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Relentlessly persecuting the Light Jeweled of Glacia for their deficit, Elisif Brenden, the Queen, encourages adherence to all precepts of the Dark Religion. Dark Jewels who do not conform are forcefully brought into the fold and Light Jewels found in opposition are broken or executed for their mistakes. There can be no leniency in the frozen territory.
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Author Topic: Kazel Torin  (Read 116 times)

Description: Landen Female. Played By Selene.

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Kazel Torin
« on: Jan 07, 18, 08:35:03 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Kazel Torin
Nicknames: Kaz (Codename: Fox)
Age & Birthyear: 26 yrs (166 AP)
Race: Short-lived
Caste:  Landen
Birth Territory: Glacia
Home Territory: Glacia

Birthright Jewel: N/A
Offering Jewel:  N/A

Role: Messenger & Spy
Faction: Smugglers


Play By: Abigail Breslin
Distinguishing Features:



Kazel is fiercely independent and strong willed. She grew up fast on the hard frozen Glacia streets. It has made her determined and fierce. She doesn’t back down when challenged. There is an element of thrill  she enjoys in smuggling, the knowledge at any time she could be caught. It gives Kazel passion and fills her life with vigor. The constant motion and unpredictability of her profession gives the woman a sense of purpose.

She speaks her mind openly to anyone who will listen. Minding manners are the first to go when she is on an assignment. Kazel has zero patience with those who waste time, particularly via whining. The two people who she can tolerate the best are Paisley and Tristan, a pair of light jewelled Blood she met as children. Kazel still makes the time to visit them once in awhile, usually because she needs a place to lay low for a while, but it still counts as a social call.

Kazel is largely driven by self interest and the pursuit of coin. She is more than willing to turn in light jewels who try to screw her over, or those who simply can't pay the fare. Loyalty is just another commodity to be bartered with to her. Information, she has discovered to often be the most valuable in the right hands and the most profitable. Kazel swore she would never return to the streets and poverty she experienced as a child. Each coin she earns puts her one step further away from that experience, till she can finally forget it all together.

Kazel lives every day of her life as if it were her last. She wakes early and goes to bed late. She is always on the move, exploring and investigating. She doesn’t make plans for the future, even though she probably should. One day at a time is her motto. The woman keeps few friends, but holds many acquaintances.


  • Deciphering Codes - The skill of reading secrets called to Kazel when she was young. A curiosity to learn more of others, especially details they wished to conceal. She created and cracked codes on messages she delivered.
  • Attention - Kazel wants to be known by her employer and valued. She craves recognition and seeks to be in the middle of the action. This has driven her to stir up drama in order to be noticed, even negative attention is still attention to her.
  • Urgent Deliveries - The adrenaline and excitement of racing to make a deadline is what keeps Kazel warm on cold days. Her eyes take on a special light when she is under pressure. It also allows her to prove being Landen doesn’t hold her back.

  • Treated Like a Child - Kazel has noticed Blood have a habit of giving her a pat on the head and then dismissing her opinion. Just because she wasn't blessed with pretty rocks doesn’t mean she is any less  capable of being useful. She is an adult and knows how dangerous associating with smugglers can be.
  • The Power of the Blood - While she may admit many of the Blood use their jewels for good or at least neutral purposes, she knows it only takes one dark jewel to kill many and lay waste to a large area. Mother Night might love all of her creations, but certainly not equally. Kazel resents how the Blood have used their jewels to “watch over” the Jewelless and Landen.
  • Weak Minded - Kazel has seen much in her life already. She lived on the street most of her youth, during which she saw what happened to those who lacked strength. Glacia consumes the weak to feed the powerful. Kazel fought for everything she has to escape such lack of spirit.

  • Growing Attached - Having friends in smuggling gets you killed as far as she is concerned. Kazel stays far away from sentimental feelings. She has seen too many people get killed trying to protect others. Her parents dropped her at an orphanage and never looked back, so she sees no reason to depend on anyone.
  • Being Caught - Kazel is very aware of the consequences were she to be caught associating with smugglers. The worry crosses her mind each morning, and pursues her throughout the day. Kazel is far from being ready to die, especially for the crime of smuggling.
  • A Mind Touch - She knows the Blood have a special way of sharing their thoughts directly to each other, and she is also aware of how easily they could kill her with it. The briefest brush would end everything she had worked for. Lacking an understanding of how mind contact works between members of the Blood has only increased her fear of it.
Personal Strengths:

  • Determination - Kazel is used to picking herself back up after a failure. She has delivered messages in freezing snowstorms. No matter how tired she is, Kazel will find the energy to carry on. Kazel knows she must take care of herself as no one else watches her back.
  • Timeliness - Most messages have a deadline to be received by the destination. Keeping to a schedule and arriving on time or early is natural to Kazel. In the orphanage, the children who arrived late to breakfast or dinner didn’t eat. It only took one empty belly for the young girl to gain a zealous attention to the clock.
Personal Weaknesses:

  • Stubborn - Kazel is sure her way is the right way and doesn’t appreciate when told differently. She has gotten into fights over who is right and wrong. Even if she may be wrong, Kazel is reluctant to admit such a mistake. Her strong will has helped to keep her alive, so she is reluctant to see the flaws of such a trait.
  • Blunt - Kazel tells everyone the cold hard truth. She has tried to work on softening her words, but her upbringing is hard to overcome. Kazel was often confronted with unpleasant circumstances on a daily basis growing up. She doesn’t have the time for flowery language.
Life Story


Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Adopted Siblings:
Paisley, witch, White - Rose, 22 y/o
Tristan, Warlord, White - Rose, 28 y/o


Kazel was dropped on the doorstep of an orphanage at six months old. Her life didn’t improve from there.

