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For years, the Dark Religion has persecuted the Light Jeweled with its doctrine of stigmatization. Under the messianic Queen Elisif Brenden, it has flourished, ensuring Glacia’s success in other fronts. But upon her death, a line has been drawn and forces beyond Glacia’s borders are gathering to stop its theocracy once and for all.
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Author Topic: Kaija Aili  (Read 2014 times)

Description: Black Widow. Purple Dusk to Blood Opal. Played by Phedre.

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Kaija Aili
« on: Jul 10, 15, 07:41:00 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Kaija Aili
Age: 49 born 144 AP
Race: short lived, Glacian 
Caste: Black Widow 
Birth Territory: Glacia
Home Territory: Glacia

Birthright Jewel: cut Purple Dusk
Offering Jewel:  uncut Blood Opal

Role: Head of the Hourglass Coven
Faction: The Eclipse


Play By: Kristin Bauer
Distinguishing Features:
Kaijia has the blond hair and blue eyes that the Glacian people are so well known for. Even so, she is considered particularly beautiful, a fact that she rather tends to ignore as it does not serve her in either her quest to gain or spread knowledge. Kaija is always beautifully dressed in rich fabrics that appeal to her sensual nature. She is never seen to be out of fashion, does not leave the house without hair and makeup done as it should be, and is always aware of her appearance. This does not stem from a particular sense of vanity as one might think, but rather from a very deep awareness and understanding of the judgmental nature of Glacian society having lived her entire life in the capital city of Vaasa.

Black Widows as a caste are renowned for their sexuality. Kaija, as an individual, is and always has been known for her sensuality. She enjoys things she can touch, taste, feel. She loves good music and poetry. She loves to dance and is without fail one of the most graceful dancers on any ballroom floor. All of her movements seem to have a grace about them, not something studied or rehearsed, but a natural flow to the movement of her body. Even as a child she was a beautiful dancer. It is something she has simply always loved and is one of the times you will truly see her face light up with joy. While it can at times feel tiresome to attend the number of events that Dark Jeweled society requires in Vaasa, the ability to dance at them makes this something she can endure without much complaint, as long she manages to avoid the dreaded sparkling wine that will invariably make her feel ill.

Being sensual by nature does not preclude her being a sexual being, but Kaija did not choose sexual partners often and when she did, she rarely kept them long. That was, until the Winterton twins. The first exception was Yrian Winterton, an Ebon Gray Warlord she has developed a close friendship with over the years, whose relationship with Kaija included a casual sexual element that suited both their needs while not presuming on either of them. This was followed by the most passionate relationship of her life, with Yrian's brother, Aksel. She is his now, and that knowledge has influenced her personality. 

While she still deeply enjoys, and will always seek out, the passionate exchange of intellectual ideas, she now finds her greatest pleasures in Aksel's arms. And when she stands on her own, her mind and tongue are quicker and sharper than ever, enlivened by the confidence being the mistress of the dangerous Black Widow Prince grants her. She is not one to be tightly woven to her ideas, save those of the Glacian faith, which of course she follows devoutly. She would prefer to be challenged and have the opportunity to defend her stance or change her stance as necessary. If you catch her on an interesting subject, she will speak with you for hours. Unfortunately that is not usually the way, even for Glacians who do love knowledge, for they also love the social life and to party, and the type of conversation that occurs at most social functions is not the type that interests her.

While she can appear rather strict with her students, she is rarely that way in her day to day life unless she is dealing with her light Jeweled family members. She has held the responsibility for them since before she even formally wore a Dark Jewel. Kaija takes the responsibility of them quite seriously. She does feel some affection toward them, but the knowledge that the Darkness found them unworthy has always been a strain on her relationship with them. When her father died, her mourning period was light. In truth, she felt a relief that there was one less person she responsible for. 

Kaija lives alone, with the exception of one light jeweled servant, in an exquisitely furnished multi-level townhouse. Her love for rich fabrics can be seen everywhere in her home. For the most part, she tends to be a rather solitary creature whenever she possibly can, which is unfortunately rarely. She attends all gathering of the Coven and all Court functions and duties as required of a member of the First Circle. She attends events as a member of Vaasa’s social elite, an endless stream of parties and gatherings that but for the dance floor would be quite difficult to get through. She has a few close friends, nearly all within the Coven, and a few pupils she has stayed in good contact with, such as the Lady Elisif Brenden. But when it is her choice, and Aksel is not available, she would prefer to spend the night alone in her massive library or her bath, with nothing but her own thoughts to interrupt her. 

This is even more the case when she is dealing with a student who is particularly trying. Nothing will bring forth Kaija’s temper faster than a student who refuses to even try to do the work. While she certainly does not expect all of her pupils to have a brilliant mind like Elisif, she loses her patience quickly when they pretend to struggle over something rudimentary without putting any real thought or effort into the problem at all. Often Dark Jeweled children have been treated as special and unique, have been spoiled and allowed their way ever since their Birthright. That does not go over well once they pass the threshold into Kaija’s library. Here, they are a mind for her to mold, a young Black Widow for her to make worthy of Glacia’s powerful Coven. They are not special compared to the ones who have come before them. But if they listen to her, and allow her to teach them, they will become some of the most powerful Black Widows Glacia has ever seen.

It is Kaija’s gift. She herself is not a particularly powerful Black Widow. She is fair at all things that a Black Widow needs in order to sustain their Craft.  While teaching Aksel to weave webs, she had strengthened her own ability with webs as well, something he struggled with so desperately. But she can draw forth the gift in others, can see into them the way to show them how to best teach them what they need to know. Kaija’s former students include some of the strongest Black Widows of the Coven, including Elisif herself. So while she may not stand out on her own as any great source of power, those she tutors have the potential to become magnificent.     

  • 1 Gathering and sharing knowledge. Teaching is one of Kaija's greatest pleasures. She derives great joy from sharing knowledge with other minds. She enjoys being the student just as much. Her library is immense, taking up more rooms in her Vaasa townhouse than a standard library would. If there is a question on Craft that is within her purview, she likely has the answer.
  • 2 Punctuality. Being on time shows respect to those around you. To arrive late is a great insult. As such, Kaija tends to arrive early for appointments or events to ensure that she will never accidentally be late. She expects the same of her students, something that if they do not know at first, they will learn very quickly.   
  • 3 Sensual pleasures. Kaija lives a rather solitary life, especially for being a Black Widow. But she does love to dress in a thick robe and settle in with a book of complex Craft in front of the fire, or to stand on her balcony wearing nothing at all and let the cool Glacian breeze caress her skin. Most Black Widows are defined by their sexuality, Kaija could much more easily be defined by her sensuality.
  • 1 Not being listened to. Kaija would rather not speak than have her voice go unheard. If she is to be outyelled, she will hold her tongue, keeping her thoughts and opinions to herself rather than risk offering words that will simply go unheeded or uncared for.
  • 2 Intrusion into her privacy. She holds the secret of the Shadow Triangle, and after Otso's brutal assault on her mind, is more reserved and private than ever. She prefers that people remain at their appropriate distance. She attends the parties and she laughs and smiles in all the right places, but at the end of the day, she will be going home alone, unless it is a very rare occasion where someone has approached her with the desire to discuss knowledge (or of course when Aksel is accompanying her). Then she will welcome them into her home and they will sit until all hours of the night or morning speaking of whatever they can think of to discuss. But as much as Glacians value knowledge, this often gets lost beneath the parties and social gatherings. The exception to this is that for her pupils, she is always available, any hour of the day or night. Or at least, she tries to be. Aksel is not always as accommodating. 
  • 3 Wines and sparkling alcohol. Kaija would much rather drink brandy or a finely aged Scotch, but of course what is passed around at parties is often lightly scented wine or sparkling alcohol that does nothing to intoxicate her and merely gives her a terrible headache. It would be rude to complain to the host, though, so of course, she never does, enduring one more party of terrible alcohol.
  • 1 That no one will hear her scream. Without the ability to reach out to someone on a psychic thread, Kaija has no real way of calling for help if she were ever in a situation where her life were threatened. Glacia is a land of extremely Dark Jewels and she has no illusions that her Blood Opal is simply not dark enough to protect her were someone to want to do her harm. Otso showed her just how vicious an attack could occur. As such, she never attends any event alone, always using the Courts offer of an escort for its female members when she is without her own, even to events others might find it odd to request an escort to. Her home is woven deeply around with Black Widows Webs. Before, it felt safe. Aksel has reinforced the webs to ensure her protection, but she still has nightmares.     
  • 2 That others will question her single descent with the same obsession that she does. Kaija had the potential to wear the Sapphire, yet she emerged from her Offering with the Blood Opal. While a Dark Jewel in Glacia is all that is required to ensure the Mother has blessed you and for her, a Dark Jewel was virtually guaranteed with a Purple Dusk Birthright, she couldn't help but feel that she had somehow failed by only descending one rank into the Darkness. She fears that others think the same of her, that they question her worthiness to wear a Dark Jewel at all, and has set to proving herself worthy at every opportunity.   
  • 3 That the Wintertons' secret will be revealed and all will be lost. Kaija is one of the few who knows about the Shadow Triangle. She is completely aware of how dangerous it is to have dual casted males in Glacia, and is further aware that her own Jewels, and life, are on the line. She trained Aksel. She held their secret. She knows that at some point, all will come to light, and if it is not planned perfectly, it could mean her own life and the life of the men she loves most in the world.
Craft Strengths:
  • 1 Show, not tell. One of the reasons Kaija is such an remarkable teacher is that she can show her pupils how to do something rather than simply telling them. This skill varies slightly depending on the needs of the student, but mainly, she can interpret the manner in which the student would best absorb the information and then present it to them in that manner. Backed by Craft, this is a highly efficient teaching method.
  • 2 Vanishing object. Kaija can vanish more objects than a witch her depth in the abyss would generally be able to, but that is not quite as remarkable as her ability to vanish objects that are rather larger in size than most other Blood can easily manage. She has often used this to break the ice with her younger pupils when they are feeling nervous and unsure of their new tutor, a parlor trick of sorts when she vanishes not only the tea cups, but the coffee table they were sitting on as well. 
Craft Weaknesses:
  • 1 Emotional Manipulation. Kaija is a tutor because she is excellent at her job, not because she has any skill whatsoever at manipulating people to do her bidding. She is not a leader among other Black Widows and while many of them respect her for her remarkable skills in her field, she will not be moving up in the ranks of the Coven. She will remain where she is, an honored and valued teacher, but she will never lead. She lacks the ability to draw people to her line of thinking unless by good debate, and further, lacks the desire to attempt to do so.
  • 2 Psychic communication. Kaija can receive any sort of communication thread sent to her and once the link is established, can reply in kind. But reaching out and starting a communication thread is essentially impossible for her. She has spent a great amount of time researching this deficit in her Craft knowledge and cannot find the source of it. Few know the truth of it, believing instead that she is simply extremely polite and will not invade another's psychic thoughts unless spoken to first. The truth of course is that were she in real danger, she would not be able to contact anyone for help.
Life Story

Mother: Anna Aili (69) Yellow to Summer Sky Black Widow
Father: Jari Aili White to Tiger Eye Prince deceased
Siblings: Kimmo Aili (43) Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk Warlord
Niko Aili (41) Yellow to Rose Prince

Kaija was born to a light Jeweled Black Widow and her light Jeweled husband, a Prince who served in the Third Circle of the Territory Court. Raised in Vaasa, she was always a part of the glittering social life that the Capital offered, at least once she came away with her Birthright Purple Dusk, the Jewel that essentially guaranteed her a Dark Jewel at her Offering and showed all of Glacia how blessed she was by the Mother. Her training with the Court began right away. Her father was so very proud to bring his daughter to Court with him, a sign that not only she but he was blessed by her gift from the Darkness. When she reached puberty and her snake’s tooth grew in, it became even clearer how blessed young Kaija was, for Black Widows were revered in Glacia.

Her parents were thrilled to have what would be a Dark Jeweled Black Widow in the family and the weight of her light Jeweled family fell on her young shoulders early. From the age of 13 when her youngest brother came away with a Birthright Jewel that sealed his fate as a light jeweled individual for all his life, it became clear that Kaija would be the one guiding the family. Her parents began leaving more and more of the family’s decisions to her, even as a teenager. She outranked everyone in the family even with her light Purple Dusk, but it was her destiny to wear a Dark Jewel that made this the clear choice. She would be the one responsible for her family after her Offering, both for their well being and their actions. It was not something she took lightly.

Much of her training occurred under her mother’s hand until her 15th birthday when it was decided that a Dark Jeweled Black Widow, even though she wasn’t one yet, would need more in depth tutoring than her mother was capable of giving her. The family took what extra money they had and her father began escorting her to lessons where she met with the other young Black Widows who also seemed to have promise. It was there that she first saw a real Widow’s library, not just the small collection of books that her mother had at home. Kaija was entranced. She spent hours sorting through the books, looking up obscure bits of Craft that she had always wondered about the possibility of. In her lessons, she always had questions, was always the first to finish her assignments, and the last to leave the room as there was just one more thing that she wanted to ask. It was clear that her passion for knowledge knew near limitless bounds.

Her tutor took notice of her quick mind and clear love of learning. Not only did she excel at her text studies, but her Craft blossomed under so much new information for her to experiment with. She had long established herself as a delightful presence at Court, polite and always appreciative of a conversation that challenged her current ways of thinking. It was a surprise to no one but Kaija herself then when she came away from her Offering with the Blood Opal that she was offered both a position as an apprentice tutor with the tutor she had trained under and a position to serve in the Second Circle of the Court, alongside her father.

Kaija settled into her adult life easily, but she did insist on living apart from her family. As much as she cared for her younger brothers, she couldn’t help but feel deep pity every time she was with them and it wore on her heart and ability to be around them for long periods of time. She did her job as the Dark Jeweled member of the family, watching over them, ensuring that they went to the appropriate religious services and did nothing to offend anyone. She and her mother still shared the bond of being Black Widows and of course she made sure that her mother attended all Coven events as she should. Kaija was vigilant, never having allowed the weight of her light Jeweled family to be lifted from her shoulders.       

It didn’t take long before she split off on her own and developed quite a reputation as a tutor. The most promising Black Widows were sent to Kaija. She had the ability to bring forth their Craft and help them understand their lessons in a way that other tutors simply lacked. It was this reputation and long standing ability to transform young Black Widows into brilliant members of the strong Glacian Coven that led to Isyviel hiring her to tutor a young Green Jeweled Elisif Brenden.

The triple gifted Green Jeweled witch was not what Kaija had expected when she had first been asked to tutor her. Whatever she had pictured, the serious, intense 15 year old girl that entered her library for her private lessons accompanied by the Warlord Prince Otso Oskari was distinctly different from what she had anticipated. Elisif proved to be a brilliant student, absorbing information at alarming speeds, much like Kaija had when she had first entered formal tutoring. The difference of course was that with Birthright Green, Elisif had been in formal tutoring since she was just a young girl.

Elisif’s escort seemed to take his duty more seriously than she had seen others do, refusing to even leave the room when they had their lessons. It didn’t take long for Kaija to recognize the pull between the Warlord Prince and his young Queen. Her library was vast and she simply left the doors open between the rooms, allowing him access to them if he so desired. Much easier to show faith and that there was nothing she would do to harm the girl than to do anything at all to potentially put the natural edge on a Warlord Prince’s temper. Over the years of her tutoring Elisif, he slowly became more comfortable with her, or at least so it appeared, but she never did treat Prince Oskari with anything but the utmost respect.

When, several years into their tutoring, Prince Oskari was exiled for killing a Sapphire Jeweled youth for trespassing on his property, Kaija was neither surprised nor displeased by the act. She was an extremely private person herself and understood the fierce desire to protect one’s privacy and she did not have the rage of a Warlord Prince riding her. What she did mourn was the protection he had offered to Elisif. The young Queen needed that type of man at her side, whether those around her realized it or not. The exile, if anything, but her in danger more than anything else, and in stark contrast to Kaija’s usual polite nature, she was not kind nor welcoming to the other escorts that accompanied Elisif to her home during Prince Oskari’s year and a half exile. It was not their faults, of course, but it did not change the fact that his absence did nothing but put a young Queen in jeopardy. When he did return to Elisif’s side, Kaija was extremely relieved. She had no desire to ever find herself alone with the man, but it did not change the fact that the Black Widow Priestess Queen needed such a guardian.   

When Elisif had her Offering and emerged with the Gray, Kaija had never felt more proud of one of her students. Here was a Queen capable of one day ruling all of Glacia. It was never spoken. It was simply known.

And when it came to pass, Kaija took her place in Elisif's Second Circle. As time passed, and Kaija and Sif deepened their relationship, she was finally persuaded to take her place in the First Circle. All the while her relationship with Yrian, and then Aksel, deepened, to the point where Kaija did not mind in the least carrying the nickname The Winterton Widow. The three of them understood what existed within their unique relationship. When Kaija was attacked by the same Otso Oskari who had protected Elisif as a young woman, it was the rage and fury of the Ebon Grays that had brought her solace and safety once more.

Now, Otso Oskari is missing. And Aksel had become a more powerful Black Widow than Kaija could have ever dreamed possible. She holds the secret of the Shadow Triangle, and prays to the Darkness that the path the males have set will be their redemption and not their downfall.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:
Aching knees unused to long overnight vigils protested painfully when Kaija finally rose to her feet. Only the Priestess's presence told her that it was time. Glacia’s altars were deep underground in the womb of the earth. No light filtering in from the outside offered her clues as to whether morning had come and the night of her Offering was truly over, only the silent presence of the Priestess, waiting.

Kaija looked down at the altar and for the first time, saw her Blood Opal. A sharp pang of fear and confusion flowed through her and stopped her hand from reaching out to grasp what was now hers to claim. Shouldn’t she have descended to the Green? Or perhaps even the Sapphire? What flaw had the Darkness seen in her that it had only allowed her to descend one rank to the Blood Opal?

It sang to her. She could feel it in her veins, calling to her deeper than her Purple Dusk ever had. Here was her Offering Jewel. Here was the proof that she was in fact blessed by the Mother. There had been little doubt since her Birthright that she would wear a Dark Jewel, but now, there would never be a question again. So why did she stand there, still, silent, refusing to reach out and touch that cool stone that lay glistening in the candle light?

The Priestess softly cleared her throat. Kaija knew she had probably seen this reaction before, but imagined it had not occurred when the recipient had received the Dark Jewel they had prayed so deeply for. Her pale fingers began the slow movement toward the stone but again stopped just short. Would others question it? They would have to, just the way she did. Whatever they had expected, she did not believe they expected her to rise wearing the Blood Opal. Yes it was a Dark Jewel. Yes she was not one of the weak and shunned. She was chosen. She had proven herself. But…

Her fingers closed around the Jewel and she felt the bond, knew that this was in fact the Jewel she was meant to have. It was so clear holding it. There could be no doubt. This was hers.

Kaija faced the Priestess, who turned to begin the ascent back to the light. It was done. The Offering was only made once and however far one descended, there was never another chance. It felt wrong to be questioning her Jewel this way when everything in her body was telling her this was right.  She took a deep breath. It was a Blood Opal. It was a Dark Jewel. It was enough.       

Petitions (if any):  Reactivation

Why did this character became inactive?
My life exploded and I had to leave Blood Rites for a while. All of my characters went inactive, including Kaija.

What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
I have been slowly bringing characters back that have active plots and being very careful to monitor my level of time and energy around writing and plotting. I am feeling really solid about how I am doing and feel confident in my ability to bring Kaija back now. Life still gets overwhelming sometimes, but I have a lot more balance.

What are your plans for this character?
Kaija plays a major role in the lives of Aksel and Yrian Winterton, the upcoming plot line of the Shadow Triangle, and is on the verge of being placed as the Head of the Hourglass Coven of Glacia. She has ties to all of the Dark Jewels in Vaasa, serves in Elisif's First Circle, and tutors young Dark Jeweled Black Widows. She was the tutor of both Elisif and Maarika, and is Aksel's official mistress. She has plots galore, and I am thrilled to bring her back into play.   

Number of previous Reactivations: On this character, none

Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) :

Oh look we have lots!
  • Updated Kaija and her family's ages
  • Added Role and Faction after conferring with Nicole (apparently TEAM AKSEL is not *actually* a faction)
  • Altered Personality to account for her current relationship with Aksel in these paragraphs
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
and sprinkled mentions of him throughout.
  • Added reference to Aksel and Otso in Dislikes:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
  • Altered her Fear to account for Otso's attack
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
  • Changed her Fear because Isyviel is now dead
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
  • Altered her history to get caught up to current times
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

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