she took to her bed.  But she did know how he cared for her.  It was obvious in everything Matias did.  All the care and love and physical affection he had to stop showing to his Queen, he showered on Elina. And over time, as their relationship grew, he began to forget his love for the other woman.

Matias even went so far as to approach Queen Valenkos and request that someone else take his position as emissary to Kenna Anderson’s Court. This particular position was given to Elisif Brenden.

Things went very well and a year into their relationship, Matias asked Elina to marry him.  There was no family to request approval from. He’d bought a ring before he announced his intentions to anyone. He was in love again and, still tormented by how close he’d come with Kenna before disaster struck, he wasn’t about to take that chance again. Matias proposed to his lover at dawn one morning, taking her to a cabin at the peak of the Kaarme mountains, where they could watch the sunrise together.  Every romantic inkling of his soul strove to make the moment perfect, not to risk rejection again.  And Elina said yes.

After that there was a flurry of activity in planning the small wedding although the wedding’s guests were the most prestigious throughout the ceremony. Matias went back and forth about whether to invite Kenna.  She was his Queen so long ago.  But she was also his lover in the truest sense of the word. He was certain he didn’t have any feelings left for her and in an attempt to discern whether it would be appropriate to invite her, he went to Virratt to see the woman who had once been his lover.  He discovered, even then, a week before his wedding, that he was still in love with Kenna.  His intention was never to do more than see her across the room, then his desire was to do no more than hold her, one last embrace, one last time.  And then his desire was nothing more than to be with her, their bodies coming together in a fury impossible for anyone but used-to-be lovers.

It was evident to Matias, even after their wanton coupling that Kenna had no intention of accepting him again and even if he had, there was another woman in Vaasa whom he loved as well. Their parting this time was mutual and, Matias accepted, permanent.

His heart was broken again, even though he knew it shouldn’t have been.  But there was Elina, and he loved her. Matias couldn’t bring himself to tell her of his transgression, concerned she would break off their marriage.  He’d lost one lover, he couldn’t lose another.  And so this became yet another secret he kept from his fiance, and then later on from his wife. The parting from Kenna was just another brick on the wall Matias was trying to build between himself and his former Queen. There was no indication, either in his emotions or his actions that there was anyone in his heart except for the woman who was his wife.

Matias never saw Kenna after that.  He concentrated fully on Elina, his position at court and the Triangle and they kept him busy for a long time. He was never too busy, though, despite his attempts to be so, not to notice that Kenna Anderson had taken an extended leave and was gone for a little less than a year.  Through the grapevine of Glacia he understood that this was a special request of Isyviel’s and part of Kenna’s work. Still, despite his love for Elina, there was always a part of him that would look for his Queen. When she finally came back to Glacia Mat stayed away as long as possible. A few months went by.

It had been a year and a half since he’d seen his Queen. Surely a little visit couldn’t hurt.  He was married now and Elina had just gotten pregnant.  With so much on his plate, surely he could stand up to the temptation Kenna had always been. He volunteered to bring her a message from the court, something which Isyviel wondered at but didn’t bother naysaying. The old woman understood the connection a Warlord Prince had to his Queen and agreed to let him go. Matias wasn’t prepared for what he discovered when he got there. 

The conversation was going well, he thought. Both he and Kenna were on opposite facing couches. She seemed to be healthy, he thought. And though the conversation was forced, particularly when discussing Matias marriage or where Kenna had been for the year, it was better to be in Kenna’s presence, he found, than out of it.  The shock of his life came, though, when the door opened unexpectedly and a nurse came in carrying a child and telling Kenna that she was sorry she was so late, the baby had been sleeping.

Matias sat on the couch stunned looking between the child who couldn’t be more than seven or eight months old to Kenna.  The baby squirmed in its nurse’s grasp and reached its arms to Kenna. Her blond hair, complete with a little bow, was the same color as his Queen’s. Her large blue eyes with the odd little tilt in the corners were the same ones he saw every day in the mirror. He looked at Kenna when the nurse left and asked her the only question he could think of. How old was the child.  When she answered, Matias had to swallow.  There was no question in his mind that the child was his and when he asked for confirmation, Kenna allowed that Mariella was.

He had a daughter. He had a daughter with the woman he had loved since he was a child. The combination of joy and guilt ate at him but there was little Matias could do but request to be allowed to spend time with his child. This began a pattern of visits to Virratt once every two weeks that Matias explained to his wife as being a court necessity. Elina proved supportive, never knowing what she was supportive of.  Yet another secret was added to the growing pile.

If there’s difficulty in being an Ebon Gray Warlord Prince, there’s even more difficulty in being one who had to hide his other natural caste. More difficulty still in being one who couldn’t act on his natural caste. There was the guilt of secrets that could not be shared and of feelings that had to remain unspoken. It all eventually came to a head on the day that Elina went into labor. His wife, the healer who hadn’t been able to use her jewels for nine months was asking for another healer.  He’d been helpful throughout her pregnancy and had allowed someone else to assist her in everything she needed, healing everything from backaches to headaches. But now... now his wife was in pain and his child was being born. And Matias simply couldn’t do it. Everything in him called to tend his wife though her pain and NOT to let anyone else take do the healing that by all rights should be his.

This was how Elina discovered that Matias was a healer. He soothed her pain, he helped her through the birth and he was the first person to hold their son. The first secret was spilled over the blood that stained the bed the day their son was born and Matias knew, no matter how closely he attempted to guard the others, they would spill. Such was the nature of secrets, to be told.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:

It had been nearly two years since he’d seen her. Matias didn’t understand it. He knew, from speaking with other men, that once their affairs were over, they were simply over. There was a bit of nostalgia left, some remnants of emotions but that was all. Why then, did it happen that even now, two years after the last time he’d seen her, he still felt himself completely swept by feeling when he looked at his former Queen.  She looked much the same. Still frail, still beautiful, her hair a perfect coiff, her dress a perfect imitation of the current fashions. How could it be that he still felt what he did when just this morning he had risen from Elina’s bed. When last night he’d whispered to the other woman while he was inside her that she held his heart.  He certainly had not been lying.

How was it possible that he loved two women?

Matias cleared his throat. The conversation had been more stilted than usual and Kenna kept starting sentences and stopping in the middle as though realizing she’d started at the wrong end. She’d never been that way. They had always been best friends. They’d always been able to talk so easily. Now it seemed impossible. Of course he’d never been this way either.  His own conversation was built of small fragmented sentences speaking of the weather and asking how Nharkava was this time of year. They were two people who had shared everything and yet somehow they stopped being able to share themselves.

He glanced down at his hands, his elbows on his knees so that he was bent over and gave a self effacing smile.  “I’m sorry we barely know what to say to each other-”

He never got to finish what he was going to say. The door of the salon twisted inwards and a youthful maid, around Kenna’s age, he guessed it, came in carrying a baby. She was a darling, with golden locks and a pink bow that matched her dress, proclaiming her a girl when it would have been difficult to tell.  “Oh, I’m sorry, Lady Anderson. Mariella was sleeping. She started whining for you the moment she woke up. . I know how you usually like to...” suddenly the maid became aware that there was another person in the room. She flushed and went to close the door but the baby in her arms twisted and reached.  She’d noticed her mother.

Matias looked from the baby to the woman sitting across from him and noticed her expression. “Usually,” Kenna addressed the maid, “I am not in a meeting.” Her tone was clipped. He recognized that look. Matias’s mind was slow in assimilating what he was seeing.  Kenna sighed and gestured for the child who was reaching plaintively for her mother.  “Damage done. Bring her in then.”

He was silent. The maid skittered away. Kenna cuddled the child. “How old is she?” He asked in a strained voice.

“Seven months,” she said.  There was something in her gaze which told him everything he needed to know. But Matias had to ask the question as his rage began to stalk him towards the killing edge.

“Is she mine?” His voice was guttural.  He was hoping she would say no so that this betrayal would not be true. But his blood was in his ears, rushing through and he could hardly hear anything.

The woman who had been his lover, the woman who he still loved looked at him quietly, holding onto her daughter tightly, and said, “You’re her father.”

Control. He told himself. Control. Control because she was holding his daughter.  Control because she was holding his daughter. The woman he loved was holding his daughter his child. Control. For a few minutes there was silence, complete silence. The air throbbed with his anger. And then as the little girl wiggled and moved in her mother’s grasp, it began to abate. He wanted to hold her.  She had a smile he recognized. He stood up wordlessly and reached for her.

Kenna sat, holding her squirmy daughter who seemed intent on playing with her mother’s cheeks, and looked at him as he came over but though his hands were outstretched, she didn’t release her hold on the child.  His frown returned, made stern by all the power he knew he possessed behind it. “She’s mine too. You said so yourself,” he reminded her. Easily he could have yanked the child from her mother, but what would that have proven other than that he could do so.  It was easy to see that Kenna was protective of her daughter and he approved.  She was his daughter as well.

“Her name is Mariella,” she said still holding the child.  He didn’t move, didn’t lower his arms though he was feeling quite ridiculous by now. Finally, Kenna’s arms shifted a bit. He could recognize the signs, and pulled the child gently from her mother’s grasp.  It was evident she didn’t want to let her daughter go so Matias fell into the seat beside her, holding his little girl against his chest.

Her child’s scent rose up to his nose.  “She’s a Healer and a Queen,” he said, his voice softly awed.   He was oblivious to Kenna’s frustration and her pain while he admired the little girl sitting so easily in his lap. He tickled Mariella’s cheek, marveling at its smoothness. Brushed his fingers against the white blond curls and tucked his nose against the curve of her shoulder. She was his, he was sure that even had Kenna never said a thing he would feel this connection to his daughter.

Kenna’s voice interrupted his joyful musings. “And she’ll never wake up to surprises from her father,” she said in a despondent voice. It tugged at Matias’s heart, that sound. He’d heard it before, but he was too enamored of his child right now and couldn’t stop looking at her. “Yes she will,” he promised softly. He meant it. He would be here for his daughter. He would be her father.

Petitions (if any):

Petitions (if any): 
Caste Requesting : Healer Warlord Prince
Reasons For Requesting these Castes:

**Writer Note: This below was written by Tal and I have made no changes. If it needs to be changed, please let me know**

In terms of picking “Healer”, Matias needs the Healer caste for the Male Triangle plot in Glacia.  Glacia is a female run territory from top to bottom and men are often excluded from things. In particular, men are excluded from certain modes of worship and this includes what in the Courts is referred to as the “Inner Triangle”.  Yrian, Aksel and Matias are part of a triangle that is completely subverting the accepted religion in Glacia and, should they be found out, would blow things wide open for the territory as they all wear the Ebon Gray - something that is undoubtedly a gift from the Darkness. The rules of Glacia state that if you play by the rules then you get rewarded and yet here are three of the Darkest males of Glacia going against the rules. With Priest and Black Widow already having been taken, Healer is the last caste that needs to be filled.

The goal of this character is to exhibit what happens to a person when they are incapable of fulfilling their emotional necessities. To this end, I went with two castes that seem to be diametrically opposite.

Healers are, at the very least, empathic and sensitive by nature. They are caring sometimes despite themselves and are inherently generous and kind.  Warlord Princes by their very nature are territorial, aggressive and not inclined to concern themselves with others.  I simply couldn’t resist trying to piece the two together, particularly with the added hindrance of Mat’s not being able to work his Healing.  Had Mat been able to practice Healing as any healer would, then the character would be drastically different and perhaps other male castes would have been acceptable.

However I picked Warlord Prince because I really wanted to show how someone so destructive could reconcile their two castes. At the same time, with Mat not being able to heal, what this does is augment his Warlord Prince caste, making him even more short tempered and aggressive. Someone who should be made “softer” is actually being made “harder” and I really want to explore this in character.

Plans for this Character:

Writer’s Note: This has been put together with my own thoughts and an outline of the Mat’s future.

Matias Saari has had some issues gaining traction in the past. He’s the third side of the Shadow Triangle, but where Aksel and Yrian Winterton have flourished, Mat has had a lot of stop and go. I’d like to have Mat hit the ground running. He’s already been referred to as being awake and active, but I’d like to put some sharper focus on what he’s been doing since Aksel woke him from his coma.

-Elina has left Mat due to Aksel's machinations, though Mat is not aware of this. This will drive Mat to want his daughter Mariella and her mother, his Queen, Kenna Anderson closer to him. She is his best friend, a safe haven, and the mother of his child. Petri and I are establishing what their family unit looks like and the challenges it will face, especially when Kenna’s sister is discovered to be aiding the Smugglers. Mat doesn’t want to hurt Kenna but he also doesn’t want the Dark Religion subverted (even as he conveniently ignores that he’s also subverting in his plot with Aksel and Yrian).

-Kenna has been of ill health for as long as Mat has known her. He's long wanted to help her get healthier and live a better life. In order to keep his Healing skills sharp for when Aksel and Yrian need him, Matias is working on a number of tonics and healing brews to assist Kenna.  It's through these that he developed the brew that will ensure the sex of Yrian's and Elisif's unborn child. Meanwhile, he needs Kenna to get better for Mariella's sake as much as his own. He cannot lose his Queen and the mother of his child.

-He’s now Glacia’s Master of the Guard, giving him further reasons to interact with his “brothers” Aksel and Yrian, while also letting him interact with members of the Territory Court and any Provinces that he feels are a problem. The job is fast-paced, but Mat will eventually grow into the role, which will lead to the next part of his story which is…

- The Underground has been successful. They’ve smuggled the Light Jeweled out of Glacia for some time without serious opposition. Matias Saari intends to change all that. Elisif Brenden is the triple-casted messiah and the face of the Dark Religion in Glacia. But Mat will be the hammer that goes after the Underground with no mercy. He has no idea that his own sister is a member, of course, which could lead to some interesting conflict if it was ever discovered. Even if it isn't, interacting with Josefina is just one way to bring Mat's blood family into further storylines.

Player Name: Gavin
(This character is the original creation of Tal; I've adopted him with full support of the original creator. Original Character Sheet, done by Tal is located here)

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Ready for review.

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I have purchased an Extra Jewel Ratio Slot (Ebon Gray/Black) here.

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All good on the Kenna mentions.

i told you, i'm no good.

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This application has been reviewed!

Check your private messages for feedback. When you have made the requested changes please reply to this post and let us know you are ready for the next round!

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Ready for Round 2!

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