She learned how to read at the orphanage and was fed regularly, but received little else. Those in charge of her care were too busy to give hugs or play games. So Kazel made friends with other children, first in the orphanage and next on the streets. The older children taught her how to pick pockets, a skill she took to easily. Kazel still dreamed of being adopted by a loving family. When she layed down to sleep she prayed to Mother Night to give her a mother and father and aunts and uncles.

Several false adoptions broke her faith in such a dream. Kazel realized that she prayed for nothing and gave up even acknowledging Mother Night’s existence. She finally understood she was alone and adjusted accordingly. Stealing became a way of life for the young girl and a way to fill the emptiness she felt.

One day she picked the wrong target and was apprehended by one of the Blood. Kazel had been sure she would be punished, but instead the man offered her a job running letters and errands for him. The pay was regular and less risk would be involved so Kazel agreed. She quickly became fascinated by the lives of those in the letters. The words allowed her for a brief time to pretend she was being written to. Though what truly interested Kazel were the rare coded ones she delivered. It took her years to crack the first few, but once she finally succeeded it grew easier.

With being a teenager there came a boldness that drove Kazel to appear at a coded messages location. There she met a smuggler who was very shocked to see a small Landen girl demanding to know why he was meeting a “contact” there. Kazel eventually convinced the man to hire her as a messenger for his cell and tell her more of this interesting world.

Kazel earned her place among the Blood smugglers and became a valuable go between for different cells to communicate. After all, no one suspected a Landen to be trusted with such secrets.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:

Kazel’s heart pounded faster than her feet as she raced down a narrow muddy alley. Her single braid swung wildly as she turned a sharp corner. A quick glance over her shoulder revealed no visible pursuer, but a lack of sight meant nothing when it came to the Blood.

Two sharp turns and one wobbly fence later, Kazel dropped her hands to her knees for a brief rest. She brushed the slim envelope in her waistband, confirming its location, then took to flight once more. The route to her destination would be clear this time of day, which could be both good and bad. It meant fewer people to get in her way, but also less cover for her to duck behind and check for a tail.

The open ground made Kazel feel exposed, her eyes casted back and forth as she passed the tightly packed housing. She didn’t dare relax and let her guard down, as a courier she always needed to be on alert for threats. With how often some messengers wound up dead for the information they carried, Kazel wasn’t about to stroll along calmly. The sooner her delivery was made the sooner she could be back in front of a fire.

Kazel rapidly moved along a deserted street, covered with a heavy layer of fresh snow. The girl slammed to a stop, the small hairs on her arms standing on end. She had almost ran straight into a shield.


A heavy weight slammed into her left side, sending her spinning around to fall facedown in a drift of freezing powder. Kazel barely had a chance to lift up her head before it was shoved back down. Her attacker sat firmly on her back, pressing his full weight into her. Kazel struggled uselessly, she couldn’t even reach her knife to get in a small blow.

She felt a hand grasp her braid and lift her head up.

“Boom. You’re dead.” The smug Warlord gloated in her ear.

Kazel gave an involuntary weeze, “Yeah, whatever. You totally cheated. Now get off of me chubby, before I freeze to death.”

Tristan slowly complied to insure his friend knew who had won their game. “I did not! Besides, you think in a real situation, the hunter will play fair? No way.”

Kazel narrowed her eyes and brushed snow from the front of her shirt and pants. Suddenly she chose to leap forward and hit the male in the throat. The weapon used only her hand, but a triumphant smile rested on her lips.

“Now you’re dead too. Let’s try again!” The girl shouted, taking off at a sprint away from the boy.

Petitions (if any): Reactivation

Why did this character became inactive? My semester became very hectic and I had to take a leave from the site.

What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again? I will involve her with other PC characters and involve her in plots.

What are your plans for this character? Oh Kazel is going to get in some trouble in Dhemlan before returning to the chilly hellscape, ie Glacia.

Number of previous Reactivations: None

Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) : None

Player Name: Selene

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Re: Kazel Torin
« Reply #1 on: Jan 07, 18, 08:35:46 PM »
Ready for Review!

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Re: Kazel Torin
« Reply #2 on: Jan 08, 18, 08:34:00 AM »
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Offline phinneas

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Re: Kazel Torin
« Reply #3 on: Jan 08, 18, 09:34:22 AM »  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker