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Author Topic: Adelina Tuomi  (Read 1763 times)

Description: Priestess. Opal to Red. Played by Lene.

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Adelina Tuomi
« on: Sep 02, 18, 12:16:44 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Adelina Tuomi
Nicknames: Del or Lina, but no one has called her by anything shorter than her given name in a long while.
Age and Birth Year:  47 (AP 147)
Race:  short-lived
Caste:  Priestess
Birth Territory: Glacia
Home Territory: Glacia

Birthright Jewel: cut Opal
Offering Jewel:  cut Red

Role: High Priestess of Glacia


Play By: Julie Benz
Distinguishing Features:
Her most striking quality is her ice blue eyes, a physical trait she shares with her two daughters.


Adelina is a woman who has been to the bottom and lived her way to the top.  Orphaned by tragedy at birth and for the first part of her life treated like scum as another servant in her own Great-Aunt’s home.  The religious devotion she witness from her Lady gave her an almost dependent view of the Darkness.  For an orphaned child with no family, Mother Night became her true Mother and she dedicated herself to pleasing her adopted Mother.  Expected to be nothing but another worthless light jeweled witch, she returned from her Birthright with the Opal and a place accepted within the family.

Adelina believes all her gifts and fortunes are due to her never wavering faith in the Darkness.  It saved her as a child, gifted her as a young girl and continues to bestow blessing upon blessing on her for her faithful and devout service.  In her deepest meditations she can hear Mother Night whispering to her, guiding her actions and her course as she grows.  Through her faith, she adapts to all new challenges and obstacles that might arise in her path.

She respects Isyviel for who she is, the Darkness’ chosen leader of Glacia and gives her the honor and deference due to her position as both Priestess and Queen but feels no calling to serve her, hears nothing in her prayers and devotions that binds her to a single ruler.  Her spirit calls her to service only for the good of Glacia as Mother Night wishes.

Highly intelligent and shrewd, she is very aware of the climate around her, both politically and socially and knows that to remain in a seat of power isn’t simply a matter of jewel strength but true calling to the cause.  Her predecessor served Glacia well until the Darkness abandoned its favor of her, allowing her to fall ill and unable to continue serving the people in their spiritual needs.  She is very careful that all her actions are well planned and carefully tailored to the inner calling that she receives from Mother Night.   She is aware of the truly devout at Court, and those who believe but only wish to use their blessings for their own selfish purposes.  She pities them in a way, for they will soon feel the wrath and cold abandonment of errant children who have fallen from the grace of Mother Night.


  • Performing her rites as High Priestess Like any child, she feels at peace and at home during her various duties for it is only in the darkness of the earth can she truly feel close to Mother Night
  • Ice Skating A fun exercise introduced to her by her daughters a few years ago.  Never one for having time to learn as a child, this has been a second introduction to the fun she missed of her own.
  • Motherhood For being unplanned and unexpected, Adelina took to the tasks of motherhood with a natural instinct she didn’t realize she could feel.  Never one to slack on her duties, she spends as much time being hands on in the lessons of her daughters, particularly Teija who showed early on the promise of being another Priestess.

  • Waste of Gifts Those who are gifted (who knows why) by the Darkness and choose to waste their gifts on frivolity and selfishness, rather than giving back in true devotion to the wishes of Mother Night.
  • Non-Glacians She views visitors from other Territories almost on par with non-jeweled blood, no matter their Jewel ranking.  She would never show any sign of her dislike in person, she is far too cultured for that, but for those who do not truly know what it means to worship the Darkness, their presence is insulting to everything Glacia hopes to build.
  • The family that has now appeared Ever since her ascension to High Priestess, “family” has suddenly been appearing, requesting audiences and favors from her.  It disgusts her that now they want her assistance when as a helpless infant, they were nowhere to be found.

  • Falling in favor to the Darkness Devout as she can be, she still feels in some ways that she isn’t doing enough, giving enough to hold up to her end of the promise for the gifts she has received and that one day the Mother will withdraw her gifts.

