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For years, the Dark Religion has persecuted the Light Jeweled with its doctrine of stigmatization. Under the messianic Queen Elisif Brenden, it has flourished, ensuring Glacia’s success in other fronts. But upon her death, a line has been drawn and forces beyond Glacia’s borders are gathering to stop its theocracy once and for all.
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Author Topic: Markus Niskala  (Read 1872 times)

Description: Prince. Purple Dusk to Green. Played by Phedre.

Offline Markus Niskala

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Markus Niskala
« on: Dec 10, 13, 02:47:13 AM »
The Basics
Character Name: Markus Niskala
Age: 39 (born 154)
Race: Glacian (short lived)
Caste: Prince
Birth Territory: Glacia
Home Territory: Glacia

Birthright Jewel: cut Purple Dusk
Offering Jewel: uncut Green

Play By: Jensen Ackles
Distinguishing Features:
Markus' hair is more dirty blonde than the light blonde of many other Glacians and his skin has been tanned from years spent in the Nharkava sun.


To call Markus a sadist would be missing the nuances of his personality and skill set that he is both so incredibly proud of and distinguish him from others in his line of work. He is rather more a connoisseur of torture, capable of fine detail and broad washes of pain depending of what the specific situation requires. His preference will always lean toward prolonged sessions with a weaker mind, especially if he has leave to not keep that mind intact when the session is over. It was not only allowed with many of the Landen rebels that were brought in, it was preferable. So much easier if they were simply never heard from again.

Markus enjoyed the work, both because it brought him deep pleasure and satisfaction like nothing else could and because he was damn good at it. Those who served with him in Nharkava treated him differently after the rebellion started and they realized what he was capable of. He held no moral compunction about what he was doing, which was expected for one raised with Glacia’s morals and views of Landen. These Landen were not the treasured children of Glacia. These were the bastard followers of pagan gods who did not deserve the Mother’s blessing or her mercy. While others who were assigned to the same duties as Markus seemed to suffer some crisis of conscience or faith, Markus slept great and got laid often, keeping a steady stream of discreet lovers always on hand. His conscience could not have been more clear.

In all things, Markus wants to be the dominant personality. Rarely does he equate this to Jewel strength as, for his own private reasons, he will never win that battle. Instead it becomes a battle of will, of charisma, of balls. Who is willing to go to the extremes that need to be done in order to get the job done? Regardless the task, Markus never turns it down. The day he left a room with the blood of a Landen child on his hands, his brother became physically ill, but Markus simply attributed it to being willing to do what needed to be done. He was a soldier in a war that was being fought against the Blood. And he would not stand idly by and allow the enemy to take them down.

Privately, however, he is fiercely envious of those who have more power and more Craft than he does and he craves their power. He will never be able to obtain it no matter how hard he trains physically or with Craft, but he wants it desperately. Those who stand deeper in the abyss than him: his father, his brother, his sister-in-law, his wife, are all figures of both jealousy and hatred for him, as he can never access the power that they have. Being close to them can at times feel like he can have a taste of what they have, but it’s not enough. Markus craves power truly dark, beyond what the Sapphires and Red he is close to could possibly offer him.

Some see him as cold hearted, while others see him as practical. He doesn't care what they think as long as they don't interfere with his getting his needs and wants met. In this he tends to chase people out of his life. While he has a steady stream of lovers, he is actually an extremely lonely and isolated person, never really connecting with anyone because he does not trust them. They certainly should not trust him.

