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The Basics

Character Name: Aaryne Haugen (AH-rin)
Nicknames: Aari (AH-ree), Ryne (Rin)
Age and Birth Year:  40, b. 154 AP
Race:  short-lived
Caste:  Warlord
Birth Territory: Glacia
Home Territory: Glacia

Birthright Jewel: Tiger Eye (hidden)
Offering Jewel:  Summer Sky (hidden)

Role: Spy/Servant
Faction: Salo Province Court


Play By: Neil Patrick Harris
Distinguishing Features: A web woven by a Black Widow is concealing both his Tiger Eye and his Summer Sky to make him appear as non-Jeweled Blood.


Personality: Aaryne is a quiet, friendly man that does not naturally leave much of an impression after a first, second, or even third encounter. He's the kind of guy that you meet and then forget - not because there's anything wrong with him but rather precisely because there isn't. He's pleasant and kind, will participate in light conversation and then - when things turn heavier, he much prefers to listen. Maybe it's a combination of these traits and just his natural air, or perhaps something mundane and comfortable about his psychic scent, but for whatever reason Ryne finds that most people who meet him rarely remember him - or if they do it's either his face, or his name, but not necessarily both. There are exceptions, of course - and certainly he's been able to have deep relationships across his life thus far - but for people first meeting him or those knowing him only on a casual basis, he's easy to be around and then just as easy to forget you've ever met.

To those who know him better - there are a few things that stand out about him. His dedication, his faith, and his fierce love of his family. Aaryne is a man who sees things through and gets the job done. He is a reliable man to a fault, which is why he can no longer call himself an honest one. He has sacrificed pieces of himself in order to protect his family and serve the Queen he's chosen to serve, pieces he will never get back and whose loss have changed him from the man he used to be. He's lied, he's stolen, he's purposefully mislead and betrayed people - all in the name of a greater good. There are times he worries about how far he's willing to go, how much he's really willing to do, to sacrifice, in order to serve his cause. He wonders how much he might be willing to justify if it'll somehow keep his family safe or lead them to happiness.

There are two things that keep him steady, though, even when his worries begin to build: his faith, and his family. Aaryne is an incredibly spiritual man. Ever since he was a child he had been able to find peace in the cave Sanctuaries. He was able to feel connected. When he was upset, or afraid, or uncertain - he could feel the love around him that was the Mother's embrace. He's been able to remain firmly distant from the Dark Religion because of his certainty in that love and what he's seen with his own eyes regarding the goodness and love in other people - no matter the Jewels they may or may not wear.

There is nothing in this world more important to Ryne than his family. Nothing. Everything he does, he does for them - or with them, their safety, and their happiness in mind. Not only does he love them and is fiercely protective of them, but he is also incredibly proud of his husband and his two beautiful daughters for their spirits and their love and their strength - strength he has carried with him in his soul to lean upon while he struggles being so far away from them.

Craft Strengths:
Craft Weaknesses:
Life Story

Mother: Nora Haugen, Yellow to Summer Sky Priestess | b. 126 AP
Father: Isaac Haugen, Blood Male | b. 130 AP
Sister: Svena Haugen, Blood Female | b. 157 AP

Friend/Surrogate for Children: Inessa Johanssen, descent White witch | b. 158 AP

Husband: Janne Hyugge, Summer Sky to Purple Dusk Prince | b. 153 AP
Daughter: Nadia Inessa Hyugge, Birthright Tiger Eye Queen | b. 181 AP
Daughter: Isana Nessia Hyugge, Birthright Rose Priestess | b. 183 AP


Aaryne describes his life before Janne as a preamble or a prologue to when his world truly awakened, his story truly started. It was informative, it was necessary, there were tears and smiles - but when Aaryne met Janne it rather felt like everything before that moment hadn't actually been real. Like instead of being alive and living he'd only been listening and observing and suddenly he was well and truly experiencing the wonder of the world first hand.

This, he knew, was love. Not just the sweet sighs of lovers in the night - but true, real love, a gift from the Mother herself right to his heart.

What was more, if his love for Janne was a divine gift - than to know that Janne felt the same way for him was a double blessing to be cherished. Within a year of meeting, the two were married in a small, private ceremony with only their closest friends and family. Aaryne's own mother oversaw the ceremony and, with tears in her eyes, pronounced them bonded on a clear summer night under the open sky. This was the beginning, she had said as she wound the scarf around their joined hands, of their new path together. They would hold each other up, they would support one another through the good times and the bad. They would cherish each other and see the light in their love's eyes even when all the world seemed dim.

Aaryne never stopped seeing the light in Janne's eyes - and it would remain a beacon for him through all the joy and hardships they would face in the years to come.

The next few years passed in honeymoon bliss. Aaryne worked as an escort, mostly in service to the Priestesses in the Sanctuary where his mother served her faith. Between his work and his love, his life was a peaceful and a quiet one - and he had no problem with that. A part of him saw, though, and worried at, the attitude that called anyone light-Jeweled flawed and what that meant for the people he loved most. Aari did not fear for the souls of his loved ones. Not for his mother nor for his husband and not even for himself - because he knew that the only one who could ever judge his soul was Mother Night. He knew and believed that, well and truly. They were all flawed creatures - if they weren't, why would the Mother send them out from her embrace to inhabit the world and grow and learn from the act of protecting it? He believed in the Mother's love, but what he worried for were those did not see it, and those who thought themselves entitled to force their will on others in Mother Night's name.

Thankfully, their small sleepy town was not one that suffered a lot from the more extreme interpretations of their religion - and though Aari saw what was happening in the world at large it seemed like it wouldn't ever actually touch his family.

And his family was growing, too. Inessa, a good friend of Aaryne and Janne, blessed them by agreeing to surrogate two children for them. She would live with them for the duration of the pregnancies and they would take care of her and any expenses associated with the growing of their child. It was exciting, and also a little scary - but ten months later they were granted their first child.

Who turned out to be a little Queen.

This was the first turning point for Aaryne - the first step that altered him from a man defined as one who wanted to live his life safe and quiet with his family, to one defined by his willingness to do anything - anything - to protect them.

They were all rather shocked. Queens were perhaps more common in the Star of Kaeleer than in some other Territories, but they were still a rare and treasured caste. While the others murmured in a more expected delighted surprise and awe, though, Aaryne felt unsettled and worried and had to fight the instinct then and there to gather up all the people he cared about and run. He wasn't sure what caused the impulse - and he managed to talk himself down rather quickly at the absurdity of it, but it would linger in the back of his mind for the next few years.

Initially intending to have a second child as soon as Inessa had recovered and felt ready to conceive again, they instead decided to wait a year to accustom themselves with being new parents. Aaryne's worry quelled some, as the buzz about their baby Queen died down after a little while. After all, an infant Queen is much like any other infant and in a small friendly little town it only took a few months for everyone to get the chance to meet her and coo over her themselves.

Shortly after little Nadia turned two, Isana was born, another perfect little girl who soon settled into the scent of a Priestess. Two casted daughters, of two very important castes at that. Aaryne felt the pressure of that worry flare behind his eyes again and this time he didn't push it away. Quietly, in the evenings when they managed to get both girls to sleep, he spoke of his worry to Janne.

What if, he worried to his husband, they take our girls away from us?

They who?

Janne had asked the question but hadn't actually needed an answer, because he, too, was worried - because the more the men had to lose, the more they realized that the system they lived in severely limited or outright prohibited them in protecting what they loved. What was worse - it seemed to be getting more and more intense every day.

Only six months after Isana was born, Inessa disappeared. She vanished. In the morning she left to go shopping and she never returned. Rumors started going around that she was dead or that she'd left the Territory. Some said that she had been helping smugglers - and that she hadn't been smuggling stolen goods but people. People loved gossip, and all these things were horrifying as well - but the scariest thing about all of it was that the most popular rumor of all was that Inessa had, for some reason, been working with smugglers to get light-Jeweled deserters out of Glacia. And that she was a horrific traitor and many hoped that she had been caught and punished for her crime.

Two weeks after Inessa went missing, Aaryne put his strongest aural shields around the house and Janne reinforced them with his own - and they talked.

Six months later they had made the cross into Askavi. It had been crazy, making the trek with a one year old and a three year old - but they did it at the most mild time of the year and with every single precaution they possibly could have. The pair who took them across brought them right to Lady Signe Drachlan, a light-Jeweled Glacian-born Queen who was ruling as the District Queen of Avorla, where there were more than a few Glacian refugees trying to build new lives there.

Askavi (which would, in several years, become Rihland) was different from Glacia, even when living in an area with a higher population of others in their same situation. The most dramatic difference, though, was that when Aaryne and his family came across the moutains they had to obscure a lot about their family. Aaryne reverted back to his family name before taking Janne's in marriage - and when their girls went through their respective Birthright Ceremonies it was only Janne who claimed paternity. They still lived together, and they were still a family but to anyone not close enough to be trusted with the truth - Janne was Nadia and Isana's father, and Aaryne was just another relative who had made the trip with them because of his own light Jewels and is helping to raise the girls out of familial love and duty. No one asked about the girls' mother - mostly because that was a personal question with the potential to have a lot of pain behind it, considering she wasn't present.

Both Aaryne and Janne joined Signe's Court and in doing so Aaryne unlocked a potential in himself that he never fathomed was there before. He would do anything to protect his family, and maybe that fire gave him a kind of strength he hadn't realized he had been lacking. He learned to fight (more than the casual training he'd had as an escort), and he became very, very good at it. He also learned to use his natural observation skills at a higher level. Signe would send him out on tasks for the court and when he came back he would tell her everything else that he saw and noticed as well.

It was these skills in combination with the quiet nature of his personality that made it easy for people to like him.. and then forget him.. that lead her to choose him for a very particular mission. One that would send him back to Glacia for the first time in almost ten years.

As a spy in the Salo Province Court, in preparation for a hostile takeover and the return of light to a place of overwhelming darkness.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:

Janne was worried, Aaryne could see it in his face. Even though he was smiling - there was a tell-tale crease between his eyes and a tightness around his mouth that belied how he was really feeling.

"Hey," he said softly, taking his husband's hands in his own and squeezing gently. "It's going to be alright. All I'm doing is watching, and listening."

"Watching and listening - and sending that information back here, back to Lady Drachlan. That's not a small thing, Aari." The tremor of worry crept more solidly into Janne's voice now.

Aaryne brought his husband's hands to his lips and kissed them firmly, never taking his eyes away. "Janne, I'll be fine. I'll be as safe as I can. And I'll see you and the girls again soon. Hopefully - it'll be when you all can come to me, when you all can come home." Home. To live in Glacia again, free. Free men, not in fear of them or their children being collared or stolen from them. Free to be a family again without having to fear the stringent laws of the foreign land they've been hiding in for the past decade. Their daughters were both too young to remember what that was like... but Aaryne was going to make sure it was a world that they would know.

"I'm trusting you, Aari." The words were softly spoken, and held a weight to them that went far deeper than the present moment.

"I know. I won't let you down. I promise Janne. I promise. I won't let you down." This risk, this price, it would be worth the reward. It had to be. Six months to a year... at least... that he would be away from his family, away from his husband and his daughters - in a dangerous place where if he were caught he would likely be killed only after they'd drained every last bit of information from him in Darkness-knew what ways. But if he succeeded... if he succeeded...

So this was going to be worth it. This was going to work. He wasn't going to fail in this - he wasn't going to fail them. Not Lady Drachlan, and not Janne, not his daughters.

He took a slow breath, breathing in those truths, those certainties, then pulled Janneinto his arms and hugged him tightly. He kissed him one more time, and murmured several times over that he loved him before pulling back and turning away. It was hard, so hard. Especially when he paused at the door and looked back, when he saw Janne wiping his eyes and clutching his chest like his heart was breaking. He had to force himself to turn away again, to keep walking - but he did it.

This would be worth it.

It had to be.

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Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with a cut Purple Dusk Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with a cut Sapphire Jewel at your Offering.

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1. Summer Sky - Purple Dusk
2. Yellow - Summer Sky
3. Rose - Opal
4. Rose - Purple Dusk
5. Tiger Eye - Summer Sky
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