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Author Topic: Elias Aalto  (Read 475 times)

Description: Prince. Summer Sky to Green. Played by phinneas.

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Elias Aalto
« on: Jan 20, 19, 04:58:19 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Elias Aalto
Nicknames: Eli
Age:  34 (born 160 Post Purge)
Race:  Short-lived (Glacian)
Caste:  Prince
Birth Territory: Glacia
Home Territory: Glacia

Birthright Jewel: cut Summer Sky
Offering Jewel:  cut Green

Play By: Alex Pettyfer
Distinguishing Features:


Elias is an artist. This fact spends much time being ignored because of other responsibilities, but it never ceases to be true. He sees beauty everywhere he looks, and his mind is ever-busy attempting to file away inspiration drawn from the things he sees. He is quiet by nature. Not withdrawn, mind you; he will very easily join others with laughing, or smile warmly at someone he passes on the street. He is neither exceptionally charming nor exceptionally dull; he is merely a man who is more prone to observing than commenting, in most cases.

In comfortable, familiar situations, Elias is as gregarious and affable as the next fellow. He has a very small list of things which truly irritate him, though once one of those sins is committed he can be moody and surprisingly dark in response. He grew up in a good size family, so while he learned to share early on, he's also very aware of what he perceives as justice, insofar as everyone's due a fair share of whatever bounty is being divided. This usually only comes into play when he's one of the parties receiving a cut, and someone else trying to edge in on his portion will likely find him more sternly concerned with boundaries than they might initially expect.

Just as surely as Elias learned how to survive in a community, though, life has also taught him that sometimes, things just aren't fair. It's not his fault his Aunt wanted to add to her prestige by bringing him to court, but Elias nonetheless had to leave behind the career and life that he loved in order to sign a contract to serve. Sometimes, life is just that way. He will not go so far as to say it's all Darkness-ordained, or anything so esoteric though. His family has always followed the Dark Religion, and though his sense of duty to his parents has always kept him performing according to his general perceived will of Mother Night, Elias has never had any particularly religious experiences on a personal level. 

  • His immediate family. The Aalto household grew up as a closely knit little unit. Each of the Aalto children, especially, have talents, outlooks, and dispositions that Elias appreciates. While some of them endured spats and rivalries while growing up as all siblings do, Elias has always had a strangely mature appreciation for all of his siblings, and his parents as well. For as long as he can remember he has been cognizant of the fact that other families are less lucky.
  • Art. He loves creating it and loves appreciating the works of others as well. As an adult he rarely makes time to indulge in creating art as frequently as he did as a youth, but he still enjoys it. When he does have the occasion, it usually turns into an immersive experience in which he can lose complete track of time.
  • Being a Midnight Keeper. It was the choice to accept that shaded invitation which seems to Elias to have marked his first true step into manhood. It was the first decision he made for himself without consulting with anyone in the family, and it is a decision that will bind him for the rest of his life. Beyond that, though, Elias enjoys being a Patriarch especially. He has a great amount of respect for Healers, and while he believes it is irresponsible of them to push themselves to the point of breaking, he feels he understands how easily they can fall prey to this danger out of their great compassion and their drive to help others. There are worse faults to have.
  • Vasala Jarvi. While Elias is quite fond of his immediate family, his extended family on his mother's side seems to him to be a different breed of people entirely. The matriarch Vasala Jarvi, Elias' aunt, is someone Elias finds especially distasteful. She is driven by selfish ambition, greed, and the most hideous sense of pride he's ever seen. The fact that she has intimated threats against the happiness of Elias' family in order to secure his compliance with her will certainly hasn't helped his opinion of her, either. 
  • Most courtiers. Elias has little patience for the snobbery and inflated egos that seem to him to permeate court. This is probably because Elias is exceptionally adept at reading the intent behind the words and actions of others, so conversations and comments that might seem harmless or casual to others are often obvious to Elias for what they really are: maneuvers and schemes.
  • Stereotypical Glacian looks. Elias loves beauty. And while no one can deny that the fair skin and hair and the cold eyes of the Glacians does hold a certain classic beauty, that look is everywhere Elias turns. The women who've truly caught his eye based on looks have traditionally borne features that deviate from the super-pale skin, ice-blonde hair and pale eyes of the Glacian standard. He finds other looks exotic and interesting in comparison. Really, if he ever met an available dark-haired woman it'd likely be game over.
  • Vasala's bright ideas. Though Elias has won some measure of freedom from Valasa's control by his association with the Midnight Keepers and her resident fear of/ignorance about them, she still holds considerable sway over his family's daily lives. For now they are being left alone and Elias is being left alone as well. It was her idea that forced him to leave his family and serve in court, though, and he fears her having another idea that will increase her social clout while further obstructing his ability to live his own life. With her in a position to so easily make his family's lives hard, he knows he won't be able to deny Vasala outright, no matter her demand.
  • The Silent Civil War. Elias, perhaps more than most, is keenly aware of the moods of those around him. This goes for the aristos in high places at court and the light-jeweled Glacians on whose backs they step. He sees the arrogance of his Aunt echoed in other dark-jeweled matriarchs and patriarchs across the territory, and he sees the brewing frustrations and fears of those they 'manage'. Elias fears that the mindset of people like his Aunt, who see the light-jeweled as more objects to control and errant children than independent people with minds and wills of their own, will spread to the point where the quiet dissension he can now sense become something more dramatic and damaging.
  • Confinement in small spaces Elias has been claustrophobic since he was a child. He does not know where the affliction came from. Being crowded into a small space is bearable so long as he is not confined there, even though it is intensely uncomfortable for him. Should he be confined somehow in small space - locked in a closet, for instance - he would fall prey to a strongly irrational fear and he would panic.
Craft Strengths:
  • Connecting with the Darkness. Thanks mostly to his training under the Midnight Keepers, Elias has learned how to expertly manage his own jewels and as well how to monitor and help manage the power available in the jewels of others. He is able to tell when another has taxed their reserve of power and is able as well to replenish their jewel without the necessity of a Dark Altar or ritual.
  • Empathic Craft (Reading people). All those years spent observing people might've been wasted on another. For Elias, however, it was all time spent chewing through information in his artistic, design-oriented brain. Over the years he has learned to break down the clues and tells people have in common and use it to judge the truth of a person's mood and physical state. This does not include mind reading, of course, but when Elias has occasion to reveal how much he has perceived, people often assume he's been inside their head just because of the precision of what he can discern at a glance.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • Social Craft. Elias has never needed to use it. Always having been predisposed to watching over talking anyway, you can be sure that if Elias feels the need to speak it's because he has something he feels is worth saying. The frivolities that usually accompany using Craft to enhance his rapport with others are tedious and aggravating to the Prince.
  • Stealth Craft. No one is quite sure where the deficiency in Elias' ability to use stealth Craft comes from. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it; he has simply always had particularly weak stealth spells, more on par with someone of a Blood Opal or sometimes even Opal descent than his normal Green.

Life Story

Aunt: Vasala Jarvi, Summer Sky to Blood Opal Priestess, (b. 139 AP)

Mother: Nurmela Aalto (nee Jarvi), White to Yellow Queen, (b. 141 AP)
Father: Fredrik Aalto, Tiger Eye to Summer Sky Warlord, (b. 140 AP)
Brother: Soranen Aalto, Summer Sky - Purple Dusk Warlord Prince, (b. 159 AP)
Sister: Carola Aalto, White to Tiger Eye Black Widow,  (b. 160 AP)
Brother: Onni Aalto, Yellow - Summer Sky Warlord, (b. 163 AP)

The Aalto family was a fairly self-contained unit, for a long time. Fredrik was a talented engineer, having learned his interest in the field from his parents' long-established architectural firm. He was an only child, and so his dark jeweled parents remained matriarch and patriarch over Frederik even after he fell in love with and married Nurmela Jarvis, a gifted architectural designer, in the course of business. The Aaltos did not lack for wealth, and the house they built for the young couple right on their own land was lovely and lavish. Nurmela was integrated seamlessly into a family that was already functional and loving. Nurmela became pregnant quickly, and over the course of six years birthed four healthy children. Of them only Elias, the lone Prince among them, received a dark jewel at his Offering. Though his family impressed upon Elias what a blessing it was, he'd grown up around children who'd had no hope of descending to a dark jewel and were yet loved as well and deeply as he'd been, himself. He'd learned enough of humility, community, and accountability that it never occurred to him to look down on his siblings because of their jewels. He'd been blessed with more power, yes, but would bear more responsibility as a result. Elias wasn't blind, and understood that not everyone in Glacia felt the same way he and his family did, but for the most part that had little influence on the dynamics inside the little family.

Frederik's father (Elias' grandfather) passed away when Elias was quite young. It was not until Frederik's mother passed away the year after Elias' Offering that responsibility for the family changed hands in the eyes of Glacia. Nurmela's sister, Vasala, was the nearest responsible dark jeweled family member. Every one of Frederik and Nurmela's children had found some aspect of the family business that appealed to them, though, and the architectural firm continued to flourish under such dedicated attention. Vasala left them alone for the most part, as they caused her no trouble and in fact brought in enough wealth to benefit her by association.

Well, association with the money, anyway.

It was Vasala who eventually insisted that Elias be pulled from his work as an architect for the family firm to find a place in court. Elias had no interest in doing so, but had no desire to dig his feet in against Vasala's will when she had the power to potentially make life very difficult for the rest of his family. So when Vasala threatened to do just that, Elias left everything he knew and was comfortable with and moved to the province capitol. His Aunt made a place for him in her estate there, and he took up duties on the fringes of court for a while before being invited into one of the court's outer circles.

Elias was a quick learner. It did not take him long to learn to navigate the delicacies of protocol and general court life. Though he performed flawlessly (mostly flawlessly, his Aunt would grudgingly admit) in response to the duties handed to him, Elias was not content. He missed his home and his family, and though he visited them as frequently as he could he was always inevitably required to return to court to continue to serve. Left to his own devices, Elias felt certain that he could have been happy living out his days on the family estate, designing the ever-more ambitious structures that Glacia's infamous builders were crafting. This fostered a quiet resentment towards Vasala over the years, despite Elias' apparent success at court.

Whether it was this success at court or some other factor that first drew the eye of the Midnight Keepers to the young Prince, not even Elias knows. It has never been explained to him why he was chosen to be invited into the semi-secret society; the machinations of the shadowed leaders of that group are not spelled out for many and perhaps not for anyone. What Elias does know is that he was approached by a man who called himself Ryon, who seemed an innocent enough acquaintance of chance until the period of investigation concluded. Once Ryon was convinced that Elias was the man he appeared to be, he explained who the Midnight Keepers were and offered Elias the opportunity to serve in a capacity to which few were invited.

Elias has never spoken to anyone outside of the Keepers about how he came to acquire the ring that he wears on his right hand. It came to him  the summer of his twenty-fifth year, and though it has not gone unnoticed, it is rarely asked about. In fact for the longest time, Vasala alone was bold enough to stare openly at the ring bearing the seal of the Patriarchs, a division of Glacia's Midnight Keepers. She did it once, the very first time she noticed it, and she huffed and glared at Elias as though he'd personally offended her by accepting it. Elias understood that she was only insulted because he'd apparently made a choice for himself rather than allowing her to dictate his actions. But it was too late by then, and if Elias seemed a little more fearsome or respected because of that little ring, well, she couldn't very well complain about that.

The truth was that Elias had accepted an invitation into the not-so-secret society because he'd been unable to see any future for himself beyond what Vasala dictated, otherwise. As a dark jeweled Prince she held no direct control over him, but was still considered the matriarch of Elias' family and was in a position to be very unkind to Elias' light jeweled parents and siblings. Not even Vasala would go up against the Midnight Keepers, though. Elias moved out of his Aunt's estate into a small one of his own, and though he continued to serve at court at his Aunt's behest, the change has afforded him a slightly bigger measure of personal freedom.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:
"You know that you don't have to go, son."

Nurmela stood in the doorway of Elias' room, her hands clasped in front of herself, her soft eyes on her son's back. He stopped his packing, pausing for a moment with his back to her as though needing to draw up his strength before having this conversation.

"I know," he said, lightly. Not lightly enough. And even if he'd been the consummate actor, which he was not, his mother knew him better than that. "It will be good experience for me. It's never a bad thing for a Prince to learn protocol."

"That's true," Nurmella allowed, and though he wasn't watching her, he knew she'd be nodding her head right now, that gentle bob she used when making a concession before reinforcing a point. "But... you still don't have to go." Elias laid the shirt in his hands down inside his suitcase, and then turned to face her.

"I know, mother," he assured her, trying to will the words to be true. "Don't get me wrong; I'll miss you guys. You know that I will. But Aunt Vasala's right this time. I should be serving. At least for a little while. It's only right." He watched as his mother stepped forward, entering his room and crossing it to stand immediately before him. He was a good head taller than she was, maybe a little more. She had to look up to look into his face, and she did so with a sad little smile on her own. A familiar hand reached up and pressed itself to his cheek.

"We'll be alright, Eli. You don't have to go."

And it became useless at that point, to pretend like they didn't both know why she kept saying that. His heart broke a little at her bravery, her stubbornness, her refusal to be the reason her son sacrificed the life he loved. He lifted a hand to cover hers at his cheek, pursed his lips, let his expression buckle just a little. He closed his eyes, leaned forward and kissed her brow before wrapping his arms around her to hug her.

"Yes," he whispered, turning his head to rest it against hers. "Yes I do."

Petitions (if any): 
Why did this character became inactive?
His plots dried up.

What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
He'll be involved in supporting the Midnight Court, at least initially. The shifting of the Midnight Keepers into a more militant organization will require him to refocus and undergo new training.

What are your plans for this character?
Kirsi-Marja's gonna mess him up.

Number of previous Reactivations: 1.

Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) : Updated his age. Renamed his second Craft strength, but the description is the same. Changed his playby cause his old one's taken.

Player Name: phinneas

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Re: Elias Aalto
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Re: Elias Aalto
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