  • 1 Having power over other people. Markus enjoys wielding power over others. He never realized how much until the rebellion began. It was needful that they ask questions, needful that they employ methods in which to get answers. The rebellion needed to be squashed before it could destabilize Nharkava, before it could harm Glacia. And every moment of it made Markus feel powerful in a way that was so intoxicating, like nothing he had ever known before.   
  • 2 Sex. With men. Sex with women Markus could really do without having to endure again. He has managed to not engage in sex with his wife in seven years. It was pretty easy. She refused to come to Nharkava and he was not at leave to return to Glacia. Now that he is back in Glacia, the issue is bound to come up at some point, which is not something he is at all looking forward to dealing with.
  • 3 Breaking weaker minds. The first time was on accident, rough sex with a light Jeweled man in an alley shortly after his Offering. The feeling was like nothing he had ever experienced. It wasn’t until he reached Nharkava and the rebellion began that this became something he could do on a more regular basis, snuffing out rebel minds and turning them to ash. It was better than sex and Markus will go to great lengths for good sex.
  • 1 Being touched without permission. Markus expects his personal space to be respected, despite having little to no respect for the personal space of others. He does not like to be touched without permission by anyone, even his lovers, and those who make the mistake on too many occasions learn quickly how thoroughly cold it feels to be left in the absence of all of Markus’ affections.
  • 2 Nharkava’s heat. The incessant heat of Nharkava left Markus in a constant state of irritation. He could barely think clearly for the constant sweat that clung to his body. His temper was often at its peak by late afternoon and whoever crossed his path bore the brunt of it. While there are some negatives to returning to Glacia, he is thrilled to be away from the heat. 
  • 3 Kneeling. Kneeling is a subservient position. Even if it is in honor of the Mother or Glacia’s precious Darkness, kneeling does not sit well with Markus. He avoids going to any rituals or religious services where kneeling will be required of him and dislikes formal Court events that would require it for the same reason. 
  • 1 That his weaker strength will be found out. Markus is extremely self conscious about how weak his Jewel strength is and it is something he spends great effort to hide. No one can find out. If they did, they might think him not worthy of his Green Jewel, or worse, as nothing more than what his Purple Dusk would mark him as: a light Jewel in Glacia. He is extremely careful to conserve his Jewel strength so that he is never seen to tire too easily or quickly and relies a great deal on his physical strength over his Jewel strength to do things whenever he can. He works out daily and strives to stay in excellent shape as part of this need to keep this secret.   
  • 2 That he will not be able to enjoy the same sport in Glacia as Nharkava. His work in Nharkava over the last three years since the rebellion began offered him the ability to seek out those weaker than him and practice the darker aspects of his Craft. The rebel Landen were not to be treated kindly or even expected to survive interrogation, which suited Markus just fine. But here in Glacia, Landen are cared for and protected. While he may be able to find the occasional light Jewel to play with, it won’t be the same and he fears his needs will overcome him and cause him to act recklessly, risking everything he has worked for and achieved.   
  • 3 His wife. Eirikur was married to a Dark Jeweled Priestess from Nharkava seven years ago, furthering the bonds between Glacia and Nharkava. It was a strong political move and both brothers went to Nharkava to serve and work, but Markus’ wife chose to remain behind in Glacia. They had not been married long, their own marriage also political in nature, and have had little contact over his absence. His sudden return from Nharkava to serve in the newly formed Court has thrust them back together in a way that is not comfortable for either of them, but is downright terrifying for Markus.       
Craft Strengths:
  • 1 Sexual Seduction. Markus learned early on that his ability at seduction went far beyond his good looks. From his first bumbling attempts as a teenager, his sexual conquests responded to him rather with more exuberance than he would have expected. He quickly figured out he was putting his Craft behind his sexuality and pulling them into him, spurring them forward with his own insatiable desire. 
  • 2 Emotional Manipulation. Unlike the natural way sexual seduction came to him, emotional manipulation was something he has spent countless hours working on perfecting, honing his Craft to be able to play the emotions of those he targets. He wants to control them, he wants to own them, and the best way to be able to do that is to be able to force them to feel what he wants them to feel. This was extremely useful in his work in Nharkava when he was working with the light Jeweled, of course, when working with the Landen, he had entirely different methods he would employ. 
Craft Weaknesses:
  • 1 Psychic Monitoring. There are many times when his work would have gone much more smoothly had he been able to psychicly monitor the individual he was interrogating to ensure that they were managing the questioning well. Unfortunately this is not a skill he possesses and has on more than one occasion been the cause of things going much too far without  Markus’ ability to monitor the individual in question. This was one of the reasons he was assigned to dealing with the rebels specifically instead of more sensitive and needed individuals who might be irreparably damaged after their encounters with him.   
  • 2 Shallow Well. For reasons unknown to Markus, he doesn’t possess as much power as his Green Jewel would normally indicate. In Glacia, all that matters is that he is Dark, and he is that, but really, the amount of Craft he has access to is more in line with his Birthright Purple Dusk than his Green. He covets the power others wield and feels that the Darkness cheated him from what he truly deserves.   
Life Story

Mother: Leila Niskala (61) Yellow to Rose Priestess
Father: Taneli Niskala (63) Blood Opal to Sapphire Prince
Siblings: Brother - Eirikur Niksala (33) - Opal to Sapphire Prince - First circle of Nharkava (Jewels rolled for Dayaal’s sheet)
Sister-in-law - Faatima Barthakur (30) - Purple Dusk to Sapphire Priestess - First circle of Nharkava. (Jewels rolled for Dayaal’s sheet)
Wife: Mira Niskala (33) Opal to Red Priestess
Son: Thoren Niskala (189 AP)
Daughter: Tyra Niskala (189 AP)

Born to a politically driven family, Markus knew his entire life that he and his brother both would be married to Priestesses of their parents choosing when the time came for such matters to occur. Even as a child, the knowledge that this was to be his destiny rested on his tiny shoulders. It was the way of the Niskala men, to bind themselves to the practices of Glacia’s dark faith and serve them in the manner that was appropriate. His father’s union had been unusual in that the Priestess chosen for him had worn a light Jewel, but she came from a powerful Dark Jeweled family, and even though she herself carried the taint of the Mother’s displeasure, the match aligned the two families in a way that was beneficial to both sides.

When Markus came away from his Birthright with the Purple Dusk and Eirikur came away three years after with the Opal, it was clear that the pair were in fact a good match and had bred children who would be blessed by the Mother, regardless of their mother’s light Jeweled status. Princes like their father, they took to their studies with alacrity and were extremely bright and intelligent boys, inquisitive and curious, and always desiring of more knowledge. Their tutors were always impressed with the Niskala boys and rarely if ever did the boys find themselves in trouble for not attending to their studies. 

While a seemingly charming child, Markus did spend a great deal of his time separate from other children. He had a path to follow, a destiny, and it made him feel superior to the other children. He and his brother had an important role to play for their family. Other children simply went about without any care or thought to their future, a thing that was incomprehensible to Markus. He knew his responsibility. He knew his duty to his family and he intended to uphold the Niskala name.   

Their mother taught them much of the ways of the Mother and Glacia’s sacred Darkness, both because these were important lessons for Glacian children to know and because their own fates would have them bound to Priestesses as men and she felt strongly that they should know the minds and hearts of the women they would eventually entwine their lives around. Like with all knowledge, they absorbed these lessons with speed and ease.

It was when Markus crossed into adolescence and his teenage years that his natural abilities at seduction began to come to the fore, smoothing what is normally an extremely awkward time for young men. Due to the importance of a witch’s Virgin Night, girls Markus’ own age were off limits, but he quickly found seducing women past their Offerings to be a thing he could do with ease. It was not something he enjoyed as much as he thought he should though and it didn’t take long for him to realize that his natural inclination ran toward other males and not toward females.

This was something that Markus kept secret from his family. He had a responsibility to them, to marry a Priestess and continue on the family’s traditions and he would do exactly what was expected of him, but secretly, out of the sight and out of their knowledge, Markus took lover after lover, his sexual appetite growing insatiable. He saw nothing wrong with this as he always intended to do exactly what was expected of him and marry whichever Priestess the family chose for him as his proper partner. 

By the time he reached his Offering, he had already discovered his preference for men that were lighter Jeweled than him, men that he could control and manipulate. When he came away from his Offering with a Green Jewel, his family was thrilled. He had made them proud and upheld the Niskala name and reputation for being a Dark Jewel line. They began in earnest to consider potential matches for his future.

Something went wrong though. He didn’t have full access to the power at the depth of his Green like he should. Markus was terrified someone would notice, but no one did. As time passed, it became clear no one but him was aware of the lack of power he actually possessed. He became self conscious about it, pushing himself harder physically and with Craft. Always a good student, he worked even more diligently to perfect his Craft to cover any shortcomings that could possibly be picked up by others.

It was also shortly after his Offering that he first experienced breaking a weaker mind. It was an accident, but it was such an intoxicating experience Markus found himself craving to repeat it. It was dangerous and not something he could find a way to indulge in, but he thought about it and yearned for it. Nothing was ever as satisfying as that had been. 

He accepted a position in Isyviel’s Second Circle, a position that was warranted to him more by his family name than any personal accomplishment he had ever made and served with respect and proper manner, never revealing his fears about his weakness nor his constant hunger to cause pain and shatter the mind of another. It was while serving that he met the young, gifted Queen Elisif Brenden, still wearing only her Birthright Green. There was a connection between the Green Prince and the Green Black Widow Priestess Queen. Not the call of a male to a Queen, but something close enough that Markus knew whenever it was Elisif matured into her full strength and formed her own Court, he would find himself desiring to serve her.

In 178 AP, at the age of 24, Markus was betrothed to a Red Jeweled Priestess named Mira and a year later they were married. Shortly on the heels of their marriage came his brother’s betrothal to a young Priestess serving in the First Circle of the Nharkava Court who wore Birthright Opal and was about to go through her Offering. This alignment was considered particularly important for Glacia as creating solid ties between the Glacian and Nharkavan Courts was paramount. Both Niskala men were to leave for Glacia and serve in the Nharkava Court. Mira had no desire to leave the cold mountains of home and so she remained in Glacia while her husband took leave for Nharkava. Having struggled with the confines of his marriage, this arrangement suited Markus’ needs just fine.

Both Markus and his brother were given positions of honor serving in the First Circle in the Nharkava Court. When Faatima came away from her Offering wearing the Sapphire, she and Eirikur were married. The first four years serving in Nharkava passed by fairly uneventfully, although Markus did enjoy the freedom to take a series of discreet lovers without needing to worry about his wife finding out. While the heat was oppressive, everything else about Nharkava symbolized freedom for Markus and he didn’t even travel back to Glacia to visit, claiming that his work kept him far too busy.

Light Jeweled Glacians who attempted to escape across the border and were picked up were often placed into Markus’ hands, the Nharkava Court feeling that the Glacians should take care of their own. At first Markus was tentative about what he could get away with, but soon he realized that no one cared what happened to the light Jewels who had attempted to flee from their blessed homeland and escape into the jungle. Slowly, as the years passed, Markus found he could explore his darker urges if the circumstances were right, if there was no Dark Jeweled family coming to collect them, no one asking questions back home, and that deep need that had been riding him for so many years was finally quenched once again.   

It was when the rebellion began three years ago that Markus found a real place for his talents and finally found a way in which to satisfy the lust that had been awoken in him so long ago on a constant basis. Landens were rebelling against the Blood, purposefully going against everything that was the right and proper way of things, spitting in the face of the natural order. These rebels had information that was needed. Already having established that Markus was a person who could handle such matters, the Court once again looked to him.

The first time he burned out a Landen mind was like the first time in the alley way all over again. It was a drug and he could not get enough of it. Luckily for him, there were plenty of rebels, plenty of Landen to be questioned and interrogated, plenty of light Jewels who still needed to be taught what happened when one attempted to flee their homeland. Markus had found his calling.   

When word reached Markus from Glacia that Isyviel had left the throne, he knew who would be succeeding her to rule Glacia. He had said he would serve and he intended to keep his word, even if it had only been spoken to himself and never aloud to the teenage Elisif. He requested release from his place in the First Circle and was granted leave to return to Glacia. He said good bye to his brother, who while at times had looked at him with fear for what he was capable of, was still the closest person that Markus had.

He knew returning to Glacia meant returning to Mira, returning to a life he no longer knew or recognized, and leaving everything that he had come to know and cherish behind. In Glacia, the Landen were cared for, sacred children of the Mother. How he would leash his desires and repress the urges he had been so freely able to explore over the last three years he didn’t know. But it was time to go home.

Show Us What You've Got

Writing Sample:
NC-17 for sexual content  and violence

The young man’s skin was so smooth beneath his fingers where they dug into his hips. The contrast between soft flesh and hard muscle was intoxicating, driving him to push himself deeper into the man’s body. They were both fresh from their Offerings, but Markus had come away with the Green while this unfortunate soul had come away with the Summer Sky, cursing him to live his life as one of the tainted light Jewels of Glacia. His family had disowned him. With a Birthright Rose there had been a chance of Opal, but now, it was solidified.

The Darkness had passed final judgement and this man had been found wanting.

They had met over drinks and it took very little of Markus’ seduction Craft to have the pretty blonde with the deep blue eyes filled with grief and sadness following him out behind the bar into the alleyway. Once there, Markus had played with him, toying with him, building the desire until the lust between them was tangible. When the man, so shy inside the bar, pressed a crushing kiss against Markus’ lips and begged him to take him right there in the alley, Markus knew the seduction was complete, but he didn’t let off his Craft. Instead he continued the merciless tendrils, teasing the man’s flesh and hardening his cock to near painful levels.

When Markus finally entered him, the Summer Sky Warlord was panting with need, begging through grit teeth for any kind of release Markus would offer him. Markus hadn’t decided yet whether he’d actually allow the light Jewel release, but the begging drove his own desire further. The raw need in the Warlord’s voice was more aphrodisiac than even his whimpering cries as Markus drove his cock deep inside him. The tight flesh gave away under Markus’ direction and he moaned against the back of the man’s neck.

Markus’ Craft was already wrapped tightly around the man. It was only one more step to push against his mind, lightly at first, then with growing pressure. At first there was panic, but Markus moved his hand down from where he gripped the man’s hip and wrapped his hand around the man’s cock. The shuddering breath that came in response to the movement told Markus just how desperate he was. ”If you want release, this is the price. Let me in.” Markus stroked the man’s cock slowly for emphasis, lightly, barely touching him, a taste of what was to come if he got what he wanted.

There was a moment’s hesitation before Markus felt the inner barriers he was pressing against thrown open. So trusting. He wrapped his power tighter around the man in his arms, pulling him closer to him, speeding up his thrusts while he ever so slowly stroked the cock in his hand. He had access to the man’s mind. It was delicious, the lack of barriers between them, and power poured off of him as he came so close to climax.

The pressure building in the man’s body mirrored the pressure building in his own until suddenly it burst. The feeling was so intense it sent Markus immediately over the edge, coming harder than he ever had before. It wasn’t until he finished and had recovered from the aftershocks that he realized the man had gone completely slack in his arms. He had broken his mind, shattered his Jewels, and snuffed out his existence without even realizing he was doing it. And it was the most intense rush of his entire life.

Markus released the limp body and let it fall to the street. Erecting a sight shield over the end of the alley, he lit the body with witchfire and watched it burn. Every inch of his skin tingled. He felt alive. There was no guilt for what he had happened, only a fierce desire to find a way to experience the rush he had right at this moment again and again.

Petitions (if any): Reactivation Petition

Player Name: Phedre

Why did this character became inactive?
There was a zombie attack on my house and I had to flee for my life, causing all of my characters to become inactive. (Okay, okay, actually things just got insane with life and my kid and I had to leave the site, but seriously, isn't the zombie thing more interesting?)

What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
Be more awesome? Well, more specifically, be more realistic about what I can handle and what I can't and make sure I keep really solid boundaries around time and stress. I'm starting with only three characters that people really want to see in play and not taking on any admin duties. It shall be good.

What are your plans for this character?
Markus has all kinds of things going on. His wife, Mira, is pregnant with their child. He is still actively fighting the good fight against the horrors of the Light Jeweled for his Lady, Sif. He has become extremely close to Elina, who has just gone through some major challenges in learning her husband has a child with Kenna and, well, now the guy's in a coma. And she's not talking talking to Markus about it, which is highly annoying for him. I have also discussed some NEW AND SHINY plots with Raissa, Ele, and Tal that deeply involve Markus. Oh, and I still have open threads from before that would be great to tie off. 

Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) :

I would like to ask that Markus be granted his skill of Advanced Exploiting Weaknesses that he was gifted from the 2012 Thanksgiving Shop.

Ratio note: Markus' DJ slot was purchased at the time of creating the character.

You are the perfect drug

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Re: Markus Niskala
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Ready for review, please! Thank you! <3<3<3

You are the perfect drug

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Re: Markus Niskala
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