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For years, the Dark Religion has persecuted the Light Jeweled with its doctrine of stigmatization. Under the messianic Queen Elisif Brenden, it has flourished, ensuring Glacia’s success in other fronts. But upon her death, a line has been drawn and forces beyond Glacia’s borders are gathering to stop its theocracy once and for all.
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Author Topic: Astrid Volknyr  (Read 2938 times)

Description: Healer. Rose to Purple Dusk. Played by Idariel.

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Astrid Volknyr
« on: Mar 16, 16, 07:35:07 PM »

The Basics

Character Name: Astrid Volknyr
Nicknames: Ace (Smugglers - a play on her name and penchant for card games), Ástríðr is her birth name, in the old tongue. Lady Ástríðr Volknyr legally died in 187, she goes by the more common version Astrid Nyr.
Age & Birthyear: 26 as of 192 PP, b. 166 PP
Race: Short-Lived
Caste: Healer
Birth Territory: Glacia
Home Territory: Glacia

Birthright Jewel: uncut Rose
Offering Jewel: uncut Purple-Dusk

Jewels From Winsol Gift Flash Item from Nicole

Role: Itinerate Healer from Kemi Village, Rjukan District, Viratt province.
Faction: Smugglers


Play By: Christina Augliera

Distinguishing Features

Astrid is cool, like moonlight on a glacier.

Cool white skin, ice-blond hair, winter blue eyes that tinge to violet. Exotic, elegant and distant. She favors tightly coiled hair and fashionable, decorative collars whilst acting as a Healer, to better let others assume she already bears one of the more cursed sort.

When climbing she favors leather trews and jackets and much wilder hair.

Spoiler:  Detailed Description (click to show/hide)

Personality: 250 words

Astrid is a cooly quiet woman, the ice of Glacia's frozen winter in her blood and bone. She is not unfeeling, but does not squander her emotions on lesser things. When she does feel, it is profoundly powerful, and without restraint or proportion, much like either a great frozen glacier (if things go well) or an avalanche (if they don't).

She has a difficult time following orders or doing what she's told; it is almost knee jerk, to test and prod at those attempting to sway her. Her first year with the smugglers was made difficult until she both earned the trust of her cell and came to trust them. Even love them, with all the unreasoning passion and violence of a winter blizzard.

She is competent at her Healer's Craft, despite her rather distant bedside manner. Being at another's beck and call always grates against her, however. She vastly prefers charity work where her patients are supplicants who obey her rather than fools who think they can command her.

She had watched the collars come; watched the sense of protection for those asked to wear them edge into contempt for the flawed. Watched the arrogance of the Blood reach new levels in the triply-blessed Dark Jewels. Endured as her family lost lands, business and contracts due to their Light Jeweled status. The law of lowering shields and obeying the Dark Jewels making it impossible for an old Aristo family with no living Dark Jewels to survive. Add the moral, religious and social stigma felt for an entire family with not one Dark Jewel amongst them and they had had no choice but to flee from the Jewel of Kaeleer.

She was smuggled free, with her mother and sister, though her father died during the Climb. But the Climb changed her. The Smuggler's themselves, refusing limits or common sense to do what was right, stirred an icy passion within the young Healer. She found the ability to look behind the narrow scope of her own interests. Stubborn to a fault and unwilling to listen, she followed them back to Glacia.

But more than the Smugglers even, the icy mountains sang to her, they were the poetry and beauty her soul had been missing, a silent pean for the truth of life. Because anything worth doing would hurt, and nothing hurt like Climbing.

She is cool, even cold, to most people in order to hide her volcanic rage and contempt. Because in the end, it is the Healers who see when things go wrong. The Healers and Black Widows who know how fragile a thing civilization is, even for the best of the Blood. She clings to the trappings and customs of civilization, treasuring these things that keep the beast chained and chaos at bay.

Spoiler: Theme Song (click to show/hide)

  • 1 Civilization. Lavender Lace, Black silk and White China. Nine course meals and complex instrumental music. Pieste, and fine art. These things leash the beast and tame the Blood. Perfect manners and flawless Protocol save lives. Do it, or die.
  • 2 Freezing Cold. She loves the ice and snow, frozen lakes and hidden caves deep in the glaciers. She is drawn to the juxtaposition of the fiery violence and coldly unfeeling fury of winter storms.
  • 3 Games. Not merely chess, or bridge or poker, though she will play them skillfully, but the complex mind-games and cat-and-mouse maneuvering of the Climb itself makes her feel alive as nothing else can. Games with subtle maneuvers and something that matters at stake.