  • The taint of her LJ family background She had been worried that her daughters might be tainted by their grandparents ill favor with the Mother and now assured that they will descend into the lower webs, she worries that their children might carry it.
  • The taint of other Territories on Glacia Ever since word came from Little Terrielle about the collaring of their Queen by a Warlord Prince, Adelina has feared that perhaps some rebellious male might get it in their head that something of the like could happen here in Glacia.

    Craft Strengths:
  • Ritual Craft Always called to the deeper and more powerful rituals of the Priestesshood, Adelina never feels closer and more at one with the Darkness than when she is performing one of the many ritual ceremonies of the Blood.
  • Emotion Manipulation  Very quickly Adelina and her instructors realized that in the throws of her most revered devotions, she had the ability to share her ecstasy and exhilaration in her worship with those around her.

    Craft Weaknesses:
  • Social Craft Adelina has no need for charisma or false charms to win over those around her, her true devotion to her craft and her calling will either draw like to her or repel those who are not true believers.  She cares not for the latter.
  • Whimsy Craft Ones powers are not a game or a toy, they are meant like any tool to be used, perfected and exercised to perfection.  Wasting craft on meaningless games is a waste of the gifts bestowed on you by the Darkness.

    Life Story

    Mother: Uolevi Tuomi, White to Yellow witch(deceased)
    Father: Aatu Tuomi, Broken Yellow to Tiger Eye Warlord (deceased)
    Liana Tuomi, Summer Sky Priestess (AP 180)
    Lytti Tuomi, Purple Dusk Queen  (AP 180)


    Adelina was born to a Yellow witch and her husband, who had been rejected by his family for being Broken and banned from the family holdings.  Before his Breaking, her father had worked as a clerk for his merchant family, and after being turned out, he found work as a stone cutter laborer in a quarry not far from Vaasa.  Her mother worked as a seamstress, both of her parents were treated better more than slaves.  With no acknowledged ties, they were treated with hard work, long hours and the minimum pay that the law allowed.   Still, in their very small and simple home, there was deep love and when Adelina arrived, she was greeted with joy.  That joy was short lived when one evening after returning from the market, her parents were assaulted by a drunk Opal Warlord.  Rushing to defend his wife and child, Aatu didn’t stand a chance against the Opal and Uolevi was struck down running for help. 

    As luck would have it for young Adelina, that might have been the end of her own story had the Warlord chosen to commit his crime one street over where there were no witnesses and those who might have seen would have kept their mouths shut from fear.  The Warlord was caught by the local authorities and with the number of witnesses to the crime, was sentenced to make a large sum payment to see to the child’s upbringing. 

    With no other family to be found (or that wanted to be found) she was very begrudgedly handed over to a Great-Aunt on her Father’s side, an Opal jeweled Priestess who took the child in only because she had to.  She quickly handed the child over to her staff, all light jeweled servants with the job of keeping her quiet, obedient and trained for a life of servitude herself.  So Adelina began her life not even knowing that the Lady, as she was told to refer to her benefactor, was even any relation to her.  She believed herself truly an orphan with no home and family of her own.

    Even her caretakers never treated her as any sort of relation, feeling that should this child act up or cause any trouble as children were apt to do, it would fall on their heads and Adelina learned very quickly that her actions received swift and painful consequences.  It didn’t take too many nights on her knees scrubbing floors without a scrap of food for evening or morning meals to understand that she was to remain quiet and obedient in all things.  But her young spirit refused to be crushed and even as she did as she was told, and for all appearances was what they demanded, inside she waited for a sign, for something more.

    One thing that she was required to do, was to be devout in her prayers, and the Lady always held her own services and ceremonies for her household, determined that they should learn from her what it meant to serve Mother Night and the Darkness.   She carried an almost   filiopietistic demand on her household.  It was during those ceremonies that the young Adelina learned her first words, words of prayer and devotion.  Mother Night became her Mother in her mind, and she cried herself silently to sleep many a night, begging her Mother for deliverance from this life, for a blessing.  She promised her life in complete servitude if she could have this one wish.

    Her handlers taught her basic craft and were surprised that a child whose parents could barely descend into the abyss would catch on so quickly to her lessons.  She practiced her lessons with every moment she could, incorporating them into her chores when she was able and at night in her bed till she couldn’t hold her eyes open any longer.

    When the time came for her Birthright, the Lady took her to the Altar in Vaasa to be presented with all the other children of the Blood.  It was the first time Adelina spent with her in her 7 years of life that wasn’t spend during services or taking orders.  As she stared up at the older woman, she felt in awe of her, of her powerful Jewels and of her connection with the Darkness.  She listened attentively as she was told what would happen at the ceremony, that she was expected to follow the Priestess who would be taking her into the sanctuary of the Altar.  In her own manner of kindness, she roughly told Adelina not to hope for too much, for her father had only managed to reach the Tiger-Eye in his adulthood.   It was the most anyone had ever spoken about her parents to her.

    “I have prayed to the Darkness every day of my life,” she responded politely but firmly, “and I know I was heard.”  Instead of anger and remand, the Lady seemed to stare right through her before replying, “The Darkness hears all child, what matters is if you listen in return.”

    Adelina remembered those words for the rest of her life, and as she stood waiting for the Priestess to call her forward, watching all those parents waiting anxiously for their children to return with their futures possibly possessed in their hands she clasp her hands together and prayed once more.  Her name was called and she stepped up to the Altar, thinking that she would feel afraid or nervous but a strange sense of calm came over her, and she thought she heard a gentle voice whispering just behind her ear that all would be right.

    When she stepped from the Altar, the Lady stood beside the Priestess, ready to speak the words that acknowledged her paternity to a father who was no longer alive to to care and take her back to her life of hardship.  Both women seemed to flinch when she approached, and Adelina later learned that when she stepped out from behind the curtain for the first time, her psychic scent no longer said witch, but Priestess.  She held her jewel curled up in her small fist against her heart, which seemed full and ready to burst with an emotion she had never truly felt before, joy.  As both women watched, she uncurled her fingers to reveal the shimmer blue green of an Opal Jewel.

    To her surprise, the Lady quickly turned to the assembled crowd, who were whispering and staring up at Adelina and announced that she, Lady Jorma Peura, acknowledged paternity of Adelina Tuomi to her nephew Aatu Tuomi now deceased.  Adelina felt her knees shake in disbelief.  In the blink of an eye, she had gained a family, respect and a future so far from what she had once expected that she almost couldn’t believe that she was hearing it all correctly.

    She went from living in a small sleeping area to her own chambers next to the Lady’s, who now insisted that she call her Aunt.  Her rough handed down clothing was replaced with soft clothing that were fit for her perfectly and the Lady....her Aunt made arrangements that she began taking proper lessons with acknowledged and accomplished tutors and she began to study her new Priestess role directly from her.  Adelina relished in this change of fortune but she never forgot why she had been given this new life, the Darkness had heard her and blessed her and she fully intended on living up to the promises she whispered till her voice went hoarse and her eyes stung from all the tears.

    As part of her training, Adelina spent time with other Priestesses in training.  It was here she met Isyviel for the first time, when the Priestess Queen was just about to complete her own training and make her Offering.  Isyviel recognized the hungry ambition in Adelina who while no threat in Jewels or Caste, for Isyviel already outranked her in both, could still be a person to keep a close eye on as she grew within the Sisterhood.  She decided to make a preemptive strike and take the younger girl under her wing in anticipation of the powerful force she could rightfully become when Adelina was old enough herself to make her descent.

    At 10, Adelina was no innocent, wide-eyed and ignorant child, even amongst these peers who were older and more experienced.  Life and that quiet voice of the Darkness that whispered to her told her that Isyviel was a woman who would rise within Glacia and Adelina had better make sure she was tied to her star.  The two women recognized something in each other and developed a mutual appreciation and respect in that first meeting, no illusions of bonding or deep affection.  Adelina knew there was only so far her Aunt could bring her in Glacian society and for a child who once lived at the very bottom, upward was the only direction she wished to go.

    When Adelina completed her Offering and rose from the Webs with the Red to her name, she was no longer an uncertain and untried youth.  She was a woman full grown, ready and trained to take the place that the Darkness had prepared for her.  Isyviel had not forgotten the young girl from a decade before and made a place for her within her First Circle.  Within five years, when her High Priestess requested to retire due to ailments, Adelina was offered her position.

    It was where Adelina had served faithfully for the last fifteen years, obedient and erstwhile in her duties and flawless in her role to serve Glacia.  The Darkness whispered to her heart that it was to Glacia her duty lay, and by serving Glacia she lived up to her promise to serve the Darkness.  Mother Night was her true Queen, and she would serve those who showed the favor of the Darkness.

    Twelve years ago, Adelina allowed herself to fall victim to her more primal urges and carried on a brief but passionate affair with a visiting Green Jeweled Prince from Ilsalmi.  It was nothing more than scratching an itch that had been building for several years.  Mistakenly believing he had been taking a contraceptive brew, she was foolish enough not to protect herself and after he left, found herself pregnant.  Due to his married status, with children of his own back at home, she never contacted him with the news and gave birth to twin girls.  Adelina found motherhood was a role she had never expected and yet found very pleasing and fulfilling and due to her inheritance from her aunt was able to provide them with a home filled with the love and happiness she had not known as a child.  Both girls recently completed their Birthright ceremonies walking away with jewels that would ensure them a place within Glacian society when they made their offering. As with all things in her life, she took this as yet another gift from the Darkness of its many blessings on her life.

    Updated for reactivation

    Adelina has watched the strange shift of Elsif’s court with a quiet and cautious eye.  Her place was as the spiritual leader of the Priestesses of Glacia and to support her Queen’s rule and command.  Still, the disappearance of the Queen’s Steward, and then First Escort has given her cause for concern.  Elsif has become more immersed in her role as the voice of the Star of Kaeleer and taken to surrounding herself closely with the council of the Ebon Gray Winterton brothers.   The close bond of Priestesshood that she once shared with her Queen has become thin and waning, often she would not see Elsif for weeks at a time. 

    To distract herself, Adelina threw herself into her work, passing along mandates and directives to all the Priestesses of the realms to continue the holy work of their Queen and of Mother Night, to bring all the children of Glacia under the firm hand of their blessed darker jeweled brothers and sisters and to use the collars instituted by Elsif’s court to provide protection to the less fortunate who were deemed unworthy by the Darkness itself.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Character in Play:

    Adelina waited silently in the shadows of the empty alleyway, her cloak pulled tightly around her frame, her hood hiding her face from sight.  A short distance away she heard the cheers and laughter emitting from the local tavern, sounds of debauchery and drunken delights.  She felt ill at the thought of the disgrace that the Blood within were bringing to themselves and to the Darkness that graced them.  Inside, her agent was at work, a young supple brothel girl who she was paying a very pretty sum to lure a very particular client out into the night for promises of lewd and illicit activities.

    Despite herself, she felt a shiver of anticipation and thrill rush over her body as she lay in wait.  This was something she had long awaited and now she had the means of accomplishing.  Long weeks of prayer and reflection had finally lead her to this night, this place, this man.  The Darkness was with her, Mother Night had given her blessing for this act of retribution.  Of course She had, it was She who led her to the Widow who could tell her where to find the man responsible for the death of her parents.  Light jeweled and insignificant as they might have been, they were her blood and she owed them a debt that had to be repaid.  The gold that went to pay the whore was part of the same filthy money that he had been required to pay in reparations to her for orphaning her as an infant.  A pittance compared to the true wealth of his family, a spit on the name of her family she thought.  So she took that money, that insult, and used it to plan his true punishment. 

    She heard the shrill giggle of her bait coming down the road and she stepped back further into the darkness.  She could hear the uneven heavy footsteps of her target, a man in his 60’s, overweight and overly drunk.  She wrinkled her nose at the thought of his swollen hands pawing at his “little friend”, such a disgusting creature.  Calling in her Red Jewels, she took another step further back into the shadows as she saw them enter the opening to the alleyway.

    “Just a little farther darling, and I have a very special treat waiting for you,” cooed the young whore and Adelina couldn’t help but smile.  Very special indeed.  Once the couple had reached the agreed upon spot, Adelina sprung forward, throwing up a Red aural and retaining shield around her victim.  The whore skipped backwards and took off running.  Adelina knew very well the girl would not betray her, she had been paid enough to allow her some much needed rest for the next several weeks without having to spread her legs for any male.

    The man sputtered and threw his Opal against her shield with no results, she saw his mouth open and knew he was screaming for help but no one would hear him.  She stepped into his vision and saw the confusion on his face as he recognized her.  Anyone in Vaasa would know her face, she was after all High Priestess of Glacia.

    “The Darkness works in such amazing ways,” she cooed, circling him slowly.  “It gives dark blessings and takes them away just as easily.  Take yourself, you have lived a life of privilege and extravagance.  You took a wife, had children, had numerous bastards...oh yes, I know about all your indiscretions.  Mother Night tells me such delicious secrets.  I wonder, does your wife know about your whores?  Does she question why you spend so many nights away from home to return home with the stink of the gutter on your skin?”

    She saw his lips move with one word and she snarled.  “Why?  Why?!”  She reigned in the heat and returned to her cold fury, “Why did you kill a Yellow Jeweled Witch, a Broken Warlord?  Why did you chose to leave their child without her parents?”  She whispered, leaning in so close it might seem she were going to kiss him.  “Perhaps in your last moments, you can ask the Darkness, but I don’t believe it will listen to the words of scum like you.”

    She saw his eyes widen in recognition, could almost see the memories flash before his eyes as he finally understood what she talked about and who she was.  His lips began to move in what she only assumed would be an apology but before he could form the words, she cut him off. “No.”

    Her Red jewel flashed around her neck and she watched as his eyes jolted open and the Opal jewel on his hand exploded with such force it took the finger with it.  She stood stoic and expressionless as other push of power ignited his body in witchfire.  She stepped back as the body was quickly reduced to ashes under the blaze and when even the bones had been destroyed she stepped around the smoldering pile and out into the night.  A carriage was waiting for her a short distance away, and her young daughters were sleeping sweet dreams in their beds.  By morning, what remained of the body would be washed away by rain and street runoff and no one would mourn the loss of the creature.  And no one would ever connect her.

    She offered a soft prayer to the Darkness for his family, that they would blossom in grace that the Darkness had now given them, a chance to heal now that a cancerous growth had been removed from their souls.

    Petitions (if any): 

    Why did this character became inactive? Real life got in the way

    What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again? Adelina will be reinstituted as one of the few remaining supports of Elsif’s original triangle and someone NOT under the control of the Winterton brothers

    What are your plans for this character?  To have her contribute to the growing Glacian plot, especially as someone who stands by Elsif as the Winterton brothers slowly circle and use Elsif to their own devices of power.  There was some discussion between Nicole and myself about her working relationship with Aksel and perhaps something tragedy that might occur within her family because of her “meddling”.    I’d also like to see her interactions with Lydia (who would LOVE Ade’s position) and how her place as High Priestess is involved into the changes that Elsif has pushed forward regarding the Dark Religion and the collaring of the lighter jewels.

    Number of previous Reactivations:One

    Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) : No changes made to app.  Adelina is returning from her assignment in Glacia to attend to the funeral of Elsif and make herself available for the new Queen of Glacia should she wish to retain her services.

    Player Name: Lene

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Re: Adelina Tuomi
« Reply #1 on: Sep 02, 18, 12:17:07 PM »
Posting for re-activation

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Re: Adelina Tuomi
« Reply #2 on: Sep 02, 18, 12:30:53 PM »
Added to the queue. This needs halyonix's stamp for the reinstatement of Adelina as High Priestess.  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker

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Re: Adelina Tuomi
« Reply #3 on: Sep 02, 18, 04:22:12 PM »
good by me!
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Re: Adelina Tuomi
« Reply #4 on: Sep 04, 18, 03:57:45 PM »
Email:   Discord: Dash#6159