  • 1 Hot Rooms. Many people, especially Healers, keep their offices and homes too warm. Disease flourishes, the air becomes stale. She will ruthlessly cool any room she is in, and use Protocol and her Healer's Caste to make it unarguable.
  • 2 Domestic Abuse. She despises the might-makes-right culture of the Blood at the best of times, but hates harm coming to someone within their own home in a very personal way. She has seen more of the harm than the good, has put back together too many people now forever trapped in the hell of Domestic abuse with the collar cinched about their throats.
  • 3 Cowards. To embrace risk is to truly live; to face loss and pain stoically and without wavering from your course is the measure of a man. To turn away from something only due to fear is despicable. This puts her at near constant war with herself.

  • 1 Discovery. Her secret life, her smuggler's cell, gives her meaning. In all of Glacia they are the ones she would bleed and die for. Not a terribly brave person in most circumstances, she becomes fearless ... Perhaps recklessly so ... In defense of them. It is the great fear of their loss, while she yet lives, that drives her so. The thought of the entire cell dying together, as other entire cells have been lost, is more comforting than out-living them.
  • 2 Claustrophobia. Having been caught in an avalanche whilst escaping Glacia the first time, Astrid is afraid of small, dark places. Small is fine. Dark is fine. But put the two together and she struggles deeply. This is a cowardly fear she despises in herself.
  • 3 Queens. Able to shatter a man's loyalty with a look, beyond reparations or reproach to most Blood, Astrid deeply fears this Caste. Able to pass socially merely for extreme awe, it is so much more profound. Her own brother betrayed her family for his Queen the very day he Bonded her. She agitates regularly that the smugglers recruit no more Blood Males. The risk is too great.

    Craft Strengths:
  • 1 Battle Healing. She can temporarily Heal wounds quite swiftly, even in combat, and at a short range! Having oddly determined to master the one bit of Healing Craft non-Healers can do. She must, of course, truly Heal later, lest the wound split open within hours. She finds it profoundly useful during the Climb.
  • 2 Shape Ice. A specialization in telekinetics, she has a powerful affinity for cold and ice. From creating ice-cubes in her tea, to hiding footprints and tool marks, or even shaping secret caves in the glaciers, this is the Craft that makes the her most valuable to the Smugglers, and was discovered only during her (brief) escape from Glacia.
  • 3 Advanced Bone Shaping. Driven to learn this Craft specialty in order to mend a Black-Widow's hand, Astrid has discovered a true gift for it. She feels her affinity with ice, the perfect structure and deceptive symmetry has given her an insight to the complex reality of knitting, mending and creating Bone.

    Craft Weaknesses:
  • 1 Fire. From Witchfire to simple warming spells, she struggles with this aspect of Craft. When she must use it, she usually gets a bit of glowing ice ... That melts. A cool party effect, it isn't much use. She cannot light a candle or warm a patient. While she herself feels little to no ill affect from the cold, it is not from a warming Craft but from who she is. Even her standard Temperature runs noticeably low.
  • 2 Telekinetic. as if wires were crossed in her mind during the Avalanche that killed her father and awoke her Ice Shaping, she cannot directly use the rest of this school of Craft. Her Telekinetic 'fingers' are highly physical, highly real, terribly cold and unwieldy tendrils of Ice incapable of fine manipulation. It takes more strength (x3) than normal telekinetic and the ice does not mystically vanish when she's done. It melts, or freezes.
  • 3 Shields. Her defensive Shields are made of Ice, snow and water; they are not invisible, are not subtle, and she cannot make them skin tight around a person. Only domes, walls or curves. Her Combat shields are lovely to behold, Rose or Purple dusk colored fractals of ice so hard and cold it can slice metal (like Craft of the appropriate strength). It is lovely, but cold, slow, obvious and expensive, the same x3 strength as her Telekinetic Craft, meaning she cannot maintain it for very long. The ice crystals have to grow, so it is not the speed of thought most shields are.

    Life Story


    Immediate Family and Significant People
    Mother: * Annbjørg Volknyr, F55 as of 192 PP, born 137 PP, Rose to Purple Dusk witch.
    Father: Ásbjörn Volknyr, Deceased, born 130 PP, Yellow to Summer Sky warlord.

  • * Ásmundr Volknyr, M28 as of 192 AP, born 164 PP, Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk warlord.
  • (me) Ástríðr Volknyr, F26 as of 192 PP, b. 166 PP, Rose to Purple Dusk Healer.
  • * Auðrhildr Volknyr, F21 as of 192 PP, b. 171 PP, Tiger Eye to Summer Sky witch.

    Jewels From Astrid Family Roll


    Spoiler: Timeline (click to show/hide)

    The Volknyr family was an old and respected Aristo family. Never known for a plethora of high Castes or Dark Jewels, they were still held to be a fine example of the reserved and implacable Glacian people.


    Until Queen Elisif's precepts and ideals of the Dark religion ran headlong into the fatal cruelty and lust of the Blood. Every Light Jewel must drop every barrier not merely to the holder of their Ring, but to any Dark Jewel. They must obey. Beyond reason or common sense. For many families, who have at least one Dark Jewel or High Caste, it is a difficult but not overwhelming problem.

    But the Volknyr were merely known for being level headed, traditional and reliable.

    Ástríðr had her offering at 20 and emerged with a Purple Dusk, instead of the Opal that would have saved her family. Her Virgin Night was at 18, overseen, by a dull if respectable family friend.

    This was 187, and Ástríðr was 21.
    In 187, when Ástríðr was 21, the situation became unendurable. Not known for vast political acumen, stunning intellect or vicious tempers, their alliances, business contracts and authority were eroded away. Long standing friendships were tarnished or lost as it became politically unwise to stand with the ancient family. When the edict came to loose their ancestral lands or to be collared, the family decided to flee Glacia altogether while they still had sufficient wealth for a new start.

    Initially, the plans went well. Contact with the smugglers was established, holdings liquidated, heirlooms hidden. They day after they left home, yet before they were in hiding, Ástríðr's brother Ásmundr found his Queen. A Dark Jeweled Queen.

    At first, it was simply a tearful farewell. He stayed; they left.

    It took less than twenty-four hours for him to betray his family; only the fact that he had never met the smugglers in question allowed them to have a chance. It was a bitter, dangerous game of cat and mouse played out in the most unforgiving and hostile land.

    Yet Ástríðr came alive as she never had before, pushed to the absolute limits of mental, physical and emotional exhaustion. She fought; she climbed; she Healed. And the ice sang to her. A dangerous gambit by the smugglers lost their pursuers in an avalanche so vast that Glacia believes her family (and the smugglers) are all dead.

    They very nearly were. Ástríðr and her father were caught in the edge of the ice floe, swept into cold and icy darkness. They were trapped for hours, but something snapped within Ástríðr's mind and chalice, twisting the Telekinetic Craft she used so frantically and releasing a gift that harkened back to her most ancient forebearers.

    She could shape the ice. She could call it, shape it, but never banish it. She carved a path for freedom, though it came too late to save her father.

    After she and her family were delivered to the supposed safety of Little Terrille, she realized that she could not stay. She needed the mountains, and to have a chance to become the person she had glimpsed in the Mountains. Against everyone's will, she followed the Smuggler's home.

    Prince Setti, the head of the smuggler ring that worked to help her family kept her in his own ring. While difficult, she took to Climbing like a natural, and her ability to also Heal made her versatile. The first year was quite difficult, but she learned teamwork. And to love her team.

    Not every smuggler went on every run, however. And she started loosing people. People whose courage and choices made them more precious to her than family. As a Healer, she was pulled more and more to that role, instead of Climbing. An event that saved her life.

    Only two years after she joined, she found her Cell Leader, Setti, battered and broken on the floor of his house. As she to tended him, he poured into her ears the truth of his deception, weakness and betrayal. Her glacial cold demeanor never changed as she assured him of her help. She knew what he wanted, what he was asking for. The only way out.

    But justice, too.

    She sent her friends into hiding, let the powers that be believe that they had destroyed the Kemi Village, Rjukan District, Viratt Province Smuggler Cell. But she never left. And after things calmed down, she took over. She didn't ask permission. She just put things back together and got to work.

    The Mountains were waiting.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Character in Play:

    Healer Ástríðr Volknyr leaned in close, wide, sensual lips whispering to the suffering man. "We were all your children. We gave up our homes to see that the helpless achieved what we had lost. We shattered our own families, to see that other people's children grew up free. Better the madness in Glacia than what you sold them to." In contrast to the bitter, frozen rage in her cool voice, her pale hand stroked the blood-spattered hair out of Prince Setti's eyes with an odd gentleness.

    Ástríðr needed to see his frightened, anguished eyes. Needed to witness his pain, his torment a sacrifice and offering, not to the Darkness but to her lost friends. Her eyes were an anguished violet, their normally dispassionate blue awash in her rage and hurt. Setti gurgled at her, trying, no doubt, to once more explain how important his children were. As if no one else had children, or parents. Or courage.

    Her lip curled in a snarl of contempt before she smoothed her features to coolly impassive. A cell leader, and yet he was too weak to climb, too stupid to set a counter ambush and too selfish leave. In the end, he had too little faith in the people he had trained and worked with to ask for help. Perhaps because he had never really been one of them. Never Climbed the Mountain, never laid his own life on the line.

    An oversight. Cell leaders should have had to risk themselves, instead of standing aside. Not that it would matter anymore. As soon as Setti breathed his last, the final person with any kind of right to give her orders would be dead. And she never planned to let there be another.

    The desperate Prince thrashed, reaching for Ástríðr, knocking her white-blond hair out out of its rigid confinement. He pointed urgently towards his safe, desperately trying to bribe her. Because it had not been enough for Setti to betray only the Smugglers. No, he had gone so far as to sell their desperate clients into even more brutal slavery in other Realms. A betrayal not merely of lives, but of legacy, making mockery of her lost friends' courage and sacrifice.

    She paced away from him, ignoring the trapped safe. But it tugged at her intellect, forcing reason out of crazed vengeance. Sold. Out of Glacia, for money. Logically then, these enemies of Setti's were not of the Territory Court, but clever and greedy criminals. Queen Elisif let none of her Jewels, however weak, slip through her fingers. The Territory Queen believed, wholly and thoroughly, in her own brand of madness.

    Ástríðr could respect the Queen's commitment. Her utter devotion to a cause, even. Sometimes she perceived the smugglers as fractured, brilliant, ice-toned reflections of the very traits that defined Glacia. Only their cause differed. But Setti was that worst sort of coward, the muddy slush weeks after a storm, not clean ice. He was the sort who accepted any risk to others in order to minimize even a minor inconvenience to himself.

    And I trusted him.

    The Purple-Dusk Prince whimpered in pain as the poison laced into the sleeping draft he'd asked for ate at his internal organs. Ástríðr stood witness to his death, but her mind was already elsewhere, as unmoved by his final panicked moments of agony as any glacier. Already she was planning what mix of Craft and mundane skills to use to wipe all traces of her people from it. Deciding who to send where, how long to lay low. How to investigate these new players. What it would take to restructure her Cell.

    They were her people, now.

    She missed the moment when Setti Returned to the Darkness, lost in her thoughts.

    Petitions (if any): 

    Player Name: Idariel

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Re: Astrid Volknyr
« Reply #1 on: Mar 16, 16, 07:36:24 PM »
May I please have cut / uncut rolls and five family rolls?

Thank you!

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Re: Astrid Volknyr
« Reply #2 on: Mar 16, 16, 07:45:40 PM »
Per your application of the Winsol gift from Nicole...

Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Rose birthright Jewel, and were gifted with an uncut Purple Dusk Jewel at your offering.



And your request for 5 family rolls...

1. Rose - Purple Dusk
2. White - Rose
3. Tiger Eye - Purple Dusk
4. Tiger Eye - Summer Sky
5. White - Yellow  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker

Offline Astrid Volknyr

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Re: Astrid Volknyr
« Reply #3 on: Mar 18, 16, 02:24:29 AM »
Astrid is ready for review!!

So excited!


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Re: Astrid Volknyr
« Reply #4 on: Mar 18, 16, 10:52:05 AM »  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker

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Re: Astrid Volknyr
« Reply #5 on: Dec 12, 16, 03:27:16 PM »

Astrid has been blessed with Advanced Bone Shaping.

You may add this specialty & its description to this character's existing Craft Strengths section, along with an additional Craft Weakness for balance.  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker